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2008 Successes and 2009 Goals

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's time to review how I did last year and to look ahead to what I may accomplish this coming year.

- I did not reach my goal of slimming down to 175 pounds, but I did drop over 25 pounds (over 10% of my weight!) to get below 195. Not too shabby.
- I dropped from the "Obese" category for my height to well below the top threshold of the "Overweight" category.
- My eating habits are MUCH healthier, now including frequent, daily doses of fruits, vegetables, grains, and lower fat content.
- My eating discipline has MUCH improved and I now routinely pass up the chocolatey, gooey desserts and can avoid overeating with pizza and pasta (my weaknesses).
- I've developed strategies that help me to easily avoid overeating at lunch and dinner. I now eat a light mid-morning snack (usually a breakfast bar) and also a light mid-afternoon snack (usually fruit) that cuts my hunger for the heavier, lunch and dinners.
- When I go to restaurants, I now package half the meal before eating or I split the meal with my wife. Overeating at restaurants was a real problem area for me.

2009 GOALS
- OK, since 2008 was a pretty good success story for me and since I now have the tools and discipline to help me reach my goals, I'm setting a stretch goal for weight loss. I feel that I can comfortably reach last year's target of 175 pounds, so I'm going it one better and dropping the goal to 170, which would put me into the "Healthy" category for my height.
- I recently joined a gym, but have not yet been disciplined about going there on a regular schedule. I'm setting a moderate goal of getting there at least 3 days a week, which is doable.
- I can't actually commit to changing my family's health habits, but I do commit to taking actions every month to SHOW them the details of what I do with SparkPeople and to register one or two family members and start tracking items for them.
- I commit to getting my bicycle in shape for the Spring, to get back on my rollerblades when nice weather returns, and to swing a golf club every week.

That's it!

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SCOTTMORSE 1/7/2009 1:35AM

    Hi Joe,

Life is full of ups and downs for sure! But I am glad to see that you had some great successes this past year. Keep on plugging and I am sure that between the gym and your new found discipline (the gooey desserts thing), you will be the poster boy for fitness and health in the very near future! ^5 buddy!

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JIBBIE49 1/6/2009 11:56AM

    New season of THE BIGGEST LOSER is tonight, Tuesday, January 6th at 8/7 central
if you want to see how they sweat this year!! emoticon

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The past couple of months have been a b*%@h.

BAD CHANGES: Following the death of my mom-in-law 3 months ago, my family life has been in chaos due to the stresses of that event, the high-running emotions (on all sides) that were triggered and that continue to this day, and the broken glass that now surrounds a number of family relationships. Never did I expect that this death would have such a major impact on my family's life, but I guess that's the way that life is. $#it happens, so deal with it, eh? Since I have little--if any--control over the behavior and feelings of others, and I realize that I only have the power to make changes in my own personal life, I'll now move on and describe a couple of good changes that I've made.

GOOD CHANGES: I've done OK during this period with my weight, but am hoping to do a lot better. I've dropped my weight from about 200lbs prior to my mom-in-law's death to below 195lbs and I'm now getting closer to 190lbs despite the stress and holidays. I hope to be right around 190lbs by Christmas and I have found that I take great comfort in the fact that I have lost over 25 pounds this year, and that maybe I'll have lost over 30 pounds by year end.

I've joined a local gym and am making it part of my routine to get out of my house and take part in physical exercise at least a few times a week. Some days I focus on weightlifting/nautilus, some days I do 40 minutes on the elliptical machine, and other days I might shoot hoops for a little while or swim. With all of the stresses that are now part of my home environment, I've found that getting out of the house is important, and getting out of the house to exercise is a huge bonus!

I've also made it a point to join with friends more often (maybe once a week), and to relax with them at sporting events, or restaurants for a meal, or to get together at local hangouts, strengthening my support network and social life.

May 2009 be better than 2008.

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LIBRA73 12/2/2008 4:08PM

    Oh man, you have really not had fun. Sorry about that. The good news is great news! You maintained and you are going to a gym. I used to work in a gym, and I got to work out for free. I loved it. I love an elipical machine. Time to just zone out, plug in the ipod, and think of anything! Fun! Recently, I took up weights and I love it more than I thought I would! Things are looking up for you. Embrace friends. I have a perm. girls night out once a month, and I love it. I takes out some stress and I come home feeling refreshed. Ahh..

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JIBBIE49 12/2/2008 10:43AM

    Dr. Phil always says that there is nothing stronger than an estate to settle that will bring out the WORST in people that you THOUGHT you knew and loved.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008 - STRESS!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I've been delinquent in that I haven't added a blog in quite a while, but today is the day. My topic for today is stress.

In the past two months, I've been struggling through a few challenges, and that has limited the amount of time that I've had for side projects (such as blogging). Our family suffered major upheaval over the death of my mom-in-law, one of my sons went away to college (with major, major financial implications for me), and my job has become much more demanding.

So how did this two months go? I dropped in weight from approximately 202 pounds to approx 196 pounds (YAY!). I spent a lot of time going for long walks but, other than that, I didn't really make progress with my exercise program. I've been reading more books as an escape. As you can tell from my weight loss, I didn't get pulled aside into the weeds as far as my eating was concerned, and pretty much adhered to my healthy eating habits. The long walks helped a lot, and that was about all of the exercise that I engaged in. Unfortunately, my participation in SparkPeople has dropped dramatically in the past couple of months.

For now, I've survived the storm without taking a lot of damage (to my life patterns) and now can begin repairs. Now my daily routine is starting to settle down a little, so I expect the stresses to gradually ease. As the stresses and upheavals lessen (it might take another few months), I hope to continue losing weight, to increase and enhance my exercise routine, and to begin devoting more time to improving my performance at work and home. And I hope to settle back into a comfortable routine of checking in with SparkPeople every other day or so.

Be seeing ya!

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JIBBIE49 10/2/2008 7:38PM

    Like they say "Life is a B*T*H and then we die." emoticon
I'm glad you are dealing with less stress!!!!! emoticon emoticon

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Breaking through a plateau

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try something new to break through a plateau of approximately 205 lbs that I've been sitting at for 3 or so weeks, so I started a challenge to lose 5lbs-in-5weeks, or "5-in-5" as I call it. Some of you may have alread read this on my team board postings.

Here's my status:

TARGET: 200.0
CURRENT: 202.2

I've made good progress during this second week! I've apparently broken through my plateau, so setting this goal has helped a LOT! Having this 5lbs-in-5weeks target has force me to look at what I can do each day to help hit a loss of 1 pound per week, so it keeps me focused and it has helped me to do something each day, whether that's a little more exercise or a little more discipline in eating.

Yesterday I walked for 45 minutes and ate a light dinner instead of succumbing to the pizza that my son brought home... In the past, I would've eaten two or three slices of that pizza without even thinking about it. Now, I look at that pizza and think about how the calories and fat would fit into my day's eating plan.

But, to very clear about this, under this SparkPeople plan, I'm not really "dieting", per se. I don't ever really go hungry during the day. I do sometimes wake up hungry (which is a good sign since it means that I didn't eat a lot of food the night before). I time my snacks to eliminate the hunger pangs that would normally drive me to overeat when I sit down at lunch and dinner. I drink a lot of water to keep myself well hydrated and to stop myself from binging. Where other folks take pills, drink those dietetic milkshakes, and starve themselves, I don't do any of that. I just maintain a decent eating plan with healthy food and habit, I look for occasional "spice" to add that might not break my habits, and I enjoy my journey.


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LIBRA73 7/28/2008 2:20PM

    Temptation can't take you down. I love to hear that! I will be starting the "Joes 5 in 5 Challenge" . I want to keep you on track, and all of us along with you! Kinda like zombies, we will be following you.! Nothing like being in the spotlight!! lol..

Thanks for reading my blog!

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JIBBIE49 7/22/2008 3:47PM

    So happy to see that that scale is moving down for you!! You are right about NOT being hungry. When I started SP, I was so worried I'd be "giving up" what I loved, but now that I don't eat sugar, etc. I don't crave it and it isn't a big deal. I do miss drinking COKES as I love COKES, but with all the sugar in them, emoticon emoticon

I had one can of Mt. Dew the other night and it tasted SO sweet. emoticon

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The First Plateau

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The past month has been a bit of a downer for me because I've been following the dietary changes and increasing my walking, but my weight loss has slowed from approximately 1 pound per week to approximately half a pound a week or less.

I'm sticking with the healthier lifestyle because I know that this will pay off in the long run. I know that even if I lose no more weight, these changes will help me to avoid health problems in the future. I also know that the weight will keep dropping, even if a little slower, which is a heck of a lot better than if I were gaining weight due to overeating and/or eating the wrong foods.

I'm setting a good example for my wife and kids, and I expect that I'll be able to be much more active when I reach retirement age.

Now I just need to drop about 5 pounds and get below that magical 200 pound level! :)


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NEYTBABE37 6/30/2008 6:01PM


Stay with it you are doing great. I know you feel your at a stand still but before long you will see a great change. I'm rooting for you.


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