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Little things...

Monday, November 09, 2009

I know that doing all of this hard work is doing something for my body. Even when I don't see the amount of positive change that I want (lbs or inches lost) logically, we know that working out and getting stronger CAN NOT be anything but good for us right?

So when life gives you little things that show positive results we should embrace them. Here's my weekends positive results...

We were at the petstore buying dog food. I usually buy the 15lb bag because I really don't want to deal with the 30lb bag. The 30lb bag was on sale and it was a much better deal. So I loaded the 30lbg bag in the little shopping cart that my daughter was pushing. (You know the tiny carts for kids?) The bag barely fit. When I got to the counter the cashier said "Do you want a larger cart?" I said "No. I'm okay." She said "Do you want help out then?" Again I said "No, I'm okay. She says "Well the little carts can't leave the store." At this point, I said "That's okay - really I'm fine." So I pick the dog food up and hold it in one arm while holding my four year old's hand and off we go across the parking lot to the car. It wasn't until I got to the car that I realized why she was making such a deal about the little cart - most women probably do not carry around 30lbs of dog food willingly. I did it and it was EASY! Seriously wasn't any worse than carrying the small bag.

That's when it hit me... six months ago I would not have even thought about carrying the 30lb bag across the parking lot if I had other options. I'm actually getting STRONGER!!! LOL!

See...it's a little thing but it felt good to be able to do something I couldn't have done before and without even thinking about it.

So take a look around - look at your everyday activities. What can you do now that you couldn't before?

On another note - I did Jillian's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism yesterday. It's the first time I've done it in a while and don't get me wrong it's still a good workout but it totally did not kick my butt like it used to. See...small changes = great things!

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DROPPINOS 11/15/2009 9:56AM

    You are so right!! keep pushing it ..its the little things that matter the most! emoticon

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P90XER1977 11/15/2009 9:18AM

  You are right on sista!!! The little things make the biggest difference in life. Keep up the awesome work!

emoticon Shanna

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LEAPINGLIZARDS 11/9/2009 10:20PM

    That's awesome! It's exciting to get a little revelation now and then - makes all the hard work even more rewarding. Congratulations!! Go YOU!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOLLY2222 11/9/2009 6:57PM

    Great blog. You're so right, it's all the little things that add up...

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ONMYWAYTOGOAL 11/9/2009 4:09PM

    Awesome job!!! You're right!! Most women wouldn't consider carrying 30# of dog food or anything for that matter for themselves if someone was offering to do it for them. emoticon

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IMFIT4ME 11/9/2009 4:04PM

    I LOVE THIS BLOG!! You are SO right!!! I may not be seeing the big difference- but I noticed yesterday I ran from a Goodwill store with 2 HUGE- BIG HUGE HUGE bags of clothes- acorss the street and into my car- and realized I wasnt even out of breathe!!! WHOO-HOOO!!!

I do need to focus more on the positive little things that are going on in and around me because of my choices and my hard work!!! Thank you for reminding me sista!!!!


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NEENEE_BEANZ 11/9/2009 3:59PM

    How cool is that? 30 pounds lifted, carried, all while toting a Toddler... Awesome job. I love when those Ah Ha moments hit. When I notice "little" things, I do a little dance (well, not in the middle of the parking lot).

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GRAPEVINE60 11/9/2009 3:06PM

    Good Job. Just think how you would feel if you were 30 pounds heavier and had to carry that extra weight every where with you.

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LALAFLOWERS 11/9/2009 2:59PM

    Great Job!!!!! It's all about the little things!!! Celebrate them! Embrace them! Keep it up... soon, you'll be able to tote the 30lb bag, and carry your 4 year old.. (even though I don't carry my 5 yr old.. not because I can't.. but I won't... Otherwise, her feet would never touch the ground!)

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Summary of my first week of P90X

Friday, October 30, 2009

So I just finished my first week of P90X. It's hard but not too hard. I think that if I were starting from scratch and hadn't just completed CLX it would be WAY harder. The first workout has a gazillion push ups in it. I could only do about 10 on my toes and then had to go to my knees for the other zillion but my arms were so sore the next day it was unreal. Seriously it hurt to move, driving hurt, brushing my hair hurt. I never got that sore with CLX - but I've never done that number of push ups or attempted pull ups. At this point, I think if I can do 1 full pull up at the end of my 90 days I'll be amazed. Pull ups are freaking hard! LOL

I liked the plyometrics workout. Fun and calorie burning. Kenpo X was okay - didn't love it or hate it. I'm anxious to see what I think the next time I do it. Yoga X....what can I say about yoga? I'm not a big fan of yoga, probably because I suck at it. But 1.5hrs of yoga...man oh man. I did 70mins. I was proud of myself for getting that far. I'm going to stick it out and keep doing it because i would love to be more flexible.

So we'll see - I'm doing classic version and adding an extra 30 mins or so of cardio every day. If this doesn't do something to change my body I'm not sure what will.

In summary, I like it. Every workout has made some part of sore. It's similar to CLX but the workouts are longer and more intense.

Oh - I forgot ab ripper x which you do after each resistance workout (3x a week) OUCHIE McOUCHIE! that's tough - it's 16 mins of hard core ab work. I'll be excited when I can keep up with them in the video.

:) Brooke

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MAMA2BHOT 11/10/2009 11:20AM

    I can't wait to find out if you can do a pull up at the end!

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IMFIT4ME 11/9/2009 4:06PM


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BIKERCHICK74 11/1/2009 9:27PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ATCHARLES 11/1/2009 8:18PM

    Sounds intense! Good luck and keep up the hard work that you have been putting in and the results will come for you!! Those are some long workouts...I am not a fam of yoga at home..but I loved a class I took a few years ago in a hot studio. You sweat like crazy and left looking like you just stepped out of the shower but it feels amazing!!

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KZUW01 10/31/2009 12:55PM

    Keep it up! I just completed day 3. That AbRipper X is the longest 16 minutes of my life!!!!

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LILY_SPARK 10/30/2009 3:54PM

    GREAT report! It sounds like you're working really hard and going to move deeper into the program quickly.

Should say: I've never done it! So, watching from the outside? You're fab!

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MICHIGANDERRDH 10/30/2009 11:29AM

  Great job! Hubby and I are starting Sunday. I'm so excited! I did CLX and then had ACL surgery so I'm ready to rock!

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MICHIGANDERRDH 10/30/2009 11:15AM

  Great job! Hubby and I are starting Sunday. I'm so excited! I did CLX and then had ACL surgery so I'm ready to rock!

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FITCHICK421 10/30/2009 8:58AM

    You are doing awesome with P90X. Keep it up. Can't wait to see you after the 90 days. :)

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ALWAYSCHANGING 10/30/2009 8:56AM

    Great job baby girl! And thanks for sharing with us! I know P90X can be a beast. Maybe once I finish CLX I'll consider giving Tony another try..Keep going you can SOOOOOO do this!

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DROPPINOS 10/30/2009 7:32AM

    Awesome update! Keep pushing it ..I love being sore... emoticon

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KIRSTY1306 10/30/2009 7:26AM

    Wow well done for taking on the challenge. I have spoke to many people on here who have taken on the p90x programme and they have gotten great results. I'm sure you will too if you stick to it.
Keep up the good work
Kirb xx

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IMFIT4ME 10/30/2009 2:03AM

    Girl thanx for the update! I love it! I cant wait to get started!!! You are SO motivating me to get er done!! :)

Keep it up sista! Your gonna see results!!!


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CLX Burn Phase Results

Monday, August 31, 2009

Okay so my results for the CLX Burn phase are not exactly what I was hoping for. I actually GAINED!! I'm up almost a pound from the 30 days ago. I was down right at a 1lb somewhere during the past 30 days and then back up again. So....that sucks right?

I measured and I did lose inches.

bust stayed the same
under bust stayed the same
waist -.5
hips -.5
thighs -2 (1 each)
abductors -1 (.5 each)
biceps -1 (.5 each)

So...down 5 inches. That is really good. So obviously I'm building muscle and I'm happy about that but seriously - I want to build muscle and lose weight!!! So this month I'm ramping it up. I posted my Sept plan in my last blog. We'll see how that goes as far as losing actual weight. I know I know I shouldn't get all hung up on the scale. And I wish I didn't care - I really would rather lose inches than lbs but DAMN IT! When you work this hard you really want to see both go down right??

:) Brooke

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    WooHoo!! You did it!! You lost 5" that's is AWESOME!! Buddy you're doing FANTASTIC! Keep it up!

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ATCHARLES 8/31/2009 10:03PM

    I know how discouraging the scale can be. But obviously the tape measure is a better friend to us so we should learn to love and appreciate it more. 5" is a great loss! Wait until push..it's tough but hoping worth it:)

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GLAMIT 8/31/2009 8:41PM

I know, it's hard when we want to see the scale move but muscle has weight too so I can see how it isn't as effective as we may like. You lost 5" and that is great, YAY~ Did you start push? You are right behind me :)

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The plan for Sept....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

So I decided that I needed to create a plan for September to encourage me to stick through and so that I'll be able to look back and say it did or didn't work. Anyone have thoughts on my plan? Anything you think will work or not work etc? I've never done the clalorie cycling thing but since I've been eating the same number of calories all month and haven't lost ANYTHING I'm willing to give it a try. Anyone doing this? If so how's it working? This past month I've been doing about 1500 calories a day - the month before I was doing 1200-1300 a day. So I've tried being consistent at both ranges. I have cardio scheduled 6x's a week and ST 3x's a week with the CLX.

Sat: 1800 calories CLX PUSH 1 and Jog 30mins
Sun: 1500 calories REST DAY
Mon: 1200 calories Workout DVD that's atleast 45+mins
Tue: 1800 calories CLX PUSH 2 and Jog 30mins
Wed: 1500 calories Workout DVD that's atleast 45+mins
Thur: 1600 calories CLX PUSH 3 and Jog 30mins
Fri: 1350 calories Workout DVD that's atleast 45+mins

Thanks for any input or advice. :) Brooke

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SUZYV98 8/28/2009 10:19PM

    Your exercise schedule looks very good. Just keep in mind that the amount of calories you need and what is in the calories. You need more protein than carbs, BUT you need fiber like Oatmeal or something you can eat early in the day. PLUS eating 6 meals is better than 2. I know the more you exercise the less urge you have to eat. So you have to remember to eat. More calories in the beginning of the day will help your body burn what you have.

Good luck on your goals emoticon

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ATCHARLES 8/27/2009 8:00PM

    I had a feeling with as much as you workout..that those numbers would be pretty much on track. You know what your actual burn is each day. While most of us just base on estimates, which are not specific to us. You will hit your goals. Plan looks good.
Do you have to wear the GWF/Bodybugg all day?

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JBSCRAPPER 8/27/2009 7:56PM

    If I go to the freediet site and put in my age/weight etc and intense workourts 5x's a week their numbers are pretty close to what I came up with. So I think I'll try it and see. I think at the rate I'll be working out that I shouldn't eat too little - I've been there/done that and it didn't work for me either. So......

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IMFIT4ME 8/27/2009 7:30PM

    I think go to the site check it out- but I like your numbers because its based on your burn! Use your GWF!! I would atleast! If you are having a major cal burn for the day- you dont wanna have too big of a deficit-

I dnno- I like your plan! We are all here to see you thru it!!

This is YOUR month!

Oh yeah- I hope your goals include doing a challenge in one of your Spark Teams!!! :)

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JBSCRAPPER 8/27/2009 4:35PM

    Thanks guys. I got my numbers by knowing how many I burn each day with the amount of workouts I'm doing (I have the GoWear Fit thingie that tells me what I'm burning) So I burn 2550 total calories a day (give or take that is a safe average) The days I two workouts it's more, the days it's less it's not by much.

2550 x 7days = 17850 total calories burned each week

17850 - 7500 (2lbs in calories) = 10,350 calories I can eat and lose weight (in theory)

So my daily amounts = 10,750 which is a little less than the 2lbs a week loss in calories but hell - I'd be happy with a 1lb a week loss so.....we shall see.

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GLAMIT 8/27/2009 3:17PM

    I can't wait to hear how it goes for you. Always great to have a plan to keep you on your toes :)

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ATCHARLES 8/27/2009 2:41PM

It is always good to have a plan. It looks good to me. I just started the calorie cycling this week, today is my last day of the week. I weigh in tomorrow so I can let you know how that goes. Been losing pretty slowly so I am hoping this kicks it up a notch or two. We will see tomorrow. The cycling makes sense to me though. And I think it is a good approach to breaking plateaus and keeping weight loss steady..Good luck.
I have a journal on my sparkpage where I am keeping track of my cycling.
How did you come up with your numbers? There is a website that will figure it out for you. It is freedieting.com
My suggestion and only going off the website would be that you only need 2 high to moderate days a week like maybe:

Def. check out the website:) Let me know if you have any questions.

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MUSTANG_SALLY2 8/27/2009 1:54PM

    My friend and I are doing the calorie cycling but it's way to early in our plan to tell if it's working. My body has a tendency to hit a plateau and grab on to it. The last one stuck for nearly a year. I've been reading a lot and the up and down of my calories should keep my body guessing... at least that is the plan. LOL Everyone I talked to said they thought my body was doing to much of the same and decided that it had this much food and had to complete this much activity and it dug in it's heels. I'm hoping to keep it all mixed up this time.

I hope you have great good luck on your goals! Keep going!

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I'm here!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hi All,

Some of you gals are checking on me because I haven't been around much the past couple of weeks. I'm still here and still doing my CLX. School started last week and between school, karate and girl scouts (I'm a troop leader) which also started up a couple of weeks ago I am crazy busy!

I'm still getting my workouts in - although I didn't do as much cardio last week on top of my CLX. I'm a bit discouraged. I'm into my 4th week of CLX and I'm down barely 1 lb. And no inches that I can tell. I can tell I'm getting stronger and that is what is keeping me going with this program but it is discouraging to watch every calorie you eat and bust your butt and watch the scale stay the same. I know it's not all about the scale - but the inches aren't moving either. I guess after such a good month last month losing 9 inches I'm disappointed I've got nothing going this month.

It's okay - I'm going to push through and carry this program to the end. I actually think I'm going to ramp up the cardio again. I was trying to follow the CLX program pretty closely but I just don't think it's enough cardio.

SO......thanks for checking on me. I'm around and still hanging in there just super busy. Hopefully in a couple of weeks we'll find our household rythym again with school and all and it won't seem so nuts!

:) Brooke

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VICKIMOMOF3 8/25/2009 12:16AM

    Totally understand life as school season gets into full bloom. I too am a Daisy leader as well as other things that go on. Just doing CLX takes time and commitment from you and your family. I know it can be frustrating not seeing hardly any results. I had been there up until last week. Then all of a sudden, BAM! something in my body started to react. So, it will be interesting to see our results. Hopefully the next phase will be better for all of us.
You have done great! Keep up the good work.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GLAMIT 8/24/2009 11:18PM

    WOW, you lost 9" last month that is wonderful. Don't be so hard on yourself. Easier said then done, right? lol. Your body is going through a lot. Sometimes when we do really good then we have to maintain for a bit until our body adjusts. I feel like my losses have slowed down too. Just keep on keeping on girl, that's all we can do. I agree on the cardio though, I have to keep moving. Don't work to hard girl, it's great to hear from you. Let's rock the boat in push phase :)

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ATCHARLES 8/24/2009 12:09PM

    That's what buddies are for to check in on eachother and make sure all is going okay. I totally understand the business of the kids and school. Glad to see you are still getting your workouts in. You'll be surprised when you check your inches...I sure was!! Although the mirror and scale didn't seem to change much to me. I am going into push and going to try to add a significant amount of cardio..I don't think she does enough either.
Keep up the good work, can't wait to see your results:)

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