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Motivation anyone ... just push play!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yesterday was floor aerobics with Karen Voight... it was a choice between her or Turbo Jam ... Karen is more forgiving! emoticon...


So today is Day 2 of my CE program and although I look forward to it this evening, I know it will be tough.. and.... that's why I brought Chalene's motivational cd to work with me...

She has covered not only the physical part of getting fit, but also the mental aspect of it, which I agree, begins there... I am finding that after so many gains/loses of weight, yo-yo cycling, etc... that I need constant, positive re-enforcement to help me stay on track... If I don't lose weight fast, I tend to get impatient, and while logically I know that this is not realistic and is not a healthy way to lose weight, my mind tends to go there...

This cd is helping me to develop patience and to feel more confident about myself "right now", not just in anticipation of losing the weight... but accepting "where I am now" in the bigger scheme of things... Why should I wait until I lose all my weight to do something nice for myself...like buying a nice sweater or whatever...

I have been hiding behind big shirts and jackets for a long time and I am so tired of it, I do look forward to the day when I can put my shirt in my pants or skirt, or wear that form fitting dress ... but today, I can also improve on "me"... It starts now...


... so I will now end this blog and press play ... "I need a pep talk this morning"...

emoticon ~ Dee ~

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BILL60 2/10/2009 7:16PM

I liked the blog. You appear to be well on your way to loosing what you want to loose. I'm with you kiddo. Hang tough!!


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GRAMMYSKIDS58 2/10/2009 7:11PM

    I am proud of you.... you CAN do this!!! I was hiding in baggy shirts and sweat pants most of the winter also. But now is time to take control and be proud of who I am and what I have accomplished. I forgot the small things like exersizing (even if it wasn't everyday it was more than I did before) drinking water, eating more fruits and veggies. I am proud of me... I know I can do this... it took me 5 yrs to gain so maybe it will take awhile to loose (hopefully NOT 5 yrs).
HUGS, Kathy

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LUCKYDUCK2 2/10/2009 2:25PM

    That does sound like a wonderful CD . You are so right....this journey is about body, mind and SOUL. All three must be addressed.

Now if I could just find my mind. It keeps skipping the Country. LOL

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MRS_TOAD 2/10/2009 1:10PM

    What is the name of this motivational CD? Sounds like I could use to hear it today!

I admire your ambition! Could you package some up and mail it to me? emoticon

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Day 1 of CE...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Well, I must say that this was one tough workout.... I am going to have to modify some things.

- The posterior fly does not agree with me, so I will be substituting the 90 degree or 45 degree dumbbell row, these will hit the posterior rear delts, but is less of a strain for me.

- For the lunge with the core rotation, I will substitute a waist twist, while holding my abs in, this one gave me a stitch in my left side...

- NO push-ups or chest presses for the time being due to my surgery....

- For the hip lift with the chest press, I placed a 10lb weight on my lower abs to add weight and just mimicked the chest press action without weights... I got a very good workout for my glutes..

I felt every bit of this workout and I am glad that it was not a long
one. emoticon

Looking forward to cardio tomorrow.... emoticon...

emoticon ~ Dee ~

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Keep up the good work!!

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MISSY763 2/9/2009 12:14PM

    Go, Dee! emoticon

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MRS_TOAD 2/9/2009 10:44AM

    I love your ability to move forward despite the challenges!

You are definitely my heroine of the day!


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Ready to get extreme...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

I have been mia for quite awhile, recovering from surgery, however, as of Wednesday, my surgeon gave me the green light to start my Chalean Extreme program, today, albeit, cautiously...

I am looking forward to starting this program, as I have gained back all the weight that I lost over the summer and I feel absolutely miserable. Mentally, I know that I have not been in the best place for the past couple of months and my eating has been awful...

Yesterday, I reviewed my first workout and feel comfortable with it... I have planned my meals for the week and will prepare some dishes today for the week. I like this Chalean Extreme because it is a structured 3 month program. Chalene also included a motivation audio cd and it is just what I needed to jump start my program. She touched on many feelings that I have regarding losing weight, why I feel that I can't lose it and how to change that mindset...

-:�:-�:*'*:�.�:*'*:�-:�:- -:�:-�:*'*:�.�

While I was recovering, I came to the following realizations:

- to try to be as flexible as possible to change and things that I have no control over

- that it's ok to not be "perfect"... and equally ok to "mourn what I have lost", and "know" that I am still "me" ... no more, no less...

- that I can only be "who I am", staying true to myself, even when met with adversity ... I have to stand by my beliefs...

- that I have to let go of people, places and things that bring "negative karma" into my life...

- that just as I am forgiving of others, I too am deserving of forgiveness, but it starts with me...

- that just because a goal is difficult, it doesn't mean that it is not "reachable"...

I start this new challenge with anticipation that I will succeed... knowing that it won't be easy... but that's ok, nothing worth having ever is...

emoticon I AM READY TO GET EXTREME... emoticon

-:�:-�:*'*:�.�:*'*:�-:�:- -:�:-�:*'*:�.�

"If you can walk, you can dance,
if you can talk you can sing"... ~ Zimbabwean proverb ~

~ The mantra to help you make it through ~
"Need to, can do... Have to, will do"... ~ Douglas Pagels ~

emoticon ~ Dee ~

PS: My Starting Stats (NO Cringing please!) emoticon

Weight: forthcoming
Chest: 36
Hips: 45
Waist: 36.5
Rt. Arm: 12.5
Lt Arm: 13.0
Rt. Calf: 15.0
Lf. Calf: 15.5
Neck: 14 inches
Rt. & Lf.: 10 inches
Abductors: 43

"Looks like I have my work cut out for me"... emoticon

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    Glad to see you back, and wish you well with your new endeavor!

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GRAMMYSKIDS58 2/8/2009 2:49PM

    I am so glad you are feeling better and got the ok to start exersizing. Take things slow and don't push yourself too hard. We are strong determined women... we can do this... even with our extra challenges.... it just might take us a little longer. Stay strong,... work hard... HUGS, KAthy

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LUCKYDUCK2 2/8/2009 12:20PM

    I can't sing or dance. SIGH I would empty the room with my singing.

But, you know what? Today, I CAN do both for you here. I am so glad you are on the mend.

I LOVED reading your blog and all the thoughts you shared with us. It just motivated me. I wish I could do more then send a cyber hug back to you!

I am so glad this ordeal is behind you and that you are healing and getting back to doing what you want.

Don't stress about your reactions to the stress and trigger. Don't beat yourself up over the regained weight. In the grand scheme of things...it just means it will take a little longer to reach your final goal and you WILL reach it.

I am happy dancing and singing on this end that you are feeling better. Warning...get ear plugs and protect your feet .

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MRS_TOAD 2/8/2009 11:51AM

    Dearest Dee,

"If you can walk, you can dance, if you can talk you can sing"... ~ Zimbabwean proverb ~


If you can sing, why not dance? ` MJ

((dancing with you))

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Update, etc...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I know I have been MIA for awhile, but I wanted to let everyone know that I am having reconstructive surgery on Monday, Dec. 22nd...

Surgery is scheduled for 8:00, but I have to be at the hospital by 6:00 that morning.... My son is 18 now, so he will be accompanying me. The surgery will take 3 hours and will be done on an out-patient basis... I will be released when they feel I am stable enough to go home. I am both nervous and excited about it...

Right now I have fallen off the wagon and my eating has been so bad! emoticon, but you know what, I am not going to stress out over that right now because I have so much on my mind at the moment... However, I do plan on eating right/light Monday - Wednesday of this week, but I am looking forward to Christmas as I am baking brownies and can't wait!... I will also be preparing a Cornish Hen, tomorrow and my son will help me prepare stuffing/sweet potato & apple casserole and string bean casserole on Christmas eve. He will be home with me all week because of the surgery, so I am looking forward to spending time with him, maybe we can even play a few board games...our favorites are "Clue and Scrabble"... emoticon

-::-:*'*:.:*'*:-::- -::-:*'*:.:*'*:-

I just ordered "Chalean Extreme" and can't wait to get it... I can start to do low/no impact cardio on Dec. 29th, but won't be able to do weights until around February 5th... Most of you on the GETTING BUFFED" and "CHALEAN EXTREME" teams will start your challenges on January 5th, so I will be a month behind...But, in the meantime, I will be supporting and rooting you guys on... emoticon

-::-:*'*:.:*'*:-::- -::-:*'*:.:*'*:-


I look forward to the 2009 with great anticipation and feel hopeful that I will reach my fitness goals... emoticon... I know that life has a way of getting in the way, but I will press on and know that I will have the support of my teammates and fellow "Sparkies"... "what more can I ask
for?".... emoticon

-::-:*'*:.:*'*:-::- -::-:*'*:.:*'*:-

2008 has been a year of many challenges, but in parting I want to take that the time to give a special emoticon to:

My "GETTING BUFFED" team ... thank you guys for being my source of inspiration and endless motivation... I love you guys... emoticon
Karen7360 and Marvelous50S (Charlene) who helped jump start my weight training and diet programs and for the much needed pep talks... Thanks for being patient with me... "I think I've got it now"... You guys are the emoticon and I applaud your accomplishments and wish you luck in your figure competitions for 2009.... I will be rooting for you.... emoticon
MJ (Mrs. Toad)... my dancing partner emoticon... we will continue to dance in 2009...
Les, Dance, Lynn, Janeyjaye (CC's Team) ... emoticon for staying in touch with me and giving me support...
Pola.. 2009 is your year sweetie.. emoticon
Vicki {LUCKYDUCK2}... You inspire me more than you know... and remember to take some time yourself, you also need TLC... you have been a rock for your family... emoticon
To all my sisters on the "Breast Cancer Survivors and Those Who Care team"... for those of you who are going through treatments, "I will keep you in my prayers"... "Stay encouraged".... Thank you all for your support and being there when I needed you... emoticon
AND, last, but not least, to "ALL" my fellow Sparkies" for all the support you have given me this year... I couldn't have done it without you... emoticon

-::-:*'*:.:*'*:-::- -::-:*'*:.:*'*:-

emoticon "MERRY CHRISTMAS" emoticon

.* ♥ *.*)
(.*♥ Dee ♥*.)
.* (. ♥ ).*

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POLARIA 12/30/2008 3:29PM

  What a great blog! What a great life! What a beautiful Dee!! You are a true "sweet" heart....Wishing you all the best! emoticon Pola

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MRS_TOAD 12/21/2008 1:05PM


You, your son, and the hospital staff are in my thoughts and prayers! I am so proud of you. Over 11 months I have seen you succeed in so many areas. Time will take care of the weight and buffing. Right now just be gentle with you!

Also enjoy the time with your son and your favorite Boardgames. I will play Clue anytime you want! emoticon We all know that Professor Plum did it in the Library with the Candlestick!!!!!

(dancing) on slippery sidewalks

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KRIS39125 12/20/2008 6:03PM

Good luck with your surgery and my thoughts and prayers will be with you. I enjoyed being part of the challenge with you and I hope that we can continue to encourage each other in the new year.

Take it easy next week and enjoy your holiday,

All my best,

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DR.BRBRY 12/20/2008 4:26PM

    emoticonJ- Big hug and applauds on your journey and your spirit! My aunt just finished her radiation therapy in October. She had a partial mastectomy. There are so many changes that the health team forgot to tell her about, especially the skin discoloration. She has come through everything quite well, but it does put things in perspective about life. I will put you in my thoughts for Monday and send you positive healing energy from here. Take good care of yourself. -B

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IVYLASS 12/20/2008 4:11PM

    Good luck on your surgery! What procedure are you having? There is a 70-year old lady in my support group who had a procedure where basically you have a tummy tuck and they take the fat from your tummy and move it up to your chest! They don't take any muscle and it's a quicker surgery. And I must say, she's got a fantastic rack now! emoticon

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you...new boobies for Christmas! What a wonderful present!

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MOB8/2009 12/20/2008 2:01PM

    How did I miss this blog???? I've got you "bookmarked", but I must have jumped right over the notification! What kind of reconstruction are you having? I had a tram flap in 1996 and it was the best thing I ever did! I was out of commission for quite a while so I'm glad progress has been made in recovery time. BTW, 12/22 is my 13 year survivor anniversary!! Maybe that will be lucky for you.

My family has a very quiet Christmas planned with only one brief day trip down to see the grandkids. But "very quiet" is what I'm craving right now so I can recharge for 2009!

Enjoy your time with your son. And I want that recipe for potato and apple casserole!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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What am I waiting for?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Why is it so hard for me to be consistent with the goals that I have established for myself?

I'm ok for a little while, then without even realizing it, I am off track... out of sync and wondering, "how did I get here? Maybe the question should be:

"What is holding me back from reaching my goals?"....

I will ponder on this thought another day, but for now I will finish doing what I was doing before I started this blog!

Living every minute, loving every hour, hoping for another day, and holding on for dear life...and one thing is for sure, "quitting is not an option!"....

....*..) .*)
(... (.*

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LUCKYDUCK2 12/5/2008 11:27AM

    "What is holding me back from reaching my goals?"....

Excellent question! I have to take a moment and asked that of myself at times.

Triggers and old learned habits and responses go out kicking and screaming. You are doing great because you catch yourself heading off track and pull yourself back up.

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MRS_TOAD 12/5/2008 6:52AM

    You are far from alone! Just keep pushing ahead!

((dancing)) in the cold air!

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MOB8/2009 12/4/2008 7:34PM

    Join the crowd, friend! We ALL get ourselves de-railed occasionally and wonder how we got way over here from where we're supposed to be! The important thing is to get back on track and keep pushing. If it were easy, we wouldn't need support, eh? So I've got your back....let's ROCK!

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IVYLASS 12/4/2008 7:01PM

    What exactly is distracting you?

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