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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

emoticon Wulp... I finally did it! I went with a friend to Zumba class yesterday...oh what fun!! Talk about a work out!! I did good, I've always considered my self a good dancer, a tad bit on the sexual side.... hee hee he....I will admit I felt awkward, I guess its the whole following the instructor...she was GREAT, hot too...as in her moves, confidants, and how nice she was... I will be going back twice a week emoticon

I'm also doing the squats challenge, I was a lil sore this morning from Zumba but having to do my 115 squats........ emoticon holy steamboat it hurts!! LOL



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is it over yet!!!! I know I haven't been sparking lately..I haven't fallin off the wagon tho... where do I start well my sweet Grandpa passed away , I'm very grateful he met both my boys and they got to know him!! A week later we had to put down our Dixie dog she was old, but turns out she had cancer.... it was a bad start, next was my birfday... made it to 36!! hooooodie whoo It was very nice.

But I'm still goin' at it....I feel great! I am doing the squat challenge....started it on the 14th and I am up to 80 squats...OI!! lol! It isn't as bad as you think but I'm pretty impressed with myself!

well back to work!



Wednesday, February 06, 2013

well where do I begin....I call my mom every morning, she was in a rare mood today she said so, I got very upset yesterday I asked why she proceeded to tell me how much she doesn't like my hubby.... when he popped over there yesterday (to see my dad) she went out side to say hi and he didn't say anything to her, on top of that she was trying to give my son a hug and he didn't want to go near her, she says to me I don't know what your husband told him but I don't appreciate it...I told her it's because she is always sick and he is afraid to get sick....not that Nate told him anything...

then she says well I don't like how he treats Jason (my 16yr boy, which he is his step dad) and that's when I went off....about how my step dad (who I love dearly) beat my ass every chance he could with a belt (not saying I didn't deserve it) he doesn't treat him wrong at all, we don't put up with lies, and low grades...I think most if not all parents agree....and we just ground him.

I pretty much told her I was at work so had to go.....but it sure pissed me off for the remainder of my day. My mom (I love very much) has issues.... alcoholic, smokes, is just very unstable truly sad, both my brothers are complete Dbag...so I am left to fill in the blanks and I tell ya, it sure it hard.

My hubby is a WONDERFUL man, I haven't met anyone like him....I'm sure he didn't hear her say anything...he is kind of a shy guy but polite and my lil guy just got over strep and the flu...he does NOT want to be sick again....he has been told since day one can't go to jojo's cuz she sick...so what does she expect

Sorry, I don't have story telling skills, I couldn't tell a joke to save my life. Just wanted to release some anger here.......... emoticon

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HA_MONICA83 3/4/2013 8:02AM

    Life gets hard sometimes...and we need to vent! It sometimes helps me to look at things with a new perspective when I write out a problem/difficult situation. And gosh, People are hard to understand, especially family! You sounds like you have a wonderful husband! Keep seeing the good in him and believing in him--just like you are doing...that shows an amazing part of your character. Hope things get smoother! emoticon

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Darn wine!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So went to a wedding this weekend, I get so emotional at these things. I'm not married, never been asked, been with my handsome man for 14 years...so it makes me sad. Its weird cuz I don't look forward to spending a butt load of money on a wedding, and getting all stressed out over it... I don't know why I get all sad!!

Any who, it was at a winery with an old barn, just gorgeous!! So with that said I drank a lot of wine....and that lead to me working it on the dance floor!! I mean working it!! To where I was sweating so bad.....once you get me going I can't stop.....I hate the fact that I ALWAYS sweat.....I just make jokes about burning some serious calories.. My man is not so outgoing as me...so I hope I didn't do anything to embarrass him....

It was a very odd night, its a bit of a party group...we don't hang out too often cuz there is always drama...example one gal brought her own booze and was getting sick with in a hour of being there, another gal wanted to fight her brothers girl friend...I know, its bad.

Any who I guess I'll just lay low for a while



Friday, January 25, 2013

YAY IT'S FRIDAY!! Hope I stay on track this weekend, have a wedding Saturday...gotta go shopping tonight need something to wear..

Y'all have a great weekend!!


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