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Oh my aching back

Saturday, January 18, 2014

All the carpet is pulled up from the floor in the bedroom. Thankful that ex came over and pretty much did it. Got it rolled up. I see a trip to the dump soon. Discovered a soft spot in the floor of dry rot about 8' x 12 inches. Went to Home Depot and they told me what epoxy to use. It is down and curing overnight. Hopefully it will work

. In the meantime I've been pulling staples out of the floor and the carpet trim. Only 1/4 done and my back is killing me. I love my crow bar, but need to use a knife to pull staples. Tomorrow hopefully the floor will go down. My house is a mess with my bed in the living room!

I did not eat right today, nor did I track it yet. My sugars were very good things morning, but I didn't check them throughout the day. I've had two OMG glasses of red wine tonight. I am so tense from the work. This is my first drink since I had my surgery back and August when I could have died.

I plan on going to Home Depo first thing tomorrow morning to pick up the flooring. I hope I can get it all down tomorrow and move things back into the room. I plan on a trip to the dump and a trip to Goodwill. I cannot believe all of the stuff I hauled out of my room. Talk about being a pack rack. I am also going to hit Walmart. I plan on dying my green sheer curtains black to match the new black and red bed spread that I got. I'm debating if I should paint the room first, but really think I'm not going to do that. I used the duster for all the cobwebs and it looks really good. If there is enough flooring I'm going to do my bathroom too. I think there will be.

The dust got stirred up big time and I have been sniffling. I'll have to post a before and after picture of the flooring.

I'm sleeping now and think I'll track my food real quick and head off to bed. I plan on Zumba tomorrow morning!

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CLAYARTIST 1/18/2014 11:19PM


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No sugar - Day 16

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm feeling a lot better without the sugar. I cannot imagine how out of control it must have been this past year. I've got them under control. I am learning what foods I can eat, and what I need to watch out for.

For example, I pretty much have Cheerios and a banana with Almond Milk for breakfast. My sugars go up with it and and I need to take more insulin to cover it so it does not spike.

This morning I made an egg white omlette with spinach, low fat cheese, mushrooms and avocado. It was really good, but I need to take a lower dose of insulin, if at all.

Last night around midnight I had a HUGE sugar low. I woke up disoriented, my vision blurry, and frankly it scared me. I got up and staggered to the kitchen and pour a small glass of OJ. I sat down and waited for it to pass. Took about five minutes. I didn't even check my sugar at that time.

This morning it is good. I think it was the result of doing my first spin class last night. I worked it pretty good for my fitness level and couldn't always stand up because I could feel the pain in my legs. Anyway, I came home and made a shake with banana, blueberries, protein and almond milk. That was supposed to be my snack. (I split it in half.) I laid down and went to sleep and did not get my proper dinner in.

I have to get used to this new lifestyle. It is a huge change. A change for the good though.

Tonight, I'm meeting friends to do the Dance Fusion class. I'm looking forward to it. I'm taking tomorrow off, but Saturday will be Zumba and then spa! Saturdays will be my new pampering days at the gym. Sweat it out in the steam sauna, hot-tub and a leisurely swim, not necessarily in that order.

Also, this weekend I"m moving all my furniture out of my bedroom and painting. The following weekend will be tearing out the carpet and preparing the floor so I can lay lamenent the following weekend. I'll be sleeping in the living room. I'm moving my bed out there. My living room is huge at 14 x 22 so there is plenty of room.

Well must be off to shower and get ready for work....

Hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go!

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BOB5148 1/16/2014 11:23AM


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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Iím a stress eater. I recognize that.

Today, I went home at lunch with the intentions of cooking the ground turkey and cutting up my veggies for my pizza tonight. I walked in the door and immediately my 25 year old son and my 22 year old daughter start arguing. It was a stupid argument.

I picked up my keys and purse and walked out. No lunch.

I went to Burrito Boy. I had a Chile rejelleno burrito with a wheat tortilla. Once I added up the calories it was right around 450. Iíll still be within my calorie range today, but it is frustrating that I react that way even when I recognize it.

Iím not going to the gym tonight. Iím tired and am going to give my body a rest. Plus my son will be at school tonight so I will have the house to myself. Donít know if my daughter will come over or not.


Glad my work day is winding down.

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STUDLEEJOE 1/14/2014 8:32PM


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CLAIRELINN 1/14/2014 8:01PM

    I eat when I am stressed as well... I eat when I'm happy too. Crud...I eat because it feels good.

Thank goodness you stayed within your calorie limit... Let's just say you took a "mulligan". Tomorrow is a new day with new hope.

Hope all ends up well at home. Just own what's yours...let them deal with their own stuff.

Thanks for posting. Glad to know I'm not alone.

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My aching........

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So I did Zumba last night at the new gym. I tried to talk myself out of going, but I knew I need too. The room is way too small to fit 40 people in. It was only wide enough to fit two people in each row that we formed, but we were crowded in at four people each. I still managed to do most of the dancing, although I tried to stay in my own space when I saw several people bump into each other. I know that we are all there to have fun and get our cardio in, but it really is frustrating to me that I arrive early enough to find my "Space" only to have late comers squeeze in. I didn't give 100%, although I really did love the music. I just didn't feel like I could move.

On that note, my legs are killing me today. So are my hips. It is a b***ch getting old. Hard to believe I will be 55 in just a few short months. Where has all the time gone? I'm going to make an appointment to get back in to see my doctor. He does not like giving me any pain meds. I don't want pain meds, but I'm wondering about anti-inflammatories. The neurologist simply said I have brusitus in my hips and that it will or will not heal and I will need to live with it. I simply cannot imagine living with pain for the next 15-20 years. My dad passed at 68 and mom at 71. I know that seems morbid to think of.

Sugars yesterday were FABULOUS. This morning was 133. 13 points to high, but hey, it beats 300-400!!!!

Time to get ready for work.


Up 4 lbs.

Monday, January 13, 2014

I got up this morning and weighed. I am up four pounds since the first of the year. Even with the exercise and watching my calorie intake. My doctor warned me that this would happen once I got my sugar levels under control.

I'm reading a lot more about diabetes and the effects that various foods have on my sugar levels. I've always liked pasta, not to the extreme, but unless it is wheat, then up goes my sugar. Not much of a rice person, but am am getting used to brown rice.

I've made plans for various ground turkey meals this week. I made stuffed bell peppers yesterday. They were ok, but not so flavorful. I've packed my breakfast, lunch and snacks for work today. Also, my workout clothes. I am going directly to the gym for a 30 minute power class, followed by a the sauna and hot tub. I'm even packing my clothing to shower and change there. Once that is done, I'll be heading to pick up my son from school. I'm going to have the left over pepper for dinner. Tomorrow I'm making a pizza with veggies on whole wheat crust.

Isn't it odd that when I am not being healthy I don't obsess about food, but when I am I constantly am planning.

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    I can so relate to feeling like I'm obsessing over food when I am planning and tracking everything and it drives me nuts. BUT, being healthy does take planning. Making sure over the course of the day I get lots of green stuff in my diet takes effort for me. If I don't plan it, I end up eating a very non-green, non-healthy diet. Think of it as a gift to yourself to plan out your days.

On thing I do that really helps take that obsessive feeling away, is I sit down for 10 minutes on Sunday mornings and plan out dinners for the week, and make my grocery shopping list with everything I need. Then I make sure I have lots of breakfast and lunch stuff (for the kids mostly). Then I get all my shopping done for the week, and have all my healthy dinners planned out ahead of time...and seriously it takes very little time and saves money too.

Also, if you feel like food is bland, maybe lookup some recipes that use more fresh herbs/spices...clean eating recipes use alot of that and are usually amazing with flavor.

Glad you are finding a way to combat diabetes, there are many in my family who have it...no fun! Good work and thanks for the encouragement on my blog.

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MARAGRAM 1/13/2014 10:21AM

    Try adding Mrs. Dash spicy to your turkey recipes. It really ups the taste!

You are doing all the right things! Get into the whole what pasta. It metabolizes slowly so won't bother your blood sugar as much. (My husband is diabetic.) I find that I don't eat as much of it, yet feel fuller longer!

Good luck, emoticon

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