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Sunday, September 04, 2011

September has always been somewhat of a difficult month for me. I lost my eyesight (began to lose) in September; my brother and sister's (both deceased) birthday is in September; I had a couple serious break-ups in September and it is the end of summer after all!

This September started off good! I'm at a lower weight than I have been in a long, long time. I hope I am able to keep losing! The 5% Challenges are the best things that ever happened for me!They keep me moving, keep me accountable and offer me the support of some Fab Firecrackers who keep me motivated and encouraged!!

My sister and brother's birthday is September 6. Yes, they were twins and yes, they died in the same year (2004), but in separate incidents. I miss them every day, but in our family birthdays were always a big deal and we never let one pass without either seeing each other or at least calling each other! This would've been their 43rd birthday. I miss them so much!

We are supposed to have a cool front over the next few days. Highs only in the 70s which means my pool water will get cold! I hope we have at least 1 more hot front so I can get in and scrub the walls and then close it for the fall & winter season! I love having the pool right outside where I can just go get my exercise without having to rely on others for rides! I'm missing it already and it isn't even closed! But, those of you who know me, know I never face a dark spot without shedding some light and the good news here is as soon as we close the pool down for the season we are having a brand new deck and sun room built on! The sunroom is brand new and will have my plants in it and be just a sunny spot to sit! The deck is being redone with the composite wood that doesn't splinter or get hot! WooHoo! It is going to be great! I'm also having the interior of the house painted and some much needed decluttering done as soon as the pool doesn't take up my time and attention!

Also.... I get to go back to VA Beach this coming weekend to stay with my new friends at their island home and attend the Harbor Festival with them! They are such great hosts and I am excited about going. The following weekend my dance instructor was able to set up a professional belly dance workshop here in my hometown for us! It is a really reasonable price too! Awesome! On the 16 I am taking my nephew to see Styx who he happens to love! They were my fave group when I was a teen and he loves them and I love that! He is my sister's son and he is now 11! I want to share his excitement as we attend the concert! The following weekend is a trip up to Smith Mountain Lake where my friend can use a lakehouse and we can go to the SML wine festival via boat! Awesome! Then I can rest! Whew!

So, while the blues slip in now and again I will be busy enough to keep my mind occupied with alot of adventures to keep me active and moving too! September might not be so blue after all!

BTW, don't know why those break-ups still come to mind! I have a wonderful husband and he ain't going any where!

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DANLIN60 9/6/2011 8:49PM

    Melissa, your cup is always half full no matter what, that is one of the things that I have come to love about you. I still pray for your eyesight everyday but we all know that God has a plan and I hope restoring your sight is in that plan in the near future. I m always here for you just like so many other of your Spark Friends

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    These milestone dates are often very hard to deal with, but they are important to commemorate, too. Do you do anything to observe the day, like light a candle? My thoughts are with you today, as you remember your sibs.

I'm glad you have plenty of good things to look forward to this month. I know I really enjoy my sunroom in the winter months, and my plants do, too. emoticon

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LESSOFMOORE 9/5/2011 8:56PM

    Melissa, we are all here to chase your blues away! You glass is half full! I am happy to hear that you have so much to look forward to in September! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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INDIANAGIRL61 9/5/2011 7:06PM

    Melissa, I'm sorry for the sorrowful things that you will feel. YOU are such a special lady-- BIG, BIG, BIG HUGS! Enjoy your nephew and the concert, I like Stix too! And you're getting a new sun room??? I'm jealous! emoticon

PS- good idea about the hot tub MTNGRL!

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MTNGRL 9/5/2011 8:31AM

    I know this month has sad memories but it sounds like you will be doing lots of fun things to chase the blues away. I'd like to know your friends, them seem like a lot of fun, lol. I love STYX too!

WooHoo about your sun room and deck. How fantastic. I know you will miss your pool, have you thought about an indoor hot tub in that sun room???

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RUNNINGOMA 9/5/2011 6:15AM

    I remember you mentioning this all last year - so realized I have known you that long! It is a hard loss, and it is good to remember those that we love that are no longer with us.
You sound like you have a busy, busy month planned - and that is good too.
And - nothing can replace a great husband! How blessed you are!

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DEE107 9/5/2011 12:12AM

    Hugs I am so sorry its a rough month for you

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LITTLE_QUEEN 9/4/2011 10:51PM

    This is such a rough month for you Melissa, but we aew LL HERE TO HELP YOU through it, Your in our prayers.

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CANDOK1260 9/4/2011 10:33PM

    I will pray for you during this month in hope that your sept. is less blue.

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Blah! I Am So sick!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First, let me apologize to my Firecracker Friends! I know I usually contribute right much to our mileage, but I have been sick for the past few days and can't seem to do anything! Y'all know I am sick when I am not exercising! My friends here call me the Energizer Bunny, but my batteries are low! I'll be back in it next week to make up for this lazy, sick week!

I have a lovely summer cold. It has it all.... Sore throat, runny nose, achey muscles and complete lack of energy! The good thing is that the sore throat came on yesterday which was my last day to teach for the week! So, hopefully I havent spread this to my students! I am supposed to teach my cardio belly danceclass tomorrow, but going to see if a friend can cover for me. I hope to feel better, but don't want to zap any energy I may gain! Another good thing is that I don't seem to be running a fever. I feel certain it is just a summer cold. My throat is not hurting as bad as it was yesterday and I'm thinking it is probably a good thing that the congestion has sorta "broke loose" and is working its way out! It's annoying, but better out than in, right?

I had soup for dinner last night and have been eating watermelon all day today which has felt really good on my throat! I also have been drinking my green tea and just relaxing! Glad I have an old Janet Evanovich book I haven't read yet here too!

I hope none of you catch this crud! I know i will be better in a few days, but boy do I hate a cold! Today is nice and hot again too but I think I'd better stay out of the pool! Take care!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GRAMMACATHY 8/28/2011 12:12AM

    Sometimes we just need to read to recharge our batteries. I just discovered Janet Evanovich. She is great fun.

Hope you are feeling much better now.

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TEDDYBEAR662 8/27/2011 10:29AM

    Hoping you feel better REALLY soon, Melissa! (hugs)

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SHARON2014 8/26/2011 10:27PM

    Take Care of Yourself!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LESSOFMOORE 8/26/2011 9:47PM

    Melissa, wishing you a speedy recovery! emoticon

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GUILDWARSGIRL 8/26/2011 12:12PM

  Ewwww, summer colds are a bummer !Hope you get back to feeling well really soon !

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LENNIEMIKE 8/26/2011 9:42AM

    Hi Melissa -- This ol' nurse is sending some TLC and a big bowl of watermelon to you to calm that throat and get you back on your feet. My last "cold" was from a baby that I had barely had any contact with -- took me the usual week/7 days to get over it, but felt really lousey!! My head is buzzing from the pressure changes as the tropical storm passes by S.C. -- it won't get any closer than 200 miles. Sure hope you feel better by Monday! We miss you at the "Dog House" when you aren't commenting on the weather, your doggy, and your activities! Take care, keep up those fluids, get lots of rest!! Cheers, L. emoticon

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HICIM705 8/26/2011 6:18AM

    Hope you feel better soon!

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JERSEYGIRL24 8/25/2011 9:57PM

    Hope you feel better soon!!! I used to be a huge Janet Evanovich fan, but her latest books have been somewhat disappointing, so I haven't read any in awhile. But that would be a great type of book to curl up with.


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DEE107 8/25/2011 8:39PM

    teach me to belly dance please hugs sounds like a good day and I hate the summer colds tooo have one also

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EMILYWIN 8/25/2011 3:29PM

  Hope you feel better soon!

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Quake Update & Then Some....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We haven't felt any after shocks here in South Central VA, but my friend in Richmond said they have experienced a couple minor after shocks. It is just plain weird for us to have an earthquake at all. They say there was a small one in DC last June, but I don't even remember hearing anything about that. I've spent some time in CA, but never experienced a quake and I have to say it was the last thing on my mind yesterday! I knew it was different and weird, but never even thought of a quake! I have not heard of any others, but haven't had the news on and have been busy working on my class!

I developed a sore throat today. I spent Saturday and Monday with an 8 month old baby who is teething and her stuffy nose and irritability has been attributed to her teething and now I wonder if she isn't sick and I caught it! Not like she can tell us if her throat hurts! I know mine does and it hurts more than what Jack's shedding can do to me!

BTW, he barks and jumps at every rumble now! A truck, the school buses, you name it and if it makes a rumbling noise he barks at it! It is getting on my sore throat nerves!

I bought new silverware! I love it! Most of our forks seemed to have disappeared when we had Anthony's 50th birthday party.... I had plastic forks and spoons, but I guess people wanted something more sturdy and it seems like most of my forks ended up in the trash or in people's pockets.... I don't really believe that, but they are gone! So, bought new and fancy stuff. Will hide it for the next party! Very pretty. Called Oneida Satin Aquarius if you care to look it up! Too pretty to put up for special occasions, so am using it for every day!

I really wanted soup today, but my cabinet somehow got all disorganized, so will have it for dinner. Thinking it will soothe my throat! Thinking a popsicle for dessert!

OK, just wanted to let everyone know where I was today.... Staying in bed and feeling poorly and working too! I'll try and check in on my teams!

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PUTTITAT 8/27/2011 4:50PM

    At my house it is the spoons that disappeared, but the forks are getting a little thin too. I have some nice stuff, but waiting until we are home more, so I can hopefully hang on to it. We also have our "good silverware" which is silver & gold and that is kept in a nice box made for it--we use it ONLY for special occasions, & I usually give the kids the older "special silverware" which is all gold, but the gold is wearing off.

FYI--If you put your silverware in the D/W make sure you use the soap that does NOT include citrus scents--it will wear off the color on them--especially any that have gold. Getting harder to find w/o the leon (or other citrus), but it IS out there!

Hope you get feeling better...

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    Get well soon! I had to laugh at hiding the forks, because I do just that. I have a complete set of very cheap flatware (WalMart 4/$1 ) that I use for large parties. When my kids were little, I used to pick up silverplate at thrift sales and used that for our everyday needs. It was all mismatched, but it was so pretty that I didn't care.

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LINDAGRAVEL 8/25/2011 12:06AM

    hope you feel better soon melissa

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DEE107 8/25/2011 12:01AM

    hope you feel better real soon and I thought I was the only one missing forks too

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LESSOFMOORE 8/24/2011 9:04PM

    Melssa, feel better soon!

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RUTHIEBEAR 8/24/2011 8:57PM

    Feel better! My throat is a little sore today too. emoticon

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SOFEDUPP 8/24/2011 8:32PM

    I hope you feel better soon!! I will have to look up the silverware. It sounds interesting.

Looked and it is pretty cool looking. I bet they are comfortable to use also.

I hope you had a nice bowl of soup, a hot cup of tea with lemon and honey and are resting.

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    Yes, you can catch 'stuff' from a baby.

I hope you feel better soon!

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I Felt The Earth Move Under My Feet!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yes, I was in the middle of a great strength training session, but that isn't why the earth moved! We actually had an earthquake! I live in South central Virginia and we don't have earthquakes! I was watching my soap as I sweated and lifted weights. My dog, Jack, was perched on his throne next to the front door. He has been acting weird all day, so I don't know if he sensed the earthquake coming or what, but he has been barking his nervous bark all morning. anyhow, it was a little after 2 I think and the whole house shook. At first I thought maybe a big truck was passing and made the house tremble, but it was much stronger than I ever felt and Jack was going cracy. There was a low rumbling noise too and the dishes in the hutch and my wine glasses in the wine glass caddy under my cabinets were rattling! It lasted about 6 seconds. I thought maybe a really bad storm was approaching. I thought maybe the wind was doing really weird things and I did worry since I felt the trembling under my feet. I thought perhaps Jack & I were to become Dorothy & Toto and our house to be blown somewhere! The news broke in a few minutes later and said there was an earthquake centered b/t Richmond and Charlottesville, both about 3 hours away from us BTW! It was a 5.8. It was weird. I'm sure those of you on the West coast would find a 5.8 funny, but I have never experienced an earthquake in my life! Wow! Had to share this new experience with everyone!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

INDIANAGIRL61 8/27/2011 12:03AM

    No tumbling skies?? lol What an experience you had! I'm glad you and Jack are ok- Mother Earth has been doing a lot of talking lately.

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HICIM705 8/26/2011 6:22AM

    We felt it in NJ, too (well, it seems like a lot of people did - I didn't). DD was doing a project for the first day of school and called me and told me we had an earthquake. DH was in the hospital - upstairs from my office that day and he said that he felt his bed shake.

I feel kind of left out because I didn't feel anything!

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GRAMMACATHY 8/24/2011 4:51PM

    5.8 is significant. I am a northwest coast girl and we get little ones frequently. The rolling one happened when I was walking home from school in the fourth grade. I don't know how big it was, but the sidewalk rolled like someone snapping out a rug runner. The 4. earthquake swayed the fourth story of the education building at Portland State University. Another bigger one bounced the school floor up and down. That was a weird one. I just thought it was the highschoolers jumping up and down in the gym till we heard the news report. Then there was the roaring one the caused so much damage on the west side of Portland and we never even felt it on the east side. Glad you and Jack were safe. Nice that he can feel them before they build up energy. Just too bad our animals can't push a button to notify us in advance. That anxious whine can be anything from approaching hurricane to squirrel on the porch.

Comment edited on: 8/24/2011 4:52:58 PM

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ANGELFINDER 8/24/2011 1:54AM

  No aftershocks yet. They say this quake was shallow..near the surface, that's why it spread out so much. The ground consistency out here is not as hard as out California way. That led to the spread and damages too.Washington DC got hit pretty bad.with all those buildings.
Our places out here are not built for earthquakes..we have different building codes.
By the way did anybody hear about a quake in Arizona today too?? I think that's where they said it was. I know there was a second one today. Don't know if it was cause by this one or just it's own thing?

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JANIE724 8/24/2011 12:44AM

    Welcome to the Earthquake Club! Yes, in Southern California, we're used to these little shakers... and a 5.8 isn't that big of a deal - it has to get in the 6's to really get us to notice!

Evidently that even though you feel the quake, the earth is kinda moving beforehand and there are strange noises that only animals can hear and feel. So, yes, Jack knew something was coming - he probably never felt an earthquake either!

Aftershocks, anyone?

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MTNGRL 8/23/2011 10:38PM

    It was shaking here too in WV. Glad you didn't do a Dorothy & Toto impersonation!

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 8/23/2011 10:17PM

    Felt it in southwestern PA also. Shook the house. But all is ok. So glad that you are safe.

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DEE107 8/23/2011 10:15PM

    felt i all the way in New Jersey and hubby 110 miles away felt it as it moved his chair too thought it was my leg going out from under neath me

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MONAMOM 8/23/2011 9:56PM

    I felt it in Columbia SC but it was very light and I actually thought I was experiencing vertigo. My crazy dog that goes into shock during a thunderstorm was sleeping and lifted his head, saw me and back to sleep. Our pendulum clock stopped at 1:51. It WAS a weird sensation. Glad you are okay!! Hugs

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    felt it in Canton,Oh I did not,I was in our basement,but my husband was sitting in front of the computer,and said the desk,monitor shook.We are going through Virginia in a few weeks on our way to N.Carolina.Probably just in time for the hurricane.lol

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ANGELFINDER 8/23/2011 8:20PM

  I'm in PA and I missed the whole thing!! BUT I talked to several people and the hospital, 5 miles west from me shook. Talked to others 5 miles north and the phone almost fell off the table. An elderly lady friend of mine 25 miles south almost got knocked off her couch by the shaking..and another across the Monongahela River,east from me got shook up too!!
So I don't know how I missed it..am going to try and catch a couple of neighbors to see if they felt anything!! I miss all the fun!!! I don't understand how people so close, like right up the hill could shake a hospital and I not feel it??
Glad you're OK though. It must have been quite a shock!!!

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LADYPHOENIX61 8/23/2011 5:12PM

    Thank you Carole King!LOL You're a little earth mover yourself you know!!!LOL

Felt nothing but some said they felt it here in South Carolina. I'll bet Jack did know something was awry and was trying to let you know and probably would have tried to protect you if necessary.

My Jack slept right through it. That's a cat for you! You're right about quakes not happening in our part of the world. In 6th grade we were told it couldn't happen because the geology wasn't right for earthquakes. Somebody lied didn't they? I hope we don't get any serious earthquakes!

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PIXIE-LICIOUS 8/23/2011 3:41PM

    My dog was making a low growling noise for about an hour before the earthquake hit. That was so scary! Yeah, people in California are used to more severe tremors, but I'm not in California...I'm in Maryland and I was sure scared!

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LITTLE_QUEEN 8/23/2011 3:36PM

    I have been wondering about all of you when I heard that, Poor jack, they say animals can sense these things

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RUTHIEBEAR 8/23/2011 3:35PM

    I am in NJ and I felt the same thing. My whole house was shaking and rattling. I thought it was weird because no wind was causing the shaking.

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SHERYL_B 8/23/2011 3:06PM

    I am in a meeting and they were just talking about this. You don't hear about earthquakes on the east coast very often. Hope everything is ok.

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    Felt some small tremors here in west-central OH too !

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AWESOME! It Is Working!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Just a quick note to let everyone know that turning off the team stream feature has really made a huge difference in my ability to acces SP!For those of you struggling with SP running really slow, turning off the team stream may also help you!

Go to your START page, click on ACCOUNT/EMAIL, then COMMUNITY and you will see a "check box" that will allow you to turn off the team stream.

It has really helped me already! I haven't posted on too many boards since I turned it off, but that is due to classes starting today and me being so busy with getting my students acclimated to the new semester and our online course services! I hope to be posting real soon on a regular basis once again!

About my day.... Spent the day with a friend's 8 month old granddaughter and what fun we had, but I have to admit.... I am thankful I am a dog Mommy! Jack demands alot of attention, but if I ignore him he just goes and lays in the doorway where he can watch me.... He doesn't cry! Plus, he is relatively independent! She was a joy, but I am worn slap out! LOL!

Goodnight all!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    Wonderful news! I'm glad you're back with the community since we've missed you! And here's to a rousing school year. May it get off to a great start and go uphill from there.

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DEEDAYE 8/24/2011 9:11AM

    emoticonGlad to have you back in action!

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TEDDYBEAR662 8/24/2011 9:10AM

    Glad things are looking better for you! We missed you!!! (hugs)

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LESSOFMOORE 8/23/2011 7:59PM

    Melissa, I am SO HAPPY to hear that Spark is working better for you!

PS-Your 80s rock night sounded awesome! emoticon emoticon

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BEEJAY49 8/23/2011 5:00PM

    I'm so glad you got the tech problem solved. :) Love those little ones, but glad when they go home. LOL! Being a dog mommy is awesome! You get unconditional love, don't have to spend big bucks on designer clothes, they'll eat just about anything you put in front of them and you don't have to pay to send them to college. :) Glad your back in full tilt boogie! HUGS!

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RUNNINGOMA 8/23/2011 1:07PM

    So glad the problem is somewhat solved!

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LITTLEWIND53 8/23/2011 10:47AM

    I turned it off shortly after they made that change. The constant scrolling meant my eyes could never adjust and it made my so DIZZY.

One of the worst "upgrades" in my humble opinion, but then, I am only 1 out of how many? lol

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MOMMYTO5CUTIES 8/23/2011 2:50AM

    WOOHOO awesome :)

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LITTLE_QUEEN 8/22/2011 11:24PM

    That is fantastic Melissa, and I am so glad it is working so much better for you now, I went to my account and clicked off that irratating bar at the bottom

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HOWLERMOM 8/22/2011 11:23PM

    Glad to hear that your technical problems are fading - I turned off the toolbar at the bottom of the page and have seen some improvement in speed. I visited the newest grandchild yesterday with DH - fixed a casserole and took it to them after grocery shopping (on a Sunday afternoon - I must be crazy) and we left after a scant 90 minutes. Fussy time of day for the newbie!

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