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Sunday, March 20, 2011

This is nothing more then my declaration of committment. I have been seeing a personal trainer once a week for the past few months, along with my new love of ZUMBA! I am not always a perect eater (darn that after dinner snacking) I have realized that I have power beyond what I thought so I know if I can put all of this together I will reach my goals.

I will be logging everything I eat and pre planning my menus I will still see the personal trainer once a week and I will attend zumba atleast once a week as well. I will then make sure to fit in atleast 30 min activity a day (either a walk or dvd etc.) I can do this!

i am practicing the flat belly diet ... I have been drinking he sassy water and adding mufa's to meals but I need to keep my calories around 1300, and I need atleast one cup o coffee int he morning so it is not the perfect flat belly diet but I will see if it helps.

I will visit spark people daily for logging and motivation!

Thank you all and good luck!


Back in the saddle again....

Sunday, August 01, 2010

WoW! it has been quite sometime since my last post... almost five long months.. the good news is I was not completely dormant. We made our cross country move in April and things have been moving fast every since. I have been at my new job for two months and am feeling settled and ready to get into a more regular routine. I have been eating pretty well over teh past five months and I do run here and there and I walk almost every day on my lunch break. However, I got the basemet all setup this weekend with all of my weights, my mat and my trusty pilates ball.

This all came when I was feeling a bit down on myself for being so here and there for the past few months. I stepped on the scale and realized I dropped to a place I have nto been in a long time!!! I ws going back and forth from 147-150 FOREVER!! and would't you know my lunch time walks and diligent eating paid off... a small amount but it still paid off.. there on the scale staring back at me was a beatiful 144 ... so i got off and weighed myself two more times that day and once again the next day and wow!! then i was convinced that I could reach my goals and if I was abel to make it to this point with what I have been doing imagine what i could do if I kicked it into full gear!!!

My new goal is to basically utilize my work out area daily regardless it could be a 20 minute level 1 of 30 day shred or a full 45 min step video!! but I am back and determined to meet my weight goals before the dreaded holiday family photo!!! I am going to love this years photo.. which is what got me into this in the first place...

Ok.. rambling aside it time! today is my day! and i can do whatever I put my mind to!
and so can you!

new photos coming soon ...



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ok.. I have felt my energy slowing... I been working out every other day granted when I do I make sure to get in a full hour.. I been tired a bit lately but I think that is due to my poor bedtime routine.. It is hard with the movers coming in 8 days for my cross country move... I have not been working the past few months and am now job seraching.

I feel mysel sort of feeling rushed like I only have 8 days left in this routine because I wll be staying in my inlaws basement job hunting etc... but tonight I am trying to get myself to understand I am taking my Jillian DVD with me and I will go running in the neighborhood. This is part of who I am now and it goes every where with me for with out it I would be a complete stress ball.

with that said. I finally found the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown today at barnes and nobles. I will be giving it a try tomorrow along with doing level 3 of the shred.. which would be day 24 and maybe take the dog for a run if weather permits.

I just dont want to hit a plataue but I suppose that by acknowledging it, is the first step...

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782298 3/17/2010 1:48AM

    Amazing!!! You have a lot going on but you are still going strong with your healthy lifestyle. Good for you and good luck with your move, job search, ect. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Evening Snacking... & Sleep...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ok so... this is probably my biggest issue... I can eat great all day work out and feel on top of the world but when 10-11pm rolls around I am in snack mode... Now over the past few months I have began to have much healthier snack (ie: air popped corn, high fiber cereal, and thos pop chips) Ok Ok OK I know still not the best thing... then I read Jillian Micheals book : "master your metabolism" in which she says NO EATING AFTER 9:30pm... IF YOU MUST, MUST EAT -- NO CARBS!!! so... I thought well lets see if I can do that.. I have often heard many people preaching not to eat in the evening... But, Jillian actually explains why, first she explains to GET YOUR REST (something else I been working on) Because I often feel I am snacking because I am tired but up and should be sleeping (you know what I mean?)

About Sleep~

Jillian Says that research shows that slow-wave sleep (deep dreamless sleep) which should be about three to four hours a night which begins about an hour after you fall asleep this is when your body releases your greatest pulse of growth hormone (to help you heal, and look younger and prompts your body to burned stored fat) she says just two nights of bad sleep can throw your hormones completely off!! so you need atleast seven hours of good sleep a night to hit this point!

About Eating Late ~

so.. with the sleeping explained she also explains ghrelin (the hunger hormone) neesd to be high for you to actually slip into thost needed stages of sleep.. which means you need to remotely hungry... meaning you should not eat food at night because you will be busy digesting it this growth hormone will only realease when you ar ein a semin fasting state while in these stages of sleep hence the work (break-fast) the meal you eat to break your semi fast. so ... if you eat late your insulin will spike and this will interfere with the release of the growth hormone. This hormone is one of the most important release for your body for the entire day but can only happen perfectly under the terms. no eating go to bed sort of hungry and sleep well. . .

so i just wanted to share...

I let myself have a bowl of cereal last night because I swear I was starved but I really should have been alseep by then and i woke up all night long.. never had good rest... so tonight (I ate good today, I worked out for an hour) I will be turning in around 10-11pm to SLEEP and no eating after 9:30 and see how I sleep tonight... I will post back tomorrow!!!

also woohoo!! did day 23 of the 30 day shred I am on day 3 of the level 3!!

Take care Happy Sparking!

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MECIES 3/15/2010 9:30PM

  Thanks for the info. it makes sense, keep up the good work!! emoticon

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Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (HELLO LEVEL 3) OMG!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ok so... I was down for four days no working out fighting the flu... and I WON! I decided to get back on track today by doing level 1 and 2 then 3... 1 and 2 were super easy for me (unlike when I began them) but level 3 while not incredibly hard... definitley more upbeat and intense and it seriously challenged my muscles. However, I can see how effective these moves can be. So I plan to keep doing level 3 daily every other day (unless I am feeling super energized) add other levels of the shred or another dvd by Jillian every other day. I try to do it so its 20 min shred one day and atleast and hour the next (shred + 40 min workout)

I am doing good with my eating althought my results are not over night I can see my stomach improving far beyond any other thing i have tried my butt and my side and just myoverall fitness level. I feel tight and comfortable in my clothes...

I will post new photos on day 30 of the Shre so we can compare to first day, day 10 and day 20.

Happy Sparking!

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    wanting to try this workout. good job!

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MARIGOLDWISH 3/10/2010 10:01PM

    Congratulations on shredding levels 1 and 2. Enjoy the view from Level 3!!!


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