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Friday, March 16, 2012

Again I have been away. Whether on purpose, or memory loss I can't tell you. But I did not remember that I had even written a blog. I read my posts and so you know I am in an assisted living facility. Not anything I would have ever anticipated. We came in Jan. of '10 so it has become more livable. I miss all the things that could not be brought with us but, It is a nice place. Just WAY too expensive. Because the VA gave us "aid and assistance" we could swing it. Unhappily I lost my husband of 64 years. He passed away on his 91st. birthday. Now I am trying to get used to being alone. Lots of others around but not many I would call my friend, I am a greeter here (probably because I love to talk and meet people) I was given no instructions so have been "winging it" and I guess they are happy with it as I still have that job.My memory problem started in '06. Nothing can be found to understand why these lapses happen. I do quite well with the people's names so that is good.
The daughter that is living in our house (rented hers out) is so great to shop for me or take me out with Frank's power chair (his can lock down in the van). I do go shopping and to the doctor using the shuttle bus here. That is a VERY bumpy ride.
I thank the Lord that I can still get around even if it is in a chair. I could be stuck in a bed all day and have tubes hooked up to keep me alive. Post polio can continue to worsen but I am going by faith that I will still be able to care for myself. It is not easy getting dressed in a chair or (pardon my frankness) or using the bathroom. I have fallen 3 times and there is no way I can get up. We do have 3 pull cords to summon for help, but you have to be able to crawl to them. Some have a button to push for help but it cost $40. a month so we could not use that. I did have help eventually and there was no damage except bruises.
Trying to lose weight is so hard. I am ordering 1/2 servings of meals and no desserts, that is hard for a Swede! They make the best pecan pie, my favorite. I am doing some stretch exercises as I use the Internet and in bed. Not much else,but I do get sunshine and fresh air when I go out with the dog. More than I ever had at home. The dog is loved by everyone (well, as far as I know) they want to pet him and he endures it. He was adopted and we don't know his background except it is evident he was abused. He was afraid of my husband for 3 months, then they were together all the time. He is afraid of anything that looks like a stick so must have been hit by his owner. He thinks he is the only dog that should be allowed around here and will try to attack no matter what the size. He never learned to play with a toy, no matter how I try he just ignores them.He plays with his pal from the adoption place (my daughter went back and took the other dog that was up for adoption) they have a ball running around the room. I wonder if the lady who lives underneath me can hear them! Well, it is way past my bedtime so will quit, those that remember me from before, I hope they will see I did not purposely ignore them. Hope I didn't bore you to death. I will tell you next blog, what the kids have offered me if I lose a certain amount of weight. Hugs to all. Betty email is inglimab@gmail,com


I'm baaaaack!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hi everyone! Long time since I have been doing anything here. Shame on me!! Last I remember I was telling all that we were moving into an assistance living apt. Oh what a big move that was. Here we are now in our one room apt. Size is approz. 14 ft. by 30. The children did a good job of placing the furniture so it does not feel crowded. I am waiting for my camera to be fixed so I can take pictures. No, it is not the best of living due to no car (they wouldn't let me drive anyway), not being able to have kids over night etc. Lots of people who have different disabilities, some not too friendly. Staff is great though. Not crazy to have to depend on daughter to transport me to appointments. There is a shuttle bus but it is noisy and bumpy. One must ask for use, a long time before you need to go. But it is a blessing so I don't have to bother daughter all the time. Food is fair, not exactly food that is good for losing. They offer dessert every night, it is hard to resist many nights. They h have nurses on hand 24/7. We don't need it but they also give people their pills at meal time. Thankfully we can take care of our own. Looking at my Spark page I was sorry I had not been faithful in staying here and keeping up on all my friends here. I am not sure I have mentioned it to anyone here, but a bladder infection wiped out my memory Sept. 09 thru Jan. -10. A very frustrating thing to go through. It was so great to see friends from some time back, I hope some of you will see this and know that you will eventually hear from me. Love and hugs to all, Javagal (Betty)


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm afraid I don't like change, it confuses me. I hope I will be able to understand the change.

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EARTHENHUES 3/16/2009 3:20PM


Change is always a little scary - when we don't know what's coming at us, especially.

Life's been a little nuts for me, so I've come to accept that change will always occur. I think in knowing that, when the change arrives - it's a little easier to weather through.

Sometimes, just to 'voice' our fear helps a great deal. SparkPeople, I'm discovering, is a great place to do just that!

If you need a shoulder, dear... just let me know.

earthenhues emoticon

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SMOLINA77 2/24/2008 12:08AM

    I don't like change either. Unfortunately it's something we all have to accept, otherwise you end up overwhelmed. I'm sure we'll all understand the necessity of change someday... :)

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

What Spark had for us today reminded me of the saying: "Life is like an echo, what you send out comes back to you." We need to keep encouraging each other, it helps so much to know someonelse is thinking and rooting for you.


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