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Whole 30 End Week 4

Saturday, June 01, 2013

6/1/13 125.4 lbs

BODY - Wow, what an amazing transformation this has been! My skin looks clearer, younger even. I've received many compliments that I look healthy, slim and younger. I dropped a pant size, feel great in all my clothes and have not lost any strength at the gym. I'm also running faster.

FOOD - The most difficult times are when I'm too tired to cook and in a jam and can't get home to prepare my own meal. Ordering out is very challenging but completely doable if you're not afraid to ask for a substitution here and there. Burger no bun and instead of fries on the side can I get a side salad? I'd like the salmon but instead of rice could I get extra vegetables? Everywhere I've been has been more than happy to give me what I asked for.

MOOD - Heck, I lost a pant size and finally dropped the stubborn last 10 lbs that I've been dragging around for the past 6 years. I FEEL GREAT! I had been sleeping better until the heat hit but I'll acclimate soon enough. I still get tired on days I over extend myself and if I do allow myself a treat (like the piece of GFCFSF cake I had for my daughter's birthday last weekend) I get sluggish, bloated, constipated and have to fight sugar and alcohol cravings for a couple days. It took me a week to cycle off that slice of cake so I will be very wary in the future of non Paleo foods.

OPINION - I'm living it! It's not the easiest most convenient plan I've ever followed but it's certainly not the hardest or most restrictive. I don't have to slam my head against a wall at the gym working out for 2 hours a day 6 days a week so that's nice. I will admit, having food intolerance's makes saying no much easier these days but feeling this clean and this great makes saying no even easier. I'm feeling so fantastic that as of today I must say...I am going to live an active Paleo Lifestyle for as long as I shall live.

You should try it!!

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RYDERB 7/24/2013 4:36PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
I love your Whole30 wrap-up. Congratulations on feeling and looking better, and your weight loss success. I agree, sometimes it would be nice to be able to make a shake when time is short, but it's worth the effort to really take care of yourself and feed your body well.
emoticon emoticon

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Whole 30 End Week 3

Friday, May 24, 2013

BODY - I've slimmed down a good amount over the last 2 weeks. Of course my chest was the first to go as it always is when I loose weight. I'm happy to report that I also lost a great deal in my waist and have started to finally loose some weight off my hips. I'm hopeful my saddlebags are next to start shrinking. I'm easily slipping into old pairs of capris that I either couldn't fit into or were quite tight when I went on my annual vacation to Disney this past January 2013.

FOOD - I've only had one intense round of cravings for a bag of sweet potato chips I opened up for my daughter. Salty crunchy is my weakness and technically I can have sweet potatoes on this meal plan so my brain went wacko but I was able to control myself and not eat any. There have been a couple days where I've needed a small handful of nuts between lunch and dinner but part of that was waiting too long between meals or from not having enough to eat at lunch.

MOOD - I'm happy! I had a couple days this week where I was more tired than normal but the pollen count has been high and the weather turned hot and humid fast so I had some trouble sleeping. I'm in a fabulous mood today because I was able to buy 6 new shirts, 2 skirts and a pair of capris and everything I brought into the dressing room fit and looked great. It's been years since I've had a good experience in the dressing room.

OPINION - As of today I can't imagine eating another bite of dairy, legumes or grains. I know that after the end of the Whole 30 that I will occasionally indulge in a piece of GF cake or some coconut milk ice cream or I will have a GF sandwich or a few slices of GF pizza but I feel SO GREAT that those treats will truly be just that, occasional treats. I'm over 40 and have been struggling with these last 10-15 lbs of weight gain for the past 6 years and for the first time I'm loosing weight without counting, measuring, starving or killing myself in the gym. I have energy, I'm happy and I fit into my clothes. I feel that I will eat this way forever.

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CHAZMO227 5/30/2013 6:31PM

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Whole 30 - Day 7

Sunday, May 12, 2013


BODY - I'm not allowed to weigh in until the end of the 30 days so I don't know if there's been any scale loss yet. But I am feeling slimmer in the fact that my pants are sliding on a little easier so that is nice.

MOOD - The first 3 days we're brutal. I was sapped of energy and so very tired. I was really dragging but on the 4th day I woke up feeling more energy and on day 5 I felt amazing. My energy levels have been on high these last couple of days. I'm getting up in the morning before the alarm and I feel well rested when I wake. I have energy all throughout the day without needing a cup of caffeine and I feel good, happy even.

FOOD - I'm hungry an hour before my meals and recognize the feeling of fullness while I'm eating my meals. I now stop eating when I'm supposed to and never feel stuffed after I've eaten.

OPINION- I can't imagine that I'm going to loose 12 lbs in 30 days like my friend lost but I'd be happy with shedding just 5 lbs by the end of the month which I think is realistic. Seriously, even if I don't loose a single lb of weight eating this way I have to admit that I sure do feel really good eating like this. I even think I might start running in the mornings tomorrow.

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CHAZMO227 5/20/2013 11:56PM

    Jannie - wow! I'm proud of you for making the 30 day commitment to see this through. I'll be watching your blogs and progress. emoticon

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The Whole 30

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

So I'm trying the paleo diet again.

I just finished reading a book called "It starts with food". It was written by a friend of a friend and has a plan called the Whole 30. It's sort of a 30 day "cleanse" so to speak where you remove grains, beans and dairy from the diet because they are believed to be the cause of inflammation and are possibly the root of disease.

I know, I know...I tried to do the paleo thing at the beginning of the year but...I was still juicing and blending, something this books says not to do because of insulin spikes, and then I of course dove right into making muffins, waffles and pancakes from "approved" paleo ingredients that are supposed to only be eaten as treats and especially NOT during the first 30 days of the plan. So I'm back to eating only meat/fruit/veggies/healthy nuts and oils again.

Today is day 3 and I'm pretty tired. But the book says that energy levels will be low while the body retrains itself from being a sugar burner to a fat burner. My girlfriend confirmed that her and her husband felt pretty crappy the entire first week. My friends that did the program now feel fabulous. She lost 12 lbs and her husband lost 20 lbs just in 30 days. So I figured...why not give it a try? I sure could stand to loose 10 lbs if this works and I sure would love to get my energy back and start sleeping better at night.

This plan is meant to be a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. This plan is also not an all or nothing for the rest of my life plan. Being Paleo doesn't mean I can never eat a piece of cake or a bowl of ice cream again or that I can never have another alcoholic drink ever again. Those things just need to be kept in moderation or for special occasions. Treats. But since I am already lactose and gluten intolerant I'm not really going to be missing all that much anyway.

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RYDERB 7/24/2013 4:49PM

    I love going back and reading a day one blog, knowing how the journey ends. Congratulations on doing something that so many people think is just too hard to even try. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Summer Goals 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Well, I've been working out fairly regularly and trying to follow the spark nutrition tracker as often as possible. The scale is moving very slowly down and I haven't been on the scale in a couple weeks.

It's been cold and rainy this spring, some days it feels like the warmer weather is never going to come then we get one nice warm spring day only to be slammed back down into the 40's. We had hoped to have stopped using the wood stove by now but alas no deal.

Today I got to the gym for the first time since last Wednesday. I ran on the treadmill and for the first time in a long time ran a whole mile without stopping. I ran it in 12:30 min. I was pretty psyched. So I decided to help motivate me in my pursuit of healthy & fitness that I work towards passing the Army PT test as if I was still enlisted. I did notice that the weight standard has been raised since I was enlisted because I remember being age 30 at 5 feet and having to be 126 lbs max and now the max for that age & height is 135 lbs

Female age 42-46

12 push ups to pass (2 min) or 37 pushups to score max 100
32 sit ups to pass (2 min) or 72 sit ups to max
2 mile run 23:43 pass or 17:00 to max
max weight for 5' tall is 133 lbs

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BUBBLE-HEAD 4/23/2013 5:31PM

    I think your summer goals are awesome and very do able!

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CLIMBERS_ROCK 4/23/2013 3:45PM

    You probably gained slowly so loosing slowly is the best option. You should take as long to loose it as it took you to gain it.

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