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Back to tough times

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Last week I went to my book club summer party. I was wearing new slimmer clothes. Feeling great. This was at the house of the woman who pointed out to me that I had gained weight when I was at the top of my weight. (cause you know I hadn't noticed.) She is always beautiful.
Well looked at a picture taken after the party and it looked like I hadn't lost a pound in stead of 26. I felt devastated. My week since has been rough. And I daren't tell my weight loss buddy. She's doing so well, I feel embarrassed.
And next week I go to the doctor for my check up. With only about 5 pounds lost from the last time.
I also think I am sad because I haven't been able to go to aquafit. I will go tomorrow.
Oh here is my grandson coming in the door. NOW I'm not feeling so sad. I think we will go for a swim.

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JANEMITCHELL12 7/25/2012 1:18PM

    Thanks so much everyone. I am feeling much better today. Went to aquafit, always a morale booster!

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NANCYHOME247 7/25/2012 7:22AM

    Keep that head up proudly. The most important person you're losing weight for is YOU! And YOU have much better rulers to confirm your progress than a photo taken by an amateur in poor lighting, without posing, and from a random angle. Photos will ALWAYS be deceiving--some better, some worse.

Remember: a professional photo shoot involves hundreds of photos, from which they pick one or two--and then digitally PhotoShop them, to boot!

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1CRAZYDOG 7/24/2012 8:35PM

    I have to agree that you're probably your harshest critic! I have to say, if you felt better in slimmer clothes, and you KNOW you've been losing weight, I'd just go with that.
**I** am proud of your accomplishment. I know how much work goes into losing each and every pound!

Hang in there.

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CINEMAVEN 7/24/2012 4:05PM

To YOU it doesn't look like you lost a pound!
You do realize that you're your ONLY critic, right? Those of us who know and love you are celebrating all the VERY NOTICABLE changes.
Your weight loss buddy wouldn't even be losing weight if you hadn't directed her to fitness and got her hooked on aquafit.

Forget the doctor, I'm prescribing something for you. Go to your freezer and find five pounds of meat and carry it around for a few hours and then tell me that you losing five pounds since your last appointment isn't a tremendous accomplishment! You should be as proud of yourself as your family and friends are! :)

/rant over lol

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REACHING4HOME 7/24/2012 3:36PM


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THINAGIN2 7/24/2012 3:19PM

    Cheer up! You know that you lost weight if you were wearing smaller clothes! Happy swimming!

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Bad day turns good

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Was trying to keep in my calorie range, but I just got too hungry and ate in the evening. Not badly, cheese, rice cakes. But enough that my sugar is up in the morning. I got so depressed about it. I went out in the garden and weeded for an hour instead of eating more. (We finally had rain)Then I changed my exercise goals to what I actually do in a day. My recommended calories went up in my food tracker! So now I'm going to eat more throughout the day so I don't get starved at night. This should help my morning sugar.
Oh, and on the good side, I've lost another pound and I'm almost at 10,000 Sparkpoints! Extra exercise racks up those points! Can't believe how excited I get over a picture of a trophy. emoticon

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CINEMAVEN 7/14/2012 9:10AM

  :) way to go!

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One day your inner voice will become your child's inner voice.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Just saw a picture on facebook that said "Be careful how you speak to your children, one day it will become their inner voice." But I have learned something much more important. Be careful of your own inner voice, one day it will become your children's.
For many years I did not think well of myself. My inner voice said, "You aren't good enough, too fat, no one likes you, bad mother, etc, etc." All untrue, as you can tell from my bio.
Even though I have said positive things to my daughters over the years, unlike my mother who didn't (cultural reasons, so you won't get a big head!) very often with me, I hear them saying, "I'm not smart, I'm not talented, noone likes me, I'm fat."
Gee, where could they have gotten the idea that that's what your inner voice says?
Thank goodness I have moved on and am now confident and know I'm talented and people like me. (Honestly, I think some of this is society being down on women)
Who knew that lacking confidence and being down on myself would rub off on my girls!

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JANEMITCHELL12 7/8/2012 7:35AM

    Yes, it's true they are working hard at overcoming those inner voices. And should be better at it younger than I ever was! My younger daughter just got 93% on her calculus exam!

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CINEMAVEN 7/7/2012 5:28PM

  Your daughters are so smart and talented...they take after their mom so I know they're strong enough to get past those inner voices :)

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MIWOLFF 7/7/2012 10:39AM

    I can totally relate...I have two daughters myself and I see all my insecurities in them even though I have always tried to build and support their self-esteem. Now that they are I their twenties I find myself telling them not to wait until there 50's to be comfortable in their own skin. I tell them and myself you are the master of your own destiny.

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RADFEN 7/7/2012 10:00AM

    Important to remember!

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Exercising with Everyday Tasks

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

You don't have to go to the gym or run to get exercise as I just found out. Over our long weekend (July 1st for Canada), we've been cleaning out the basement. The exercise tracker lists "moving boxes" and boy is it a lot of calories. We had bags for the garbage and a car full of heavy boxes for the thrift store. Not to mention the stuff moved to another part of the basement. I got to over 600 calories spent at exercise!
I'm also spending calories gardening and even the "super clean for company" counts.
I also counted walking around the mall at a brisk pace not finding shorts and walking back to the car at the farmers' market with heavy bags (Talk about strength training!)
The Spark guidelines say to not include regular errands or light housework, so I don't. But anything out of the ordinary, it goes into my count because, let's face it, it's been a long time since I cleaned the basement!

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TRACI175 7/4/2012 8:57AM

    I make sweeping and mopping the floors as athletic as possible to help burn calories. I do the same thing when I scrub the shower :) I also took over mowing the yard because a half hour of that is like 300 calories burned! Every little thing counts. Keep up the good work!

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How Did I End up Exercising So Much!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

30 to 90 minutes a day. How did I end up exercising so much? It's an amazing change. 3 years ago, the lounger was my friend and my obesity was out of control. I was either sitting in meetings or sitting at home.
Then at a conference, I went to a seminar about our busy lives. One of the exercises was to list what I liked to do. To my surprise, I listed that I liked to walk my dog. So why didn't I?

I started out with 15 minutes around the block first thing in the morning. My dog was thrilled. But I started to make excuses for getting out of that lounger first thing in the morning. Had to have my tea, had to read the paper. The dog would have none of it. His little face appeared at the end of my lounger and he wouldn't take "No" for an answer.
We slowly worked up to half an hour each morning. I got to know the other dog walkers and various ladies who walked briskly. Some of them were fatter than I was but out they went each day. My fears of being noticed melted away.
In fact, a year later when we were putting a needed road through in my neighbourhood, one of the people against it, called it "My big fat road project" and another called out from the audience that I should walk. A pro delegation got up and said that I did walk, she'd seen me! The other councillors were disgusted. Needless to say, the road went through.
Recently, a new YMCA opened near me. I have begun to go to Aquafit. 45 minutes exercising in the pool. Most of the people in my class are fat or retired or have arthritis. The buoyancy of the water is kind to joints. I go three times a week.
Instead of wearing me out, my exercise has led to me doing more gardening, and a bit of hiking.
Who knew a few years ago that I would lose 25 pounds and be exercising so much!

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DRAGONCHILDE 6/24/2012 12:40PM

    I know! It's amazing to go from completely sedentary to a real, active exerciser! GReat work!

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DOCHAS79 6/24/2012 12:19PM

    Give your dog a big hug. Way to go! Hang in there.

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RADFEN 6/24/2012 10:15AM

    Isn't it surprising to realize that you are "one of those people?" emoticon

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