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Friday, November 27, 2009

I finally got around to taking my measurements and doing the crunch test, push-up test, and 3-minute step test to establish my baseline. Th step test was brutal. You're supposed to use a 12-inch step (closest I had was my fireplace hearth) and set a metronome to 96 beats per minute. The you do "up-up-down-down" to the beat of the metronome. Then you're supposed to measure your heart rate after doing that for three minutes. I died about halfway through. I think I failed the test. The premise is that you should at least be able to do the damned thing for three minutes! I did my best, had to pause for a few beats partway through, then just struggled to keep up with the beat the rest of the way. According to my results (heart rate was 142, I did very poorly. You don't say! Here's hoping doing cardio every day will improve next month's results!

I haven't been doing great on eating the past couple of days with the holiday and traveling. I'm still not really focusing on trying to stay within my calorie range or anything right now. Just trying to get in the habit of logging my food, which I did. I'm going to wait until I have a few more weeks of daily exercise under my belt before starting to worry about the nutrition, since I don't want to kill myself by changing too many things at once. I figure if I ease into this whole lifestyle change it won't be as jarring and I won't be as likely to just say "screw it" and give up altogether. Still, logging my food is making me aware of how bad some of my favorite things are, so when I do start trying to stay in my calorie range, I'll know what to look out for.

I didn't get to do my cardio yesterday since we were in the car most of the day then doing thanksgiving things at my fiance's grandparents'. I did manage to do my lower-body strength training in the guest room before bed. Well, I'm off to do my treadmill. I may not post over the weekend, so see you Monday!

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AMYLT82 11/27/2009 7:30PM

    I did the exercises, but according to SPARKS, I still didn't eat as much as I really should eat in a day. That is hard to believe. I feel like I am stuffed just like a Thanksgiving turkey. I haven't figured out why with the cranberry salad, and waldorf salad, and the like according to SPARKS I didn't have hardly any fiber yesterday. I would have thought pumpkin, like in Pie would have some fiber and stuffing with whole wheat breads would have fiber, but I guess I was wrong. The thing I think I did that was the biggest mistake, while I don't drink any alchol, ever, I didn't consider the tea that we had having caffeine in it, it hardly ever does, since I like to never went to sleep last night, I think it must have yesterday, Today I have had a headache and feel like I would imagine a hangover feeling. After I recooperate, I think it will be, once of the nicest Thanksgivings ever. My sister is sick. She has cirrhosis, and while she is still in denial, I have accepted the fact that she won't be here forever. It may not be our last Thanksgiving together, but it will be one of the last. I am just Thankful for all the time we have. Your Friend, Amy emoticon

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MERIMARY 11/27/2009 7:10PM

    Today is a new day

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Feeling good!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am in a fantastic mood today, despite being sore in multiple areas from my cardio and strength training. The fronts of my thighs are still sore from Monday's biking and I am set to do biking again today, so that should be fun. The muscles on the sides of my back are sore from the crazy backwards crunches I had to do last night. But for some reason it all actually makes me feel good! It makes me constantly aware that I am *doing* something, so it's sort of a welcome soreness.

In other news, I ordered Wii Fit and EA Active yesterday from Amazon. They should be arriving early next week and I'm anxious to try them out. I'm hoping that having a big variety of cardio/strength exercises will keep me from getting too bored and from using soreness as an excuse. If my thighs are sore from the bike I can's say "ugh, I am just too sore to do my cardio today", since I also have the treadmill and the Wii to work different muscles.

So I'm feeling good physically, I'm excited about my Wii games, and my boss just said we can leave at 3:00 today! I have a lot to be thankful for tomorrow!


Getting Started

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So today is day three of my new plan to get healthy. Sunday was my first work-out day and of course, I got on our exercise bike only to discover that the batteries in the display had died and we didn't have replacements. My fiance was already using the treadmill (he does it every day... a fact I am envious of), so I decided to check out the Exercise On Demand channel on cable.

I found a cardio workout to try, but I only managed to do the first 15 minutes of it. It was a bit too intense for me, considering I weigh about three times as much as the girl hosting it and I haven't exercised in a looong time. But I was confident I'd at least gotten my heart rate up and I was proud of me for not just giving up when I discovered the bike batteries were dead.

Yesterday I bought some batteries and rode the bike at about 12 mph for 40 minutes. My goal is to burn about 200 calories a day from cardio and the bike told me I'd burned 208 when I was done, so I was right on track.

Today I did the treadmill on my lunch break. I did 40 minutes at 3 mph, which put me a little under my 200 goal, but I plan to do the three minute step test for my weigh-in page today, along with the crunches and push-ups tests, so I think that should get me close enough.

I'm also trying to get in a tiny bit of strength training in every day. Yesterday I did two sets of 12-15 reps of three different lower body exercises. Today I am scheduled to do a few core strengthening exercises. Then tomorros it will be upper body. So I am not doing anything very intense and I'm giving the different areas a couple days to recover in between.

Once I'm confident that I've got the exercise part down, I will start working on slowly scaling back my fat and calories and try to introduce more fruits and vegetables into my diet. I thought it might be a bit traumatic if I went full bore on the exercise and the diet at the same time and I'd be more likely to give up.

I've gone ahead and started tracking my food in my Nutrition Log just to get in the habit, but I won't really be worrying so much about the totals for a few more weeks.

I'm excited about doing the step test, push-up test, and crunches test and taking my measurements tonight to establish a base-line. Let's hope that by this time next month (omg, that's Christmas) I'll be showing some improvements.


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