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Painfully optimistic

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

SparkCoach said to blog on how you are feeling in five words or less. I did it on two. Now you may be wondering, hmm, Interesting choice. I'm optimistic about the possibility of possibilities. So many choices. Will I make the right one? That's for me to find out and learn from.
The painful comes from the gum graft procedure I had done last week. This is the second side, so I knew what to expect this go round. So my food choices were limited to soft cooked foods that I could eat on the non-surgical side. I tried to make smart nutritious choices. It's a daily challenge! Now to be more consistent with exercise. :)


One thing...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

SparkCoach asked for one thing that I'd like to accomplish this week and that is eating more fruits and veggies! For some it's easy, for me I tend to forget and then the day is over. I plan to eat 2fruits and 1 veggie each day this week minimum!


Big clothes

Sunday, April 13, 2014

What would I do with my too big clothes? Donate or keep as a reminder? Hmm...I think I would donate to a charitable organization for those that really need clothes in all shapes and sizes. It's part
Of my reuse philosophy like I do with my girls' old baby clothes...if someone else can use them, it makes me happy. The clothes may be gone, but that size will never be forgotten ;)

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JTREMBATH 4/14/2014 2:53PM


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MARAGRAM 4/13/2014 6:23PM

    I have one outfit from my 300 lb self, but when I get down to the next size (16 now) I am giving them to a charity. I do not want to fit bigger clothes anymore.

When I first lost weight I was in my early thirties with young kids and I took some clothes to a resale place and used the money to buy new clothes for my new size body. We had no extra money at that time, so it was good.

Now I can donate them freely! Put some bras on freecycle, and the lady that got them was so happy.

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all or nothing attitude

Thursday, March 20, 2014

On spark coach today it was on all or nothing attitudes. I thought that I had gotten over this and was coasting along. NOPE. Yesterday, I bought two Swanson's Hungry man dinners as they were on sale, really cheap. Now I love to have one of these as a treat, so I did for lunch. I then had a girl guide cookie, then another. You get the picture. At that moment, all health concerns were out the window. What stopped me from going further was two things: my inner voice saying stop, you don't need this and second, my tummy getting upset from all the fat and grease. I am slowly learning that it is one step back and two forward. Its just being healthy the rest of the day instead of blowing it entirely.

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JANE1216 3/20/2014 9:06PM


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IDICEM 3/20/2014 11:38AM

  It's all about the big picture. Do what works for you and don't sweat the small stuff as long as you don't let the small stuff become big stuff.

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    i eat hungry man dinners all the time .. the ones under 500 calories and lower in fat .. that is my whole supper so i don't see why you felt guilty about it .. the lower calorie ones are nice for portion control and calorie count for me, which is nice for me as i am not good as measuring and stuff and pre-portion control is good for me (thinking doing Jenny or something similar) .. anyway, getting off point here, yes, just do what you said and remember 2 steps forward, one step back .. (this blog caught my eye because i am still learning that myself and that perfection can't be achieved and i have to learn this lesson myself ..)

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CCNP07 3/20/2014 11:30AM


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Passing temptations

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Just signed back up for SparkCoach for added/extra support. The topic was to blog on passed temptations. I did yesterday when I went to Safeway. I love Cadbury Dairy milk giant bars in the new Chips Ahoy cookie dough flavour. I usually will buy one if they are on sale for $2. They were on for 3 for $5 or $1.34 each! I said good deal and kept walking to the produce dept. woohoo for me! Now today I have a upset tummy so that's good too as I don't want anything!


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