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The Brooksie Way Half Marathon

Monday, October 04, 2010

On Sunday, October 3, 2010, I ran my first half marathon, the Brooksie Way. I ran it in 2:25:57 and placed 1842 overall. Although my time is solidly middle of the pack and nothing spectacular, my road to getting to this point has been slow, steady, and rewarding. I followed a 12-week training plan, but this race has been the culmination of three years of getting off the couch and getting into shape. My race numbers may not get me to the Olympics, but they show that running (or any activity) and a healthy lifestyle improve quality of life. Racing against yourself is a reward of its own. Over the years, I have watched my time in races decrease and my mileage increase. For the non-Olympic among us, the numbers that really count are medical numbers. Since dropping from the obese BMI range to an healthy weight, eating healthy, and running and weight training regularly, my medical numbers have gone from borderline diabetes to extremely healthy. For example, my resting heart rate dropped so much that my doctor had asked outright if I was a runner.

Itís intimidating to join a race with top athletes, but a funny thing happens during the race. The majority of the participants are middle and back of the pack runners/walker and they are incredibly supportive of each other. Not to mention that some of the top athletes cheer for the rest of us at the finish line. Competition is fun and challenging yourself to your limits is rewarding, but the comaraderie and support are the best part of any race. This is what the Brooksie Way is about--getting active and supporting your family, friends, neighbors, and complete strangers. The race proceeds go to mini grants that support active lifestyle for all ages and abilities. In years past grants have been awarded to children with learning impairments, senior centers, non-profit groups constructing community trails, etc. For a list of recipients, visit http://www.thebrooksieway.com/minigrants/r

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AUGUST700212 10/12/2010 12:15PM

    Great job little sis. I do not even think I can run around the block emoticon. You missed a good time at paintball last Sunday. I did not do so well but I had fun.

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JALEXA2 10/11/2010 9:12AM

    Thanks, GREEKGAL1!

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GREEKGAL1 10/4/2010 8:49AM

  Congratulations on your first half marathon. It sounds like you have made great strides. Keep up the great work.

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How has weight loss changed my life

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

...a response to the daily prompt.

Wow! Where do I start?

Before weight loss, I would get out of breath easily, I couldn't see my feet to tie my shoes so I resorted to wearing slip-ons, I couldn't keep up with my son, and I was depressed. I was stuck in an endless cycle of thinking I couldn't change, wanting to change, then givig up and burying my emotions and helplessness in food.

After I took control of my life with diet and exercise, I managed to lose 73 lbs. I can't imagine my life as it was. My outlook on life has completely changed. I can now keep up with my five year old son. We run and play together regularly instead of planting ourselves on the couch and watching TV. I take pride in my clothing and being able to wear styles that have shape instead of boxy tops and baggy pants. I am proudof what I am able to accomplish with hard work and dedication. Instead of daydreaming about doing things, I actually do them, such as hiking and running.

My son likes to mimic me and tries to work out to his young abilities. My husband has stepped up his workout routine. He has always worked out regularly and now we have a healthy competition on who can out sit-up the other. We share new weight lifting and cardio techniques and encourage each other.

Additionally, my self-confidence has soared. If I can lose 73 lbs and run several 5Ks, then I can tackle that challenging task at work or solve problems that arise at home.

Also, I have changed my relationship with others. I used to hide behind my weight. I wouldn't talk to friends or start up conversations with strangers. I used to keep "friends" at arms lenth so they were more acquaintances. Now, I have the self-confidence and courage to actually start the conversation or sustain conversations started by others. My relationship with my friends has improved and I've made new friends along the way.

Finally, I am happy to help anyone who has asked me about my weight loss and new habits. At first it was embarassing to have co-workers tell my I've inspired them. Now, I love taking the opportunity to help.

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BARBARA_BOO 7/21/2009 3:25PM

    It's really nice to see how happy you are becoming with yourself and what you have accomplished. You made a great decision when you decided to take charge and make some changes, and you are following through, doing the kinds of things that you like to do. Very inspiring!

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SPARKLOVE 5/27/2009 9:52AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Run Wild for Detroit Zoo

Monday, September 08, 2008

I did it! I ran my first ever 5K. It was raining and cold, but I did it anyway. It was great to hear my husband and son yelling "run, Momma, Run" as I neared the finish line.

I have to admit that I never would have imagined running a 5K, but this past year has taught me that anything is possible. Next year, I'll aim for a 10K.

BTW...I'm the one in blue in the background. DH was having camera difficulties and this was the best shot he could get. It had to be hard to balance a 5 year old, an umbrella, and a camera.

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JULKEL 9/17/2008 1:15PM

    congrats on your 1st 5k..i have signed up for my 1st 5k and will run in October! Your weight loss is a source of inspiration!

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RENEY28 9/11/2008 11:03PM

  Congrats on your great run. I too cannot wait to run my first big race.

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KAY-SUPREME 9/8/2008 1:10PM

    How was the turn out for the event? I read about it (being a Michigander myself) and hoped that there'd be a good crowd. Congrats on your accomplishment!!

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5K This Sunday

Friday, September 05, 2008

Well, it's just about here...my first 5K. I'm excited and nervous. I keep reminding myself that the most important thing is to complete it, not my time. This is a competition against myself. As I continue with my healthy habits, my time should be better each time I race.


My first 5K

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Well, I did it. I signed up for my first 5K. As a matter of fact, I also signed up for a second one for the following month.

I cannot believe that in the course of a year, I've gone from huffing and puffing to keep up with my son to signing up for a 5K. As my son sees me running and comments on it, I am encouraged to keep up with my program. He sees the positive habits that I hope he will take into adulthood. Being able to keep up with him reminds me of how important my health is. I want to see him grow up and I want to take an active part in his development!


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