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Good-bye Scale

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So this past weekend, after I got on the scale and had gained 2 lbs, I decided I needed to stop getting on the scale. It is part of the problem. I was so disappointed since I felt skinnier. The scale totally defalted my balloon. That sucked.

I realized that everytime I got on that scale I listen to it instead of my body. If it says I gained weight I got upset and ate less. If is stayed the same I needed to figure out why and if I lost I must be going something right, but what? I never can figure it out.

So I am finished with the scale. I will let my clothes tell me if I am gaining or losing weight and my body tell me how much too eat. I am sure it is going to be a uphill battle, but I am tired of the scale making desicions for me. It is time to make decisions for myself.


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MBTVALLI 10/24/2007 8:17PM

    That's right, get free of that silly scale. Trust yourself and your body and God. I enjoy reading your blog entries. They are so REAL and encouraging to me. Worry and anxiety play a bigger role in my life than I ever imagined. Being aware of what goes in my mouth and how active I am has made me much more AWARE of my anxious, mistrustful thoughts about my healthy choices. I don't need to worry, but trust and look forward to living a healthy, balanced life in the long run. My tendancy is to get anxious if I eat something rich that I haven't had in a while. In reality my portions are reasonable. And even if I eat more than usual, I can trust that my week overall will be balanced. This REALLY keeps me from discouragement, more anxiety and looking to food for comfort. Keep up the good work and remember to TRUST.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Well, I am learning that life is a bunch of combinations. I listen to what someone has to tell me, try it on for size and then make decisions. It might not fit and so I take it off, it might seem to big or small so I alter it to fit me or it just fit perfect, though I rarely find it does.

So it goes with my lifestyle. I have altered a bit what I am doing since my last blog. I am still not worrying so much about fat, but lately I have gained a few pounds. I was eating a lot at night, which I told myself I wouldn't do, but low and behold I had made it a habit by conitnually doing it.

Last Wednesday I stepped on the scale and had gained another 1/2 pound. That was a 1/2 pound gain for the third consecutive (sp?) week. That sucks. I decided something has to be done.

I am now eating on a time schedule. I know it may sound too constrictive for some, but for me it is perfect. I know I am eating enough because I started tracking my calories again, but now I am telling my body when to eat. I have been doing this for a week and I am finding that my body if falling into line.

I know that I just have to make a habit of it. As always I will be strict in the beginning to be sure that my body gets used to it and I will ease off a bit once it has, but I have decided for 3 weeks straight I must be strick. That is how long they say it takes for us to form new habits.

I already lost a 1/2 pound and know that I can do this. I am trying to eat at the high end of my fat range because otherwise my body goes nuts and by the end of the week I just want to gorge on fat which, of course, is no good.

So as my entry title states I am combining all I have learned into something that will work for me. If anyone reads this I hope you will do the same.


A whole new way

Monday, June 25, 2007

I recently read info that tells that low-fat dieting is not as good for us as they thought. Did you know that our brains are 70% fat and we need enought fat for our brain and many cells. As it turns out it is not fat that makes you fat, It is eating too much (no big surprise there). What one wants to consider with fat is what kind it is. The unsaturated kind is the very best and of that the poly is king of the hill. We don't want to overdue our saturated fats, but stay away completely from transfat. It is so bad for us. That is what happens when man decides to mess with what God made.

Anywho, I bring this up because I recently read a book called how to survive your diet by Linda Moran. It was an awesome book that confirmed what God had already told me. This book is not about dieting, but about changing the way you think about food. For anyone struggling I suggest you read it. It had much helpful advise. The best was that you should eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied, not full just not hungry any more.

This is what God had told me about 2 years ago. I started down this path and somehow lost it, but now I am back again. I am so much happier now. I don't count calories or fat or anything. Now just because I don't do that doesn't mean I don't eat healthy. I do. I just listen to what my body is telling me and not all the chatter in my ear.

Linda says that our bodies know what they need. Some days we will eat more and some days less. I have already found that to be true. She states that once we start listening to our bodies we will naturally lose weight and level off what is right for us.

I started this on June 4th and have lost 4 lbs so far. I have eggs with the yoke and 2% milk, and full fat cheese. I am not gaining weight because of it.

If anything my biggest struggle is listening to by body and stopping when it says stop. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose, but I keep going because each set back just gives me something to learn from. This is the first time where I feel like I can really succeed. Nothing is off limits and therefore I don't seem to want it as much (most of the time). Most of it is has been liberting. I feel so much freeier now that I am allowing myself to have whatever I want. The only caviet is that I must be hungry when I eat it.

If you have any questions or want to chat about this feel free to respond or to email me jesusfreak_516@yahoo.com


Why do I worry?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I was worrying this week that because of the way I ate over the weekend and I really stuffed myself on dinner on Tuesday night (thought I did not go over my calories) that I would either not lose or gain weight. I put on my pants today and they feel a bit looser. Don't know what I was worrying about. I am just a fool sometimes.

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NEWDDLE1 8/10/2007 1:52PM

    Hi, Cori,

I know your experience of eating, worrying, and weighing or measuring less! And I also know the experience of beating up on myself for worrying or any other habit of mine. But you know, according to Enneagram teaching, some people just worry more than others. Worrying just goes with the territory they inhabit.
(The Enneagram is an approach to spirituality and personality that identifies 9 different types that people can develop. Each of us develops a specific type. You can google it.) Russ (from Woo Hoo! and Born to Shine!)

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What to do?

Monday, April 09, 2007

So this weekend I did not start off by eating much. You won't be able to tell by my nutritional tracker, but on Saturday before about 6 pm I had only eaten 938 calories. I had a later start with breakfast and then went to a jewelry party where they only food was nachos. I had a handful of plain ones, but that was it until I got home at 5:15. Then I had dinner. The I was so worried about my calories being so low that I guess you could say I gorged. I know I did not go over in my calories, but I keep wondering if eating while I was still full will make it turn into fat.

Then was Sunday. Same thing. I ate a later breakfast, went to church. I took a couple of nutrious snacks for the ride home and then ate lunch around one. I went to a friends house and hung out for a couple of hours. Then came back. I had made banana bread muffins the day before and wanted to try some. So I went ahead and had 1/2 a muffin. That was 5:30 and at 7 I still felt full so I went and had dinner anyway. I was going to be soon and didn't like the idea of waking up super hungry. Then I decided I had to have ice cream. Sheesh. Again, I only had 1238 in calories, but I wonder if eating when I am not hungry will cause me to gain.

I don't know. I just think too much. Anyone who may read this will say my goodness it's not that big a deal. I guess the scale will tell on Friday.

I think next time I will just do without the calories and realize that one day of low calories will not hurt me. Most days I have around 1450 and every 5 or so days I try to have at least 1550 or 1600 just to trick my body to not set the thermostat at 1450 and make it harder to lose weight. I guess having a low calorie day would have tricked it as well.

Live and learn!! :)~

God bless!!


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