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Long time no blog - WooHoo's and Oohs

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Well its been whirlwind that will not slow down until next spring around my house hold. But I thought I would tell a little about about the WooHoos and the next steps. I tend not to focus on the negatives, so I down play them each day and find the joys in my days.

Lets see I started this journey last year about this time, I was 265 pounds, had high blood pressure uncontrollable, close to being added to the high cholesterol group also. And yes I am FAT, obese, what ever you want to call it. I got down to 239 last June, WooHoo!!!! And then I went on a 3 week trip through Alaska, came back to the scale at 265 pounds. So whats a guy todo, had a great time, just ate to much stuff that I had no control over. I am happy to say by the first of this month I was down in the 244-242 range. My Doctor visits went really well. BP under control, pulse rate wonderful, and my cholesterol went up. Wow that was not expected!!! Looking over the numbers with my Doctor, my HDLs (good stuff) went up 23 mg, and my LDL (bad stuff) went down 7 mg. So the total number went up. So long story short, she marked me as doing well keep up the great work. And I hit my goal, well close enough that I was quite happy about it. My RA numbers where all great, also, I'm doing something right!!! WooHoo!!!!

I tossed my scale, for me this has worked. I only weigh in at Dr. visits, last one I was at 239, I finally broke the 240 wall again, I have bounced against so often.

New goal, 225 by Dec. 24th, 2010. Yeah thats huge, but you got to shot for the stars to reach them.

Other things I am going after now. I have decided to tackle another item, and that is my spending habits. More over my addition to technology, I work in the field, love the new toys, and well think we live in great times. Problem is it costs tons of money to be on the bleeding edge. And I would rather do more with them $$$. So I am taking the spark people approach to weight lose towards my finances.

Lose weight - spend less than you make, pay off any debt I might carry, a couple of car loans, a refrigerator, and a few electronics. Its got to go!!!!!

To help get these cleared out, I have sold off some prized items that I have from my computer collection, and my Car collection. The ball is rolling now. This last month our spending is way down, WooHoo!!!!

Exercise, means I put my $$$$ to work for me, investing, and building a rainy day fund.

Set goals and tracking. Tracking = budget, never had one, never saw the need, well let me tell you it was an eye opener to see just what I was spending, and on what, crazy. Goals yes I have them, and the biggest one is debt free, everything by August 2012, its a long road, and yes it Will happen faster, but it took years to get here just like it takes years to get back in shape.

With out doing Spark People, I don't think I would have made it to the point where I could start talking other short comings in my life.

If you get one thing from this blog, please do this, teach your children how to save money, how to plan, and how to track. It is our jobs, one I wish my parents had done a better job of with me. Luckily in my family this is my burden, I am the one that spends. My wife is a saver, my daughter is a saver, and my son, well he is just getting to the point where he needs to learn how to save, and I need to be that role model.

So where I am at, with almost a year in, I lost the same 26 pounds twice, yeah that sucks, if I keep to my guns I would be down 52 pounds, but you know what I don't regret the journey, I will have set backs, I just have to rise to the occasion and keep on walking. Its how you react to the set backs and troubles in your life that determine your final out come.

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SUNNYDJ1971 10/24/2010 9:03AM

    Great blog! You have a great outlook on life! Keep it up, and thanks for sharing!

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Its time to say goodbye

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fair well companion, I can't say I will really miss you. Matter of fact I think you have over stayed your welcome. The curb is to the west of the front door, I will even help you pack. Thats right you can take your friends, those evil little henchmen you bring. Demons if you will with you. I am having an Exorcism to remove you and them from my life. I have learned that I truly hate you, and that is so harsh. But its TRUE!!! You sit there looking so innocent what harm can you do to me.

Well I'm done, for my sake and the sake of millions, I am starting a war against your existence. I will not rest until your banished to the far recesses of hell where you belong. Yes I have thought about this, long and hard, I have tried to peacefully co-exist with you in my home, but I no longer can. Your banished from my site, my house, my home. And yes I will mock you and point and laugh. I will through a big party in your departure, not for you, NO, don't even think thats the reason. But for the lack of you. I have grown tired, of your constant torment. I have made the decision, there is no turning back. You have got to leave, it will be either you or me. And I hate to tell you this but I am stronger than you, mentally and physically. You are really not even worth my efforts. Why have I let what you have said to me over the years effect me so. But it stops today, right here right now. I have drawn a line, and you have crossed it one to many times.

So in my court of law where, I am the judge, the jury and the hang man, I sentence you to death, by firing squad!

Why should I feel pain and remorse for your death. You have proven time and again you don't care for me, my family, or others in the world. I know I will see you and your kind in the supermarket, the postal office, and everywhere goods are bought and sold. I can live with that. But I am not a commodity to be bought, sold or traded.

So this is good bye, may god have mercy on my soul.

Today I have banished my scale from my life. Sure I will see the likes of it in the doctors office, and other demoralizing places but guess what it is not going to be in my home. It is not what I am going to gauge my emotional health by. And it is no longer going to control my existence.

Join me say good bye to the tool used to buy and sell things by weight, it should never be your judge, jury or hang man.

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    For some reason, I thought this was for another car...


I will say goodbye with you, but I will never do the same with my own and this is why...

I use my scale as a tool for my journey. One of many actually. I weigh in every morning and track it on physicsdiet.com (Free site). It averages your weight to give you a "true" weight. Then I still take measurements every two weeks and pictures every month. The scale may not move sometimes, but the sizes do, or vis versa. Just thought I would share.

Good luck, regardless of what you do!

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ANGIES1963 8/15/2010 10:23PM

you had me going.

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JOYCE561 8/15/2010 10:06AM

  good luck to you

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USMAWIFE 8/15/2010 10:03AM

    It's just a trial separation... it wlll come back, it always does

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FCARMICH 8/15/2010 10:01AM

  bye -- but do come back once in a while

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Healthy Diet and Friends, might not mix.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Past two weeks I have gone out on Thursday nights, and I am starting to think, it was not the best plan. Last week, met friends at the oldest bar in Cincinnati. Love this place, great porch, covered by grape vines, wonderful food and beer selection. Had a great night, found out even though I had planned for the Litter of Beer I was going to drink, and had planed my meal out before I went. Things went haywire quickly, that litter of beer! I had lost all sensible and rational decision making, which led to the idea that drinking from a boot of beer 4 litters was a great idea. That the decent small plate meal I was going to get changed to a larger portion, and well, at about 11:00 at night dessert was calling. Now desert was grand, and luckily I split it amongst friends. But what had gone from 1000 cals, grew to over 5000 cals, by my best guess.

So that lead to Saterday, again back in Cincinnati, worked all day helping a friend, and we decide to get some food. Started out going to a Fish house, some how my wife and his thought Cheesecake Factory sounded so much better, okay I Thought I can do this. Yeah right......... Only drank water here, but there is nothing light on that menu.....

Which then brings us to last night, everything is looking good, we are cooking at home with friends. Nice grilled steak, a potato, and fresh corn on the cob. But somebody in my group decides the punch is not good enough and makes it into a Hurricane. And dang nab it if the night went out of control again. I am looking a 16 ozs worth of steak, a potato the size of Texas, and one ear of corn. Oh and cherry cobbler, which is my fault cause I made it. But portion sizes got larger as the drinks got bigger, and the night grew older.

I love these friends, they are great people, and I have some of the best times in my life with them. With or with out alcohol. But for some reason, I am with them, I toss my good habits out the window.

I need to figure this out or make new friends.

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CLASSY76 8/21/2010 3:11AM

    I have trouble controlling my eating with my friends and alcohol usually isn't involved. My closest friend's, who is thin, favorite place is Old Country Buffet. She says because you can pick and choose what you want. I usually start off good there with a large salad and lean meat or poultry. But then comes the dessert bar which I can't resist which throws me off of my budget. Whenever alcohol is involved, I lose control with my food as well. Luckily, I don't have a drink very often.

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KAUAI-CAROLANN 8/19/2010 5:34PM

    A calorie friendly drinking tip: order you beverage tall & straight up, then ask for a short glass with ice. You can sip the short glass full of a cold libation of choice, adding a bit here & there without dealing with a watered down drink. Ask for another short glass of ice if need be, plus you can get in your glass of H2O in between. Did this several times before anyone asked about it....when questioned, answered that it was not in my budget to have more than one beverage. No one thought I was talking about calories. Then as the weight came off, they figured out what "the budget" really meant. Works well for dinner, too. Ask for a smaller/appetizer plate, split the dinner in half & transfer a little at a time to the app plate. Never quite felt comfortable with putting half of my meal in a to go box as soon as it arrived as SP suggests.

Good luck at home with those cookouts - somehow nibbling on carrots and celery never seems to be a desirable substitute for steak & a loaded Texas size tater!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/19/2010 5:36:42 PM

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BETHBENNION 8/13/2010 4:03PM

  I have the same problem - my best friends and I go out at least weekly and there's is always alcohol and heavy starchy foods involved (Mexican, Thai....). Sure - I can go and just drink water, but would that be fun while my 5-6 other friends are relaxing into happy hour?

No doubt, I have never stuck to rational eating when alcohol was involved... I have tried the occasional non-alcoholic beer but so many local places don't carry it.

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Ever run into a brick wall, It hurts!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So I haven't been here for quite a while. Well I'm back! Sort of.

I have run into a wall here, I can't seem to break the 240 mark. In reality I think I did, but I gave up on the scale and did not weigh myself before my trip. So the good things that have happened in the last few months.

A trip to Alaska, great, weighed in at 264 when I got back, and dropped back to 248 within 4 days. 18 days, of eating what others prep and no idea whats in all of it, was fine. But the salt content was huge, and I had water retention like made. I figure I gained a real 8-9 pounds. As I believe I had dropped below 240 right before I left. But have no proof except a belt notch. I have been fighting the 240 wall since February of this year. I finally gave up, and said, I will eat healthy, watch my portions and what happens happens. So I am back on the wagon again after the trip. The odd thing is last week, I held steady, did not help I partied with friends in Cincinnati, three nights in a row. I should have been two pounds down. This week a little more controlled. I hope. So far, I am doing great!!!

So the other wall I have run into is my time. I found out the hard way starting in mid May, I had no time, left for SparkPeople.com, and other things. Sure I was here but not the way I wanted to be. Sure I am a Community member, but not as good of one as I would like to be. So I am setting out to rectify these things. How, I am listing all my goals tasks, and wants, on all my devices. It has been a rough road to figure out I'm not Superman. I can't do it all. I am much more realistic with my time, and my obligations. Does that mean I tell everyone no, not at all, I find myself saying yes more. Now that I have a time line of realistic expectations, I find I have more time to live...... Thus explains last weekend.

Of course there are always things that come up that are un-planned. But I now have planned for them, by planning what I can control. It is a huge relief, now if I can just get back to smashing that 240 barrier and start back down that road.

Everyone take care, fight the good fight, but sometimes its best just to walk away.


So this is what surgery does to you!

Friday, May 28, 2010

So I had major knee surgery back at the end of march, I am still not 100%, I figure closer to 85%. I did my monthly measurements tonight. And I new I would be up though through the past 2 months with very little exercise, I gained 2 pounds. Not great but not bad, I forgot to drop my calorie range to keep loosing with the lack of exercise going on.

What was shocking was how much my body has changed. Waist grew back out a few inches. Hips shrank, neck did also, arms and calfs stayed the same. I really need to push myself back into exercise as that is really hurting these numbers. I always heard that you get weaker after surgery. But I can't believe by how much. Time to whip myself back up and into shape. I gotta get back on track for June. And it starts right now!

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BSKTCON 6/8/2010 12:39PM

    I'm sorry to hear you're having problems after your knee surgery. It's very disheartening to work so hard, and then slip backwards. But, it appears that your backward slip has been very small. I know that you are a strong, determined man and that you will do what you have to do in order to re-gain any lost ground. Take it at your own pace, and remember that ANY progress is GREAT news! Sometimes you have to give your body some time to heal and it sounds like you are not quite there yet. Find other things you can do that will not stress your knees, but be good cardio/strength training.

Take care, and lighten up on yourself a bit. You've come a long way, and you will continue to make progress.


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BKWERM 5/29/2010 10:15AM

    Collage Video has a DVD that I've heard good things about called "Strong Knees" that you might want to buy.

And, if you want to get back on track, make sure you sign up for our June challenge!

Take care.

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JHADZHIA 5/29/2010 8:17AM

    It took me three months to feel like a human being after my knee replacement surgery, but my knee had been in very bad shape for a long time before the surgery so it was longer to recover from. The physiotherapist gave me exercises which I worked hard on three times a day, fighting against the pain. But I did get the maximum range of motion back out of the knee. But knee surgery shouldn't stop you from working your upper body. Sit ups come to mind, as well as strength training. You can do all kinds of dumbbell pushes while seated. Also my physio introduced me to using a stability ball as part of my recovery and I had to do exercises on there to help get my stability and balance back with the knee. You lose your muscle tone only two weeks after a layoff. I have had long experience with this. Now when I have some body part laid off, I will make sure the other body parts continue to work it. Like what will happen should I ever get my elbow replacement. I am working out hard in spite of my broken elbow that won't heal, it will be the only part of me out of shape. I have learned how to get around obstacles.
Here is to getting back to your program! You can do it!!
Enjoy your weekend!

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