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I always said I wanted a day to do nothing...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

...and I got it...and about 14 others just like it :) The recovery to my bunion surgery requires me to be off my feet for more than two weeks. Normally, I would be in an absolute dither b/c I couldn't clean, get up and around, etc. But, SP has taught me about acceptance regarding my weight loss, etc... so I'm applying the same principles. I have my laptop, some great books, my phone, and my cat...My 'recovery room' (living room) looks as if a bomb went off, but when I accept that it's only temporary, I can just sit back and relax. It's amazing, I have used this site for sooooo m any other things besides weight loss and healthy eating - thanks SP!

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TRINIGAL22 2/24/2011 8:48AM

    Welcome back. and I hope everything is well with you. Remember the saying "be careful what you wish for" emoticon but it was a good thing. so are you able to walk or move around as you like? I hope that is the case. Take care of yourself and have a blessed day. emoticon

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KEVIN9551 2/10/2011 8:05PM

    Glad to hear you are doing better. I like how you are handling the stay still time. It's hard to not get up and do something
(which in turn makes things take longer to heal). Stay put and heal quick. While you are idle you can think on the great questions of the universe, like "why don't they make mouse-flavoured cat food?" ha ha

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GAILRUU 1/21/2011 11:28AM

    Focus on the end result. You will have less foot pain and increased mobility. Be careful of those tempting snack while you are "resting" and do some upper body exercises to burn a few calories!

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ALICERIEGER 1/15/2011 1:05PM

    Enjoy the forced relaxation - it won't last long. When you are up and about just remember you don't have to catch up on everything the first day. I'm glad you are accepting it so well.

God Bless

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AELARLEE1 1/15/2011 11:22AM

    What a good reminder post that the present isn't all there is :) Have good rest and get well soon.

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Recovering after bunion surgery

Friday, January 14, 2011

...the good news is that I will have plenty of time to devote to this site for the next few weeks... the bad news is I won't be able to exercise like I was until my foot heals... the good news is when I am able to start exercising I won't have blisters on the tops, sides, and bottom of my foot!!! :)

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ALICERIEGER 1/14/2011 9:00AM

    You will be so glad you had this surgery done. My friend had it done last year and she is so thrilled that she can do the things she wants without the discomfort. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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My Cholesterol is Giving Me Fits

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ugghh! Just got my results back yesterday... and my cholesterol jumped up 4 points to 264.... They started me on meds 6 months ago and one doctor (he was filling in for my regular) cancelled them b/c of knee and leg pain... I went to my regular doc yesterday and she was just a tad pee'od b/c he didn't put me on a different kind to try.

I have lost 15 pounds, eliminated red meat, started a better exercise program, etc. I was sure the results were going to be good. I was just so bummed. It's most likely genetic - so many in my family have this - I just thought I was going to be exempt b/c I have always exercised...not so, not so.

The doc is going to try me on an 'upgraded' statin that supposedly doesn't have the joint/muscle side effect, but I have also made the decision to really focus on my diet and exercise in the new year. It really scares me that this can be going on inside my body and I have no indication what-so-ever.

I have been lax about losing my last 10 -15 pounds - I guess this is what I needed to really scare me into working out when I don't feel like it and not eating the chips when I do feel like it:-O

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AELARLEE1 1/3/2011 3:01PM

    I am with you -- I need to drop some pounds and get mine checked again. I am borderline right now on the cholesterol front.

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JEAN_WIKE 12/21/2010 5:41PM

  In that last paragraph were you writing about not eating potato chips? Baked chips are delicious, if you could eat those instead. emoticon

Of course, you could be right, and genetics might not let you lower your cholesterol through a healthier diet, exercise, and losing weight. Even so, doing those three things will help your health in other ways.

Good luck losing those last 10-15 pounds.

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I Made Up My Own Triathlon Yesterday :)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I have been feeling more and more energetic...so as yesterday was an extra day off, I decided to have an 'exercise day'. I planned my entire day around physical fitness, and realized when the day was done that I actually did three major activities, hence the Triathlon. And while it wasn't anything even close to what major athletes do, nor were all the activities consecutive, it was definitely a first for me.

I kayaked for 2 hours in the am, came home, worked in the gardens for a couple of hours, then took a 1-hour walk (4 miles), then came home and rode my bike for 4 miles.

I finished the day with some great stretches and an epsom salt bath. Got up today and feel like a million (well, at least a couple of) bucks!

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AELARLEE1 9/21/2010 4:17PM

    I have been gone and am trying to catch up on blogs posts--thus the delay here in a response, but I LOVE this day you had! Have never even considered that. You totally impressed me with the kayaking. For sure that is amazing! So glad you had a great day.

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HAKIRBY 9/7/2010 1:50PM


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SERENITY4LIFE 9/7/2010 11:00AM

    Good for you!! Having a 'fitness' day is a great idea!! Bask in the healthy afterglow!


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HELENA260 9/7/2010 6:40AM

    Thats great!! Keep up the good work!! I need to make up my own triathalon!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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In addition to being a mindless eater...I'm an....anxious eater???

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I don't over eat when I'm sad, I don't over eat when I'm angry or mad, I don't over eat when I'm tired, I don't over eat when I'm happy,,,

I did find out after joining SP that I over eat when I'm perfectly fine and not paying any attention to how many times my hand goes into the basket of chips, cookies, etc. I fit the definition of mindless eater to a "T"...and have been working on that.

...but I knew there was something else that I just couldn't quite put my finger on...and then the other day - Bingo... there it was - in full force. I was at working on a team project and I was the person who had to receive everything from everyone else and get everything put into the system...and we have an absolute deadline. Every year, I am promised we will start earlier the next year - and it has yet to happen. And this year is the absolute worst of all years - everyone has been waaaaayyyyy behind. The first day someone put a major delay into the system, I realized I reached for an unhealthy snack, and then another, and then another. Same thing the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that. I don't even want to step on the scale b/c I know I will see a weight gain... I have stopped tracking anything after lunch b/c I know I will be a gazillion calories.

For two nights in a row my dinner has been potato chips - and I don't mean single serving bags - I mean the big, family size bag (and I'm the only family in my house!). I come home and hit the couch b/c I'm too tired to get up and walk or exercise. The silver lining is that I have now realized another facet about my emotional eating but I am so frustrated with myself. I have been working so hard - I have to reclaim myself. I have to tell myself that it doesn't matter how anxious I am - food isn't going to take the anxiety away - but maybe a good walk with multiple deep breathes will lessen it... Ugggghhhhh!

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BRILIND 8/25/2010 9:40PM

  Sounds like you are in the midst of taking a huge step forward. You see a problem and you have a planned solution for the next time you struggle. I applaud your hard work and your determination to move on!!!

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SERENITY4LIFE 8/25/2010 9:15PM

    Wow! I'm right there with you, though I'm a mindless/emotional/compulsive/binge overeater (yep, an 'overachiever' even when it comes to overeating!! LOL) You are absolutely right though that food won't do anything for the anxiety you're feeling and after the food is gone, the anxiety is still there. At least you recognize that so that gets you another step closer to dealing with and overcoming this challenge. Pat yourself on the back for that!! Don't beat yourself up for what's done, it's over. You can only move forward and once you find whatever will work for you to get you away from using food as an 'anxiety reliever' (walking, deep breathing, blogging, etc), you are going to be unstoppable!! :0)

Take care.


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LEXXA26 8/25/2010 10:00AM

    Eugh, tell me about it, I'm exactly the same!! As soon as the stress hits, out come the crisps and the cakes. I don't do the same when I'm upset (unless a well-meaning friend does that 'aww, I think you need some ice-cream' thing) but when I'm stressed out and exhausted, healthy options are the last thing on my mind. It does sound like you're having a really horrible time at work, and there's not much you can do other than just power through it. I just try and tell myself to really listen to my body.. my brain is telling me that I can't be bothered to make a salad or anything so just grab something out the cupboard, but my body is actually telling me that it's feeling crappy and needs some goodness in it! However, I also don't think you should add to your stress by beating yourself up about it. It sounds like you have this stressful time at work every year, so you know it'll be over soon - then's the time to get your butt exercising again. Maybe try some yoga exercises? Especially before you tuck into the crisps, you may find that you feel so much more relaxed that you feel more prepared for some healthier food. I find that helps! I hope things get easier for you soon, keep going emoticon

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BRAVENEWGRL 8/25/2010 8:30AM

    Emotional eating sucks! And I wish I had some magic advice to fix it for you. But I don't. I'm still struggling with it too. It's hard to replace those bad behaviors!

I hope your week gets better!

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