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Changes So Far

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I have joined spark coach and today's assignment is to blog about improvements I have noticed in overall since taking better care of myself. Since I began (before sparking)I have lost 22lbs. Now that may not seem like a lot but I am quite petite and 20lbs on my frame is equivalent to a lot more on someone who is average or tall in stature. My flexibility has increased significantly. I am as flexible as I was at 19! Bending, getting up and down, doing stairs and walking are effortless. Before I was constantly achy, tired, sore joints, and bloated. I drink lots of water and I never skip breakfast any longer. I can easily go for an hour fast paced walk and have energy to spare all day. I sleep better and wake up easier too. My colouring has improved so much so I rarely ever wear make up! I have been told I look 15 years younger, that is weight and attitude. Being constantly exhausted is aging. I also find I am more positive and do not get low like I used too. A year into my journey I learned that I was very deficient in Vitamin D, B, and magnesium, since taking vitamins I feel 110% better! I am able to do more in life. Before everything felt like a chore. I have kept with all my mini goals. Waking up to peppy music, reading inspirational quotes, walking, and drinking water. I still have a ways to go, like being consistent with exercise and being even more picky about portions. I am 136lbs today and it been 7 years since I was this weight.

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AJONESLOCKER 6/4/2014 3:23PM

  You totally rock!

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Week Two of Couch to 5k

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

First of all I have gotten over my gym phobia. emoticon . I have not found a work out partner but that is quite fine since I have found I enjoy working out in my little zone with my music cranked. I have decide to take it slow and use the 8 week plan. Years ago in University I was a cross country runner. I have since injured my knee twice and have had two surgeries, the last one was a acl reconstruction. I absolutely love to run. I really hope and pray that taking it nice and slow will build up my muscles and joints to handle a 5k. I must stick this out to the bitter end. I am great at starting but can struggle with completion. I had a fun conversation with a lovely lady at the gym. She said to me ( or I heard her say) " She is planning on loosing 800lbs.", I responded"There is no way you have that much to loose! You will disappear!" She was so tickled! I think she said 100lbs, but I am just guessing. Anyhow she was such a pleasant person in a sea of svelte bodies, I said I was so thankful to find someone like me who was just overjoyed to be finally doing something positive for them self. It would be pretty cool to reach my 40th birthday with a svelte body! Ha! Ha!

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144AUTUMN 2/4/2014 1:33AM

  You can do it!!

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ZRIE014 2/4/2014 12:17AM


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ZRIE014 2/4/2014 12:15AM


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Back At It

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Since my last entry I have moved across the country. I can say my eating habits have stuck with me. I have maintained my weight for two years now. I am 139lbs! Fitness is better than a couch potato but not as good as a can be. I am currently homeschooling three of our four kids. I swim 20 laps on Fridays when the have swim lessons. I have just joined the couch to 5km run program. I am not consistent with exercise and I am more successful with a partner. I am realizing that I need to have more intrinsic motivators for my life. I depend far too much on encouragement from others. Which may not sound too bad but when the cheering section is quiet I tend to fade. I am far too fixated on the scale. I have not bought myself new clothing thinking I will deserve it when I achieve my goal weight. Flawed thinking. Actually this process has illuminated my low self esteem. I joined a local rec centre. I am too shy to go to the gym yet I desperately want to start weight training. I have anxiety working out in front of men. I am just being open, perhaps opening up my Kimono will free me up to get past my hang ups. I came back on here and read through my goals I first set. I have stuck with nearly all of them. I drink lots of water, my portions are better, I wake up to peppy music, in fact that has really helped me start the day with a spring in my step. I have returned to Spark to rev up my fitness and fine tune habit changes. My goal is no longer weight loss(would be nice) but to get fit and be confident with my body.

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AHJZABLU 1/23/2014 9:02PM

    Looks like you are on the right track. Keep it up and the results will follow!

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Change in My Thinking

Thursday, February 02, 2012

I am entering my third month of sparking. I have healed up from the pneumonia and sinus infections. Before sparking I had started doing most of this a year ago. Exercising, cut out processed food, drinking more water all in attempts to loose weight. Before I would start out strong for a week, then become sporadic for a few weeks and then get back on track and repeat the whole cycle. No wonder the results were minimal. Using the trackers I am not missing a day. I have started to look at exercise as a subject, I plan 30 mins into my day now everyday except weekends. I am considering it as necessary as brushing my teeth. A shift has occurred in my thinking that its not just for weight loss but these changes are lifestyle changes to be continued for life, fat or thin. I cannot get over how much younger I feel. My aches and pains are basically gone, tasks are easy and I am not getting sore, I am getting really strong, my sleep is better and my mind is clearer. This is the short term benefits I can only imagine what it will be in the long term. At church I sit next to the happiest, healthiest almost 90 year old man. He runs everyday, rain or shine. He is the inspiration in my change of thinking in this weightloss journey. He did not become fit and healthy at his old age by accident. He lived a lifetime of eating simple and exercise. Our lifespan is not of our choosing but the quality of health is mostly, I do not want to become a health nut until my weight goal is met and then repeat the process that caused me to become unhealthy. Consistency and for life is my new goal.


Set Backs, C'est la Vive!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Remember my previous post "What's Wrong With Me?" There was definitely something wrong with me. A couple of days later I was still feeling very rough, actually absolutely horrid to be dead honest. I was still trying to get though my day and when my husband came home he took one look at me and dragged me to the emergency. When you arrive here you are immediately triaged,(I think that is how its said) and immediately I was seen by a physician. After an exam and a chest x-ray there were answers to my problems. I had a nasty sinus infection and pneumonia! So it wasn't the low carb flu after all, well maybe partially. I actually bothered to get the flu shot this fall and wammo! LOL Anyhow I have finished my course of antibiotics and I am on inhaled steroids and Ventolin if needed. I feel much better, my head no longer feels as if it will explode and I am breathing quite nicely at last!! BUT it has put a big damper on my workouts. I am getting winded and exhausted by minor stuff for the rest of the day. I am told this will take a long time to heal. Grrrr. I need to be smarter than the wood. I have stayed on the meal plan and lost 2 lbs!! But I need to think of how to coordinate fitness without completely depleting my energy.I am considering doing 10 min intervals 3 times a day....I will give it a try. This week I did Bosu full body work out, that was like climbing Mt Everest, and today I did Zumba, was okay during but flat out for the remainder of the day. I am writing all this mostly for my benefit, for I am a terrible sicko, I push too hard too soon. So this is here to remind me be the turtle not the hare! emoticon

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QUEENRSA 1/26/2012 9:22AM

    Praying for NO MORE DISTRACTIONS!!!!!!!! Your path to health will be focused and direct! Amen!

So proud of you, friend!!!

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MATSEBULA 1/18/2012 6:08PM

  Hey There, Iwillcandothis!!!

I think you are a very persistent and inspiring lady. Not only are you staying on track, you are staying on track while not feeling well, in snowstorms, with kids at home on snow days, with me gone for work!

You are probably the most persistent person I know. :-)

You can do it, just take it easy for a while and then ramp up when you feel better.


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