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Because I Knew You

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Well, it's Sunday and today I'm singing a solo in church! Last night, we had an impromptu gathering of friends to play Rock Band, which was awfully fun! Anyway, it's a singing weekend.

Yesterday afternoon, I also talked the husband into running once the rain had stopped. It wasn't my best run, but I did it. He had an awesome run and was way ahead of me.

I didn't overeat too much yesterday, and now I have to accomplish the same today. Shouldn't be too hard today, I don't eat until after church to begin with. Weigh-in this morning was 169.6 which I will take for a Sunday morning.

Okay, well, I have to go do, stuff, and then get ready for church and singing!

Title courtesy of For Good, the song I'm doing today.

Onward and upward!


You Get What You Need

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I hate titling these things, so I'm switching to song lyrics for a while. They may relate to the post, they may not. Enjoy!

Yesterday was the season finale to my current favorite tv show. I enjoyed it. I think it wrapped the things it needed to while setting up the things that will be going on next season. My husband disagrees and is terribly unhappy with it. Oh well. I guess you can't please everyone.

Also, I'm still here, but I now hear the end of the world is not until 6pm, so I can still see Pirates of the Caribbean before that happens. Maybe I'll get a run in as well. Might as well be as in shape as possible if the world is ending, right?

On that note, post-fast weigh-in: 168.4!
One week ago was 171.4 so that's 3lb down. Of course, I'm still in "inflated" weight mode from the weeks of overeating, so this will slow down soon I'm sure. I kind of want to get back to an average of 1lb a week with the goal to be back around 150lbs when September starts. Then, of course, the goal will be not to screw with that while working the new job.

Anyway, I'm still munching too much, but even less than before. I'm still exercising though I'm two days behind on strength right now and need to catch up this weekend. I feel generally great, so that's enjoyable.

Time for an on-track weekend which rarely happens for me at the moment. So: no movie junk, no evening junk, no church junk. I should be able to minimize these so that by Tuesday (another post-fast weigh-in) I'll be either down or the same as today.

Okay, anyway. It's Saturday, it's almost food shopping time, and I'm excited for the weekend even with minimal plans!

Onward and upward!

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NANCY- 5/21/2011 8:00AM

    Sounds like you have a great plan.
Enjoy your weekend.

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PICKIE98 5/21/2011 7:55AM

    I wouldn't rush around for the end of the world again,, Oral Roberts promised us that in 1984 and again later on!! HE apparently had inside traders facts,, Maybe HIS world ended those days,, but my Creator has other plans,,,
If you cannot be there for the movie, there are always DVD players for those of us who know we are not G-d.. enjoy the whole weekend!!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Today's weigh-in 170.6. I knew that I was going to bounce up a little bit because I actually ended up eating more sugar yesterday than originally planned, however, it was all in the form of raw honey and I was using it to kick a virus that I felt begin to invade my throat. I also hit it with lemon juice, baking soda, alcohol, and cayenne. I'm pretty sure I won because I feel much less inflammation this morning and no additional phlegm. I think I will bring a bit of lemon to work today just to make absolutely certain I've won. This is what happens when a microbiologist thinks she's getting a cold. I know, I'm nuts. It works though.

Okay, in other news, yesterday went pretty well for almost everything else. I'll be doing yoga this morning and strength this evening. It's a fasting day until dinner, which should help offset yesterday's honey. We'll probably go see Pirates of the Caribbean tonight, so that should help keep me busy.

It's Fabulous Friday! I think I'm going to take a music book or two two work and hit the pianos in the fine arts building after work today for a little bit. I don't do that enough, so it's a real treat for me.

Okay, hope everyone has plans for an awesome weekend!

Onward and upward!

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JAMBUTTER 5/20/2011 6:00AM

  Honey has sugar too. So don't take too much at a time!

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I'd Walk 1000 Miles

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Karaoke was interesting. It was a night of technical difficulties, but because of that, I ended up singing four songs because we needed some extra space filler while dealing with the technical difficulties. A friend of mine there coined the term Exersinging as well, which I like. I typically go to karaoke for a few hours and have only one drink and am constantly on my feet and on stage singing, so I figure it's not a bad calorie burner.

On that note, weigh-in: 169.2 woohoo!

One of the songs I sang was Vanessa Carlton's 1000 miles, thus the title.

Exercise was okay yesterday. Kickboxing was great, but I didn't get to strength, so I may try and do double tonight. This morning is a run or bike morning. It's been raining all week, so my chances of getting outside are slim.

It's Thankful Thursday and I'm thankful for summer, because it's nice and quiet on UMass campus now. I like quiet.

Okay, time to make it another great day. I want to stay down in the 160's!

Onward and upward!

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CINCYDORA 5/19/2011 10:28AM

    Congrats on passing that 160 milestone!

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PRUPLEBEAR 5/19/2011 7:04AM


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Slowly Going Down

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello everyone, it's WOOHOO Wednesday!

My victory is is continuing to stay just enough on track to see decreases on the scale. This morning's weigh-in was 170.8. I do emphasize "just enough" as yesterday was mostly good minus a caramel milky way. Hey, it could have been a butterfinger, so I think I made an okay choice. Next time though: no candy bar.

Exercise is going well. Biked yesterday due to rain. Doing kickboxing this morning soon. I'm keeping up with my strength training. Eating is mostly going well.

Tonight is karaoke. I'm not sure what to sing. I made a roulette game, so I think I'll play that at least once or twice and then pick just one more song to sing. Maybe some Dixie Chicks.

Okay. Time for, well, you know, stuff.

Onward and upward!

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LADYDARYA 5/18/2011 8:25PM

    emoticon Great job!

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HOPESINGH 5/18/2011 8:48AM

    So your weight is the only thing not going upward? emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 5/18/2011 7:59AM

    Have fun @ karoke!

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PRUPLEBEAR 5/18/2011 7:22AM

    Slow wins the race!

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