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Just Sunday Morning

Sunday, March 27, 2011

So, I did get my run in yesterday. My husband thought about coming but decided 35 was still too cold and he biked instead. I did 4 miles. I made a goal for myself using MapMyRun to do 30 miles by April 2nd, and I'm at 20 according to my tracker so I think I can make it! I just need to do 3-4 miles each today, Tuesday, and Thursday. Thursday I'll be in San Diego/San Marcos, but I have no official agenda so my plan is definitely to run at some point that day. My interview is Friday and I'm meeting a friend on Saturday, so Thursday is open. By the way - anyone know of anything I should see in San Diego (preferably something free/cheap)?

I have this idea for a new cupcake that I think I may make for a friend of mine this week: Blood orange and ginger with orange-coconut frosting. It would have pieces of blood orange, molassis, and pieces of sugared, dried ginger in the cupcake and then I would make the frosting out of coconut oil and a blood orange juice reduction. I was going to test out the flavor combo this weekend, but didn't get to it.

I should still bake something for church today though. I don't know what though. Oh well, I have an hour still.

Okay, I should also do some kind of workout this morning. I'm thinking yoga. I'm going to go do yoga, right now. Have a good day everyone!



Saturday, March 26, 2011

On Saturday mornings, if I'm home, I always Wii bowl 3 games. It's fun, it gets me moving, and I'm getting quite good at it. Today my low game was 170 and my high was 204. Yay!

Yesterday for our nice dinner, I made sirloin steak that I bought at a local place, so it was probably a local, organic cow. Since it was a good steak, I only sprinkled it with garlic salt, sea salt, and cracked pepper and broiled, and both hubs and I eat our steaks pretty red on the inside. I sauteed brussel sprouts and spinach in butter with a hint of red wine vinegar and garlic salt. I made these cute little cheese balls made from manioc flour from Argentina, and finally, I made roasted yukon gold potato pieces with sea salt, rosemary, and olive oil. For dessert, I made butterscotch blondies. We also had a gerwurztraminer from Colorado. Apparently, the altitude in Colorado seems to temper wine flavors, especially sweetness, because I actually liked the typically sweeter wines there when I usually go for dry.

Okay, well, I didn't count calories on any of that, but it was delicious, and half the plate was still veggies, and the meat was only 4oz each. I think we still would have done worse at a restaurant.

Today is meant to be another running day. It is still cold, and I would like that to end so I can have nice running weather. Sigh. Today I can wait until it's warmer to go out at least and not right now while it's 23F.

Okay, so I need to go now and make my shopping lists for morning shopping. I like to have my grocery shopping done by 9:30 on Saturdays, and it's 6:30 now so I'll probably go in an hour. I have lots to do this weekend, here's hoping I get most of it done!

Onward and upward!

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HOPESINGH 3/26/2011 8:28AM

    Dinner sounds delicious. Enjoy your outdoor running! emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 3/26/2011 7:14AM

    Your special dinner sounds awesome! Boy, you're like me . . . love to get my shopping over early in the day before it is so crowded!

Have a good run.

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I Won't Back Down

Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm a bit on the late side this morning, but I want to make a quick entry to keep my word on doing so. Yesterday wasn't half bad. I did my 3-mile run in the morning. At the end, when I was tired and cold, my fabulous shuffle threw on I Won't Back Down by Tom Petty just to make I'd make it! Hey, it didn't snow by me, so that's good.

This morning, I need to do strength work, which based on the length of my hulu/DVR queue, I should do while watching something.

So, today marks my husband and I having been together for 10 years, as in, we started dating 10 years ago today. That means that we've been together for 1/3 of our lives, wow. As I pointed out: and we haven't killed each other, yet! So, I'm swinging down to our local meat place a bit later to pick up small steaks for tonight. We both agreed that we'd been off diet too much to go out somewhere, so steaks and a bottle of wine will be it and not kill our calories.

I'm on a fast day today, anyway, which is good because I have so much to get done at work I wouldn't have time to eat.

Okay, well then, I'm off to start my day.
Onward and upward!

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HOPESINGH 3/25/2011 2:16PM

    Happy dating anniversary emoticon emoticon

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PRUPLEBEAR 3/25/2011 7:27AM


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Spark Neglect

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've seriously been neglecting Spark. Of course, there are reasons for that. Mostly, that my diet has been anywhere but on course and I've been out of town more than in town for nearly the last two months. Traveling is killer. Kudos to those who can pull it off effectively.

I've been out of town so much on mostly job interviews for faculty positions at colleges, which is is good, but I haven't gotten any offers yet, which is bad. So the insanity continues with no current end in sight.

So, my food is off the charts. I eat junk while traveling and when I get back. I'm out far too often, and it's hard to make good choices during the stress of an academic interview. On the better side though, I have been exercising. Not as much as I'd like, but I have been. Running especially. I have not let the running disappear. I've also done my fasting twice a week pretty consistently (18-24 hours fasts a la www.eatstopeat.com ).

I don't know if I've gained. I'm sure I have. I'm kind of scared to hop on Wii Fit. Maybe after my next fast ...

Okay, that's enough catch up I think. My new goal is blog like this in the mornings when I'm up early. It's a good start to the day I think, and I can lay out effective goals. Today, for example, I'm going for a 3 mile run, and I will do at least 4 minutes of tabatas.

Anyway. I have plenty of other things to do this morning as well, so I am out!

Onward and upward!

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1CRAZYDOG 3/24/2011 11:53AM

    Wishing you success that something will come of all these interviews.

Glad you had time to post.

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NANCY- 3/24/2011 7:40AM

    Welcome back.
WTG on keeping up with the exercise.
I know you will give yourself what you need.

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PRUPLEBEAR 3/24/2011 7:06AM


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Getting My Kinect On

Thursday, January 06, 2011

I've really been enjoying using Your Shape Fitness Evolved on the Xbox 360 which uses kinect, the motion sensing technology. It does the things I'm crummy at, where are doing enough reps and moving fast enough. I tend to be a bum and slow way down and stuff like that on my own. It's much easier to push myself when the game is shouting at me to stay in rhythm and make my lunges deeper.

Anyway, I've got three goals right now I'm aiming to hit 5 days out of seven, and I'm betting movie to buy/see movies against my husband. Here are my goals:

- no sugar
- no eating after 9
- exercise 10 minutes a night/afternoon

So far, I'm 3 for 3! I even only had one drink at karaoke last night and it was before 9pm, then i did 10 min of exercise when I came back.

Anyway, I'm planning another perfect day. Woohoo!
Onward and upward!

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PATTIATTI 2/11/2011 9:25AM

    That's terrific! I have the same game and I'm loving it! It really does push you! The only problem I have is that lunges make my pinched nerve flare up, and that's never good!

I also LOVE LOVE and reccomend the Dance Central game. It tracks calories burned (although how accurately, I'm not sure), too!

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MANDI99P 1/13/2011 10:45AM


Way to go! keep up the good work.

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DAWNFIRE72 1/6/2011 9:49AM

    I love the Kinect. So far all we have is the game that came with the system Kinect Adventure but hey it gets you squatting, jumping, side stepping and sweating (I play for 30-60 minutes a day since we got it....drives our cat NUTS).

Glad you are enjoying it, I want to try the Zumba game for the Xbox next.

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PRUPLEBEAR 1/6/2011 7:03AM


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KAYSWEIGH 1/6/2011 6:23AM

  I am planning on getting the kinect this weekend, and am looking forward to it...I may have to go and get it sooner now...sounds like a good thing!

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WINDSONG~ 1/6/2011 6:19AM

    I'm planning another perfect day. Woohoo! emoticon

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