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Monday, June 07, 2010

I promised accountability and here are some pictures and measurements:

Jan 2010 - June 2010

Measurements in Inches (since Jan)
Hips: 38.5 (-1.5)
Waist: 31.5 (-0.5)
Chest: 32 (-1)
Boobs: 40 (-2)
Neck: 12 (-0.5)
Thigh: 21.5 (0)
Arm: 11 (-0.5)

Very little change in inches. However, the pictures show that I may actually be getting some serious tone. I'll give the scale update tomorrow with the post-fast weigh-in. The weekend increase was ~3lbs, typical for an off day.

So, today was a perfect fast, not really hungry or bored. Stayed busy, did stuff. Did morning circuit, midday hill walk, and evening Mayhem (OMG jelly legs, whew!).

I made an interesting stew for dinner loosely based on a Persian Rhubarb Stew recipe. I really liked it, and the rhubarb worked well. Check it out! recipes.sparkpeople.com/recip

I have somehow acquired a ton of fruit in my fridge. It's not the worst problem to have! Lots of fresh berries, many field-picked, mmmm.

Oh, your quote for Motivational Monday:
John Wooden, a renowned basketball coach from UCLA died this weekend, but he left lots of inspiration and motivation and I particularly liked these words:

Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.

Don't accept status quo, keep pushing for change! You CAN do it!

Onward and upward!

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ANGELLYBELLY 6/9/2010 12:01AM

    Our measurements are very similar... (though not in the arms or thighs.. I"m way bigger there). I'm hoping to get down to 150 soon too!
Great inspiration! You go girl!

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MOMMYOF2CUTIES 6/8/2010 8:16AM


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Sunday, June 06, 2010

It has been a good weekend for sleep. I got to sleep until I woke up yesterday, and no choir this morning, so an extra hour and a half of sleep before church. Sleep is awesome. Less cravings, more energy. I should work on that more often. I'm not bad, I get to bed by 11:30 almost every night, and get up at 7am, so about 7.5 hours of sleep, then most Saturdays I have no alarm. Sleep is important.

So, since late-ish last night I've been off diet. Me and a friend made a peanut butter, chex, chocolate delicious thing for dessert last night. Today, I ate quite a few of my Rhubarb Cheddar Muffins and some ice cream. It wasn't really bad, and it was in preparation for tomorrow's fast. So now, I have lots of fat-burning hormones in my system from overeating, and then I'm going to stop eating and let them burn fat. When I do this right, it works great. Can be hard not to over overeat and lose my gains though. I'll see tomorrow morning/Tuesday morning with weigh-ins.

I have been lacking in accountability on here. I need to do some measurements/pics this week for you all. Maybe tomorrow while fasted.

I ate leftovers for lunch and classics for dinner: Keilbasa and tomatoes over sauteed chard and green beans, and alfredo broccoli and cauliflower. I did yoga this morning and will be doing Turbulence Training Gauntlet as soon as we are done watching Stargate.

I anticipate a good week. Better yet, I will have a good week! You will too!

Onward and upward!

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MOMMYOF2CUTIES 6/7/2010 10:17AM


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Saturday, June 05, 2010

It was the first strawberry picking day of the season! My CSA just opened their fields and I picked up my pint for the week. I also hit the farmer's market for a few select items my CSA doesn't do. Mostly dairy, new cheese and butter. I also grabbed sugar snap peas and garlic bulbs, really young ones that haven't split yet with the greens.

I also bought my first local honey for the season. Your honey should be raw and very local (mine is one town north of me) to help build resistance to pollen to decrease allergies. I'm having my husband have some on his toast each morning because he gets awful outdoor allergies.

This morning, I reaffirmed that I don't like coffee. I have Green Mountain coffee beans for my husband flavored with vanilla and caramel, and they smell amazing. So, I figured I'd give an iced coffee a try this morning with honey and local whole milk. Nope. Still don't like coffee. My husband thinks one day he'll convert me. I think not. I'm a wonderful tea drinker, give me that.

I made awesome muffins today. Rhubarb Cheddar recipes.sparkpeople.com/recip
, I had a recipe for apple cheddar, and I had rhubarb, and decided that since rhubarb smelled like apples when cooking, it would match well with good cheddar. They also have some apple and pecans in them. So delicious if you love sweet-savory things. Perfect for a brunch. Also, gluten-free, sugar-free as always.

I did some running this morning, but not as much as I planned because hubs had trouble running in the hot, sunny weather. I didn't. Oh well. Anyone have any advice for breathing while running? Seems to be hubs problem, he doesn't get good deep breaths and the hot weather doesn't help.

Okay. Time to make dinner, which will be Minestrone Pasta with CSA chard and broccoli, and farmer's market garlic.

Onward and upward!

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ANGELLYBELLY 6/9/2010 12:02AM

    I laugh at the coffee experiment. I also LOVE the smell of coffee but can't stand the taste. (Although for a while the uber-sweet 7 -11 premade coffee lates were something I enjoyed til I realized I was taking in 300 calories a pop! yipes!)

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KEAUXALLA 6/5/2010 7:47PM

    Sounds good! emoticon

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DBELLE39 6/5/2010 7:26PM

    Way to go on sticking to healthy eating, sounds like you enjoyed some really yummy food today!

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UMUCGRAD 6/5/2010 6:40PM

    Now, that's healthy living.

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ABOOKER2 6/5/2010 6:20PM

    ymmm emoticon

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Olive Oil

Friday, June 04, 2010

Happy Friday everyone!

Today was a fast day for me since 7pm last night, which has gone reasonably well. I was pretty hungry this morning at work, but by the afternoon not so much. I think I actually get used to not eating. I hear that happens. I did munch on some nuts and fruit and rice crackers when I came home briefly. That proved to be smart because my hubby who is usually home by 6:30pm on Friday's is not yet home and it is nearly 7pm. Stir fry made and tummy rumbling.

It is Fun Fact Friday and I have a fun fact for you about olive oil!
A diet enriched in olive oil helped breast cancer survivors lose weight

We've all heard about how great the Mediterranean diet is, and this new study just adds to that.

Women were put on a low-fat diet or a diet enriched in olive oil and nuts, and they lost more weight on the second one.

More interesting, they were given the choice of the two diets to try for an additional six months and the vast majority chose the Mediterranean diet because the food was more filling and appetizing. Being able to stick with your diet is the most important part of being on one, so that's great!

So, have more olive oil and nuts!


I exercised this morning, but not in the middle of the day. That's okay, I will do some HIIT this evening I think as part of my Mayhem workout.

Clearly, food was not a problem! I'm hoping to see a few more lbs gone on the scale tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are having friends over for dinner and games. Nothing fancy, and I'm going to try and keep dessert/snacking to a minimum. Although I am planning to bake something, and I'm thinking about something with rhubarb and maybe cheddar. We'll see what I end up with!

Do you have any plans for the weekend? What are you doing to stay healthy?

Onward and upward!


Cross Training

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I am a fan of cross training. Here's why. Me and hubs have been running about three morning a week for the last three months. I also exercise a lot more than that. He does 8min of circuit training twice a week.

Well, due to this past weekend's travels, we didn't run for a week. I did less exercise than usual, but still worked out most days, including biking the day after we got back. So, this morning we ran again, and I had a fabulous run, and he was dying! Ha! So, even if you can't do what you planned, do something!

Another good day of food and exercise. I did stairs at work due to humid, rainy weather. I did an abs gauntlet tonight. I'm fasting again starting now through tomorrow dinner.

I made a stew tonight with leftover heart (which reminds me more of venison than anything else, actually) and lots of farm veggies: scallions, kohlrabi, and broccoli. Kohlrabi, btw, is awesome. Kind of like a mix of broccoli and radish. I really want to make a kohlrabi and beet slaw with homemade mayo. Maybe this weekend.

It is Thankful Thursday and I am thankful today for cows. Especially local cows that made the whole milk I used to make yogurt, which I then strained. I tried some tonight when I put it away, ZOMG NOM NOM! Best. yogurt. ever. I'm not sure it needs fruit.

What are you thankful for today?

Get ready for your weekend now and be prepared so you don't get caught in a snack problem.

Onward and upward!


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