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A Crazy Week

Friday, May 16, 2008

I have been having a crazy week. My work is keeping me busy because half of the equipment I need is across campus, so I keep running back and forth. My car has been in the shop while they try to hunt down a mysterious water leak that only occurs when the car is with me and not them. I am slightly PMS'd because next week is TOM, although I'm on the pill, so I am not bad, just noticeable to me in food cravings and hormonal emotional changes. Oh, and my moving date is edging closer (2.5 months) and I've made no plans yet.

My eating habits have been suffering due to the insanity. When I stress, even a bit, I tend to crave foods I shouldn't have. Also, with the running around I've been doing, I've been using up more energy which makes me tired and hungry. For the last two days I've allowed myself some leeway to get foods I normal won't allow (i.e., chick-fil-a nuggets and cookies), although I've been tracking and maintaining calories in an acceptable place. Unfortunately, the fat/sugar/sodium problem is apparent in my daily weigh-ins and I'm starting to feel the need to fix that. Today, my only treat is a chocolate/coconut larabar.

Tomorrow I am going to a wedding, and I think that I will allow myself 100% access to any clean food (fruits, veggies, etc.), 1 reasonable piece of cake, and small amounts of non-clean, sugar/fat laden foods. I will bring my gum so I am less tempted to just grab food. I'm not sure if the wedding will be lunch or dinner yet, depends on the weather.

I'm hoping to sort of get-it-together and slightly detox Monday on Kashi, larabars, and juice so that I can get back into healthy eating and less water retaining. I should plan next week's meals. Fun!


Vacation recap

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

So, I went on vacation. I had a blast, I saw my parents, I went to Disney, I spent time in my favorite piano bar, overall, good trip. I had planned to be very good with my diet while on the trip, however, that wasn't quite as successful, but not a complete failure either. Here is what I managed to accomplish:

I worked out 5 of the 7 days, only failed on the last two.
I avoided the popcorn at the piano bar and only drank 3 vodka/club soda/limes per evening.
I made mostly healthy meal choices for dinners
I balanced my carbs and proteins at breakfast
I had tea every morning

Here is what failed:

I snacked between meals, and at least twice this meant ice cream.
I ate huge breakfasts
I made some not-so-good choices for lunches
I had pizza when we got home last night since it was late, and we were tired from travel
I over-ate even the better choices

According to the scale this morning, I am at 172 up from 164 when I started. I know that number is not "real" because I am sitll bloated and processing the junk that I ate. I suspect I will get a more real number tomorrow morning.

Well, back on track, and keeping with it now!


My biggest challenge yet

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I am about to embark on the biggest personal challenge of my new lifestyle that I have attempted so far. I am going on vacation. My goals for vacation are simple: not to lose ground and to continue to be healthy. The biggest problem with the this is that I am going to Disney World. Ack. Here is my current plan:

1. workout daily to my usual intensity
2. eat a healthy breakfast every day and take my vitamins
3. snack only on food choices that contain mostly fruits/vegetables
4. drink plenty of water
5. limit alcohol, 1 drink at dinner, no more than 2 in the evenings, one day of playing in epcot, but drinks must be split with my DH
6. choose healthy entrees and eat with appropriate zone ratios
7. choose fruit dessert options, eat only a few bites of dessert
8. chew gum, not munch, if I switch to gum after i eat a sufficient amount of meal, i can keep portions controlled

I think I can manage this. It is going to be tough, especially since my dh plans to thwart me at every opportunity, he thinks vacations are a good excuse to "go off the diet". I think learning to extend my healthy lifestyle to a vacation is an important thing to do. Fortunately, he always sleeps later than me, so my morning workouts should be perfect.


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~LUNA~ 4/27/2008 2:22PM

    These sound like reasonable goals. You should be able to follow them. Plus, you'll be walking a LOT more than you usually do, unless your occupation is postal carrier or something! That'll burn up any extra calories that a few bites of indulgence brings. Have fun!

emoticon Luna

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My body is starting to really get used to my bi-monthly fasting. Now, I don't take in zero calories, but I limit myself to milk, juice, tea, and water and occasionally pieces of a protein bar when my body requires it. It used to be so hard, and my stomach would rumble and shout at me, and I wouldn't be able to watch commercials on tv because of all the food. The last time, I actually felt satisfied throughout the day and today is feeling the same. I had milk and green tea for breakfast, and have had 1.5 cups of 100% grape juice throughout the day since then, and 1/4 of a protein bar after a light cardio workout. I really need this fast this time, because I went off diet this weekend, and my body is still trying to process and be rid of the crap i put into it, especially the sodium. I have been so bloated. I'm hoping by tomorrow morning, I have completed the processing and will be back to an acceptable weight. The scale said 165.2 this morning, so I suspect it will be 163.something, because I usually am 2lbs lighter after a fast.

I wouldn't reccommend fasting with any kind of dietary concerns or without being willing to eat something at the first sign of weakness/dizzyness. Also, I prefer to continue consuming calories in liquid form, but all natural and easy to deal with. My husband prefers a zero calorie fast, but he has more fat storage than I do still, and better appetite control, my body is used to eating every 3 hours!


The Unconcious Mind

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I have been reading some books lately (the MindBody Prescriptiony and Getting the Love You Want for interested folks) on different topics, but both of which attribute many things about our personality and physical body to the unconscious mind, or id, or child. Essentially, the stuff our body deals with on a non-logical level. I haven't read the original Freud yet, but it's on my to do list. ANYWAY -- based on what I've been reading, I have lots of unconscious training to repress various aspects of my personality, in me especially, these aspects include emotive responses to things, the ability to accept criticism and error, and a generally relaxed feeling about life. What this means, is that I tend to be a cold, anxious, perfectionist. I now know how this affects my marriage and my muscles, but I am extrapolating now to my eating habits. This week, my husband took a "boys" vacation to San Francisco with a friend to see some baseball games. I thought that I was having a great time without him, i left cabinets open, I made a general mess of things, and I came home at random hours. However, I have had an increasing craving all week for bad foods, that I have been unable to get rid of. Today, I completely lost it and had some Mickey D's, and some cookie dough, and some girl scout cookies, it was bad. The weird part, I feel physically full right now, but still want more cookie dough and bad food. I'm not, it will make me feel sick, and I'm not that stupid. I just realized (after eating it all of course) that I probably am repressing the emotive feelings I avoid about missing my out-of-town husband (we're still newlyweds too) and they are surfacing as insatiable cravings. I know I have been an emotional eater, but apparently, I am an emotional eater even when I can't connect with the emotion. Wow. At least I am aware of this now, and hopefully the next time it happens, I will recognize it. My husband should be home in about 5 hours, so I think I can make it until then.

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ERINLY 5/11/2008 10:27PM

    That book sounds pretty interesting. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for it.

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