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Day 9: Carrots

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today was a carb day. I ate a whole lot of grapes and carrots. It could have been cookies. This was certainly better. I did all my workouts.

Onward and upward.

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TOTHEFUTURE1 1/10/2010 12:35AM

    Your blog name caught my attention because I hate cooked carrots but love raw ones. I have a rule when eating out less than 5 and I will eat them but any more never! I use them myself when cooking but pick them out before I serve myself.

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Day 8: Smoothies are Awesome

Friday, January 08, 2010

For Christmas, mom got me a smoothie maker. It's essentially a tiny blender, but the cup part is one serving sized and has a lid to drink out of. So, tonight, being a low carb night, after my workout I through in the smoothie maker: 1/4 c rice milk, 1/2 c water, 1/4 cup Greek yogurt, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1.5 scoops Aria chocolate protein powder, 2 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tbsp flax seed, and a packet of stevia and about 6 ice cubes. It was delicious. I actually dumped it out and ate half of it with a spoon then drank it once it melted. Another perfect post-workout snack.

The rest of my low carb day went well, and tomorrow is my carb day which means lots of fruit and potatoes in the beef stew for dinner! I'm having friends over for dinner tomorrow, so I'll have to do all my workouts during the day, and I sleep in Saturdays, so essentially every two hours I'll be working out and on the inbetween hours I'll be snacking. No time to screw up this weekend!

My workouts are rocking. i think my shoulders are getting stronger, but right now they just ache, whew! Maybe I can convince hubby to give me a back rub? We'll see. I went up 1.3 pounds this morning, but I'm pretty sure that's a fluke of sorts and will sort itself out quickly. Wii fit asked me about my weight gain, but I had to say I don't know. Probably my achy shoulders are holding onto water. The new program just started Wed., and that Pyramid is killer!

So, dinner tonight was an awesome success. I sauteed up chicken, onions, green and orange peppers, celery, green beans, spinach, and chickpeas in olive oil and then added some sherry and lemon juice and spiced with garlic salt, Mrs. Dash, basil, lots of parsley, and a dash of dill and right at the end threw in halved cherry tomatoes. My hubby had his with quinoa and feta, I had mine with a side of tzatziki (sliced cucumbers in Greek yogurt spiced with salt, pepper, and dill). Yummy and Elimination Diet friendly and low carb. Woohoo.

Well, I'm off to read and sleep and such.

Onward and upward.

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JENISNAPE 1/9/2010 10:49AM

    Sounds like a great plan! I think it probably is just water retention. Going up a little usual sorts it's self out the next day :)
Keep it up! emoticon

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Day 7: Deviled Eggs

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Today was a low carb day, so I got creative with my evening snack. I took one hardboiled egg and made a low-carb deviled egg with mustard, Greek yogurt, Mrs. Dash, and Paprika, ( a la Isabel De Los Rios www.thedietsolutionprogram.co
), I had some mixed nuts, and I made a slaw of chopped radishes and carrots with sesame oil, apple cider vinegar, and a teensy bit of teriyaki sauce. All yummy and great post-workout!

My workouts today were tough! I did the Pyramid again when I got home from work, and then just a few hours later I was doing even more push-ups and squats and shoulder presses and I wasn't sure I would, but I did, and it was awesome!

I'm still feeling good. Still on track. Still doing what I need to do.

Onward and upward.

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MJSCHUMAN 1/13/2010 1:31PM

    Thanks for the link. I'm a week behind you in the Meltdown. It's my first low carb day. I'll be following you the whole 30 days so thanks for the inspiration!

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PRUPLEBEAR 1/10/2010 8:28PM

    That snack sounds great!

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JENISNAPE 1/9/2010 10:50AM

    Sounds like a great snack! :) emoticon

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HLTHYLIVNCCJ 1/7/2010 9:45PM

    You are amazing Melissa. The low carb dinner sounds fabulous. May have to try that meal soon myself. Take care and have a wonderful rest of the week and a great weekend! emoticon

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Day 6: New Workout!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

This morning was a brand new workout in Dax Moy's Meltdown ( www.londonpersonaltrainingstudio.com ). This one was a pyramid where the number of reps increase each round for a while and then decrease. Whew! It was much tougher than it looked, and I didn't make it down the whole thing before the 20 minute time. I feel seriously worked out today, oh yes.

My diet has gone pretty well too, considering it was low carb. Although, day 1 of low carb is not usually too bad for me, and I never drop too low since I'm on metformin so I allow for things like carrots, tomatoes, and beans, but no fruit or starch.

Anyway, I'm a little late, but Dax wanted a weigh-in/remeasure so here I am on Day 6 as compared to Day 1. My measurements are a bit all over the place, but it has been that time of the month, so, you know.

Weight: 163.4 - 162.5
thigh (4in above knee) - 17" - 17.25"
thigh (8in above knee) - 19.5" - 19.5"
hips - 40" - 39.75"
belly - 40" - 39.75"
waist - 32" - 33.5"
chest - 33" - 31.25"
boobs - 42" - 41"
neck - 12.5" - 12.25"
arm - 11.5" - 11.5"

And some new pics.
Old - New

Not much change yet, but I expect to be on the slow end of this, so I'm not too concerned. After this week of low carb and TOM, my starting numbers by next week should rock!

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    Wow you are really brave to post your pictures! I am too chicken, vain, horrified, or all 3 to do the same. Never heard of Dax (but then that's not surprising, as I have almost everything to learn). They will be great pix for before & after.

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Day 5: Changes Ahead

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

So, I am rolling along and along and along. My legs are starting to get really tired between the squats (in 3 of the 4 workouts I'm doing) and stair climbing (my 4th cardio workout), but they are holding together.

Food is still good. I really don't feel tempted by sweets right now at all, which is great. I know that in general the cravings go down when I stop eating that way, but my chocolate bug still fights me. I'm keeping it chilled out with 75% and 80% dark chocolate in tiny pieces. Working so far.

So, my program is soon to be calling for low-carb days, which can be tough on me being IR. I'm going to go as low as I feel comfortable (meaning that if I actually get pre-hypoglycemic symptoms, I have something) and it's only for 3 days in a row, which I usually can handle.

The hardest part about low-carb is not having my cheese to fall back on. I'm hoping that my Christmas present smoothie maker gets here soon because then I can have low-glycemic protein and yogurt smoothies! Oh, and I can add peanut butter to those, yum!

Okay, well, I feel good for tonight and set for tomorrow. There is also a new workout, no more than 20min, but it looks like a toughie, should be exciting.

And now, I'm done early for the evening, so I think I'll read my book for a bit. I'm reading The Historian, it's about Vlad Dracula and I enjoy it much so far.

Onward and upward!

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PRUPLEBEAR 1/6/2010 6:27AM

    Great job! Keep up all your great work!

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JENISNAPE 1/6/2010 4:24AM


Your doing a great job :)

I love adding peanut better to my smoothies!

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HLTHYLIVNCCJ 1/5/2010 11:00PM

    You are such an inspiration Melissa! Sounds like you are doing wonderful! Catch you on the posts! emoticon

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MRSMELVIN1 1/5/2010 9:22PM

    When you start using your smoothies maker try using Greek yogurt. It has more protein and it makes your smoothies thicker.

Great job!!


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