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Friday, September 18, 2009

Today was a good day. My work went well, although busy, my eating went well, and I did a kick-ass workout.

I would LOVE to see some scale progress tomorrow, but I'm not expecting much. It just hasn't been moving lately. However, I should do a quick measurement tomorrow, so maybe I lost inches in the meantime.

Tomorrow is Rock Band Beatles night! I'm so excited! I'm also going to help a friend adapt a reicpe for cheese cookies she makes to be gluten-free, always exciting. I think I'm going to buy chickpea flour for them, and mix it with millet and tapioca starch.

I also have a new no bake recipe to try soon from a friend, looks yummy. Maybe for church Sunday? I'll need coconut milk and sunbutter to do that. Fun!

Ok, off to relax for the rest of this nice Friday night.

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DBELLE39 9/19/2009 11:19AM

    I agree with the prior posts ---don't put a lot of stock into the reading you get from the scale. My biggest motivator is noticing the difference in my body & how much more loose my clothes are fitting!

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MOMMYOF2CUTIES 9/19/2009 9:49AM

    That scale can be discouraging at times, that was me last week. However I can tell in my workouts that I am definitely making a difference in my bodies, not so out of breath now and I can do longer workouts without feeling it. You're doing it right, even if the scale doesn't show it! Today's my last day for Week 1 of C25K, first time running on the road instead of a treadmill. Should be fun!

Hang in there.


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NANCY- 9/19/2009 9:08AM

    Don't worry about the scale... look at all the good you did for you health.

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Honestly, I think the world's going to end bloody ...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

... But it doesn't mean we shouldn't fight. We do have choices. I choose to go down swingin'.

Today's quote is courtesy of Dean Winchester of Supernatural. I'm currently incredibly obsessed with that show, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with this blog.

I've been doing what I'm supposed to be doing, with little to show, but that's okay. I know how it works. I keep at it. I'm enjoying my C25K, just finished week 2. I'm a little nervous about the 3 minute run in the set on Sat. I'll make sure I get to a good song on the shuffle at that point.

Ok, gotta watch my show and hope for good things on the scale tomorrow!

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TAZLUVS69S 9/18/2009 10:06PM

    great job...

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NANCY- 9/18/2009 10:02AM

    You may think that there is little to show... but you have done a lot. Just staying with it helps keep you healthy and that is a big deal.

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SHPHYS 9/18/2009 9:20AM


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MOMMYOF2CUTIES 9/18/2009 8:52AM

    Yey! You're doing awesome.


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DBELLE39 9/18/2009 7:52AM

    Keep at it, persistence does pay off in the end! emoticon

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Being defeated is often temporary ...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

... giving up makes it permanent.

Today I'm not terribly defeated, but I should keep this in mind since there are still cupcakes at home. If I have a few, ok, if I eat more than I planned, okay but don't use it as an excuse to go all and crazy! I have to at least try and maintain through Sat., and then be really good on Sun for Monday weigh-in. Since we are going out to dinner Fri and Sat and out to breakfast Sun, this could be tough.

Anyway, I'm at work right now doing my blog entry early. I have a turkey in the crockpot at home with some potatoes, and tonight I am going to make my sister's Princess Aurora Halloween costume, or at least a good chunk of it. That should keep me busy and away from cupcakes.

I also need to get in some aerobic exercise tonight, I don't know if my husband will want to walk or not. If not, I have a stationary bike for a reason!

Ok, I should stop procrastinating and work during my last half hour at work. Bye all!

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ME2448 8/27/2009 10:07PM

    I agree

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SHPHYS 8/27/2009 8:43PM

    good for you, staying on track

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HLTHYLIVNCCJ 8/27/2009 5:05PM

    You are an inspiration Melissa! Very well said on everything. It is fine if we have a small ingdulgence now and then, but it is only when we continue to indulge and through everything out the window that we are defeated. Like you, I may take a moment to stop and enjoy a little of life, but I stay focused on the future. Enjoy the time with your sister! Oh, by the way...I am the same way regarding a stationary bike. Have trouble getting hubs to walk or exercise much.

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MNABOY 8/27/2009 4:52PM

    I love it. You are working the plan and not stressing. For me the stressing is the time and place I go off the deep end and would have to run 55 miles with a 150 lb barbell to burn the excess calories off. Thanks for helping me keep focused on the trek to healthy living and avoiding the stress of the world.

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Quick Update

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Very quick.

Today: 100% on up until dinner then some cupcakes. I ate them mostly around my workout though, so I hope to use them to build muscle!

Onward through tomorrow!

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DHAZ09 8/27/2009 12:33PM

    Oh I just love cupcakes - so hard to resist!! emoticon
I'm sure you burned it right off emoticon

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When eating a fruit ...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

,,, think of the person who planted the tree.

I had some blueberries for snack and a peach with dinner. Both were local, so my people who planted the tree were local.

My sister has been very good about the fact that I'm low-carbing. I made an awesome Cobb salad for dinner, it was pretty and striped and everything. It also had 6 protein sources: ham, chicken, bacon, chickpeas, boiled egg, and feta.

Then I went walking with my husband, no sister there though.

However, my sister did share a brie and some dark chocolate with me, and I had a peach with mine and she had crackers. It was enjoyable.

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BILLYJOEL1 8/25/2009 10:39PM

    A lot of thing that we can think when we eat a fruit..lol

emoticon emoticon

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