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Challenge Myself

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've discovered that being a competitive person is really useful when dieting. Especially when you have any other people trying to lose weight around you, because it really can be all about competition (as long as nobody loses). I really jumped into dieting for real, when my husband started catching up to my weight. Now, I'm 5'7" and he's 6'2", so when he weighed 230 and I weighed 195, that was too close for comfort. It's been an exciting competition, I'm at 168 and he's at 218. We are both getting closer to our goals, which are healthy BMIs. I've also really gotten rolling with 1-Day Challenge, because I can challenge myself to do little things. It also helps having OCD tendencies, because I am particular about keeping my calories in range and getting enough exercise minutes. Of course, all of this is in opposition to my brain which wants more cookies (even though it is well aware that cookies are bad for my blood sugar). I compete with my brain too, how can I outsmart the brain today?

Now, I have to go and do my newest challenge, increase my fitness for April by adding a 10 minute min-workout to my day. Yay!

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GRACIEDEE 4/2/2008 5:28PM

    I'm competitive too and I use it at the gym to my advantage. For example, I will stay on the treadmill as long as the person next to me or try to keep pace with them. It's probably a really negative trait that I should work to improve on but it works for me! And I agree, that's why I love the 1-Day Challenge Team. It's a mini competition every day!!!

Congratulations on your weight loss. You really look great!

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Elimination Fun

Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm going to start eliminating things from my diet in 2 week segments to see if I can find any links I was unaware of. This should be exciting. Here is my list to work on:


This could get difficult. I'll get started with MSG today or tomorrow.


Healthy Fibro?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Being healthy with fibromyalgia is like living a paradox. I work out plenty, I am strong, I have a certain amount of endurance, my heart can recover well, in all the most testable ways, I am very healthy. However, I get killed walking up a flight of stairs. Every time without fail. Stairs somehow do something to my body that it simply can't handle, and my legs will burn, my head will throb, my pulse will race, and I will be out of breath after just one flight at a normal pace. If I am slow and careful, I can avoid these symptoms, but only for 1-2 flights, any more, and my body can't stand it. This has always created an interesting situation for me in which I like to go to the gym, but always have to take the elevators between the locker rooms and the exercise rooms. You always get funny looks for those things, but I've gotten used to being "that person". I've even rehearsed what I would say to someone who felt the need to comment on my elevator use in the gym, but no one ever has (whew!). But, still, I feel like I live a paradox. One thing I have learned from all this: look for ranch style houses!


Diet Soda Issues

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I cannot take one more uninformed news article about the diet soda problem. Just in case you aren't aware, let me sum up the two recent studies that have started this nonsense:

1) rats fed artificial sweetener ate more calories than rats fed sugar

2) a correlation was found between drinkers of diet soda and obesity/related health issues.

Here are my opinions of these articles, and I am a biologist (PhD), I am familiar with scientific methods, and research, and statistics, and with general human anatomy and physiology.

1) rats are not humans. Humans eat for various reasons, they enjoy food, they want to sooth emotions and feel better, they eat with company, they are bored. Rats eat because they are hungry. Just because a rat thinks it ate something useful and it turned out to be artificial sweetener, and the rat ended up eating more to compensate, doesn't mean that humans will do that.

2) correlation is not cause. There are three possibilities for this correlation, a: diet soda causes obesity, does that sound logical? no, it really doesn't. b: obesity causes people to drink diet soda, which is possible, obese people will often switch to diet to try and improve their situation or c: a third reason cause both diet soda drinking and obesity, for example, the attitude that if you drink diet soda, you can wash down an entire bag of Doritos with it, but you won't gain weight because the soda was diet. I prefer either b or c to a. Think about it.

In conclusion, sweeteners do not affect our consumption of calories even remotely as much as our attitudes do. If you watch your food intake, keep and eye on your calories, and drink two diet sodas a day, you can lose weight. My husband lost 130 lbs that way. Also, if you bother to completely read the actual science the journalism is based on, you are likely to find the above conclusions, although, not as succinct, in the discussion section. Try it.

Do research and change attitudes to lose weight, don't just ditch diet soda because that's what the news says is cool to do this week.


Calorie Cycling

Friday, March 21, 2008

I am stuck in a bit of a plateau, and therefore, I am going to cycle calories for a bit, while staying on the zone. Fun. Here is my calorie plan:

Today: 1227
3/22: 1700
3/23: 2100
3/24: 600 (fast day)
3/25: 1200
3/26: 1700
3/27: 1400
3/28: 1600
3/29: 2200
3/30: 1400
3/31: 1200
4/1: 1500
4/2: 1600
4/3: 1100
4/4: 1300
4/5: 1500
4/6: 2300
4/7: 600 (fast day)

There, that's a good two weeks worth of cycling planned to get my body jumping. I even planned the highest calories days when I know I'm going to either be going out for meals or in situations with extra food. Yay! Here's to smashing my plateau.

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CRAZYNANA2 3/22/2008 10:14AM

good plan.. I try to do that too..Seems to work for me.I stay within my range. Good luck to you on smashing that plateau...

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