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Sunday, April 26, 2009

So, I need some real, pictoral accountability. I like those transformation contests I see all over the internet, so I am gong to do my own transformation and be accountable by taking pictures as often as possible. At least weekly, maybe even daily. Here are my starting photos in the bikini that I would like to wear out in July:

This is my starting point. I will post weight and measurements tomorrow morning after I Wii Fit (the balance board must miss me terribly!).

My goal is to seriously transform, and to do that by eating to maximize weight loss and the ability to stick to my program. By exercising often and taking opportunities throughout the day to get activity in.

I did an "unintentional" wheat experiment yesterday and today. I know that I've been feeling crummy lately while eating wheat, and I had a solo to sing this morning so I wanted to be on top of my game, so I stopped eating wheat after about 3pm yesterday. I ate plenty of food, including gluten-free apple kuchen and pancakes and chocolate of many kinds, but I felt great. Right after church, I dove back into the wheat, and my tummy became unhappy again rather quickly. This is definitely my final necessary evidence that antibodies or not, wheat is no longer my friend.

Anyway, no more junk, onto the new, and improved, and awesome looking in a bikini me!

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JENISNAPE 4/27/2009 4:33AM

    Yay! You can totally do it!
My mom took photos of my step father, and the difference between the photos was UNREAL !
He lost a lot and he looked like a totally different person. I'm really proud of him. And my mom is on the last leg of her weight loss too.
So good luck! And you really will be happy you took those before shots :)

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MA2DAPPLES 4/26/2009 11:14PM

    The gluten free apple kuchen sounds interesting. Is it really that good?

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The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Whew, conferences are a great way to get off-plan! Especially the kind with all-included meals and plenty of snacks during the breaks. I'm sure I ate too much this week. I definitely ate enough wheat (ouch!) for some serious antibody action (if it's going to happen) or at least enough to remember why I shouldn't be eating it. I'm pretty sure I also gained 10 pounds.

Anyway, as of tomorrow I am back on track, and I have a new and improved plan that should last for a while. It includes carb cycling and cheat meals. I'll put the basic layout up here with options and then this week's specific plan.

Monday: Low carb day including high-fiber fruit, all vegetables, some beans, but no grains
Tuesday: Bump up carbs in the morning with pancakes/toast with breakfast, cereal and granola bars as part of morning snack and lunch, lower carb/no grain dinner
Wednesday: Medium/low carb morning with a high carb dinner and no restrictions on snacks other than including protein
Thursday: Low carb day like Monday
Friday: Bump up carbs in the morning, low carb dinner like Tuesday
Saturday: Medium/low carb morning, high carb dinner and cheat for snack
Sunday: Cheat in the morning with Sunday baked goods and lunch, medium carb snacks/dinner

Now, for this week:

Sunday: egg/bacon, church for morning snack and lunch, leftover spaghetti squash, steak with dried plum sauce and wild rice and salad, yogurt with protein and fruit

Monday: eggs/bacon/veggies, greek yogurt and fruit and peanut butter, veggies and hummus and leftovers, hot dog/sausage and edamame, steak with carmelized onions and maple-glazed carrots and mashed cauliflower, yogurt with fruit

Tuesday: Pancakes and bacon and 1 fried egg, Greek yogurt with fruit and cereal, leftovers and granola bar, veggies and hummus and nuts, BBQ apple chicken with bacon and sweet potato fries, yogurt with protein and fruit

Wednesday: 2 eggs and one small pancake and bacon, Greek yogurt and fruit, veggies and hummus and leftovers, apples and celery and yogurt and a granola bar, Out for sushi for dinner, dessert?

Thursday: like Monday with Strawberry, chicken, and spinach salad for dinner

Friday: Like Tuesday with butternut squash, corn, and chicken chowder for dinner and snack out at church function.

Saturday: eggs/pancake/bacon morning, leftovers lunch, fruit and yogurt and veggies snacks. Dinner is uncertain because Bill may be home, may be not.

I have a new workout plan too, but I'll wait on that. However, I should work out today, because I haven't yet, oops!


If you’re going to be able to look back on something and laugh about it, you might as well laugh abo

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Man, do I feel crummy today. Last night we had a party, and I not only ate too much, I clearly ate too much wheat. I then did a good job of bringing all the leftovers to church, but did a bad job of eating a bit more there (those mostly I stuck with the awesome GFCFSF banana cookies from glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com). However, I made the greatest butterscotch cake for Bill this weekend. I took a white cake mix, substituted a little less coconut oil for the oil and added about a 1/4 cup lowfat sour cream in place of one egg white and a little less water (for a more dense cake). Then I added butterscotch chips to the batter. Then I made some butterscotch (heat butter and sugar until it turns brown) and swirled it (quickly before the butterscotch hardens!) into the batter, and baked the cake. I iced it with french vanilla canned icing (like buttercream) and topped it with more butterscotch chips. It was great, a hit at both the party and at church!

Anyway, my body is terribly unhappy with this wheat-fest I've been on all weekend. I need to be careful now because I'm flying to DC tomorrow for a four-day conference, and I don't want to feel crummy on the plane or at the conference, so I need to curb the wheat intake without stopping it all together. I also realized that my blood test is in less than two weeks, so I should probably step up the wheat thing a bit for a while, which will invariably increase my calories too. I think until May 1st I am going to not try for fat loss. I'll train minimally (for me, which is still quite a bit) and keep up my muscle tone, but not worry about my weight until May 1st. Then I am stepping up the fat loss to get down to at least 140 for real, and maybe 135 if I can keep it going. This will include a refocused diet, pretty much elimination of wheat (how stringent will depend on the blood work), and a well-planned training routine, along with planned treats and cheats.

Anyway, I will be on my trip starting tomorrow at 7am until Thursday night, so I may or may not get on here again until Friday (depends on how boring the conference is!).

Later, y'all!


The best inspiration is not to outdo others, but to outdo ourselves.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today, I walked to the mall from work. Typically, I take the bus (which costs $1.25 until I pay $20 to get a new UMass ID), but the weather was nice and we were intending to go out to dinner, so I thought I would walk. I mapmyrun'd it and it was only 3.5-ish miles. It was a nice enjoyable walk. There was a short segment along the split road that was not really walking-friendly, but not awful. Then I went to Whole Foods and grabbed all their visible free samples to recharge, including the Friday wine tasting! (I ended up buying two of the wines, but they were good and partially for the party tomorrow).

Dinner went well. I wanted to eat wheat (since I'm supposed to until the 30th for blood test purposes) but not too much because I knew I would feel crummy later. I had just one piece of bread, and felt fine with that. We split some fried calamari, which I ate slowly. I ordered penne with chicken and scallops and red peppers and chard (really, I just wanted the chard!), and I even left quite a few penne on the plate. I then went with the flourless chocolate espresso-torte with extra homemade whipped cream (sooo delicious). I did not overstuff myself. I'm happy with my choices. I did have a small Friendly's sundae tonight and some leftover Easter candy, but not too much. I also did my upper body workout and push-ups when I came home before the treats.

I've determined what my push-up problem is. I need more ab strength. The thing that kills me with push-ups is that my lower back starts to hurt, which based on what I've read, means my abs are too weak to hold me up for that long. My new goal is to do ab exercises daily, good ones too, not just "crunches". I'm doing planks, spiderman climbs, various lower ab exercises, etc. along with some focused crunches.

Tomorrow is Bill's party, and there will be food galore! The majority of my eating plan for tomorrow is a normal breakfast (maybe a scramble or omelet with what's left of the fresh asparagus and feta!), and then stick with fruits, vegetables, and yogurt until dinner. BTW - the winner for the higher-protein lower-cal snack item is edamame! I don't know why I didn't think of that, I even have some in my freezer! I'll just throw a few frozen pods in my lunchbox, and maybe a small bag with some sea salt. I can zap them in the microwave in water in my teacup, and boom, snack! I'm also making a few other dietary changes in the near future including trying to limit my dairy to yogurt more often (and make higher-fat yogurts) and save the cheese for dinner, decreasing my dinner grains and eating more sweet potatoes vs. regular potatoes. I'm also going to try and eat more egg whites for snacks along with the edamame. Protein definitely satisfies me better than anything. I'm not sure when this will happen though since I'm out of town next week, and my wheat-eating continues through the 30th. Probably May. Good, more time to plan!

Tomorrow morning I'm going to run intervals to the little grocery store for tomatoes for Bill! Then bake him a cake with butterscotch chips for his party, though I might replace the eggs/oil in the cake mix with diet sprite, applesauce, or other item, not sure what yet. We'll see. We'll also see if he sees this ... hehehe.


If we think happy thoughts, we will be happy. If we think miserable thoughts, we will be miserable.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I found an interesting podcast today (http://weightloss.podomatic.com/) that is teaching me the mental skills required to lose my stubborn weight and survive temptation. The idea is to use various kinds of mental imagery to retrain my subconscious mind to help me out instead of fighting me. You subconscious mind is very aware of things like how good you feel immediately after eating something high in quick carbs and fats, but terribly unaware of how that goes right to my belly and is impossible to burn off. What I need to do, is make my subconscious mind more aware that not having that belly would make me much happier than the few minutes of pleasure I get from a brownie, and then learn to turn that on when needed. I like what I've heard so far. Anyway, here are a few of the things they suggest.

1) write a mission statement with specifics and a date. I thought about that for a bit, and I haven't quite come up with something yet. I'm thinking about two possibilities, one is to make it my mission to lose 4 inches around my waist in 4 months. That should be possible. the second thing I'm thinking is instead of having a physical goal, have a mental goal of being able to avoid temptation and stop eating for stress relief, although I'm not sure how I would measure that or by when I would achieve it. I'll start with the measurable one:

I will lose 4 inches around my waistline by September 1st, 2009. To obtain my goal, I will exercise daily, including at least 4 days of strength and 3 of cardio each week. I will make healthy food choices, including choosing protein instead of carbs. I will not use food as a crutch for stressful or boring situations. As a result of my inches lost, I wish to achieve a better body image and to feel good in a bikini, to wear a size 6 comfortably, to have a healthier attitude about food.

2) they suggest journaling, especially how you feel when you eat. I pretty much do that here. It's the best I've ever done with keeping a journal, so I'm going to stick with it!

3) shifting your emotional response to food. One thing to do it develop a mantra to continously repeat while you are trying to deal with emotions of food, and one that uses only positive words, such as "I'm thin, fit, and healthy". They suggest never saying "don't eat [blank]" because as soon as you aren't supposed to do something, it is all you want to do! Also, they suggest dissociating yourself from the emotions of food. Act like you are watching your unhealthy self devouring that delicious thing on a movie screen, step back and watch it. Then picture your healthy self. From an un-emotional, third party position, that ice cream is not nearly as satisfying as the healthy body, right?

Anyway, that's a lot (like 6 little podcasts) for one day. So, enough said. My usual big issue is practicing these so that I get in the habit of using my mantra and dissociating BEFORE grabbing the food and then falling into my downward cycle. That means every day, I need to imagine something delicious, and then vividly imagine myself handling it. Your subconscious doesn't know the difference between real and vividly imagined, so I can train this way.

Today was a good eating day overall. I was more hungry than I like between meals/snacks, but I just nibbled at the almonds in my lunch box and managed perfectly fine. I do want to look for something less calorically dense than almonds to munch on, but with less sugars than fruit, but enough of something to keep me going (celery sticks ain't going to do it). Anyone know a high protein, less dense than carrots vegetable that would work here? I still need to workout, but it will happen. That part I like!

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NANCY- 4/17/2009 11:09AM

    I agree, we do have to train our brain. The more positive we are the more likely we can create new healthy habits.

As far as replacing the almonds, perhaps if there was a bit of protein (like peanut butter) with the celery, it would be more satisfying. I also like baby cucumbers. String cheese or and ounce of reduced fat cheddar can be paired with grapes for a nice snack.

For me I have to figure out why I want to mindlessly munch, Apparently I have issues. ;-)

You are on the right track. emoticon

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