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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So, all of my bloodwork came back normal. I figured that would happen. Anyway, what that means is one of a few options 1) I still have Celiac's, but the antibodies hadn't built up in my system enough to show up on the test due to being gluten-free for three months 2) I have non-Celiac wheat and/or gluten sensitivity/intolerance or 3) whatever the problem was has healed enough that unless I overload, it won't bother me again. Bill would like 3 and will deal with 2. I don't know if I care much, I can avoid wheat pretty easily now, and if I don't ever show antibodies, I'll assume that contamination won't hurt me badly. However, between now and my next GI appointment (about 6 weeks from now) I am meant to enjoy a gluten containing diet. I plan to stay on track and within calories as much as possible (actually, for sweet treats, I'll probably stick with gluten-free just to not confound the sugar/wheat response) but to eat wheat as often as I can. This will mean buying wheat germ in place of flax, having lots of pasta and bread, and probably grabbing some South Beach and Fiber One bars for snacks. I am not crazy however, no matter how this goes down, if I feel too sick to eat or workout, I will go back to my wheat-free diet. I would rather not know for sure what's wrong than feel like crap.

Today, I made "Pasta" e Fagioli with ground turkey. I might have left out the pasta entirely (low carb day). It was still good. Diced tomatoes, processed onions, garlic, and spinach, celery, whtie beans, kidney beans, and ground turkey, spiced with plenty of oregano and fennel and some basil, and topped with mozzarella cheese. We had salad with Caesar dressing on the side. This morning for my morning snack I made a nice dip with my Greek yogurt by adding onion powder, cayenne pepper, Mrs. Dash, chives, and dill. I dipped red and green peppers, green beans, and cherry tomatoes.

BTW - eating slightly less than half of what would have been dinner for lunch the next day is working out great. I have lunch mostly ready to go, and it tastes good, and is different every day. Perfect.

Tonight I did another exercisetv workout, a 45 min yoga fitness workout. Lots of standing and balance poses, and a few too many chatarangas (yoga push-ups) but a great workout! This morning I did my intervals with Wii Fit jogging. Tomorrow starts high cals, carbs, and weight training again, yay, more muscles!


I allow balance to flow through me and to act as me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wow, I made the greatest tasting meal for dinner tonight. I was literally licking the plate afterward. I made a Cuban style pork and beans dish loosely based on this meal from recipezaar. www.recipezaar.com/Gatorbeks-Cuban-P

Anyway, I cooked the pork in with the beans instead of separately. I added diced red and green peppers along with the onion and cooked it all in homemade chicken stock (from my whole chicken!). I spiced it with a good amount of oregano, Mrs. Dash, crushed red pepper, garlic powder, dried cilantro (quite a bit), and a good bit of cumin. So delicious! I'm low-carb right now, but this could be eaten with rice.

I have also made a yummy low-carb dessert/snack I've been having this week. I mix 1/2 cup of homemade yogurt with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (natural, no added crap), 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (Aria brand), and topped with 1 Tbsp of slivered almonds. I love it! I had a variation on that for snack this morning with strained yogurt, cocoa powder, peanut butter, and stevia, but I used too much stevia and it was a bit too sweet. Next time, half as much stevia. I always find it exciting to say that something is too sweet for me now!

I also did quite a crazy jumping around aerobics workout from exercisetv.tv, I was going to add a small bodyweight circuit after it, but I totally didn't need to, it was tough! Lots of 30 sec intervals. Lots of burn in my muscles. I learned recently that anaerobic exercise promotes an increase of human growth hormone, which promotes fat burning. I like that. However, it promotes fat burning by messing with blood sugar usage vs fat usage, and I need to keep it from messing with my metformin. However, I do believe that this is one of the reasons my blood sugar seems to drop sharply after an intense workout. Increased HGH keeps my body from using sugar in my blood, and no matter what, my body has difficulty using fat efficiently, so my cells lose glucose quickly. Hopefully, if I can always put my intense exercise within an hour before eating, I think I can use this without getting hypoglycemic. I think I am going to add some short bursts of anaerobic exercise to my workdays by going up and down the stairs quickly. One full run up down and up again (4 floors, 3 flights) is usually more than enough for leg burning and should only take a few minutes. I'm aiming for 2-3 times a day about an hour before my meal/snack.

I came down in weight to 149.5 this morning, yay, back under 150! I just have to maintain it now. Tomorrow is the last low carb day, then I add back carbs and come up to 1800-1900 calories. I'm currently at 1500-1600. I also start the intense weight lifting again. My arms are starting to look really nice though!


We either make ourselves happy or miserable. The amount of work is the same

Monday, March 09, 2009

Our DVR is having issues. Maybe it doesn't like 24, or Lost, or other things, but it seems to randomly decide not to work. Unfortunately, this means that we miss watching things when are meant to watch them. Not cool. It makes my husband kind of crazy and I'm not thrilled, but I tend to be a big (huge actually) picture person who can shrug it off, and he is a pop culture geek, so it is important to him. Anyway, it makes for no fun in our household. I need to call Comcast and suggest that they owe me money.

However, low-carbing is going reasonably well, more or less. I was super tired today, but I'm not sure if that was related to daylight savings, fat loss, or my body's inability to function. It could be any. However, I didn't crack and hunt for sugar, actually, I didn't really crave the sugar at all, I just intellectually knew it could wake me up. Anyway, the only extra food I had was 3 cherry tomatoes a half and hour before dinner.

I enjoyed what I made for dinner tonight: parmesan encrusted chicken (switched around the meal plan due to forgetting to soak the beans) and roasted veggies. The chicken was dipped in egg white and then grated parmesan (twice) and broiled. The veggies included brussel sprouts, parsnips, carrots, and broccoli, tossed in olive oil, cider vinegar, Mrs. Dash, seal salt, and sage and then roasted and broiled. I thought they were great! Bill not so much. I don't think he is used to the taste of just food, he likes salt, and spices, and other things of that nature, and so just vegetables still doesn't seem to work for him. I'm not sure I can change that easily .... oh well. Occassionally, he won't love my cooking and I will, I can accept that. I like spices too. I'm still less picky.

I'm trying to get some good cardio during this low-carb period as well. This morning, I did the Skinny Bitch workout on On Demand, they are awful, don't buy their video. It was an okay workout, but they were so annoying! Give me Leslie Sansone any day. Tonight I did 20 min of bike intervals and 20 minutes of continuous circuit of 20 of each crunches, squats, push-ups, and dips. Nice. I've lost 6.6 of the 10 lbs I gained during my wheat venture. I'm hoping to drop another few by tomorrow morning. Most of it is water, you know.

Work is getting nuts, but I'm trying to plan effectively to get things done. Our meeting tomorrow has been moved from afternoon to morning, ack, but I can manage 10:30. I also have good data that my boss says is paper worthy ... yay! However, I have to do major revisions to my latest submitted paper, joy! But, major revisions is better than a flat-out rejection, so I'll take it.

Wow, look at that, a complete update! I'm trying to be more consistent again. I don't have a goals list for March exactly, but I haven't stuck well to the other goals lists, so I'm going to wing March. Enjoy!


Monday Menu Plan on Sunday

Sunday, March 08, 2009

My weekly meal plan, for my own purposes and anyone interested. I've finally solved my lunch/dinner dilemma, which I've never discussed before. Essentially, Bill eats a 500 calorie dinner, and I would prefer 300 cals because I have to eat more times to get through my longer day, thus using more calories. Anyway, I've decided to eat 2/5 of my dinner for lunch the next day. That way, my morning snack would be my Greek-style yogurt, lunch would be dinner, and snack is nuts and cheese. Here is dinner:

Monday: Parmesan chicken, roasted brussel sprouts and other veggies
PM: soak beans

Tuesday: Cuban pork and black beans and tomatoes
AM: beans in crockpot
PM: soak beans

Wednesday: Pasta e fagioli sans pasta
AM: beans in crockpot

Thursday: Potato and corn chowder and broiled chicken

Friday: Salsa verde chicken, rice and beans
AM: soak beans

Saturday: Ham, bacon, and asparagus risotto with salad

Sunday: "lasagna" casserole using rice pasta

Mon-Wed are low carb, Thurs-Sun are high/normal carb. Gotta sleep, catch up the hour I missed yesterday.


Always strive to add rungs to your ladder of life

Friday, March 06, 2009

My doctor's appointment went as I expected. I spent about 3 min. talking to the doctor about thing I already know, and went and got blood drawn, and will get the results next week. I'm incredibly glad the wheat thing is over, because last night I got really sick, almost like back in Nov., and felt awful and didn't workout, and didn't want my snack. I know it's bad when I don't want to eat! Fortunately, I slept and this morning I feel good, and I'm not eating wheat at least until I get those results back. I'm pretty convinced wheat and my digestive system don't mix, no matter what the tests say, but if I get negatives then I am likely to try a "normal" (non-gluttonous) wheat containing diet for the next 8 weeks until my follow-up appointment (or until I get really sick again, I'll only go so far for positive results).

The good (maybe?) part about the doctor's appointment is that I had some time while waiting for transportation (2 buses!) to check out this used bookstore in Florence, MA (Florence is a village, 3 pizza places, a diner, and the used book store were pretty much it). I found a book I've been hunting for for years by David Gerrold, When Harlie Was One, great classic AI science fiction. I also bought two other Gerrold books (about Vampires in space!) and two Mercedes Lackey books, and one Indigo Girls piano book, all for just under $20! Yay!

Well, I've been eating junk all week, so I have very little to discuss in terms of food, but I made an awesome dish last night: salsa hamburger pie (adapted from Living on a Dime website). I browned ground turkey with diced tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos and a little ground cayenne pepper and poured that into a baking dish, and put mexican shredded cheese over it. I made cornbread batter (1/5 cup cornmeal, 1/2 whey leftover from yogurt making, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp sugar, 1 egg) and poured that over the top, and then baked at 350 for 25 min. Expect a full meal plan for next week this weekend!

Other than last night, I've also been exercising doing split body supersets with enough reps and weight to make my muscle sore. I'm hoping to put some of those extra calories to good use building muscle. however, Wii Fit tells me I've gained 10lbs since Sat. I know that most of that is water weight, but it doesn't make me happy anyway. That's ok, because Sat-Wed is low carb, so I should lose it all again in that time.

The only major downfall to going back on diet after 5 days of eating lots fo food and especially quick sugars is that my metabolism is still running on the old system, and my blood sugar just took a dramatic drop which I was unprepared for. I had lunch, but lunch was a crust-less quiche and kielbasa, so I'm not sure if it will bring my sugar back up or if i will need to eat half a larabar. I'll give it 20 min and see what happens. Fortunately, that should adjust by tomorrow, plus I won't be running around like a crazy person tomorrow using up sugar that isn't replacing.

Yay for back on diet!!!!


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