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Sunday, February 15, 2009

First of all, life update: I didn't end up having a movie night on Friday ... it's next Friday. Yeah, I know, I do things like that, but we managed, got to come back and watch all our tv shows which we wouldn't have had time for, so I'm cool. Saturday we saw the new Friday the 13th, I liked it, for a slasher movie. Then we had our party, which went very well, plenty of people, plenty of food, goods times were had by all. Today was church, pretty typical. I did meet a new girl there who was from Kent and went to the church there for the last year when I wasn't there and knew all the people I knew! How cool that we met here in Mass! Now we are chilling for the evening.

Next up: exercise. Didn't quite happen the way I wanted it to, but didn't disappear entirely. On Friday I did my morning yoga, and I took a break at work and went for a walk/jog around campus for 30 min. I did quite a bit of jogging, which was great since I haven't jogged outside since August. It is still cold though, but the sidewalks are more clear now so jogging isn't a health hazard. Maybe I'll do that during work some more. I did Wii Fit jogging Sat. morning, but didn't get to any other workout, oops. Today I will do my Project Mayhem challenge, which is personalized to consist of exercises I don't like to do (that's the challenge) and goes like this: 5 sets of 25 reps of these 4 exercises: 1 arm row while balancing my knee/arm on the stability ball, 1 legged squats, anterior raises, calf raises. I'm meant to start this with 5 min warm-up and15 min. intense cardio and end with 10 min cool-down cardio. [UPDATE] I was going to do the workout ... but got distracted. Next time.

Finally, food. It is last because it has the most issues. Let me start by saying, eating well works much better when there is no bad food in the house. Whoops. Since we had no Friday movie night, me and Bill ate all the flourless chocolate cake (which was REALLY good). For the party I made peanut butter fudge (which is crack, I swear it), and rhubarb-strawberry coffee cake with strusel on top. Then we also had various tortilla chips and salsa. Anyway, I was reminded of the one major food hurdle that I haven't yet dealt with, with is compulsive eating. This is the way the night went, I put out the food and ate, and people came and I ate, and we chatted and ate, and put on the movie and ate. I actually started to feel over-full at one point, took a small break, and still kept on feeling the need to eat. Ack. You know it is a problem when your stomach says "stop" and your brain says "eat!"

Anyway, I chatted with an old friend of mine who is good at helping me analyze myself, and we determined that is was likely that essentially, I eat as something to do, because I feel like I can't possibly just be with people without eating. I've always multi-tasked while eating, watching tv, being at gatherings, being social (even within the family). I essentially associate socializing with eating so far that I just keep eating because I can't imagine chatting with someone or watching a movie without food, at least on a subconscious level. It may also have to do with feeling more a part of the situation with food in hand, I know I prefer to walk around coffee hour at church with a cup of tea than with nothing, and I will try to sip it, even when it is empty.

So now I need to retrain my brain so that I don't make these associations anymore. I'm going to try to do this by dissociating food and other activities. This means that starting this week, no more TV or computer with breakfast and I need to find a place to eat my lunch at work that isn't in front of my computer. I'm not going to try to force this on my husband at dinner yet and I'm not sure what I might do or not do with evening snack. But I'm always looking for a new goal ... so here I go!


A moral being is one who is capable of reflecting onhis past actions and their motives

Thursday, February 12, 2009

- of approving of some and disapproving of others.

Today's quote is courtesy of Charles Darwin, Happy 200th Birthday!

He said other good things too, but most of them make more sense to scientists, which is not my major audience.

Anyway, today went well. I did some cloning, which is good because I have quite a few samples and it will take me a while to get through them. I prepped for tomorrow sediment sampling. I also harmonized some of my choral piece and made my meal plan for next week. I'm so productive.

Today for dinner we had a salsa chicken and rice casserole, it also had corn and kidney beans, with cheese on top and sour cream on the side. The remainder of my food was the same as Tuesday. I'm like that, you know. I also made two more things tonight to bring tomorrow to a movie and dinner night at a friend's house. I made an Italian sausage spiced casserole of ground turkey, diced tomatoes, and brown rice, topped with mozzarella cheese. I also made a flourless chocolate cake, it is not healthy, it has a whole cup of powdered sugar in it. It tastes yummy. Flourless chocolate cake is made from sugar, butter, chocolate, and eggs. Simple and delicious, but to be enjoyed in moderation.

I did my turbulence training plus cardio workout today. Supersets of reverse fly and leg curl with ball, split squats and chest press, and push-ups and side planks. Then I went to exercisetv and did a 20 min cardio interval workout with quite a lot of plyo exercises. For the non-exercise crazed, plyo = jumping, a lot, fast, it's hard. The person leading the video was the sort who liked to say "okay, now 8 more" and "okay, now just 8 singles" and then "okay, now pulse" which meant lots of sweat and hopefully lots of calories burned!

I may not get on here again until Sun, because tomorrow is movie night with friends I met at church, and Sat. is our Friday the 13th movie night. This means that we have to see the new movie, prepare for the party, and I have to workout on Sat., then the party is 7pm-ish till bedtime. Ack. I also need to have food for church (though I may bring some party leftovers). Busy, busy. I also need to find time to workout tomorrow, but I'm aiming for a walk-run on campus, just have to remember some sneakers. Maybe I'll pack those now, yes, that would be smart.


Allow me to experience love and loving in ways that I can appreciate.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm going to get an early start on my blog because I am on Day 2 of the double-blind study, and who knows what will happen later. Part of me hopes nothing, part of me something. I am trying really hard not to think about it at all, which is of course, impossible. New subject!

I found out that exercisetv.tv has some of their full length videos online, which is nice because they have 45 min yoga routines. I have two yoga DVDs, one is more cardio the other more holding postures, but both are about that time frame as well. However, I have a limited attention span and like to change up my routine, so tonight I will do one of the exercisetv yoga-fitness routines. I need a little more cardio than usual anyway since this month is all about fat-burning for me.

I am a klutz, in case you don't know me well, or don't remember. I typically avoid making that too well known by avoiding situations in which it will be very apparent. Today, I lost, because in putting the regulator on a new nitrogen tank, I slipped and slammed the thumb side of my hand into the carbon dioxide tank, ouch! Then, good little first-aider that I am, I ran to get some ice so that it wouldn't swell up, and moved my thumb around a lot to make sure I still had range of motion. It looks like I'm going to be fine, except for some mostly internal bruising, not even a scary colored thumb! At the moment it only hurts when I touch the part I hit, or when I do something that puts lots of weight on my thumb. I'm hoping I can manage downward dog, I should because the weight is mostly in the fingers for that pose.

On to my food! Usual breakfast. Snack: greek yogurt, blueberries, agave, flax meal; lunch: Thai green curry coconut chicken with sprouts and cabbage on top; snack: nuts, prunes, and cheddar cheese; dinner: mac and cheese and ham (the flour was used in the cheese sauce, the pasta was rice) with a heaping side of broccoli and cauliflower (1 cup of each before cooking). If I get to snack tonight, it will be my usual yogurt, protein, and strawberry combo.

This morning's workout was WiiFit jogging, which can really be a workout if you want it to be! I did intervals, 30sec slow, 30 sec fast for 10 min. I used some other WiiFit exercises to warm up, and some yoga to cool down. I went 2.5 miles in 10 min. I was sweating and winded. Definitely a workout. I moved so fast at one point that my Mii fell over! It yelled at me to slow down, but I mostly ignored it. I can't wait for good weather (and not icy sidewalks) so I can get to jogging outside again!

I'm craving a serious chocolate fix, not cool. I'll have to see how long this lasts because I'm out of dark chocolate (I've been having small pieces every day) and I likely won't get more until Friday when I go to Whole Foods. I can make it! I hope!

45min. after dinner, still feeling good, but in the past it took a few hours for the food to hit my intestines anyway before I felt something, so I will get my yoga in first!


Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I have a new love in my life: fennel seeds. These babies are the secret to italian cooking, and the reason sausages taste like sausages. I can't believe it took me this long to discover fennel.

I used the fennel in my Americanized goulash dish, which is ground turkey, crushed tomatoes (canned and on sale with coupon!), rice pasta, and mozzarella cheese (part-skim), spiced with oregano, basil, onion, garlic, Mrs. Dash, and fennel. We also had a mixed greens and romaine salad with my version of a caesar dressing: red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, garlic powder, and vegan parmesan-flavored grated flavoring.

Morning snack: more Greek yogurt, yum!
Lunch: healthy choice chicken and rice soup, 1/2 bratwurst, deviled eggs which had a little too much mustard, next time 1 yolk with 1 tsp miracle whip and 1/2 tsp mustard and a shake of paprika in the egg white
Afternoon snack: honeyed lentils, check out the recipe here: http://www.recipezaar.com/Honey-Baked-Lent
Dinner was goulash and snack was my usual yogurt.

I worked out this morning with my arms and abs routine: 3x superset of bicep curls, overhead triceps, and lateral raises and 3x superset of v-up crunches, back extensions on ball, and a move on the ball where I lay on my back and hold a dumbbell up in the air, and drop my elbow to the side one at a time stabilizing my core. This evening I did a 4 mile super challenge Walk Away the Pounds, yay!

In other news, the machine I've been working on at work apparently needs a new part, an almost $6000 part, ack. But, we need it, so we will likely get it. Other than that, work is going reasonably well. My incubations are slowly but surely reducing sulfate, and I have some DNA to clone from the column samples, plenty to do!

All I really need to work on is sleep, I keep waking up around 6am, not good! Typically this means my body has adjusted to my meds and I need to go off them for a few days, which means even less sleep, but it works out well in the end.

Oh, and I got new glasses! They look mostly like my old ones, but not held together with krazy glue. I'll work on a picture soon.


If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain

Monday, February 09, 2009

Tonight I started a double-blind study on myself. I know that's impossible, my husband helped. We sorted out two sets of bags of either rice or wheat flour so that neither one of us knows which one I'm eating until we compare both keys. It's kind of scary because either 1) I do have at least a wheat intolerance and I won't feel well at least 4 times or 2) it's a placebo effect and I'm back to square one

Bag #8 was tonight's go, I made little rolls to go with the pretty awesome chicken, white bean, and wild rice soup I made in the crockpot. The chiecken kind of melted, and I think next time I might add cooked chicken later in the cooking process (or buy myself a programable crockpot so that I don't have to cook things for 9 hours that will be cooked in 6).

Anyway, now I have to symptom track all night for any oddities, fun.

I did my workout. Weights: supersets x3 of weighted step-ups (8 each leg) and push-ups (8; on my toes!), bent over rows (8) and 1 legged dead lifts (8 each leg), and plank on ball (30 sec) and hip raises on ball. Then I biked intervals, 4 min warm-up, 1 min hard, 1 min relaxed for 8 intervals, and 4 min cool down, and I went 5.05 miles!

Then I ate my yogurt, agave, strawberries and granola.

BTW - Greek yogurt is my new favorite thing. I need to find a way to make it at home. Apparently, all you have to do is strain regular yogurt. I can do that! I ate it with blackberries and flax and agave nectar

Other things I ate today include: green curry coconut chicken with veggies and sprouts and cabbage, and nuts and prunes.

Ok, I was good today, yay!!


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