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February 1st!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

First, the fun, or not so fun. Church was great, my quinoa-oatmeal-raisin cookies went quickly, yum! I met someone new who is in environmental management and he seems interesting. I did a lot of shopping, and some good stocking/saving! I did laundry and cleaned up a lot. Unfortunately, I slipped on the ice doing laundry and need to seriously bug my landlords about the ice problem! I am a-ok though, I'll stretch later, and hopefully won't even notice I fell. My eating for today rocks, and I haven't worked out yet, but will after dinner!

So, January is over, and February is begun. Time to check out my Jan goals, and adjust for Feb. There are quite a few rollover goals,

1. Lose 1 inch in my waist - I didn't measure, but my size six pants fit in the waist with out feeling really tight (though they are a it tight in my thighs and butt), so I think I managed this!
2. Get visible abs - I kind of figured this would take more than a month
3. Stretch every day - mostly accomplished!
4. Workout every day - accomplished except for the few days in Princeton, ack
5. Sign up for a 5K - didn't find one, rollowever
6. Have a complete weekly exercise plan - yes! I think I made this one a habit now
7. Do yoga every week - yes! another good habit
8. No sugar for 30 days - I managed 15 straight days for sure, and definitely cut back on my need for sweet things
9. No dairy for 30 days - again, 15 straight days, but I seem fine on dairy now, so I accomplished my objective with this
10. Be aware of how much Iím eating - I'm getting better
11. Be aware of how fast Iím eating - slowly getting better
12. Help supply allergy-free snacks at coffee hour - Yes! I did this, and will continue
13. Have a monthís worth of meal plans - yes, I planned all the meals, I will keep doing this now easily
14. Tell my husband I love him at least twice a week - getting there, I'm not really a word-y person
15. Do something romantic with Bill every week - I think we managed this
16. Call/IM my mother once a week - I'm communicating well with mom
17. Finish the draft of my choral piece - rollover
18. Read 3 or more scientific articles per week - I need this to be a more solid day thing, because I kept forgetting
19. Improve my vocabulary, learn 10 new words - I signed up for word-a-day e-mails, and I learned some words, I'll keep the e-mails coming
20. Learn a mezzo-soprano solo - rollover
21. Write up 20 recipes for the book - I did some, 20 is tough
22. Get my library card - oops, rollover
23. Buy/read the Sunday paper including crossword puzzle - I did two weeks worth of puzzles, but bought the paper, I need to bring the puzzles with me places of something
24. Save money on groceries with coupons - yes! I'm getting at that.
25. Earn $50 extra each month - I earned some from various sources, still working on how to accomplish this one
26. Meditate 3 times a week - yeah, no. Maybe I should start with once a week, and time it!
27. Blog 5 times a week - I did reasonably well on the blog, it is more habit now to write here
28. Say a positive affirmation daily - I am at least reading them daily from a blog site, that helps.
29. Stay on task at work for 45 min before doing e-mail/spark - I'm still working on this, but my work day is so sporadic sometimes, do a lot, then wait a while
30. Make a visual collage of my body improvement - not so much, I'm not sure I need this though.

Anyway ... I'm happy with where I am. Watch next post for this month's goals!

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Today is an opportunity for hope

Friday, January 30, 2009

Todays affirmation comes from dailyaffirm.wordpress.com

Today was a most interesting day. I broke a bunch of my sediment bottles, ack, but the rest of them look good, and the equipment to analyze them is working beautifully, hooray! Lots of craziness.

In food terms, I did well, other than a brief foray into dark chocolate that i hadn't done since Jan. 2nd. It was yummy, and relatively small. Other than that, I seem to have figured out the appropriate content and spacing of my meals so that I am not starving when I get home from work. I have a few major solves 1) I am eating more fat and protein and fiber. Metabolically, that works well for me, so long as I have enough slow carbs (i.e., beans) and a few well balanced fruits (nuts and raisins), more fat seems to agree with me. I still need to get more fiber in my diet in general, but for now I supplement pretty well. 2) I eat a very substantial breakfast, so I pushed back my morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack by half and hour each, and I'm still adjusting to it, but it worked the last few days.

So, I need fiber with minimal carbs and not too many calories ... ideas anyone?

I also need to make a change in my current workout routine. I got a heart rate monitor from woot.com (yay!), and I've been using it to check out my workouts, and I'm finding that most of my circuit-style, bodyweight workouts are not cutting it in the heart rate department. I need to add some more tabatas and HIIT (high intensity interval training) to my routine if I am plan to actually burn off the fat over all my pretty muscles.

However, tonight, I am chilling post-workout, watching BSG (it is sooo good this season!), and then sleeping a lot, because I am sick of being tired, which I have been all week. Fatigue sucks ... stay away from it.

I'm out.


I will answer yes to life

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tonight my dear husband was playing Left 4 Dead which is loud and involves him talking loudly to his friends, and I wanted to do yoga, so I sucked it up and did my yoga in the very cold guest room. Fortunately, it was a power-vinyasa type series, so I wasn't cold for long. I only did about half an hour, but better than nothing, and I got a late start so I wasn't done until almost 10pm. Then I had my yogurt. I'm playing the "It works or it's free" game with Dannon's activia to see if I can hammer out the last digestive annoyances I still have. I figure worst case scenario was it did nothing for me, and I get my money back from Dannon. Right now, I see no or very little difference. Eh.

I'm changing my title scheme, because my computer and my book are rarely in the same location. My subject lines will be my positive affirmations, then I will see them more often. Today's is from a UU hymn I like (possibly paraphrased, I'm not that is the exact line).

I made bourbon chicken (or something similar, sans any actual bourbon) tonight for dinner, and Bill liked it, yay! I also made a new batch of apple butter, which I need to go put in the jar. I also need to plan and make my lunch for tomorrow, and watch Lost! Ack, better go.


She knows more about the underworld than anyone alive

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This title is the last one from that book. I am finally finished with it. All 830 pages. Apparently, taking it on my 5 hour each way Amtrak trip to and from NJ was the perfect way to go. It was a good trip, I saw some high school friends and did a lot of catching up. Not that I have much to catch up on, me and Bill have quickly become an old married couple, we pretty much sit around on our computers watching TV. Yup. Sometimes we exercise. I pretty much exercise every night. Sometimes Bill does (like tonight yay Bill!!"). I like to exercise, it makes the apartment seem much warmer for a while.

My food today seemed to work out pretty well. I had a typical breakfast, eggs and bacon. My next meal was yogurt and an egg muffin lunch was a brat, veggies, and a clementine, my afternoon snack was nuts, raisins and another egg muffin. I did hit some kind of hungry problem between afternoon snack and dinner, so I had a few more nuts and raisins. I'm not sure if I'm actually hungry or not. I feel pretty hungry, and for about an hour too. Then I had more nuts and raisins. I'm not sure what's going on there. Then I had chili for dinner, and my yogurt-fruit-granola-protein powder snack post-workout.

I feel 4000x less bloated this week than the last two; amazing what good food can do!

No TV tonight, so just me and the internet and Bill's workout. But that's enough for now, I have to go to bed soon.


Quick and Easy

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's late. I'm tired from too much trip and too little recovery. Tonight, I made brussel sprouts, cut in half pan sauteed with olive oil and sherry, and tossed with salt, pepper, and parmesan when tender. I enjoyed them, they were yummy. I worked out with my new heart rate monitor. I like it. It made me work harder on my tabatas to keep my rate above 140. That's enough for now, I'm hoping to be less busy, less tired tomorrow.


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