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25 Random Things

Sunday, January 25, 2009

In theory, this is a tagging meme, but I don't like to force people into things, so do it if you want, or don't, I don't care.

These are 25 facts, habits, or goals about me. If you know me well, you likely know these, as I consider this public but less than discussed information.

1. I can say the alphabet backwards, and rather quickly. It is because of a Wee Sing and Play video. I figured it could be useful if I ever got pulled over for drunk driving, but I don't really want to do that either.

2. I am afraid of bees, I fell into a nest when I was 7, it was not fun, I was stung 20-30 times. My name means honey bee in Greek. Melisophobia is fear of bees. Really.

3. When I was 12, I wrote my own religion. I really liked the idea of the ritual and the meaning, but didn't believe in either the Jewish or Christian version of God. This happened soon after reading "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret"

4. I am slightly OCD, a counter, sorter, organizer. A short list of things I do: put crayons in rainbow order before using, and won't use if cracked or blunt; I split M&Ms and Skittles into color groups before eating; I chew evenly, and I eat evenly around my plate, if I get uneven, I stop and adjust; I used to put the candy back in the right bins when waiting in the grocery line with my mother.

5. I don't like to wear silver and gold jewerly at the same time. I also don't like black and white clothing. The two extremes bother me. However, choirs consistently wear black and white, this has always bothered me.

6. I love to sing. If I were good enough, I would consider it as at least a partial career. I love to sing all kinds of singable music. My mother used to fuss about my pitch when I was young it never stopped me.

7. I am an incredibly non-creative person. I have always had a realistic and rational view of things, even in my art and music projects. When I was a kid, I played college. However, I have always tended to draw creative people to me. Interesting, yes.

8. I fell in love with Johnny Depp waaaayyyy back when I watched old episodes of 21 Jump Street before he was the in thing, versus him being the new hit thing. However, I won't drop my view of that just because he is the new hit thing, but I wish he would stop playing the dark and crazy card.

9. I love being out in the woods by myself. When I was a kid, I would go off to places in the woods at camp by myself, and I used to get in trouble for disappearing. I turned whole sections of pine trees near Evergreen into my own personal house.

10. I am the least picky eater I know, I will try anything once. The only things I do not like are mostly soft and squishy (such as raw bivalves and mushrooms) and olives. Of those things, olives are the only thing I will pick out of foods because I can taste them.

11. I am a science fiction dork. I love Star Trek, Babylon 5, (new) Battlestar Galactica, and I read the whole Robots and Foundation series by Asimov. There are others, I won't keep listing.

12. I tend to take my musical obsessions to extremes. I know pretty much the whole score of Rent, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Les Miserables. I watched 4 hours of La Boheme on Bravo, and I read the unabridged Les Miserables book the summer between 8th and 9th grades.

13. I was pretty much born an ecologist. I used to mix up potions of leaves and dirt, and tried to keep caterpillars as pets. Mom didn't like that.

14. I lost 50 pounds last year and adopted a healthy lifestyle of eating well and exercising. I am a size 8. I was never a size 8, I was a girls 16 and a women's 16. I still want to lose a few more pounds and get a more defined stomach, it is tough!

15. I like to sort of collect things. I collect original Hard Rock t-shirts, keychains, magnets, Disney animated DVDs.

16. I like to cook, and I love to cook foods with various ethnic twists. I like to have Asian, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, and others on a regular basis. I used to love the original Iron Chef, and everything looked delicious to me!

17. I have incredibly light-sensitive eyes. They shut automatically when light is shined in them, and I cannot force them open without literally picking up my eyelids. This has caused lots of problems with eye doctors. It is also a problem when I enter a dark theater onto a light street, because I am blinded. I also have issues with bright lights at night on roads. However, we joke that my eyes have adapted to this problem by being very squinty. However, evidence will show they were squinty nearly from birth.

18. I was the most relaxed bride that probably ever existed. I didn't stress about the planning at all, I didn't really care what happened so long as I got married, I had a blast. I think it helped that I was trying to have a wedding where I wasn't the center of attention. Really.

19. On that note, I hate being the center of attention, I prefer to be acknowldged in tiny, private ways for things. I didn't go to my college graduation partially for this reason. However, I love acting, performing, and public speaking. Reconcile that, can you?

20. I can sew reasonably well, I have even made clothes. However, I hate measuring and cutting pieces out, so I rarely do it unless I feel like I need to.

21. I'm not at all superstitious, and I break chain letters/texts on a regular basis. However, I still wish when I catch 11:11 on the clock, and I think it works better than other things.

22. I consider my theology to be pantheistic pagan. I believe that God is everything and everything is God, and that being in nature is the way to connect to the everything that is God.

23. I am awfully cheap. I blame the Jewish side of the family. I would buy everything second hand or in thrift stores if I could (Bill can be picky about having a nice looking place). I spend far too much time trying to figure out how to save more money on things.

24. I would like to do a lot more things than I tend to get accomplished. I would like to write more piano/choral pieces, I would like to get a young adults group together at church, I would like to take more time to meditate and relax, however, I tend not to quite get these things done. To work on that problem, I am now setting more goals and trying to remember them, read them, and accomplish them.

25. I grew up in Bruce Springsteen's hometown. When he sings My Hometown, it really is and Glory Days is about my high school. He spends most of his music dissing this town and his life in it. I agree. It's why I left.

I could keep going, but that's enough for now. Feel free to ask questions.

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PKELLAM 1/30/2009 11:48PM

    Here's a random list from a random person - me! :-)

1. Born in Fairbanks, Alaska
2. Love my family beyond all reason
3. Owned by a Black Lab that is trying very hard to learn English – no really!
4. Currently training for a half marathon in June
5. Love to travel – favorite destination so far Amalfi Coast, Italy
6. Favorite winter hobby – downhill skiing
7. Love to garden – even pulling weeds!
8. Have walked the equivalent of from Seattle to New York over the last 8 years training for Breast Cancer 3 Day events. (2800+ miles)
9. Have organization down to a science for everything but my own room
10. Addicted, absolutely addicted, to shoes
11. First date with hubby was a result of a sales bet between us. He lost and had to buy me breakfast.
12. Can speak in front of enormous, I mean REALLY enormous crowds without a single butterfly
13. Played classical violin for 8 years
14. Dress up as a Disco Diva every year with my best girlfriend and go to Canada to cheer on their breast cancer walkers. My own mother wouldn’t recognize me.
15. Had Lasik surgery several years ago – best money I’ve ever spent!
16. Was a vegetarian for 8 years
17. Moved to Honolulu, Hawaii two days after graduating high school
18. Graduated high school with twice as many credits as needed, but nearly didn’t graduate because I skipped PE so many times that I was missing ½ a PE credit. Mini-term badminton saved my diploma…really.
19. Favorite summer hobby – anything outside
20. Hate, I mean REALLY hate brussel sprouts
21. Would love to ride in a hot air balloon even though I’m scared of heights
22. Have been a wedding photographer for nine years
23. Can’t carry a tune in a bucket.
24. 10+ year cancer survivor
25. Actually like tofu

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Richard came awake with a start.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I cleaned my start menu. It was two huge columns and I couldn't find anything. We also cleaned the apartment, mostly. The kitchen is pretty sparkly at least. I may get up a few minutes early and scrub the tub tomorrow during my shower. It was a cleaning sort of day. I still need to re-organize the kitchen cabinets again, but not yet, next weekend maybe.

I was putting some inculation stuff on the windows, and I think our bedroom window is growing mold, so I need to get that fixed ASAP, or least looked at.

I made an interesting lunch today that was some sort of Moroccan BBQ, not half bad, but needs some tweaks before I put it in the cookbook. Which reminds me, I need to find other recipes to put in the cookbook. My banana bread was a hit at church today, so I should go ahead and write that up.

I haven't exercised yet, Sunday is my morning off. I did get both am and pm exercise in yesterday though, so that's good. I will do project Mayhem tonight, maybe the new challenge will be up in time!

Today in church, we had a guest speaker who spoke to us about community. A bit about the world coming together as one community (hopefully starting Tuesday at noon!!), looking for the spirit in community rather than being spiritual alone, and some other things along those lines. I like the idea of thinking about a world community, because people today tend to be egotistical, greedy, and self-concerned. It would be nice if we could teach people to worry about other people. Maybe then the "me" generation won't grow up to destroy the concept of community. Anyway, the choir sang, I sang soprano since we were short for once. Usually we are short tenors or altos, I rarely end up on soprano. I also played the theme from Chess for the prelude because our actual musiciam couldn't get out of her driveway, and I offered to give the sub, who just found out that morning, a break for the one piece. It was fun.

Speaking of communities, I have communities of people who read this blog, either at sparkpeople (Ivory1825) or livejournal (Ivory25) and I'd love to hear about how you are all doing. How is your life? What could you use from your community? How can we help? How can you help others? How can you strengthen your communities? Just thoughts.



Spreading the Spark

Friday, January 16, 2009

I posted this on my livejournal, myspace, and facebook today!

Since today is the official Show Your Spark Day from sparkpeople.com, I thought I would put in my bit here.

I'll start with the easy part: I lost 50 lbs last year with the help and support of sparkpeople.com and the sparkpeople community.

Now, I made my own commitment to lose weight for mostly health-related reasons, but it would not have been nearly as easy if not for spark. I was able to track all my food and plan ahead to be sure I would be eating healthy. I also tracked my exercise. However, these are great features, but not really the important part of the site.

The important part is the people who are going through the same struggles, challenges, and rewards as you. Everyone there wants to improve their life, and we all work together to manage. Most people who are dieting are surrounded by lots of other people who are NOT dieting, or even living healthy lifestyles. Therefore, a community to support you is extremely important. They are there to remind you not to have cookies at the meeting tomorrow, to congratulate you on eating only 3 bites of dessert, and when you do totally mess up, they are there to tell you dust off and get back on the horse tomorrow!

My favorite times are when we challenge each other to do the right things, and then are accountable to each other if you don't make it. When I'm not accountable, I can easily shrug things off, but when someone is there asking if I met my goals, I'm much more careful!

For anyone out there who wants to get more healthy (not necessarily skinny, just healthy) in any way that involves food and exercise, give sparkpeople.com a try! And as a personal "pay it forward", anyone who wants one-on-one help with their plans, I'm here and willing to share what I've learned!


Richard held back the boughs of the tree

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How does a person go about making positive change in their life without making others feel bad about having difficulty doing that themselves? Ack.

In other news, I was super, incredibly fatigued today, and my old method of dealing with that in the middle of the work day was to grab something with quick sugars of some sort, but no can do this month. Actually, I didn't even really want chocolate or sugar, I just wanted raisins. Unfortunately, I didn't have any, so I had to buy some. Then I also bought an Odwalla super protein fruit drink and mixed nuts. Far too many calories, but stayed within my goals of no sugar, gluten, or dairy. I feel better now that I left work of course. I think the protein/fat combo helped. I should really get more protein/fat into my lunches, I always forget about that.

That's enough for now.


Michael's House Was Massive Structure

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I did something awesome with my snack tonight. I had frozen berries (thawed) and plain, fat-free yogurt. I realized that my snack could use a bit more protein and some serious fats, so I somewhat crushed up some almonds and walnuts, and mixed them into my berries and yogurt, yum!!

In other food eating news, I had eggs with tomato and onion and chicken sausages for breakfast. I had tuna sushi, baked falafel and dilled yogurt, and banana and peanut butter for lunch. I made shepherd's pie for dinner, with ground turkey, and lots of veggies. Food is still going well, I don't even miss most of it. I feel a mild nostalgia for things like IHOP pancakes when I see the commercial, but not nearly the strong cravings I used to get before getting off all these things.

In terms of life, it is good, normal-like. Although, work is a little ehh, because since I'm going to a meeting (in Princeton) next week, I don't want to start anything yet. I do have a few things to wrap up and a machine to get working, but overall I'm not super-busy at work, which can give me time to get tired while I'm there.

It is cold here, very cold, below 0F wind chills. It could be worse, but it isn't really fun. Fortunately, I can time the buses well enough that I don't have to be out much.

Today's word is audacious, which means bold or originally creative.


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