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It Was an Odd Looking Vine.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Since only one person responded to my title quandary, they win! I will be using lines from the current chapter of whatever book I am reading. Right now that book is Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind. It just started it today. It is over 800 pages long, so it will likely be my titles for a while, enjoy!

I'm officially tired of tracking all my food for a while, so I am taking a break. I have a pretty good idea of what I need to eat to stay on track, and since I am avoiding sugar and dairy, I'm unlikely to hit really high calorie options anyway. I'll probably still track dinner to make sure Bill is in his range. I won't be tracking all my life, so it good to get some non-tracking practice.

My eating had been going well, I've been sticking to my goals. Last night I made a pretty yummy chickpea stew that I found on 5dollardinners.com, I think tonight is Cobb salad. My exercise is also going well, I do lots of it, ouch! Although tonight is my Mayhem night, always exciting!

I am going to Princeton for a meeting next week (hint hint to anyone in the area who might want to meet up!). Maribeth is coming to visit the day before I go. So, life is actually a little bit exciting right now. I've also decided to get moving on my improve my vocabulary goal by having Webster send me a new word every day. Today's word is epoch, which describes a particular period in history that had distinctive characteristics. I did that mostly from memory. Yesterday's word was impresario. Yay, new words!


Titles are hard to think of

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I need a new system of titles, because I can't think of them, and a system would make my life easier, suggestions??

Other than that, today was interesting. I got up at 7am, because it snowed overnight, and I was meant to be at church by 8:15 for choir practice, and figured I may want to leave by 7:30. I got a call at 7:10 saying that choir was cancelled. I planned next to leave at 8:30 to get there by 9 to practice the piano piece I was playing for the service at 10. Then, at 7:45 I got a call that said the service was cancelled. Then, I finished breakfast, watching ER, and went back to bed. I woke up again at 10:10, and got up, waited to go shopping until 11 because the Target pharmacy didn't open until then, and the parking lot got plowed just before I left.

Next, I did a whirlwind shopping trip at Target, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, CVS, Big Y, and Stop and Shop looking for good deals and stuff I needed. I spent too much, but I did save some with my coupons! CVS was my favorite, I bought two tubes of toothpaste (BOGO) for $2.99 and two toothbrushes (BOGO) for $1.99 and had a coupon for each for $1, so I spent $2.98, then I got extra bucks on my receipt for $2.50!! So, two toothbrushes and two tubes of toothpaste essentially cost $0.48. I also got 4 of Bill's light progresso soups for about $1.05 each (in the grocery store they are usually $2.29) between buying at Target and using a $2 on 4 cans coupon.

Tonight I made an enchilada casserole, and discovered that fake sour cream and fake cheese taste better mushed up with pork, salsa, and jalapenos. However, the first thing I am putting back in my diet post-Jan elimination is sour cream!

I did my workout tonight, so I am good for workouts this week, yay! Gotta keep filling in my goals, make my spreadsheet colorful!


Waiting ...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

... for the snow. It is supposed to start snowing here any minute, the weather maps already show snow but nothing has come down yet. Unfortunately, it is supposed to snow overnight and into tomorrow morning, but I have go to church and play in the morning, so I'm hoping that it hold's off and ends early (fingers crossed) so it isn't bad by 8am. Unlikely, but at least the road's are quiet at that time of day.

My eating plan is rocking. Today I had eggs, sausage, fruit for breakfast, a banana for snack, a tostada (on a corn tortilla) with jalapeno chicken sausage, spinach, salsa, and soy shreds cheddar-jack, for dinner I cut into tiny pieces and roasted up potatos, sweet potatoes, rutabagas, parsnips, and turnips and had them with broiled spiced chicken and broccoli and cauliflower. That is always one of my favorite dinners, easy, delicious, and filling. I have fruit in the fridge, so that is likely to be dessert. I also baked a banana bread today that is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and vegan to bring to church tomorrow. It also is low sugar, sweetened only slightly with agave nectar. I like it!

Other than cooking, today I worked out in the morning, and I plan to workout again in about 20-30 min. We went to Best Buy to buy Battlestar Galactica and found the only 12 x 18in frame in existence at Michael's craft store, 50% off, and then found the most incompetent cashier to ring it up. She couldn't figure out how to make Bill's card do credit not debit, so I ended up using my card instead.

Hopefully tomorrow will go smoothly, in all aspects!


A Lazy Friday

Friday, January 09, 2009

I'm having a lazy friday. I should be working on my research outline, or getting culture tubes prepared, or reading papers, but I'm not, because it is a lazy Friday.

Oh well. It isn't too lazy, I did sleep in an extra half hour this morning, but then I got up and did my arms/abs circuits. Most of my workout routines are total body, so I decided that I would add in some arm and ab muscle circuits in the morning to catch those important muscles. On Wed. I did an arm circuit of bicep curls, tricep extensions, and lateral raises (x3) and ab circuit that I can't remember right now. Today, my arms circuit was hammer curls, tricep overhead laying on the ball, and upright row-shoulder press as one move (x3). Abs today was straight leg raises, bicycle, and 1 up 3 down regular crunches (x3).

Today is my very low carb day, which should work nicely after my going out to dinner and a movie with friends last night. Although, I was very good, and still avoided dairy and sugar. Wheat it getting to be a simple habit now. Nothing motivates you like digestive problems, let me tell you, and I feel better this week than I have in months, so I think I must be doing something right. Anyway, today was bacon and eggs for breakfast, turkey/ham, hardboiled egg, and veggies and hummus for lunch, and taco salad for dinner.

Okay, off to do some work at work!


Last New Year

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I went back through my blog and found my New Year's resolution entry from last year and here it is:

I need a plan for the New Year, so here it is:

1. I'm cutting back breakfast and adjusting lunch to spread out calories over the day
2. I will eat 5-6 servings of veggies, and colorful ones, especially by including them at dinner
3. I need a real schedule with real functional to-do lists, hopefully through my outlook web access
4. I will improve my workout routine, walk in the morning, and do some stretching and strength training at night
5. I will get off the computer and be done exercising an eating by 10:30 and be in bed by 11:30

This doesn't sound too hard. Yup. Yay!

I did actually accomplish all those goals, shockingly enough. That was when I started my consistent morning exercise routine, stopped eating bread/peanut butter with breakfast, and found food choices that made me not starving by dinner. I also introduced my rather picky husband to lots of new veggies. I like that my goals were small and specific and do-able.

It is nice to know I really did what I wanted to do! If I can do it, so can you ... so whatever your goals are, go ahead write them down, and get them done!

Also, thanks again Sparkpeople.com and community for the helping hand!


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