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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

This is so there is written proof of a pact between my husband and me. He says he's not losing any weight, I say he is.

This is the agreement: in one month he will weigh himself (July 29th) and if he is 215.5lbs or heavier, he wins and he gets a pizza and ice cream on me. If he is 215.4lbs or lighter, I win, and he can't say he's not losing any weight for a month.

Also, I measured his "waist" (men wear their pants in funny places, it was his fattest part of belly) and it was 45.5 inches. Now, in a month, we can come back and check this.


Food Plan This Week

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm posting my food plan for the week here for convenience. Breakfast is all usual.

lunch - salmon melt, veggies, fruit, cheese
dinner: taco/chili salad

lunch - salmon, onion, cream cheese sandwich, soup, fruit, cheese
dinner - chicken and ratatouille over couscous

lunch - pineapple salsa, meat patties, cheese, onigiri
dinner - potato packets with teriyaki/BBQ meat filling and salad

lunch - salmon, onion, cream cheese sandwich, veggies, fruit, cheese
dinner - broiled chicken with cilantro, olive oil, paprika, cumin; green bean cassarole, mashed potatoes

lunch - pineapple salsa, meat patties, cheese, onigiri
dinner - stirfry

lunch - salmon, onion, cream cheese sandwich, soup, fruit, cheese
dinner - parmesan crusted chicken, baked veggies and frenched potatoes

lunch - meat patties, onigiri, and fruit/veggies, cheese
dinner - goulash with veggies on the side


When life gives you lemons ...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

... make sure the lemonade you make is sugar-free, otherwise it is just an excuse to have something bad for you!

I just can't catch a break with my car. Today, me and DH were going to visit friends about an hour and a half north of us. Well, we got almost a mile down the road, when the radio stopped working. We both played with is a bit to try and figure out what happened, and I stopped at a light, and suddenly, the car died and refused to restart. In the middle of the busiest road in town in the middle of the afternoon. My DH has some anxiety issues, and having to deal with a car stuck in traffic causes him to panic, so I sent him back home (since it was only a mile's walk). Then me and a fantastic lady who stopped to help me pushed my car out of the road. I called AAA, got my car towed to Firestone, and they put in a new alternator to the tune of $425, which I don't exactly have. Ack.

Anyway, that ordeal is enough to drive someone nuts, and I'm back at home waiting for the car to be fixed trying to figure out what to do. The old me would have immediately eaten something bad, cake, or cookies, or ice cream. The new me thought about it, and realized how bad of an idea that was. However, both me's know that I like to bake as a stress reliever. So, I went online and googled "healthy brownie recipe" figuring that maybe I could find something easy enough to make without shopping but not altogether awful for me that I could make in controlled portions. I found a simple recipe with whole wheat flour and brown sugar, and when I worked out the calories I discovered that a 2in x 2in brownie piece would only be 75 cals, and I could make a mini pan of 8 of them for a total of 600 cals (or 300 each for my DH and me) and determined that would actually fit into my diet, satisfy everything I needed, and make a nice snack for later. I made them, I ate one 150 cal piece now, and will save the other for dessert. My DH is actually saving both of his for the next couple days.

Also, since I am no longer going to busy today/tonight, I'm going to give my 3 mile Walk Slim video a go after dinner, which should burn all of those 300 cals anyway.

There, I survived, I didn't let the emotional eating take over and control me, and I still get my "I deserve a treat for dealing with all this" that I wanted without compromising my progress. Go me.

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HLTHYLIVNCCJ 6/30/2008 12:31AM

    Good for you on not letting a lemon stay a lemon!! Finding the positive in everything is great. Way To Go Melissa!!!


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LEAVES3264 6/28/2008 10:28PM

  thanks for your inspiring story. I needed something to get me ready to start today not tomorrow. We all have issues to face everyday, that can take us to conforting type foods. The only problem is that after we eat to satisfy our emotions, guilt takes over. I beleive that most of the challenge of losting weight is mental. Attitute is the top priority. I have lost weight in the past and gained it back after a few years. I keep reminding myself of how wonderful it felt to wear clothes that fit properly. And not have my doctor remind me of my weight at every office visit. It almost was a non issue and it felt wonderful. Thanks again!

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Body Fat

Monday, June 23, 2008

I bought a caliper! I want to measure body fat because I know that weight is different for different people, and also dependent on build and muscle and such. Now that I am at a healthy weight body fat makes more sense.

It is really tough to caliper yourself, but I think I got it sort of. I went here: www.linear-software.com/online.html to do it and I also included my tape measurements to compare.

Caliper Jackson/Pollock 4 Caliper Method
Abdominal: 21 mm
Thigh: 20 mm
Tricep: 18 mm
Suprailiac: 21 mm

Body Fat: 23.16%

Tape Measurement Method
Height: 67 in
Neck: 13 in
Waist: 32 in
Hips: 37 in

Body Fat: 28.55%

They were different, so for now I think I will assume that I have 25% body fat.

That means I have 39lbs of fat and 118lbs of lean body weight.
I think I would like to lose 10lbs of body fat. I may put on muscle in the meantime, but we'll see how it goes.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MRSPRINCESS07 6/23/2008 8:46PM

  Good for you on getting a caliper! I have my husband take the measurements...it makes it a lot easier! Your results came out opposite to me: Tape Measure Method is tons lower than the calipers!

What kind did you get? I really hope you enjoy using this method, it really makes a difference in how you view weight loss! Good Luck!

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Improved workout routine

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I need to balance out my cardio/strength workouts a bit so I'm going put together a new and slightly improved schedule here:

Sundays: Project Mayhem Challenge (always at least 30min circuit, 30min cardio, usually more)

Mondays: Wii Fit: advanced step warm-up, jogging, stretch with warrior, triangle, dance, downward dog; Deep water aerobics

Tuesdays: Wii Fit: 6 min boxing warm-up, strength: single leg extension, push-up and side plank, lunge, rowing squat, sideways leg lift, tricep extenion, stretch: Tree, sun salutation, palm tree, chair, standing knee
Project Mayhem Challenge

Wednesdays: Wii Fit: advanced step warm-up, jogging 10min, stretch with warrior, triangle, dance, downward dog

Thursdays: Wii Fit: basic step warm-up, jogging 20 min, stretch with warrior, triangle, dance, downward dog

Fridays: Wii Fit: 6 min hula-hoop, strength: Torso twists, jackknife, single leg twist, arm and leg lift, parallel stretch: half moon, cobra, bridge, spinal twist, shoulder stand
Project Mayhem Challenge

Saturdays: Wii Fit: 10 min boxing, push-up challenge, jackknife challenge, stretch challenge, jogging/free stepping 10 min, other balance games


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