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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I had a great run yesterday! It was only 2.5 miles, but my whole body felt perfect for the first time in over two months! Since I started seeing the chiropractor I've been doing a short easy run 3x/week without any joint pain, but my hip flexor was continuing to give me grief. It was actually the most sore after the first run after the first adjustment. He said that was because I had to retrain the muscles there to work properly and that that would be the last pain to go away. I'm so happy it's finally gone!

KRISTI, thanks for checking in with me! I really appreciate the support. I'm back up to 120 after a month off. I wasn't counting calories, but I think I was eating close to 3000 cals a day! I'm hoping that getting back into running and eating well will get me back to goal before beach season.


Dr. Phillips is my new best friend!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I can hardly believe it, but I actually ran without pain yesterday. I ran on the grass again for 25 minutes this time. My hip flexor was achy afterward, but my joints felt great! Nothing like last week when it hurt the minute I started running. I've gone from someone who said, "I'll never go to a chiropractor," to someone who says, "My only regret is that I didn't go sooner." The adjustment didn't hurt at all. The next day my sacrum was a little achy, but he expected that and had given me instructions to ice that area twice a day. Two days later it felt fine.
Buck, I forgot to get exercises/stretches from the doctor. He mentioned he'd give me some so I'll be sure to ask next time. I don't know if the splits had anything to do with it. Good question. He said it could have been the camber of the road. The babies are supposed to be placed into a relative or adoptive home within 60 days of being placed in my home since I'm only an emergency satellite home for the children's shelter. The longest I had a foster baby stay in my home was 4 months.

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KRISTI07 3/20/2007 1:37PM

I kept checking your blog then didn't see anything for awhile, so I didn't check again for awhile. I'm glad to see you are back. I can definitely relate to the frustration of not being able to run. Just take it SLOW. I had to learn that lesson the hard way and literally just do nothing but walk for 8 months. I know you'll get back there eventually...at least you can move SOME!

How's your weight going with not really being able to exercise?

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BUCKHOLDT 3/4/2007 6:35PM

    The camber is a problem for running on beaches. I have had a good chiropractor and a not so good chiropractor. The not so good had fancy equipment - though comfortable, it offered no relief. The good chiropractor had a table - he had be get in a position then pushed. After a month I could go a week with out pain. I probably still have herniated disk but five years latter I still am mostly pain free. Of course I lost seventy pounds too. And started exercising.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

This blog is long overdue for an update. My recovery has gone so slowly. I spent almost the entire month of February doing no exercise at all except stretching. It took over a week of rest for the pain to go away, but it came right back just with extended periods of walking, like grocery shopping. After two weeks most days were painfree unless I did things like wearing heels, walking downhill, or jumping. After a month those activities felt pretty good so I decided to try running on grass. With the first right foot land the pain was still there. Pretty discouraging after a month off. The pain wasn't that bad though so I kept running for 20 minutes. I was surprised that I wasn't out of breath after a month with no cardio at all. I would've kept going, but my hip felt pretty weak and unstable. That was last Saturday. On Thursday, the day before yesterday, I finally went and saw a chiropractor. After a bunch of tests I was surprised to hear that it doesn't seem to be a muscle, tendon or ligament issue. It's a pelvis rotation that is causing dysfunction in the joints. He explained that it was actually pulling on the muscles in the front of my leg which was why I was feeling the hip flexor tightness. My right leg was even a half inch shorter than the left. He did an adjustment to my pelvis and it brought my right leg back down even with my left. He told me to go for a run on Saturday to see if it feels any better. I LOVE that he told me to run! I see him again next Wednesday. He expects it to gradually get better with treatment over the course of a month. That's my physical update.
Emotionally, it's been a really hard month, especially the first week of no running. I kept thinking to myself, my muscles are resting, but my character is growing. Jan. 31st I took in a newborn foster baby, excited about the idea of something to take my mind off my recovery, but he only stayed one night, which was okay because just taking care of him and losing sleep really aggravated my hip. Feb. 19 I took in another baby and she is still here (in my lap as I type). She's only 2 weeks old, so I can't take her out in the baby jogger yet. Finding time to run right now is tricky, but where there's a will, there's a way. Oh, and ironically, right when I stopped doing cardio, my HRM came. It was a reward for reaching my goal weight. I'm going to set it up today and test it out on a run. I just uploaded Seal onto my ipod to help me take it easy on my run instead of pushing the speed like I always do.

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MARCIATX22 3/4/2007 4:29PM

    Hi Ivettte,

Your trip to the chiropractor sounds promising. I'm sure you are anxious to get out and resume your running. Can't wait to see how the therapy works for you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I know someone here is also takes in newborn foster babies. (You'd think having 4 sons of her own would keep her plenty busy. :) ) It's amazing how fast she seems to get attached to these babies. I'm sure it must be very rewarding.

Come visit us over in the Spark to 5K group. Have a speedy recovery.


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BUCKHOLDT 3/3/2007 8:49PM

    I try not to do too much walking. I am glad you are back to writing. How long do you usually get to keep the newborn's? Did you ask the chiropractor about doing hip flexor exercises? Did the rotation problem occur because you did the split before your joint was ready? How did the run go? My six weeks off was an emotional drain especially because I didn't change the way I was eating and put on ten pounds.

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Week of Jan. 21-27

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Food: 11740/7=1677
Exercise: 1894/7=270
Deficit: 2404
Lowest WI: 117.2

I'm back down to my goal weight. It took me 7 weeks and a total deficit of 17776 calories to lose 4.2 pounds. That deficit should have worked out to 5 pounds lost, but I'll bet I gained a pound of muscle in that time with all the training I've been doing. Crazy thing is I think I'm too small now. 117 looks different on me than it did last year now that my body composition has changed.

10K Training Week 8 - I finished the training!
Sun: Rest
Mon: 3 mile run & yoga
Tues: Swimming, 45 min. & yoga
Wed: 3 mile run & yoga
Thurs: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: Elliptical, 60 min.

On Monday's run I timed one mile at 7:57. I couldn't keep that pace up for 3 miles yet, but it's exciting to get my one mile time under 8 minutes.
Now for the bad news ... I need to take a rest from running. For the past couple of weeks my hip has been bothering me and politely asking me to take it easy. During Wednesday's run my hip began to shout at me, so I'm reluctantly listening now and giving it a rest. It got so bad I was limping for 2 days, and I really don't want to do any more damage. It's feeling better with rest, but I could tell I should still wait awhile before trying to run on it. Saturday's workout on the training plan was supposed to be a 10K, but I was on the elliptical instead. It's pretty discouraging to have finished the training plan and not be able to do the very last run. I was planning on running a local 10K race in 2 weeks, but I've decided not to do it. There's another one in March. Hopefully I'll be completely recovered by then.

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KRISTI07 1/30/2007 3:48PM

    Congrats on reaching your GW, finishing your training, and the improved body comp!

With that said...be careful. I see you threw in some yoga and swimming, which was very wise! Hopefully it is nothing more than overuse injury. Yoga is really good for runners (which I'm sure you know). It stretches all the right muscles and increases flexibility. With that said, I should really pick it up...or get back to my pilates!

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AMARIS617 1/30/2007 11:41AM

    Congrats on getting back down do your GW!!!

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Week of Jan. 14-20

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Food: 10930/7=1561
Exercise: 1790/7=255
Deficit: 3110
Lowest WI: 118.0

I'm glad I increased my calorie range. I lost another pound this week. My body fat is down to 19.1% I'm amazed that it's gone down 3% since I started running almost 3 months ago. I think I still need more calories if I want to gain muscle. I'll keep it at 1350-1700 for another week and see what happens.

10K Training Week 7
Sun: Stretch & Strengthen, 30 min.
Mon: 5K run 27:47 (8:56/mile)
Tues: Skating, 45 min.
Wed: 2.4 mile run & strength
Thurs: Rest
Fri: Elliptical, 60 min.
Sat: 5.5 mile run, 53 min. & yoga

It felt good to get my 5K pace under 9 min. miles. That time was 1:32 faster than the New Year 5K two weeks ago. Wednesday night my right hip flexor was bothering me so I'm taking a break from hill work and sprinting for now, although it could've been the skating that strained my hip flexor. Those skates are heavy. I got a free guest pass to use at the gym. I worked out there Friday and Saturday. I want to try to get in the pool there at least once this week. I've never been one to swim laps, but I know it's great cross training.

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IVETTE_S 1/24/2007 2:05PM

    Thanks, Kristi! I've been chatting with the Spark in the Dark 5K, 10K, and Beyond team. A few of the girls there are training for a half marathon. Come check it out. You might remember Becky from our board last year. She's there too.

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KRISTI07 1/24/2007 1:07PM

    You're doing so good! What running board are you on?

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BUCKHOLDT 1/21/2007 7:41PM

    Even though it was the skating that made the hip flexor sore, you want to stretch sore muscles not exercise them.
Keep up the good work. I think you will be under 50 minutes for sure when you run the 10K.
Running does help you be lean. Especially when you run fast and often.
The doctor told me to take it easy for two days, definitely no leg work. I ask her about the stationary bike. She said ten to fifteen minutes slow. I am going to ride hard in the morning. It makes such a difference.

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