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9-24 Day 2 ... still going :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Well Day 2 is over and I did ok.

I went about 25 calories over my range but in the big picture that's not going to hurt as long as I don't make a habit of it.

Range 1390-1740: Yesterdays total 1765 cals. I got in 5 cups of water and only drank my 2 cups of coffee!

As far as exercise, I didn't really do any besides some walking at work, but that wasn't much more than my daily norm at work. But that's ok, my body needed a rest after Sunday. We spent over 11 hours moving our entire house, packing & cleaning the old house out. My body is still a little sore from all of it. I WILL walk or run today though.

Day 3 is off to a good start. 1 serving of vanilla chex with 1/4 cup whole milk, 1 banana & 1 tbsp. pb plus my coffee...

Well it's off to work for me. Will check in later :)


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ELRIDDICK 9/25/2013 7:25AM

  Thanks for sharing

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Starting over.... for the LAST TIME

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hi everyone.

So I've been on and off here and up & down in weight but this time is the time I will succeed!!

A lot of things in my life have changed. I moved from AK back to NY, got divorced, moved, changed jobs and now have an amazing man & wonderful family. It's time to change ME now that my life is going in the direction that I want it to be going. Today is day #1 of this change!

I set up new goals, overall it's to go from my current 211Lbs to 155Lbs by June, 2014.
New Calorie range is 1390 - 1740 per day... Today: 1470
Exercise goal: 2,000 cals per week... Today: 329 burned!
Also have 6 cups of water down and cut down to 2 mugs of coffee (approx. 4 cups total) as compared to my normal of drinking coffee all day long at work (10 cups +)

Over all not a bad start! I am determined to get to my goal and STAY there this time. I'm almost 30 and really need to start focusing on my health.

Here's to a great start emoticon

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ITSNEVER2LATE! 9/24/2013 5:25PM

    Thanks for the encouragement you guys, I can use it! :)

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DELIA38961 9/23/2013 10:05PM

    sounds like a great start emoticon

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KHCHARMED1987 9/23/2013 8:45PM

    Way to start your weight loss journey! Sounds like you have a good plan and you are ready to lose that weight and be healthy!

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30 Day Shred: Workout 1, Day 4

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Today was Day 4 of the Level 1 workout with no weights. It is getting easier!!

I only had to stop briefly twice, both times for water and not because of being sore or feeling strain (like I was in days 1 & 2). WHOOT! The push ups (from knees) are getting so easy and I can feel my arm & chest muscles becoming more toned.

The crunches, especially the reverse crunches (hardest for me), have become easier as well! I started out crossing my ankles to do them, and no longer had to do that today!!! I am able to slow down the bicycle crunches and keep them more controlled and keep my breathing more controlled. This is making it so I feel them more too, I LOVE IT! I can also feel my stomach muscles (under my flub) getting tighter! And can already see & feel a difference in the way my clothes fit & how big my stomach looks.

I am perfecting my form on my side lunges as well, this was difficult the first day or 2. I can feel it working my legs and butt. I love the feeling and being able to tell that a couple of my big problem areas are toning up.

I did weigh myself today for a challenge I'm doing with a friend at home (my team weigh in here is Fridays) ... I was down to 195.0Lbs! WHOOT! On 6-26 I was 206Lbs, and now on 7-17 I am down to 195! My original mini-goal was to be to 196 (-10Lbs) by my cousins wedding this Saturday and I've already exceeded that! My next mini-goal is to be to 185 (another 10Lbs) by my husband's birthday on Sept 24th. I CAN DO THIS!

Well.... I have to get ready for work. Have a wonderful night everyone.

emoticon Crystal

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ITSNEVER2LATE! 7/18/2012 8:56PM

    REVIVED- Have you tried measuring other things than just weight? Maybe you are building enough muscle to stay the same but still losing fat & inches? Also, what are you putting for calories burned? I am using circiut training (see my fitness tracker), but I also found a calculation on Jillian's site that is in another one of my blogs here that helps you figure it out. I"m thinking about buying a heart rate monitor this weekend to see what one of those says to be more accurate for calorie burn. One other thing, I have a very physical type job. I work overnights in a home for Developmentally disabled individuals. So half of my night consists of cleaning, the other half is getting people up and around for the day (that's the easy half). I rarely get to sit down or stop moving, so that probably helps me too. Good Luck! YOU CAN DO IT!

CHERYLNTX- It's a great workout, isn't it? I have a harder time with the lounges than the squats too, I think its a more unnatural movement. I mean we squat a lot with things we do in everyday life and other workouts. Lounges aren't something we really do on a day to day basis if you really think about it. I also have bad knees so that part gets me too, I just go a bit slower than they do on the video and stop once in the middle for about 1 rep of the lounges. I also found that I can do them in perfect form leaning to the right but to the left I always feel like I"m not doing it right.... Finally started feeling it in my left side the same as the right the last time I did them. I haven't been using weights, going to buy some this weekend, haven't decided on 2 or 3 pounds.

Have a great night ladies :)

emoticon Crystal

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-CHERYLNTX- 7/18/2012 11:32AM

    Congratulations on your success! I've been doing 30 day shred also, but it is killing my knees. I'm considering continuing it, but substituting something else for the lunges. I don't want to stop completel,y because in level 2 I can really feel that it's working some great areas. (Abs, back, and chest have all been much more sore with level 2.) Strangely enough, squats don't bother me.
Keep up the good work!

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REVIVED 7/18/2012 8:35AM

    hey im doing 30 day shred too! im on day 5. its amazing how much easier it gets after a few days but man the push ups are still hardest for me. i only have 8 lb hand weights. i wish i had a lighter set. i can do the standing rows and chest flys with them but the squat and presses - i get about 5 in before my arms feel like they'll give out. and the lateral lunges i hold one weight with 2 hands. just made it through that whole set without putting the weight down for the first time yesterday.

i havent lost a single pound since i started though. and i've been following up my session with 30 min on the elliptical. and ive been doing pretty well with staying in my calorie range. it's soooooooooo frustrating. i dont know what is going on.

congrats on hitting your goal. im trying to break the 170s before i go back to work on the 6th. ive been fluctuating between 181 and 180 so you'd think i should be able to do it but the scale isnt budging for me.

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30 Day Shred, Workout 1, Day 3:

Monday, July 16, 2012

So today was day 3.

I bought a measuring tape yesterday and when I first woke up I updated my starting post with my measurements. I'm going to check them every Monday to keep this updated and see my progress.

As far as other progress, I can feel the workout getting easier in parts. It's still challenging and that's without weights still. But things like doing the jumping jacks for 30 secs without stopping or doing 30 sec straight of push ups without stopping are getting easier. The first day I had to stop for both and restart them but today I made it all the way through. I can also feel all the muscles that I've been working. I can't wait until I can get weights this Friday to do the first workout with them for a few days. I bet it will feel even more amazing.

Well... off to work I go. Have a great night everyone.

emoticon Crystal

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ITSNEVER2LATE! 7/16/2012 10:47PM

    JLUCAS106 - Thanks! I find when I do measurements it helps keep me on track better. Especially with programs that build muscle, that way if the scale goes up or stays the same due to muscle build, I can at least see the inches lost progress.

Good Luck :)

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JLUCAS106 7/16/2012 9:17PM

  You go girl. I like that you are going to take measurements weekly. I think I might have to follow your lead.

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30 Day Shred, Workout 1, Day 2

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I took yesterday off to go fishing (also counts as exercise YAY!)...

But I'm back at it today. I did my 2nd day of Workout 1 on 30DS. It felt a bit harder in some aspects and easier in others. It was also hotter in my room than it was last time so this could eplain the added difficulty. I'm already feeling stronger, eventhough I know my muscles probably haven't grown a whole ton in 2 days but it feels great anyhow.

I couldn't find my measuring tape the other day to do start measures. I am going to buy a new one tonight so that I can get them done before I'm too far into this for it to be accurate. I want to know more than just weight because I know I'll be gaining muscles as well so the weight might not drop as quickly and I may even gain from time to time.

Well, I need to finish getting ready for work. Have a great night everyone :)

emoticon Crystal


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