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New Goals Means Time to Rock and Roll (Day 53).

Monday, May 18, 2009

I stole counting days from my sister Kristen. I think it is a good way to track how you are progressing (she also doesn't have to think of a title-she uses the day!). So, last week I spent alot of time in my own little restorative valley (figuratively speaking) and now it is time to start hiking toward my summit again. For me the summit is a loss of more than 100 pounds and being much, much fitter. This is the hike of a lifetime. It is like scaling Mount Everest. But, one step, one day, one bite at a time I will get there. I have been given the tools I need and the supply of additional tools is endless. I have a sister, who very frankly speaking, is the most awesome sister on the planet (sorry to all of you with sisters, but mine is the best). I have Sparkfriends and SparkTeams that rock!! I have had a nice rest and now I have made some serious new goals. My 40th is just around the corner and I want to lose 10 pounds before the big day. More would be nice, but not realistic or even that healthy and I still want to be realistic about my goals. My oldest will be graduating Kindergarten in 3 1/2 weeks. I want to be able to wear my favorite pants I haven't worn for over a year to his graduation (and have them look good-I could wear them now, but it isn't very pretty). I am looking at losing about 6-8 pounds in that time frame. I am aiming for 6 and 8 would be an awesome surprise. Before I enter my 41st year I want to do a 10K (okay so maybe I can be a little into year 41, because doing a 10K in the summertime here-nah don't wanna go that far). Wow, first time I ever even mentioned that one outside of my own head. All you sparkers were the first to find out!! I have done 5K walks and I have always envied those who were going the extra 3 miles. It is time to rock and roll!!

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4EVERADONEGIRL 5/18/2009 3:56PM

    I am SOOOOO with you at that 10K!!!!! Woohooo!!! So after our hike, we have 10k to train to for because that year is going to fly right by...and *hopefully* we will each be a whole heck of a lot closer to our goal when it comes time to put the feet to pavement for a cause! :-)

And thank you - I don't even have words to say...OMG - you got me speechless! Better write that one down because you know it doesn't happen very often! hehehe

Looking forward to our hike this weekend! Love you sis!!! Oh, and I definitely plan on coming to the kindergarten graduation! I wouldn't want to miss my fave nephew's graduation (okay, okay - so he's my ONLY nephew! LOL)...make sure you remind me as we get closer.

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Trying on clothes from my closet.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yesterday's success with my favorite pants inspired me to pull a bunch of other clothes from my closet and try them on to see how close I am to wearing my clothes again. For a long time I have been limited to less than half my wardrobe because nothing fit! Today I delved into my skirts. Every Sunday we go to church and for a long time I have worn the same 1 skirt to church. I am sure the people at church are tired of looking at my same skirt week after week. I do mix things up by wearing different shirts! Anyways, a couple weeks ago I finally made it into my denim skirt (yeah!) now I have 2 skirts to wear. Anyhoo, I pulled three other skirts from my closet and tried each of them on. The first one FIT (tightly, but a fit) and will look good after another 5-10 pounds, the second one I didn't try on. I have this really bizarre phobia that involves getting stuck in clothing (sad, but true-I think it qualifies as stenophobia-a fear of tight or narrow places and things) and the second skirt had just an elastic waist band-no zipper-and my phobia went into action so I didn't try it on-maybe after the next 10 pounds when I am more certain I will be able to get back out again! The third skirt is a favorite and would not zip-I could get it around my hips though!! Before coming back to sparkpeople I couldn't get it past the widest part of me. I am so encouraged by the success I am finding in getting back into my old clothes. I am looking forward to doubling my wardrobe in another 5-10 pounds without spending a dime!! I am going to put my favorite skirt on a hanger and hang it on the wall-like the polka dot bikini on the Yoplait yogurt commercial from a couple years ago. It will be a daily reminder of where I want to be. Of course the ultimate goal is to get to the point where that skirt is too big! But, one step at a time. emoticon

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4EVERADONEGIRL 5/18/2009 4:12PM

    I've gotten stuck in clothes in the dressing room before and panic sets in with my arms straight up in the air and a blouse that will not come anywhere near going over my boobs, yet the arms aren't any help to get out because they can't move even a little bit. So there I am wondering how the heck I am going to get out thinking that perhaps I am going to have to pull a Hulk out and just go "arrrgggghhh" and shred the blouse to little itty-bitty pieces and try to find some way to explain at the cash register why I am buying a shirt that looks like it was in a fight with a lawnmower. Or perhaps I am going to have to call for help and how is that going to look to have the sales girl pulling from one end while my flabby belly is jiggling all over all while hoping that I don't have a Super Bowl-esque wardrobe malfunction that shows my goodies to anyone around because we all know with MY luck, someone I know would walk in right at that moment. And in the couple seconds of time it takes to ponder these scenarios I am panicing, sweating and turning red and it sounds like elephants are mating in the dressing room! Thankfully, I escaped to live to tell about it...but it was close!!! I double checked the tag and ensured that it was an XL, which usually isn't a problem, and then walked out grumbling that clothing manufacturers were dirty, rotten liars while looking and breathing like I just did 60 minutes of intense cardio...LOL

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  I know the fear of getting stuck on clothes that are too has happened to me with a blouse I had. The cuffs on the arms got stuck on me and the more I panicked, the worse it felt. We will fit into our favorite clothes again, it will just take a little time and a lot of effort. We need to be willing to put in both of these because we are so worth it, to ourselves and the ones who love and depend on us. Do this for YOU!!

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Time for some Pool Time and a big success!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our community's pool is OPEN!! WhooHoo! Husband took the kids yesterday while I did that horrible job of cleaning the girls' room (I got it done!!). Today we all get to go!! Yippee. Now if Daughter #1 would end her day long temper tantrum all would be right in the world. I am so looking forward to doing some of my exercise in the nice cool water. It is hot, hot, hot here in So.Cal. Especially here inland where we are. Can't wait....Update! We did go swimming. My husband decided he didn't want to get in so I was occupied giving Daughter #1 piggy back rides across the pool and watching son "learn" how to swim. So, I didn't get to do any laps or anything like that, but what I did was LOTS of squats and lunges while walking across the shallow end and several times I really made use of my core when I lost my balance. Thanks to the water factor I was able to engage my core and remain standing and gradually regain my balance through concentration and effort. Normally, I would have to quickly adjust my footing or move out of position to regain balance, but the water allowed me to use my core to remain in position and not fall over. I love pool workouts and will be scouring every magazine and web resource for new ideas on how to get my workout in the pool. I love our pool because there is a regular old swimming pool with a shallow and deep end, but right next to that pool is a little 1.5 foot deep wading pool and the girls usually play in that one while son comes with me and stays in the shallow end of the other pool. This lets me stay at one end and keep an eye on the girls and still do some type of workout. It is even better if husband is swimming too, then we take turns keeping an eye on the kids and I can get some laps in. I can already feel the muscles in my shoulders telling me they got a workout and I think that I will feel a little tighness in my legs tomorrow after all the squats and lunges.
After our little swim I showered off and instead of putting on the outfit I had ready (same fat pants I wear all the time) I took a chance in trying on my favorite pants. I haven't been able to wear these pants in over a year. I have been afraid to try them on in case they still wouldn't budge over my super sized hips! As I slid them on I could tell that YES they would go over my hips, would they zip??? YES! I am not quite ready to wear them-I have about 5-10 pounds before they will look good (not pull and bunch in all the wrong places). But, I have my new motivation, my reason to exercise, my new short-term goal. Wear my pants! And as an incentive to the goal, when I am able to wear my favorite pants again I will burn the fat pants I am wearing now!!!! (We are going camping the end of June-I would be more than happy to throw them in the fire ring!) Happy Weekend everybody.


Climbing down the mountain.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I am a visual person. This means that things I actually see, things I read or ideas connected with an image I can imagine stay with me longer and usually mean more to me than things I just hear or that are so abstract I can't create a picture of it in my mind. Yesterday I was feeling like a total "slacker". I have not done much this week in the way of exercise and I haven't even been tracking my food. One of the comments left on yesterday's blog really touched me. The message related an analogy of going down a mountain into a beautiful valley and home-that at this point I am "resting". This analogy really struck home. (Read it on yesterday's blog it is much more eloquent than I am making it.) We live in a lovely little valley in So. Cal. (The San Jacinto Valley) We are surrounded by hills and mountains. Often we go camping in the mountains forming the eastern edge of our valley. Just a couple of weeks ago we were in these mountains and took a great hike. On the way home we were all tired and as we came down the mountain we could see our little valley coming into view and that familiar feeling of HOME filled the car. This is a very fitting analogy to how I feel right now. I have taken a great hike and at this moment I am tired and coming down the mountain for a little break. That little break has actually felt really good (except for the guilt of not staying on the hike-LOL :). Anyways, accepting this analogy has helped me feel better about what I have done this week. I have not gained any weight this week-WhooHoo! I have continued to eat pretty well with the exception of too much pizza the other night. Yesterday I did really well with my eating. It was one of our BUSY nights so the kids got microwaved corn dog (YUCK-I can't stand them cooked in the microwave), my husband and I shared the leftover pizza-I took just a small piece and completed my dinner with a large salad of yummy greens and some radicchio, with some tomato slices and black beans and a creamy cilantro dressing, that while being creamy is not terribly high in calories or fat and adds so much yummy flavor to the salad that one serving of the dressing is enough for the salad. So, today is dedicated to cleaning my girls' room (it is HORRIBLE and I've been procrastinating the nightmare of going in there) and enjoying "being in the valley" before I start the next leg of my "hike" to fitness. emoticon

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4EVERADONEGIRL 5/15/2009 1:22PM

    Good job! Sometimes it is hard to accept that we have other priorities - yes, REST even!! - and beat ourselves up instead. It is a great analogy and I'm glad you are enjoying your time in the valley and getting stuff done. And just remember - housecleaning and chores are great exercise too! When I had to help my girlies clean their room (thankfully THAT chore is over with!) I did so many squats and standing up and down that I felt my muscles as much as or MORE than when I did a full "workout"! So enjoy... :-)

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What is wrong with me?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have been such a slacker ALL week. I am sooo tired, and it seems like all my motivation has left for an early vacation. I have pretty much written off the entire week. Well, I know I have got to get back on the wagon, I can't just keep going like this or that 15 pounds will evaporate! I have been able to at least maintain that and I have been pretty good about eating if nothing else. I ate a little too much pizza last night, but it was another one of my homemade pizzas. This time it was B.B.Q Chicken. I made a whole wheat crust this time and it was good! I used a ton of green pepper and onion and cooked it on my baking stone to make the crust crispy. Yum, yum...I don't think we will buy pizza out anymore. I love being able to control what goes on top and knowing exactly what I am ingesting. I am thinking today is the day I get back on track but I am going to have to work REALLY hard on the motivation factor today.

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JOHAL52 5/15/2009 10:07AM

    Don't think of yourself as a slacker. Just think of yourself as "resting" right now. You lost 15 pounds which is fantastic. Now take a breath, eat sensibly (eat for the weight you're at right now, no more) and keep exercising, even if it's jus 30 minutes of walking every day.

Do NOT think of that loss as evaporating!! Think of yourself as climbing down a high mountain and you're on a plateau, catching your breath. You wouldn't want to climb back UP the mountain would you? No, you are heading down to a beautiful valley and to home. So think of it that way. Hope it helps.


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FITN2014-TSP 5/14/2009 9:29PM

    Good luck with getting back on track. Walking always helps me and drinking plenty of water. Also, try writing down what you eat. You can make it happen. emoticon

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4EVERADONEGIRL 5/14/2009 10:10AM

You can do it!!!! Sometimes it is hard to find the motivation, especially when we have other things to do that are more fun or more relaxing. For me, the hardest step sometimes is changing into workout clothes! Every once in awhile that is the deciding factor on whether I work out or not...pretty darn sad! LOL

But once they are is easy to jump right in and just do maybe you need to dress for workout today and then you will have at least one less barrier to getting moving.

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