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Project FFIT and Sometimes youjust gotta try...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'll start with "sometimes you just gotta try". Yesterday, Saturday, was supposed to be a long run with my sister. Friday night I set out my gear, set the alarm and went to bed fully intending to run in the morning. When the alarm went off I got out of bed and knew I wouldn't be running. I didn't feel sick, per se, but I did feel worn out and tired and my legs were jell-o. I determined that Black Friday, while SOOOOO much fun, just drained me and what I needed most was SLEEP. So, I texted my sister and went back to bed. I did feel guilty about it though, until I fell back asleep-lol!!! I slept a nice long time and woke up feeling much better and ready for a run....Hmmm...the day got a little busy, but all day the need for a run stayed with me. By early afternoon the kids were bouncing of the walls and driving each other and both of us crazy. Literally crazy!! I decided time to go to the park!! Dad can watch the kids play while I get in a little running. Yay!! Unfortunately youngest insisted on going to the one park (out of 3 parks we like to go to) that has the worst running. Oh well, I decided to make it work by running the neighborhood neighboring the park. We get to the park and the kids play and I warm up...I did wasn't very long and it wasn't very pretty. My shins started hurting almost immediately and didn't really let up. I never found my "groove" so I called it quits after just over 1 mile. BUT, I did run!! I just couldn't let the day go by with out trying! I tried, I did what I could and I still felt good about it when I was done. I did wish it was more, but I was glad I still got it in. The kids had a blast at the park and we went home and had stew for dinner with home made biscuits. It ended up being a good day.

Today, Sunday, was my off exercise today but I have been planning the week's activities and came up with my personal challenge!! I have this OLD Kathy Smith book and it is a 10-week "fitness makeover". It has some good information and guidelines and will form the basis of my next 10 weeks. I won't be following exactly her plan, but it does give me some good guidelines and a sense of focus. Project FFIT (two F's not a typo) stands for Fabulous Female In Training or Fit Female In Training. :)

Goals for this week...

Monday=x-train and strength train/squats challenge
Tuesday=speed training run and yoga
Wednesday=x-train and strength/squats challenge
Thursday=run and yoga
Friday=x-train and strength/squats challenge
Saturday=long run and yoga

Nutrition focus on water and since it is part of the WIN challenge this week, having a deficit caloric intake every day this week (If you track fitness and nutrition go to "My Tools"/"Reports" /"Daily Calorie Differential" to see your daily caloric differential) .

Project FFIT:

Exercise: Sunday is my day off so no exercise today :)
Water: it is 8:51 pm and I am just finishing off my last 24 oz of the day but I'll be good by the time I go to bed. Although I will have to plan water better in the future if I want a guaranteed full night's rest, if you get my drift-lol!!
Caloric Differential: -586 (yay)

Hope everyone has a great week and see you all tomorrow :)!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PAPPHEM 11/29/2010 10:36PM

    Sounds like a great plan for the week!

I love that you managed to fit in the run even if it wasn't one of your best. I really have to get better at that myself!

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FUNFROG79 11/29/2010 6:17PM

    Love it! emoticon

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4EVERADONEGIRL 11/29/2010 4:05PM

    Sounds like you came up with a great personal challenge! Let the Fabulous Female burst forth!!!!


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PHDMAMA06 11/29/2010 3:16PM

    Project FFIT - I love it!!!
I am sure you will do great, and I'll be here cheering you on!!


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LAURIE5658 11/29/2010 3:05PM

    Oh! You DID come up with your "Operation"!!! Best wishes and may the pounds and inches fall off! Woo hoo!


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DOPKIGIRL 11/29/2010 11:58AM

    GREAT goals and attitude. Yes, something is better than nothing. At least you were moving. I love the "FFIT"!!

Keep up the great work and I am rooting for you. BTW, thank you for pointing out the caloric deferential. I never knew about that!!! :D

Have a great day!!

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ESBELL 11/29/2010 9:11AM

    At least you got to run a little on Saturday. Hope you scored some bargains on Friday!

Good luck with your FFIT challenge, but, umm Heather ---- you already are FABULOUS!

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JILLIANPRNCSS 11/29/2010 6:47AM

    Love it. It is so much fun to shake things up and try some new programs. I know you will have fun with the change. You are a FFIT girl now.

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DARINGR8LY 11/29/2010 12:19AM

    Great idea Heather! Can't wait to read about the success you will enjoy as a result of completing the 10 week plan.

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SLEEPYDEAN 11/29/2010 12:11AM

    I love the FFIT plan. I tried to go out for a long run today, but knew it wasn't going to happen, so I decided to try and a speedy 5K instead, I only made it 2 miles before my knee said it was finished. I hate it when you have the best intentions, but your body or other factors just get in the way.

Sounds like you've got a great plan for the week!

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Why is all the grass white?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! I hope everyone outside the U.S. has a wonderful day too!! We here in the states are preparing to gorge ourselves to show thanks for the bounty we enjoy each day and to help us personally prepare for the day my sister, my mother and I all went for a nifty little run this morning.

My sister drives past this one dirt path on a fairly frequent basis and it has been calling her name. It is "out of town" but just barely and only takes around 10 minutes to get to so we decided today would be the day we try these new trails. My sister mapped the course and printed out maps just in case one of us got lost and off we went. We here in Southern California, along with much of the Western U.S. and Canada have been hit by a cold blast a VERY cold blast. Here in good ol' Hemet we get chilly temps fairly frequently throughout the winter, often dropping to freezing level, but those temps are more common in February and still not exactly the norm. Today we got up to VERY nippy temps. My mom lives slightly outside town and at a slightly higher altitude than my sis and I. Her car thermometer said it was ranging from 28 degrees to 34 degrees. For us this consititutes COLD!!!! I've lived in Idaho and Utah so I know this is not COLD, but for us it perspective we are used to temps hovering in the 40s at the lowest for most of the year and that is overnight temps. Our daytime temps seldom dip below the sixties. Snow is plentiful in winter, up in the mountians, not down here in the valleys.

Anyways, we drive out to the park that is our starting point and the ground is white with frost!!! We knew it was nippy but to actually see frost on the ground was a visual clue of just how cold it really was. I was not appropriately dressed-lol!! Once we got moving I was alright, my legs though, did get kind of frozen-lol!! I was wearing a long sleeve technical shirt and my bondi band did offer a tiny bit of extra warmth, but I should have had my hat, gloves and vest!!

The trail we were running was AWESOME!!! I will be happy to run here again!! The path was loose pack, gravely type dirt, the closest thing to a cinder trail I have encountered here in California. It really was kind of amazing the difference running on the path made to street running. I was able to run quite a ways before feeling any tightness in my shins, then a quick stretch on a bench and I was ready to keep running. It was funny...when I went to put my heel on the bench to stretch my foot slid a bit and threw me slightly off balance for a second. The bench was coated in a thin layer of ice!!! Definately not the norm for our area especially in November!! The frost did make for a beautiful and almost surreal run. There was a light fog lingering too so the whole landscape had an almost fairytale feel to it. Winter wonderland describes it well. The last half of our run took us around a lake. That part was fun too! There was a nifty fog hanging over the lake and LOTS of waterfowl trying to stay warm (ducks and mudhens). The path around the lake was sidewalk with very gentle rolling hills, just enough that you felt the uphill and enjoyed the downhill :)! I saw at least 4 rabbits out hunting for breakfast and I caused a mass exodus of mud hens. There was a large grouping of these birds covering an entire slope near the lake as I got closer the exodus began with the birds closest to the water and finishing with the ones closest to me. I knew it would happen but it was still fun to watch the little birds running for the water and you could almost see the relief on their little fowl faces as the plopped into the water. "Ahhh safety, there is no way that human will follow us in here". And they would have been right, not a chance I was touching that water today-lol!!

Back around the other side of the lake, past a couple of bunnies and there was my sister marking the "finish line"!! It was a downhill finish too!! We finished at a playground and the distance just happened to end on the downhill side of a slope. Yay! Love a downhill finish!!

Just a fun little personal 5K, but it was fun and frosty and fabulous! Now I can have a tiny slice of the pie I am baking...crust is chilling in the fridge right now prior to being rolled out!

Hope everyone else is having a great day today and that the food is fabulous and that we all eat just enough to thoroughly enjoy the holiday. Anyone doing Black Friday? It is going to be another chilly night here...right back down to freezing...don't think it will stop anyone though :)!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

4EVERADONEGIRL 11/29/2010 3:53PM

    What a great recap of the morning! It was one of the best runs, outside of it being FREEZING, that I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Can't wait to do it again on Christmas morning! LOL...Well, maybe a couple days after Christmas considering the time of morning my kids like to wake up! ahhahahaha

It was an awesome holiday - glad we got to share it together, Sis!

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FUNFROG79 11/26/2010 8:15AM

    Happy Turkey Day! Sounds like you all have a great day! emoticon

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DOPKIGIRL 11/25/2010 8:40PM

    Glad you are enjoying your day to the fullest!! Way to go!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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ESBELL 11/25/2010 1:30PM

    We dodged the snow in St George, but... Today drove up the mountain to Diamond Valley for a Turkey Trot 5k. Imagine my surprise when they had snow! Still it makes for a really pretty run. I'm glad I did it.

Congrats on finding a fun new path to try.

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FITNESSLOVE1 11/25/2010 1:28PM

  happy thanksgiving.

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Busy, busy and "Operation ?"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wow!! It has been a busy couple of days and no sign of slowing down!! Went on a good (not great but good enough) run on Saturday with my sister and AWEISE. It was a drizzly morning and actually lots of fun to run in. Running last week was minimal and I'm focusing on rebuilding this week, I'll come back to that in a minute.

Sunday was church and after we had our own little family "thankgiving". We had a turkey that wasn't going to be used on Turkey Day so we cooked ours on Sunday along with several of the trimmings. I baked some pumpkin cookies. First time for pumpkin cookies and they turned out only okay...which is actually awesome because I have no driving desire to eat them!! emoticon The full dinner, cookies and church took up the majority of the day. The rest of the day was spent working on owls. Yep, owls. I'm not done yet, but here is one so far...

A friend of mine does an ornament exchange every year...the idea is that this core group of friends each bring enough ornaments for everyone in the group and they SHOULD be homemade ornaments. When you leave you have 10 or so new and unique ornaments for your tree. It is a lot of fun and a great afternoon where we all get to sit and chat and eat some good food. So, the owls are my contibution this year. I have a thing for owls and found this cute and free pattern for the owls. Not terribly Christmasey, but they are coming out cute. The party isn't for several weeks, but I don't want to be crunched for time at the last minute and I am doing so many hand crafts this year I have to spend most of my "free" time working on my projects-lol!!

Yesterday was housework and more owls (btw I'm making 16 of them and every stitch is done by hand...oh my!) I was supposed to get up and run but I've come down with a nice little cold, so far no chest congestion so I am still good with running, but I felt a little extra sleep would do me more good than running, so I passed. I had intended to do "something" but never planned it out to what "something" would be so it was "nothing". Remember that...if you don't plan it, it probably won't happen!

Today, I did get up and go running. The nice part was that first, the kids have the whole week off for Thanksgiving so no rushing to get anyone to school and second, hubs was home so there was no rush to get out the door. I still slept in a little bit, got up, lazily got ready and still made it out the door. Just two miles today. It took a bit to work the kinks out, but I finally got there.

Doing the half definately pushed me to my limits and I am still feeling it in my short runs so the plan for the next couple of months is to rebuild my short runs until I am comfortable again and then rebuild my distances. For a few weeks 3 miles or so is going to be my limit. When I'm making progress and getting faster at that distance I will build up again. Back to patience on the running front. I pushed, shoved and dragged myself towards a goal and I accomplished the goal, now it is time to be patient again and just have some fun while I get GOOD at running.

Which brings me to the last part of this blog...I need some focus and some direction. For awhile now the half was the only thing in mind. My sister is doing B2B, back to basics. Another sparker is Operation: Happy Weight and another is operation Pixie Dust. Love these ideas and love the focus it puts on the journey. I like challenges and like the idea than an "operation" , "project", or " challenge" makes "IT" more official. I have no idea...nothing is clicking...yet. I want/need to lose weight. I have a number of outfits I want to fit into. I want the running to be great, not just good. I want to sculpt some rockin' hot muscles. I want....I want...I want....hmmm. Think about this some more. Today, I had a good run and a great yoga session. Yoga hasn't happened in a while and it was great when the kids once again joined right in. My son asks-"do boys do yoga?" Yes, boys do yoga. Told him about Rodney Yee as an example. Was amazed, well not really, when daughter flips right over into plow with no problem (she is very bendy). So, more jealous than amazed--lol!! Getting back on track and not letting pumpkin cookies get in the way :)!! So far, a good day. Later time to sew some eyes on my owls!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LAURIE5658 11/29/2010 3:04PM

    I am proof that "Operations" work as I am finishing my 5 week Operation Mickey Mouse this week. In my latest blog, I have the weight and inches lost during the past 4 weeks. Get your Operation started and you will reap the benefits in a hurry. i promise!

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FUNFROG79 11/24/2010 9:00AM

    So cute! emoticon

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FLUTTER-BY)L( 11/23/2010 7:54PM

    I have been in a funk but, I am trying to do the right stuff anyway. I hope you find what works for you.

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DOPKIGIRL 11/23/2010 6:28PM

    You are very talented with your crafts. Such great ideas. I am so envious of you! Keep sharing, because I can use the ideas. LOL!

Don't worry, taking it back a notch is not a negative. You know your body and where it is and needs to be. You will be back to running better and longer distances in no time. Enjoy what you are doing and in time you will be amazed.

Keep going strong and have a great evening!!

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PAMINHALF 11/23/2010 5:56PM

  That owl is adorable!

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WHOWANTSOLLIE 11/23/2010 5:35PM

    owls = cute cute cute! Where did you find that pattern? I like the Operation idea, too. After maintaining my weight for 2 years, I just had a baby and I thought it would be easy to drop the weight because maintaining had become easy...but nope...not easy!

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JENN26POINT2 11/23/2010 5:19PM

    I love owls. We have a family (3) of Great Horned Owls that live in our backyard during the summer months. At the beginning of spring, it was just Mom and Dad... but they had a baby, so now there's three! YAY owls! lol

I think you should call it "Operation I Want..." and each day you could include a new "desire". like today's could be "I Want Skinny thighs" or I want hot muscles... if you had to think every day of what you really want, it might help to motivate you??

Good luck and have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!

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4EVERADONEGIRL 11/23/2010 4:58PM

    The owls are WAY adorable!! I was thinking yesterday that I need to find a holiday craft/ornament for office gifts this year...perhaps a couple owls will work! You'll have to share how to make them. :-)

I think your re-building plan is awesome! Such a great idea...and I'm sure you'll find a name for your little project/plan/challenge. But it definitely sounds like you're off to a good start because you are THINKING about it! YAY!!!!

Keep it up! We'll get through the holidays and then be ready to start 2011 with a real BANG!

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TXDREAMSPINNER 11/23/2010 4:53PM

    Your owls are cute! My kids are a lot more flexible than me too so when they do yoga with me they get into the positions much easier but they don't have the endurance to hold them as long. Sounds like you have a good plan.

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PINKCOCONUT 11/23/2010 3:38PM

    LOVE your cutie little owls!!!!

I hear ya on building your mileage back up! Oye! But we'll get there 'cause we're rock stars!

And winter is the perfect time to focus on a challenge, I know you'll do great!

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New fun quiz...borrowed from Caz who borrowed from another sparker...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I've been feeling kind of crappy today. I woke up this morning with a full blown migraine. Not joking...not has been YEARS since I've had a headache like this. Chills, nausea, flashes of light behind closed eyelids, piercing pain in my temple and a dull ache everywhere else. Seriously, at first I thought I was dying, then I thought it was flu and then I realized it was just my head trying to turn itself inside out. I stayed in bed until 10 when an approaching appointment with my daughter's speech therapist forced me out. An hour and two slices of whole wheat cinnamon toast later, I felt like I might actually be able to drive the car. I did start feeling better during the appointment...I think a couple Motrin kicked in and having to focus on several other people (the meeting also included my daughter's teacher and the school principal) kind of forced the headache to the background.

I managed to get a couple things done today and spent all evening working on some ornaments for an ornament exchange a friend does every year. All though the headache has remained in the background I am still feeling a bit undone so when I stumbled upon this new quiz I "borrowed" it....enjoy and I'll be back tomorrow...:)

1. Who used to be your superhero when you were a child? Wonder Woman--used a towel for a cape and mom's aluminum foil for bracelets

2. Most hated chore on the chore list? Cat box...don't understand why I have a cat I hate the box so much

3. If you were to start your own restaurant, what would it be called? My house...I sometimes feel I do run a restaurant...3 kids who all want something different...I refuse to cook more than one thing and find myself saying "I am not a short order chef" a lot-lol

4. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? I am wearing a pink sweater and quite literally surrounded by felt, pink ric-rac, pink embroidery thread, a picture my daughter colored with a pink, pink, pink....normally you could ask this question and the answer would be no-lol!

5. If you had to only eat three things for the rest of your life, day in and day out, what would they be? Chicken, pineapple and chocolate...I figure if I'm living on chicken and pineapple I deserve some chocolate...

6. What are you listening to right now? Blue Bloods (I have a long time, not so secret crush on Tom Selleck-my husband knows all about it-lol!)

7. What's the last sporting event you watched? BYU college football several weeks ago...we lost

8. When was the last time you drove out of town? Sunday for the Half-marathon

9. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days? No, not the last 5 days, 5 weeks or even 5 months...although, we did receive 1 free movie ticket recently and I will probably use it to go see Harry Potter

10. What was the last thing you had to drink? Water

11. Last food that you ate? Whole wheat grilled cheese sandwich and vegitable soup

12. If you were a time traveller and could only go back in time or forward in time, which would you choose? Back

13. If you could tell your best friend one thing that you canít stand about him/her what would it be? I can't think of anything on this one at the husband is my best friend and I say whatever I want to him!! He's come to expect it-lol!!

14. If you were to be famous what would you like to be known for? I have no idea..

15. What does your last text message say? "?" (My husband disappeared after taking the kids to school and I wanted to know what he was up to. "?" said it all-lol!)

16. How early do you start holiday shopping? Tradition is to go out on Black Friday, but I normally have a couple items already purchased by then...stands true this year...already have supplies to make many items and several small items already purchased.

17. If you wrote a movie, what would the title be? It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world (oh, that's been done hasn't it-lol)

18. When did you first realize you needed to change your lifestyle food wise? I don't know-a long time ago and it is still a work in progress

19. What colour ink do you prefer to write with? Purple...but, I do realize that it is usually more appropriate to use black and so I do. Unless it really doesn't matter and then I use purple.

20. What was your favourite toy as a child? My stuffed dog. He even went to college with me. He never had a name ...just Dog or Doggie. I no longer have him, but my daughter has a doggie who resembles my doggie and he also is called just Doggie. He is her favorite too. It is kind of cute...

There ya' go...see ya all tomorrow :)!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

4EVERADONEGIRL 11/22/2010 7:01PM

    This is definitely a fun quiz! Glad you took time to answer it! :-)

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DARINGR8LY 11/22/2010 6:50PM

    Cute responses.


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PAPPHEM 11/20/2010 12:21PM

    I love these quizzes, it's so much fun to learn things about my spark friends!

I think I will borrow it today too! Hope your headache is gone and you can enjoy your weekend!

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FUNFROG79 11/20/2010 10:53AM

    Love Wonder Woman emoticon

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DOPKIGIRL 11/20/2010 9:20AM

    Sorry you are battling a migraine. Never a good feeling. I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday (actually almost every morning this week). I am hoping you feel better soon!

Very cute quiz. Really enjoyed reading about you!

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NEW-CAZ 11/20/2010 4:51AM

    HI Heather, sorry you have a spliting head hun, hope you feel brighter soon.
Loved learning more about you!
Maybe your daughter's Doggie will stay with her through college- you've started a family tradition emoticon emoticon

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"Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance." - Samuel Johnson

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm going back and reading old Spark E-Mails 10 at a time because that's the max points for one day-lol!! Yes, as far behind as I was on blog reading I was even more behind on Spark E-Mails! To avoid confusion, these are the motivational or informational ones that come to your regular e-mail every day. They are optional and I get about 3 a day and have about a hundred I haven't read. OOOPS!! Oh well, it's all good. I am just getting mega doses of info as I go through them trying to clean them out.

So, today I am scanning the mails and I get to one that lists all these quotes about perseverance and the quote in the title jumps out at me. "Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance." - Samuel Johnson

Not that completing a half marathon is necessarily a great work...but it was for me and this quote hits the proverbial nail on the proverbial head.

I do not have a half marathon medal hanging on my wall because I had physical strength. I DO have a half marathon medal hanging on my wall because I did not give up!

Sitting here my mind is bombarded by great works that happened throughout history...the building of the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China, the discovery of trade routes around the world. In more recent history the integration of schools in America, the breaking down of the Berlin wall, the discovery of so many modern medicines and techniques that save lives everyday, the taming of electricity to give us so many modern conveniences! Wow, I could go on and on and on and on. All of it because somebody refused to give up. Somebody, somewhere, refused to give up. I wonder how many formulas Jonas Salk went through before finding the one that would succesfully immunize people from polio. There is a great work.

Me crossing a finish line will not be memorialized or lauded. Except by those close to me. Out there on that trail I definately thought about giving up. I figured if I just sat down eventually somebody would be along to collect me. I didn't HAVE to finish. This was optional after all. Isn't 12 miles good enough? Who needs a medal is just a thing. What is the big deal about doing a half anyways? Nobody will notice if I don't finish...oops that one wasn't true. Somebody would, and my kids who were waiting for me at the finish. We would notice. So, I kept going. I kept putting one foot in front of the other and eventually I made it. And I still didn't recognize the significance of my accomplishment.

It took a little while to realize that the big deal about a half is not giving up. Finding out that you have something deep inside that pushes you to finish despite everything that is telling you to quit. A stitch in your side, an ache in your shins, a voice inside your head saying, no not saying, but YELLING, "STOP", an almost physical wall that says you cannot take another step. But, you don't listen, no, you keep going until you hit that finish line and then you keep going some more because you know if you stop right at that moment you will never move again. The big deal about finishing a half is that you now know that you cannot be stopped.

And this goes for anything that is difficult. I mentioned before about perspective. Finishing the half was definately the most intense version of "I did it!", but it was there at the 5K, it was there at the 10K, it was there after the almost comical 12 mile run in wind and rain. It is there when we say "no" to the cupcake staring us down. It is there when we take that first step out the door whether we are going for a walk or a run.

Anytime you do something that you thought you couldn't it is there. The knowledge that you are more than you thought you were. "Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance." - Samuel Johnson

You are a great work. That great work will be accomplished through perseverence. Along the line you may develop or find physical strength, but what is really going to get you across whatever finish line you are working towards will be the mental and emotional strength that comes from perseverance.

"Never give in. Never. Never. Never. Never." - Winston Churchill (another great person in history who overcame great trials to accomplish great works.)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DARINGR8LY 11/22/2010 6:50PM

    Perseverance is an important ingredient for success. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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NEW-CAZ 11/17/2010 3:28PM

    Wonderful blog Heather and a great quote from one of my favourite Brits- Winston.

You're a great work hun, you've achieved so much and have come a long way since I first met you. A true inspiration and a wonderful example of never giving in. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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4EVERADONEGIRL 11/17/2010 3:05PM

    This blog is awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!! I really can't say it enough!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

There are so many nuggets of awesomeness in here! :-)

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RIGBY31 11/17/2010 1:40PM

    I am stepping away from the computer now to finish a project that I had been ignoring for 3 weeks. A NSV for me and I need it! Thanks for kicking me out of my chair!

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LISAW/3 11/17/2010 1:37PM

    Great blog and well put!

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FUNFROG79 11/17/2010 1:32PM

    Love that Churchill quote!

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DOPKIGIRL 11/17/2010 12:51PM

    You are a great work and you have done great work. Great work isn't about what others classify it as, but rather what you classify it as, that's my take on it.

You are fabulous...keep it up!!

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