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Wasted Day? Not Really.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I did not do anything trackable again yesterday. Eww so much not working out. I've gotta get in some great cardio today. While yesterday could be considered a wasted day I still did something important to me. As many of you know, my husband's grandmother passed away recently (a little more than a month ago). One of the things I "inherited" was her fabric "stash". Grandma was a quilter and as all other quilters know-quilters always have a stash. I used to work for a fabric store (I love to sew, but I am not a quilter-yet) and every big sale day the store was FILLED with quilters stocking up on new or favorite prints and solids to use in some, as yet undefined, project. Sale fabric is to quilters like calorie free chocolate would be to dieters (if it existed) irresistable! My husband had no idea if Grandma even had a stash, oh yeah, she did! On the last day of cleaning out the house I asked my mother-in-law if any of the other children or grandchildren had claimed the fabric. She took us in the bedroom to reveal 3 large boxes of different fabrics that she was going to donate to a local quilter we know. I told her that even though I've never made a quilt (the closest I've come is a project called a rag quilt) I would love to learn and the fabric was mine! Along with a rotary cutter, a couple of cutting boards and cutting squares and rulers. I have spent a little bit of time here and there over the last couple of weeks, sorting and organizing, deciding which of the fabrics already in her stash could be used together in a project and trying to decide what the project would be. I started cutting on Sunday night and kept going on Monday-so much so that I really did not get much else done. I would stop cutting to get some chores done and take care of the kids, but all the extra minutes, including, to my chagrin, the exercise minutes, went into planning and cutting. I settled on two different projects. The first is SUPER simple. Squares and rectangles pieced together in simple rows to form the quilt top. The second is a little bit more complicated, but as far as quilting goes still very simple. It is called a pinwheel pattern and is made up of triangles pieced together to form a square that lookes like a pinwheel. I love to sew, so the seams are not an issue-lining up seams, getting everything to match-up and then the quilting itself are where I will be seeking out some assistance. I am so sorry that I did not take up this task while Grandma was here to help me, but I have felt her guiding my hand in the selection process and while I was cutting squares. One of the quilts will be for my mother-in-law and the other for my husband (I think he will enjoy it even though the patterns are kind of girly-I am trying to throw some more "boyish" patterns in without disturbing the overall appearance of the quilt). Grandma had a large amount of a yellow print with blue butterflies and this piece is the keystone of both quilts. So, today I am anxious to get to my sewing machine, but I do have to do some exercise today-I simply cannot allow myself another day like the last two!! EEEK! So quilting is going to become my instant "reward" for awhile. I have to "hurry, scurry", like I tell my kids, to get my "chores" done and my exercise (which may qualify as a chore on some days, but isn't really) so I can have my "play" time!! I will post a picture of the quilts as I finish them. First is the super simple squares and rectangles quilt. Well, gotta go take care of the laundry that needs to be folded since the dryer will shortly spit out another load to fold and put away! Hope everyone has a great day!!

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4EVERADONEGIRL 5/13/2009 12:43PM

    How fun!! Those are going to be great gifts to MIL and Hubby! They will always be able to remember their loved one. And don't beat yourself up too badly about not getting the exercise in...we have to allow ourselves some time to focus on other areas too!

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KING*GET*FIT 5/13/2009 9:27AM

    I've done a few quilts myself and a few good words of advice I could give you is to google what you are doing. You will learn to sew what seams together so you don't get any puckering, order in quilting does matter. Also, there is a quilters team here at sparkpeople that may be helpful to you as well. I hope that helps and keep having fun. When it isn't fun take break. This is not meant to be a chore.

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My least favorite day of the year.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It is true, Mother's Day is my least favorite day of the year. The reasons why are many and varied. Does this mean I don't appreciate the breakfast in bed? No, my husband, very thoughtfully, created a breakfast burrito for me that was light on egg and cheese and heavy on the vegitables. My son gave me a beautiful card he made in kindergarten, my daughter has created about 7 "cards" that are really just scribbles on paper, but she thinks they are great works of art. My baby made a handprint in nursery at church that I will still have 10 years from now. I still hate Mother's day. But, today will still be a great day to spend with my family, my mother, my sister, her family, and possibly my brother, his wife and kids. Good food to eat, though not too much, and good company! Wish we could do it more often and without Hallmark dictating when. Oh well. Hope everyone enjoys today and has a great time with thier families!


Thank goodness for new days.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Yesterday was bad, bad, bad, BAD. Really, there was no reason for it either. Fast food, cake, two string cheeses and zero exercise. ARRRGGGHH. Today I feel sluggish and tired and aweful. Thank goodness today is a new day. A new opportunity to eat better, exercise better and feel better. It seems like everything I am doing today is in slow motion. Here in So. Cal it is hotter than hot and that is making me feel like not working out. Today I will crank up the air, stand in front of a fan and let Billy Blanks kick the tar out of my fat!! It is hard for me to work out when everyone is home-we are one of those apparently rare 1 t.v. homes, so while I work out I am the entertainment. And granted, my husband has seen me at my worst more than once, but I seldom let him see me exercise (it creates jiggles that I hardly think would be sexy). Oh well, time to swallow some of that pride and atone for yesterday's sins. Hope everyone has an awesome Saturday. Two weeks to my next hike, better get in some great cardio to help prepare for it!

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AZBACKPACKER 5/9/2009 3:35PM

    Ohhh I can soooooo relate. I hate for my family to watch me exercise. I am in the Mohave desert in AZ and it is hot here too. I have been sluggish since the heat moved in.

I believe you just talked me into getting my butt away from this computer and get it exercising.

You have a great Mothers Day weekend and let's get exercising and eating right!!

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Learning how to eat.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Well, Monday was a huge success when I met every nutrition goal-for the first time ever. Yesterday and today I am still struggling with eating properly. I can't seem to be able to force myself to eat the recommended calories. I am having trouble meeting even the lower end of my caloric recommendations. I know what part of the problem is though, the problem is finding the cure. I have 3 kids. Having 3 kids keeps me pretty busy. Today, for example, I got up, took a medication I have to take everyday on an empty stomach, I waited the 1 hour to have my oatmeal for breakfast, then it was off to exercise class. Immediately following that, we dropped my son off at school, went home for a quick shower, then it was off to play group for my daughters. The daughters had snacks at playgroup that kept them going until it was time to leave our friends' house and pick son up from school. Immediately after school we went to pick up son's friend for a playdate at our house. In here somewhere I ate 10 goldfish, the first thing I'd eaten since oatmeal in the morning. Back at home I got yogurt and cheese sticks for the kids (per each one's request-not both for each child :) ). I ate one cheese stick, realized I hadn't eaten lunch and grabbed my current favorite snack-high fiber crackers and a laughing cow cheese. I also ate an orange in here somewhere. The next time I ate was dinner. Tonight we had some delicious turkey burgers, mine without a bun and some cornbread muffins (I had only one). When I added up my food I didn't even reach the lowest calorie requirement. Now that I have stopped eating everything my children eat, apparently I am not eating enough. My challenge is finding a way of feeding myself and my children, instead of just my children. I am working on changing the way my children eat, however, I have been "blessed" with picky eaters and the going has been rough. Finding foods that fit with my new way of eating and their current way of eating is a challenge. My son has discovered he loves turkey burgers-as much or more than the ground beef version, the daughters not so much. My daughter loves celery and carrots, the son and younger daughter not so much. I am sure many of you with children recognize the dilema. Oh well, we are working on it and making progress, I am sure that one day soon I will find myself meeting my goals more consistently and maybe the kids will find out that they love eating healthy too.

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FLUTTER-BY)L( 5/8/2009 6:40PM

    You will figure out a way to do this. I set a timer one day to make myself eat on time. Maybe when you feed your kids eat something too. Just use that as a cue. You don't have to eat the same stuff to eat with them. I sure wish food were easier.

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BIGGIRL2211 5/7/2009 7:38PM

    my daughter will not eat healthy and neither will my husband.i just let them do there thing.i also have a son he is just 1 . he wont eat anything lol.i just make sure i eat all my calories. even if later at night i have to eat a 100 calorie pack and a cup of milk to reach my caloric goal.just hang in there u will get things right.

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KING*GET*FIT 5/7/2009 2:14PM

    I cook what I cook and that is what is for dinner. The children get use to it. It will take time but you will find what works for you.

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4EVERADONEGIRL 5/7/2009 12:46PM

    Not that I'm the best person to turn to for advice, but here it is anyways! LOL Every Saturday when you shop pack up all the food in pre-packaged portions for the week. Make sure there is lots of variety like celery sticks, carrots, cheese and crackers, grapes/strawberries, pretzels, salads, snack mixes etc. etc. etc. You get the idea. I even found single-serve salad dressing pouches at Stater Bros. and the Lowfat Balsamic Vinagrette is delicious! Just make sure there is something for everyone - including YOU!! Then when you have those on-the-go days you can grab a couple pre-packaged snacks for everyone's tastes and hit the road and nobody gets neglected. You could easily eat a salad AND a full day's serving of vegetables while the kids play on the playground or while you wait in the car to pick up at school. Pre-packaged food has been my saving grace!!


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WBOYACK 5/7/2009 10:18AM

  You will find a way. Hang in there.

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I met every nutrition goal today!!!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

I am sooooo excited!!! Today, for the first time, ever, I hit EVERY single one of my nutrition goals. I got enough calories, I did not eat too much fat, I did not eat too many carbs, I got enough protien!!! Whooo Hooooo!!!! How did I do it???? Seriously, anyone know? Did I finally make proper choices?? Could it be I am getting better at eating properly??? I think it just might be true!! I still made a couple of poor choices, I drank a Sunny D instead of water, I ate a cupcake for dessert, but overall I made more good choices. I had a laughing cow light and some high fiber crackers for lunch, with some fruit. I have been chugging away at my giant jug of water. When the kids wanted pizza for dinner I did not go buy one. I MADE HOMEMADE PIZZA. Totally homemade! I made the dough and threw some wheat flour into the mix to make it a little healthier, my son and I added the cheese and the pepperoni. We also made just a cheese pizza. My pizza was delicious and WAY fewer calories than if we had ordered one from somewhere. Know how those take out pizzas leave the bottom of the box all greasy-ewwwww. No grease on the bottom of my pizza. The cheese pizza went on a baking stone I use when I make french bread and the crust was nice and crunchy. Next week I am going to try a bar-b-que chicken pizza with sauteed onions (I cook them until they are completely brown and soft and sweet) and about 1/2 the cheese we put on today's pizza. I am so happy I hit every goal today. I even got in 45 minutes of cardio!! Wow! Tomorrow is more cardio and strength. The only down side to today was that my legs still felt a little rubbery after the hike on Saturday and I felt a little drained during today's cardio, I think that will not be a problem tomorrow though. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow.

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KING*GET*FIT 5/5/2009 10:06AM

    We make our pizza's from scratch. I will make whole wheat pizza dough, I use all whole wheat and no white flour. I will add garlic to the dough to flavor it a little more. I top it with my favorite toppings. If I use pepperoni it is turkey peperoni which is 70% less fat than regular pepperoni. One other thing I like is feta cheese on my pizza. I add regular cheese too but less of it. The feta is a stroner cheese that is packed with calcium. I like the way it tastes on the pizza. I divide the dough among the family members and everyone gets to make thier own. My baby is 9 so they all can do it and would prefer to make their own. They each get to make 2. One for dinner and one to take for lunch the next day. They like that.

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WBOYACK 5/5/2009 8:26AM

  emoticon emoticon Keep it up! Have an other great day!

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4EVERADONEGIRL 5/4/2009 11:51PM

    Way to go!!!! You are truly inspiring me to be better every day!! :-)

I think we need to set up dates and a plan of our weekend hikes to train for the big one. I definitely don't think we can do every weekend with our busy schedules, but a weekend a month for the next 3 months at a minimum would really help! Let's figure some dates and get planning!!!


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BUFFBARBIE777 5/4/2009 11:27PM

    CONGRATS!! WAY 2 GO GIRL!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH YOUR BLOG INSPIRES ME!! THANKS!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 5/4/2009 11:27:38 PM

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