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Food Blog Day 5...lots of pictures...

Friday, May 21, 2010

This is the last food blog for this particular SIS challenge. I am glad the week has come to an end. Doing a food blog EVERY day is kind of a lot of work. However, I had never done a food blog before this challenge and I really enjoyed it. It really helped keep me accountable and made me think more about what I was going to eat. I think I will have to set a goal to add a food blog at least a few times a month. is breakfast...

Left over corn casserole from last night's dinner. What I have really discovered this week is that I am not a traditional breakfast type of person-LOL! I stuck it in the microwave to reheat it and it made a scrumptious breakfast.


I LOVE these things. Stretch Island Fruit Co. Fruit strips. 100% fruit, no added sugar, very yummy and extremely portable. These little things go hiking, to Disneyland and school without any problem what-so-ever. This one had fell out of the cupboard so I figured it was just begging to be eaten-I obliged!!

Left over pasta from the other night. Still yummy even though not as pretty as before.

More popcorn. This was daughter's idea. She LOVES popcorn and just as it was getting to be afternoon snack time she brings me a package and asks for popcorn-sure why not!

Dinner-Tonight was lentil taco night. This is definately one of my family's top five favorite meals. My kids LOVE them and have no idea how healthy the lentils are-all they know is that this meal is delicious.

I start by cooking some onion and garlic in a pan mmmm-smells soooo good!!

Add some herbs and spices (oregano, chili powder and cumin) and the lentils-

Cook for a minute then add some chicken broth (strict vegetarians can use vegi broth-we are meat eaters who like to eat veg a few times a week)-

Bring that to a boil, reduce the heat and let simmer until the lentils are tender. Then my favorite part-

mash 'em up!

Oh-add some salsa to that mess before you start mashing.

All set to go-

My kids love the hard shells and that is great for me-less work. Put about a quarter cup of lentils in the shell, add lettuce (that is my daughter's hand adding some lettuce to her taco), tomato, cheese, etc.

I also like mine as a wrap-

some lentils, lettuce, tomato, a tiny bit of cheese, a tiny bit of sour cream (2 teaspoons-measured out) , and some salsa-doens't that look good?

Here is another view

One serving is two tacos. I love this meal!! So good....

So, unless I go have a snack here are my totals for the day.

Calories Allowed=1,590-1,940
Calories Used =1,433
Calorie Remaining=157-507

Hmm lookit that-think I'll go have another wrap!! BTW-I got the recipe out of a cookbook, but it can also be found at as Tasty Lentil Tacos. Here is a link

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CHEVL66 5/25/2010 1:51PM

    Ooooh, that's looks yummy. I'm so trying the tacos with lentils, I've never thought of that!!

Question: where do you get the fruit strips?

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NEW-CAZ 5/22/2010 3:22AM

    Great blog Heather- wish I could get excited by lentils.........but I can't emoticon they affect me is all I'll say emoticon emoticon


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SCRAPPYLADYV 5/21/2010 10:49PM

    Thanks for the lentil taco recipe. Added it to my favorites and will be trying it soon. Sounds so good.

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PLUSTODOWNSIZE 5/21/2010 10:14PM

    Interesting idea for the lentils, might have to try it sometime.

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Food Blog Day 4

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another odd day of eating. Kind of random things today. Tomorrow is going to be great though-Lentil Tacos, one of my favorites-come back for that one...

Today started off oddly with...
yep, another roll. Weird breakfast, it actually ended up being an a.m. snack since I managed breakfast a bit later. My daughters missed the rolls last night since they finished after bed time. They claimed their share this morning and youngest insisted I eat one with her. Cute...

So, after dropping the two older ones off at school it was a quick trip to the grocery. While there I found this...
it looked might yummy and was very affordable so I bought it, took it home and mostly cooked it. Ooops, forgot it was in the microwave waiting to have the film removed and then cooked one more minute. By the time I got back to it it was quite cold and I had to cook it a bit longer than stated, which turned the eggs a little rubbery. But it was still quite yummy. The sausage had just the right amount of spice to not be too spicy or bland. I added quite a bit of black pepper to it, but that is just me-I kind of like pepper (got it from my gramps who put pepper on EVERYTHING). Here it is cooked-

Lunch...well, there we had a bit of a problem again. It was one of those busy days and preparing something for lunch just seemed useless. So... a delicious Navel Orange and half of the last roll (again youngest insisted she share with me). Then later...
. I did NOT eat the orange and the pickle at the same time-more than an hour passed between the two. It was a yummy pickle too.

Soon it was time for dinner...
a delicious glazed meatloaf I make with ground turkey, some onion, some spices, etc. Kids LOVE it, except the youngest (that is actually her plate-I forgot to take a pic and she didn't eat her's so ta-da!). Also corn casserole, which is NOT a healthy vegetable dish, but it is good. I checked my calories for the day before making it to make sure I had the wiggle room to have a serving if I made it. This is wicked good-it is like the soft, pudding like bread that you can get at Mexican Restaurants. Like I said, it turns good ol' corn into a dessert almost, but I limit how often I make it for that reason and today seemed like a good day to go for it since I had the calories available.

Later another snack... A serving of ACT II Kettle Corn Microwave Popcorn. Sweet, yet salty and extremely reasonable in the calorie department.

Plus a bunch of water and I had a better food day than yesterday ;)!

Calorie Range=1,590-1,940
Calories Spent=1,569
Calories Remaining=21-371

I just might have a little more popcorn. Son wanted a pickle, but ate only a bit of it and just handed me the rest. A pickle on top of Kettle Corn? Ewww doesn't sound too good, maybe I'll bag that pickle for tomorrow. :)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CRAZEPUPPIES 5/21/2010 8:35AM

    Waiting patiently for these lentil tacos emoticon Never thought to use lentils, usually use black beans!

Love the plate! I have the matching cup but no plate lol!

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NEW-CAZ 5/21/2010 3:54AM

    Great blog Heather! emoticon

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A running life...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This morning I heard the alarm, pried my eyelids open, got out of bed, got dressed in my running gear, laced up the sneakers, drove a few minutes and went for a run. Ahhhhh. I am finally getting a schedule back. We (my sis and I) were short on time so it was a slightly shorter than planned run. Which was good because I am still building back up after a long illness break. Ran just short of the distance I ran on Saturday. I have yet to track it, but roughly 2.25 to 2.5 miles running distance. A little more with warm-up and cool-down.

As I ran today I spent some time reflecting on my running life. Last year, in July, I decided I needed to start running. This decision came on the heels of a traumatic birthday and truthfully I thought it might have been one of those things that I decided to try, but then would discover I just hated so I would give up after a few weeks. My sister and I commited to doing the Couch to 5K program together and we would celebrate finishing the program by running the Disneyland 5K in September. We did what we set out to do and the Disney 5K was such a blast that we were soon looking for a new race. Fast forward almost a year and we are still running. We are training for a 10K and looking forward to training for a 1/2 marathon. This morning as I ran I thought about all this and then I thought about how I am doing right now with my running.

I thought about where I had hoped to be at this point. I thought about how my 10K was supposed to be in a couple of weeks, but how I would most likely be running the 5K option instead. I thought about how my training was thrown for such a big loop by getting sick and how right now I am still trying to build back up to running a 5K. I had hoped to be so much further along at this point.

But then, as I felt my feet keeping pace, almost without me having to think about it, as I felt my breathing settle into a familar, strained, yet also sustained pattern and as I felt the sweat breaking out upon my brow, I thought about how far I have come in that year. I thought about how much I have overcome and how I have NOT given up despite being sorely tempted several times.

As I ran past this one piece of road I thought back to the C25K program and how there was this one day when I was running on this same piece of road and I was huffing and puffing and thinking, just get to the stop sign, just get to the stop sign and you can stop no matter what Robert says (Robert Ullrey, narrator of the C25K program I downloaded to my ipod). I kept thinking about that day as I blasted past that darn stop sign and kept running down the road.

As I came around a different corner and came running up to a house where a carpet cleaning van lives I thought about how that van had played a similar roll as the stop sign. If I can just get to the van. Funny, but I haven't thought about or even noticed the van for a long time. I usually just run right past it.

As I ran along I thought about those days of the shin splints when just walking the route on some days was a challenge. I thought about ALL the different things I did to try to get past that hurdle. I thought about how easy it would have been to just stop running at that point. I thought about all those mornings when I thought "I am just not a runner, I am too fat, I am not the right type to be running, this just isn't right for me". But on those mornings I thought about all the great runs I had had and I knew that running was a part of my life now and if I gave it up I would feel the hole left behind. I persevered and I found the Jeff Galloway method really worked out for me. I spent some time rebuilding my program and got back up to running a 5K without the intervals when I felt like it. I got to where I could run 5 miles using the intervals and I got to where I was looking forward to the next mile I would add to my run. 5, 6 then 7 and more?

Then I thought about getting sick and how much that killed my desire to run, much less do ANYTHING else. And that brought me back to this morning. Here I was again, back to running, feeling great and enjoying the beautiful morning. Sure, there was no way this was going to be a record breaking run this morning, but I was out there, I was on the street and I was sweating, breathing and running and it was awesome. Will I run the 10K in a couple of weeks? Maybe, maybe not, I am still trying to decide. It will probably be the 5K if I am completely honest with myself, but that just means the 10K will have to come at another time. I'm not going to not run a 10K. I am still looking at that half. In fact there is one in Las Vegas in December that supports the Crohn's/Collitis foundation I want to give my support to in honor of my friend's teenage son who is suffering from Ulcerative Collitis.

Am I where I thought I would be by this time? No. But, I am still running. I am living a running life now and I am so glad I am. I would have missed so many things if I hadn't started running last year. I would not trade these experiences for anything and I am looking forward to all the great experiences ahead of me...

What a great day to be a runner.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

4EVERADONEGIRL 5/24/2010 7:25PM

    It was awesome hearing it first hand and it was awesome reading it! You ARE a runner!!! And you have come SOOOOOOOOOOO far! You have much to be proud of and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in your running career! You have tackled far more than many...many would have crumbled under the pressures you have been through but NOTHING has been able to take you down!

You are Runner, hear you ROAR!!!

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ESBELL 5/21/2010 10:17AM

    Vegas has a beautiful flat course for the half, but it is colder than cold!!! (from one desert rat to another) If you do decide on that one - let me know I'd be happy to come by to cheer you on!!

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    You are totally ready for the 10k, whether you realize it or not. There is no reason not to give it a shot, you can always walk part of it, if you are still feeling a bit slow after your illness, there is also no shame in giving it a try. You know you would be staring longingly at all the people at the 10k start, wishing you were with them. Whatever you decide, I am proud of you. I just really like reading 1st timer race report. 1st 5k, 1st 10k, 1st half etc. they have so much hope and excitement and relief in them.

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SLEEPYDEAN 5/20/2010 12:03PM

    Glad to hear you had a good run and are feeling optimistic.

I ran my first 10K on May 1st (despite not having trained very much and being told by some on here that I shouldn't do it.) I am so happy that I went with the 10K option instead of the 5K. I finished (in 2nd to last place - out of maybe 25 runners), but I felt great - really no pain the next couple of days or anything. It was a great victory for myself!

I have my eyes set on a half marathon (at the Mission Inn in Riverside) in November. The Vegas half looked like fun, but I think I want to stay close to home for my first race.

Best of luck in your continued training and with whatever you decide for your upcoming race!


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NONIE_C 5/20/2010 11:33AM

    Reading this blog just made me feel so joyful!!! Joyful because I know the feeling of realization when you've overcome something. Joyful because you turned a potentially negative thought right around and saw the success. And joyful because you are out there running and smiling. A friend of mine always used to say, "run for to gain a smile," and I think you have done it!!! Keep on trukin' sista!!!!

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NORAB52GOOD 5/20/2010 11:08AM

    Nice blog! Reminds me of all the milesstones I have made along the way of my C25K jourey. Brought tears to my eyes.

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JOYFULMOM8 5/20/2010 11:00AM

    What an inspirational post! Thank you! I need to get back to running and you are giving me that push I need!

I'm so glad you're back to running and feeling good enough to do even the 5K emoticon

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YASMINSHORTER 5/20/2010 10:48AM

    What a lovely blog! I'm running 8.1 miles of the Edinburgh marathon on sunday and I'll be thinking of you as I do it!
Keep running x

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NEW-CAZ 5/20/2010 10:35AM

    Heather you have come a long way hun and let nothing stand in your way- yes you ease back when you're not well (who with any sense wouldn't?) but you get right back at and relish your running with gusto.
You ARE a runner no doubt.
Wonderful blog!!! emoticon

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APATRICIAO521 5/20/2010 10:34AM

    Awesome! Congrats on all your have achieved! I am currently in W8 of C25K and look forward to being where you are someday!!!

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KARVY09 5/20/2010 10:34AM


You can't control getting sick. But you can control what makes you happy and what's doable for you. There's no shame in going for the 5K and there is no shame in short-distance running. Enjoy your 5K and there will be plenty of 10Ks and halfs down the road if you choose to do them.

So glad you're feeling better and so glad you're back on the road!

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GONNABEFIT27 5/20/2010 10:30AM

    Wow thats great reflecting on your experiences and how running has made a difference. I am right there on the same boat!

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DREAMTREE 5/20/2010 10:22AM

    Wow, what a great post! I've just decided to start running myself and joined the Couch to 5K. I loved hearing your thoughts & experiences as you've become a runner! I hope to call myself a runner someday soon too.


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Food Blog Day 3

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Warning today's food was not so good.

Brunch- This was a very good and very filling bar.

Here it is out of the package- Those are big 'ol chunks of berries. Also has flax seed in there. Overall a very satisfying bar. Probably would have been a better snack than a meal, but overall filled me up and kept me going for awhile.

Notice how that bar was "brunch"? Yeah, didn't really have breakfast and/or lunch but used that bar as both-oops.

Tuna fish on white with a dab of mayo and relish. Let me tell you about what happened here. My son had a baseball game tonight and I knew dinner had to be early so I took some ground turkey out of the freezer for some yummy, yummy meatloaf I make. Then I took some frozen rolls out of the freezer to defrost and rise, some vegis and this was going to be a very delicious meal. Well, meat is defrosting, rolls are defrosting, I got to pick son up from school and we head over to the public library. The kids all get on the computers set up in the children's library and they are all happily playing educational computer games. I go pick out some books for my son. My mom comes and we start chatting. Quietly, of course, since this is still the library. Youngest finishes her turn on the computer and goes to pick out some books. Son and daughter finish 5 minutes later and she goes to pick out some books and son decides he wants to pick out some books. He is a HUGE fan of the Magic Treehouse series of books, I picked out some other books within his reading level that are NOT Magic Treehouse-see if we can expand his horizons a bit. Well, he decides he still needs some Magic Treehouse-no cold turkey for him-no way!! (giggle, giggle) So he goes and ends up with 6 Magic Treehouse, added to the 6 I had already picked out-oh my goodness he is going to have a selection of reading materials this week!! So that leaves me with no books yet. We head to the Sci-Fi section were my current fave reads are (Star Wars, Star Trek and Sookie Stackhouse) and I end up with a few and then over to biographies to pick up one educational read so that my brain doesn't rot from Sookie and Star Trek. The kids are getting antsy so I don't have much time, gotta pick fast, no time to debate...ummmmmmm let's see....Jackie O-no, FDR-no, Fran Dresher-HECK NO!! Ummmm Daniel Boone-okay and what is that right next to him Lucetia Borgia? Oooo that sounds fun. So I grab Daniel and Lucretia and off we go with a bag busting with books. Trouble is I haven't really been watching the clock. Just as we head to the self-checkout I hear my husband's Aunt Joan-the head children's librarian, calling for after school craft time. OOOOPS that means it is 3:30!! 10 to 15 minutes home, it will be almost 4 by the time we get home, meatloaf takes an hour, we have to be at the ball field by 5 and that is also 10 to 15 minutes from home (the library is 15 min east the field 15 min south), hmmm, doesn't look like we will be having meatloaf tonight-oops. So now what. Husband had the answer-tuna fish. Granted, I had tuna on Monday for lunch, but that didn't include the rest of the family and they all (except the youngest) LOVE tuna fish sandwiches. So tuna won the day and we scarfed down our sandwiches and off to the game we went-the youngest got PBJ. I left the rolls on the counter since they had not risen much, though I did consider sticking them in the fridge before we left.

Okay so, so far today I've had an Odwalla bar and a tuna fish sandwich.

We got home from the game and I had totally forgotten about my rolls which had now risen to about 4 times their original size-into the oven they go and a bit later I have a snack-

Two, fresh, warm from the oven, rolls. YUMMM. So light and fluffy and warm that they do not need anything else. An afterthough tells me jam might have been nice, but they were good without.

So here are today's totals-

Daily Calorie Goal-1,590-1,940
Calories Spent- 887
Calories left- 703-1053

Major total OOPS!! That is not enough calories. Why didn't I eat today? Oh my goodness!!! I could have snuck an orange into the library or something. Well, obviously a bad idea, but still. I will not do that again tomorrow. And not a single fruit or vegi, well unless you count the berries in the Odwalla or if you count relish as a veg. Jeesh. What a waste of calories. Poor things I had them there, I could have utilized them in some wonderfully delicious way and instead they died lonely and unutilized. Poor, poor calories :(.

I am going to have to try really hard tomorrow to try to hit the upper range of my calorie allowance and in a good way too, no more brownies, no more skipping breakfast and/or lunch. Tomorrow will be the meatloaf I didn't make today, now I just have to plan the rest of the day. Okay, time for bed, gotta go for a run tomorrow morning...See ya all in the a.m.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

AZMOM1 5/20/2010 9:37AM

    Heather, great job sticking with the photo blog and analyzing your food intake.

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REENSKI 5/20/2010 8:10AM

    Hi-I was checking out your food blogs. I feel your pain on the crazy schedules, I have trouble kkeping up & planning too.

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NEW-CAZ 5/20/2010 3:41AM

    emoticon On logging everything Heather and planning ahead.
I roughly plan out in my head a week's menu when shopping and then detail it all the night b4 now. It's kinda become a natural habit

Have fun on your run, you certainly sound like you're back feeling better now emoticon

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NONIE_C 5/20/2010 2:58AM

    Great job logging everything, and good plan for tomorrow. I've been packing my snacks for the day and just having them with me: some clementines, baby carrots, pickle spears...just have a bag of good goodies and then you can munch where and whenever you like. Have a great run, and a great day!!!

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Aerobics class...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I finally went to aerobics again today!! WooHoo!!! After spending part of April and most of May sick as a dog I finally got myself back to aerobics class!! Quick side track....Why do we say "sick as a dog"? My dog is 4 years old and has only been sick one day in his entire life and that was probably caused by the stress of seperating from his mommy and siblings when he was a puppy. He has never been as sick or as frequently sick as any of the humans in this family...hmmm.

Back on track. I've ditched the cough syrup that has been making me feel so aweful. Uggh. I seriously hope I never have to take that stuff again. I was actually able to wake up this morning and I did feel slightly off kilter still but I had decided it was time to get back to class so I did it!!

I had planned to stand in back where nobody would see me and go easy and I did stand in back. Unfortunately, our numers were WAAAY down today and there were only two people who decided they didn't want to be in the back row with me-LOL!! We had a front row of two and a back row of 4!! Oh well!! I still took it easy. There was nothing resembling a jump in my jumping jacks and when we ran our laps I did three slow ones and walked two more. It was still really fun and I actually feel much better now that I've gone and worked out!!

I kind of got lucky too because there is a new girl, Megan, "training" to take the place of Gina (my favorite instructor) who is moving. So, lucky because Megan went slower and did less since she is still learning and unlucky because Gina is moving to Montana and we will seriously miss her. Megan is great though and I am sure she will do a great job. It was a great workout and I feel great too!! Yay!! Tomorrow a run...we'll see how that goes.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ESBELL 5/19/2010 5:33PM

    I'm happy to hear you are feeling better every day!

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JOYFULMOM8 5/19/2010 2:44PM

    Good for you to get back in the groove! I'd have been there on the back row with you.... it's my favorite spot. emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 5/19/2010 2:26PM

    Heather you did the right thing hun...easing back in!
Nice to see you getting back on track and blogging with your usual wit.
Nothing keeps you down for long, take care emoticon

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