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Monday, November 12, 2012

I haven't been to the gym in 12 days.
There is a huge explanation for it. On Thursday Nov 1, while I was attending an all day training seminar an hour north of where I live, my husband was talking on the phone to his mother, who lives 2 hours south of where we live. While they were talking on the phone, she collapsed. He was able to contact her local police who broke into the house and got an ambulance for her. She had a brain aneurysm. She is currently in the hospital 40 minutes south of her hometown.
Needless to say we've been doing a lot of traveling in the past 11 days. My husband hasn't been back to work since, and I've taken the last 2 Fridays off so I could be there to support him through it all. (he's an only child and his dad passed away before I even met him)
I also have a history with emotional eating. And I use food to take care of people. Over the first week I managed to still make decent food choices, but this week I have fallen into the trap of convenience eating--hospital cafeteria cookies are pretty tasty!!!
This week my husband will be back home, at least for a few nights, so I'm planning to cook us a couple of healthy meals, and I am definitely hitting the gym! I need to get back into the good routine I had going on!
anyway, this was just a place to vent.
as to my mother in law's health, she seems to be doing ok. She's off the breathing tube and can talk to us, she recognizes who we are, and she answers simple yes or no questions, but she sometimes comes out with weird sentences. We are hopeful she will make a full recovery, but we know we've got a long road ahead of us.

thanks for listening

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SUSANNA37 11/14/2012 12:22PM

    My goodness, how scary. I'm glad help was able to get to her relatively quickly.

I'm a food-comforter too. It's a hard urge to suppress. It sounds like your plan of getting back to the gym is a good one.

Take care of yourself!

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I met a weight loss celebrity!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tonight I went to the gym and met Jeremy! The Season 13 Biggest Loser winner!!!
The posters had been up for a week or 2, advertising that he would be there.
I was worried he may not make it with the weather on the East coast being what it is. So I entered the gym planning to do my workout and honestly having totally forgotten he was supposed to be there.
I walk in and he's right there, standing near the desk like he was waiting for someone. then I recognized him.
We talked for a few minutes, he was very down to earth and answered every question I had. Super nice guy. So glad I got to meet him.
We took a picture together and then I headed off to change and do my work out!

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MRE1956 11/12/2012 3:25PM


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FRAUSKO 10/29/2012 8:38PM

    Nice way to start a workout. Very motivating.

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Recommend Your Scale

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ugh! I hate digital scales.
A couple years ago we bought one and it seemed to do ok, until it started giving us wonky numbers (we'd step on, step off and back on again, and the weight would be like 4 or 6 pounds different) so we changed the batteries
the problem still kept happening.
I bought a new scale a few months ago. It was working fantastically. Until today. I stepped on it anticipating a slightly higher number due to the halloween party last night, but I was shocked to see a lower number.
I got off and got back on again, only to see a number 8 pounds higher! (even higher than my starting weight of a month ago) Stepped back on it again, being careful each time to step on it in the same manner, and I got a third number that fell between the other two. So WTF is wrong with my scale?
How am I supposed to keep track of my weight if this keeps happening?
Does any place still sell the old style of scales where the arrow points to your weight?
Do any of you have a tried and true digital scale you'd recommend?
FWIW the first scale we had was from walmart and I forget what brand it was. The one we have now was from target, it was about $30. I also can't recall the brand at the moment.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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VTRICIA 10/29/2012 10:01PM

    Does your gym have a scale? I know that might not be as convenient as you hope. We have a medical scale due from when my husband was a massage therapist. This morning I was checking my weight and realized I had the 50 lb block on the wrong part. Doh!

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KIMPOSSIBLE82 10/28/2012 4:35PM

    We have that problem, too. My only advice is not to buy one that is too $$ because chances are that it won't last too long. My first digital scale was like $40. It only lasted six months. The one I have now was the cheapest one ($25, I think) and it's still going strong.

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DIANE7786 10/28/2012 12:35PM

    I like my Tanita scale. It matches the scale at my doctors office. I bought it a few years ago at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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JULIAGULIA162 10/28/2012 12:12PM

    I have an issue with digital scales. Move it around and it says different things. I just try to make sure it is the EXACT same place as last week, while perhaps the exact weight is a little off (I hope not), the weight CHANGE should be accurate.

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halloween party

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lots of fun last night at a friend's halloween party.
Lots of fun means a little bit of alcohol and some junk food, but I tried to eat more of the healthier foods and less of the sweets.
I had some chili and some mac and cheese, a few veggies, a chicken wing, a little bit of taco dip with some tortilla chips.
I made a healthy cookie dough dip (made with chick peas) and ate that with a few strawberries.
I ate healthy the rest of the day so I feel like any damage I did was minimal.
today is a day for lots of water, lots of veggies and fruit and hitting the gym!

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CHOCOHIPPO 10/28/2012 11:02AM

    Sounds like a great plan!

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Great Day-food choices-willpower-gym!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

So I managed to eat healthier while we were out than I thought I would be able to.
When we met my MIL at the diner for brunch I ordered a cobb salad. it had way more bacon and blue cheese than I thought it would, but I logged it as best as I could and it only came out to 335 calories. 25 grams of protein and 22 grams of fat

At the event we were at there were snacks-cheese and cracker tray, fruit tray and cookies. My MIL (who knows I am trying to get healthier) offered me a cookie about 17 times. I said no EVERY TIME.
I had water, a 7.5oz can of diet coke, and about 10 large grapes, and 3 strawberries.

When we went out for dinner later, no one was really hungry, since it had only been 3 hours since we ate. My MIL had ice cream. Hubs had a milk shake a chicken sandwich and fries. I ordered a side of cottage cheese (assuming 2% it came out to over 200 calories but it was healthier than my other options. In the car on the way home I ate one of my gogo squeez apple sauce pouches.

Then, since we were headed home a lot sooner than I had originally anticipated, I headed straight for the gym. They close at 7 on Sundays, so I had an hour to get a good work out in. I did 13 minutes on the elliptical, did triceps, biceps and stretching, and then did 18 minutes on the arc trainer (like an elliptical but with no arms)
according to the two machines, I burned 350 calories! (when I log it on spark it says its more) not sure which to believe, but I sure feel good.
Now I'm sitting here eating a quick dinner (since its already after 8pm) I heated up some beans and some cooked carrots with some salsa. :)

so proud of myself today!


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