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Why are weekends more difficult?

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Here is my problem... Fridays I work from home which I love because it means no commuting, a lie in and working in my pyjamas if I so chose to. It also means the start of the weekend!!! Why is it then that I struggle more during this time to keep to a healthy eating plan? I always start with the best intentions for Friday, stock up in healthy food and then things go downhill.

During the week, as stressful as things sometimes get at work, I have a routine. I have my fruit and fibre breakfast , fruit and a coffee for snack mid morning, lovely salad from chop'd for lunch, fruit salad in the afternoon, gym after work and then a healthy dinner.

However, come Friday and I can't stick to the same routine, try as I might! Saturday and Sunday are even worse but I can sort of understand that at least. My weekends tend to be spent mostly outside pursuing activities with my son, we eat out a lot and it can get hectic as a full day with my son is really fulfilling and fun but also full on!! I also tend to mess up my sleeping routine because I know I can lie in a bit and because I try to to steal some time for myself! Gym is also out of the question as I am member of the gym at work which makes it easy to go during the week but not at weekends (plus I don't drive and there are no nearby gyms that I could walk to during the weekend). Even when I arrange some 'me' time, to go to the cinema for example, I still overeat while out.

How can I break my bad Fri-Sat-Sun habits? How can I establish a healthy routine? It is becoming a vicious cycle which is reinforced every time I fail to reign my self in. Oh, why can I not stay focused over the weekend?


Chose your "hard"

Monday, May 12, 2014

I wish losing weight and getting fit was easy. I wish I did not have to feel so unfit and uncomfortable at the gym and I wish there was a secret diet that would make eating healthily really easy all the time. I have tried and tried to find that easy way. I have tried numerous diets and exercise regimes but nothing stays easy for too long.

So now I know it's going to be hard, it's going to take time and will require dedication. There is no avoiding the temptation, I'll have to face it and win one battle at a time. I will have to do things differently and that means doing things I do not find comfortable to start with. What I find comfortable and easy keeps me where I am today, at 260lb. I do not want to be here for long.

Yes, I am ok with uncomfortable and difficult. It will get easier but never easy. That's fine, though. Because the end goal is so worth it.

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SIMONEKP 5/13/2014 1:52PM


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JAROL7 5/12/2014 10:55AM

    My wife's Tee Shirt says, "Some people WISH for it .... we WORK for it!"

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Keep calm and carry on

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Struggling, struggling bad at the moment but I am not giving up. One thing I know is that when my bad habits return it is because they feel threatened by my new lifestyle and this is proof that I am on the right track. So... my personal demons... you are right to be afraid. Yes, be very afraid because the fighter in me is here to stay!

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HOLLYM48 10/23/2013 5:02PM

    Great self talk! YOu can do this. Just take it one day a time, one good choice at a time.

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_VALEO_ 10/23/2013 4:55PM

    emoticon Keep fighting! You're on the right track!


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Think 'Find a way' and you will make it through

Friday, October 04, 2013

I am sure you know what inspired this blog, it's the incredible Diana Nyad. How do some people achieve what seems impossible? Are they different genetically than we are? Are they naturally cleverer or do they have access to the elusive secret formula or knowledge?

Perhaps closer to home for me, why and how do I sometimes seem to find my 'focus', my 'resolve', my 'motivation' and I do achieve a lot and then other times I can't get it or it seems to disappear from within my grasp? It is still me, so what changes?

Is it the strength of the dream or the aim? When fighting the Dementors Harry Potter had to summon a very strong happy memory. If the memory was not very strong then the spell would not work. I too am trying to fight my own unhealthy lifestyle Dementors of sorts and I have a goal but I am dithering. Is my goal too weak?

If life has taught me anything, it is that nothing is simple. We, as human beings, are not simple. Therefore there are no simple answers to such questions as these. The solution, I think, is not simple and it's not easy. There is no panacea. Every time we want to achieve something that is challenging but worth the effort we have to fight for it, not least with our own selves. Fight against the negative spaces in our minds (to use another of Diana's words), fall again and again and get up, fight to maintain focus (yes it doesn't just happen), fight to keep the goal alive in our mind (this does not just happen either), use all our ingenuity and when that runs out find some more through building support networks and accessing other resources, we have to FIND A WAY, not just once and we are done, but every minute of every day.

It's easy to look at the great results some people achieved and think it was simple for them, they were somehow special. Great results require great effort but, like Diana said, most of the benefit anyway lies in the journey and what that teaches you about yourself. It's the journey and not the outcome. The outcome just sets you on your way!

I felt inspired reading about Diana's story. I hope you will too. Be inspired today and every day from now on.

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_VALEO_ 10/4/2013 10:49AM

    I had no idea who Diana Nyad was (had to ask my friend Google). emoticon

She seems to have a predestined name, close to "naiad." It took her 4 tries! It is never easy, but perseverance (and good training!!) can pay off!

We all have to fight of our own battles to reach our dreams. I think what matters is to keep dreaming and keep trying to reach a set goal; I am not sure the outcome is that important.

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