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Hundred List Check-in 19APR2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

This is a work in progress. To see what I managed to complete today you may want to come back tomorrow. Also it would probably work best to have both the 100 things I can do for myself list open and this blog entry open at the same time, so you'll probably want two tabs or windows to do that.

1. Used Nutrition Tracker
2. Still sick
3. Still sick
4. Still sick
5. not today
6. Entered Dental Appointment into Planner
7. Wrote this journal entry based on one KRESKA posted and published it to the blog after she said it was alright with her if I posted the same thing/(or something similar)
8. Updated my SparkPage with new photos today.
9. Wrote the original 100 list and this today.
10.Huddled with almost all my teams
12.not today
13.No extra showers
15.not today
16.not today
17.Put new cookbook away, threw away old unappealing cholesterol cookbook
18.Can see the top of my end table now
19.not today
20.only once
21.Bad-the whole Idea of window shopping is not to buy and I bought posters
22.Write out a Grocery list/Take inventory of larder and fridge
23.Played with, fed dog, fed cat, and rubbed cat's tummy
24. :'-( not today
25.not today
26.Used Lip Gloss several times
27.not today
28.not today extra times
30.not today
31.not today
32.watched one anime episode and updates My Anime List
33.not today
34.watched an episode of Naruto on Hulu
35.not today
36.Not today
37.Emailed MA several times
38.not today
39.not today
40.not today
41.No, unless you count the 100 list
42.Did this
43.not today
44.did a little dusting on my end table
45.not today
46.not sure where my nail polish is
47.not today
48.not today
49.not today
50.Washed face
51.not today
52.not today
53.not today
54.Not ready to put away my seasonal clothing yet
55.not today
56.Counted 4.65 in change and hoping for more, so I can justify bothering a teller to put it back into my checking account.
57.not today
58.not today
59.not today
60.not today
61.not today
62.Reviewed Stage 2
(that I never started even though it says I'm stage 3)
& read about eating the right things
63.not today
64.not today
65.Played Farmville a little
66.not today
67.not today
68.not today
69.not today
70.Sat down and drank water twice, for 4c water
71.Put the Stash Tea catalog back in the rack where it belongs, so it won't get ruined
72.not today
73.not today
74.Made the bed
75.Does doing most the laundry but leaving it unfolded count
76.not today
77.not today
78.not today
79.not today
80.attended an online support group
81.not today
82.Got rid of an old cholesterol cookbook I don't like, old stickers, old filing and junk mail, a card holder and other various things
83.Had one bite of ice cream
84.not today
85.not today
86.Didn't go shopping and have countless of all three
87.Woke up at around 9am when I'd planned to get up at 10am
88.Went to bed late at around 2:30am in the morning
89.not today
90.Spent money on credit today
91.Bought Posters online with Roger
92.not today
93.not today
94.not today
95.not today.. I want to find Banana Boat brand
96.Update my calendar (I updated the wall calandar, does that count)
97.not today
98.Spent some time outside with Mickey and "Howie"
99.not today
100.Bought Posters on sale with SigOth to put up in bedroom

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ISTRALOUISE 4/20/2010 6:38AM

    Thank You for the compliment! I borrowed the idea from KRESKA's blog, with her permission.


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MARILYN1969 4/20/2010 6:15AM

    That is such a cool idea. Good job. emoticon

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ISTRALOUISE 4/20/2010 3:36AM

    All told I got about 33/100 done today. emoticon

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GOCELTICSGO 4/19/2010 5:26PM

    WOW - some list

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100 Things I Can Do For Myself

Monday, April 19, 2010

1. Meal Planning and the Nutrition Tracker
2. Fitness Planning and the Fitness Tracker
3. Walk around the Park
4. Pop in an exercise DVD
5. Pop in a relaxation DVD
6. Enter appointments into the Planner
7. Write a journal entry
8. Take photos of myself and update my SparkPage
9. Write a blog entry.
10.Respond to posts in teams and message boards
11.Chat in MEC
12.Take a long soak in the bath
13.Take a shower
14.Track Spending in SparkSavings site
15.Try to increase my SparkPoints
16.Give something away
18.Attack paperwork and use shredder
19.Play with makeup
20.Find lotion and use it on dry areas of skin
21.Window shop online
22.Write out a Grocery list/Take inventory of larder and fridge
23.Spend time playing with my dog
24.Kiss and hug my significant other
25.Read a book on Kindle(PCversion)
26.Reapply Lip Gloss
27.Play with Makeup
28.Play with Hair
29.Brush my Teeth
30.Update my WRAP
31.Update my Control Journal
32.Update my movie and book lists (GoodReads, IMDb, My Anime List)
33.Practice writing Hiragana
34.Watch a movie
35.Read a book
36.Call a friend
37.Email my clutter buddy
38.Look for free Amazon Kindle books
39.Plan what to wear in advance
40.Get in some additional activity (ie dance to music)
41.Set and track new goals
42.Catch up with teammates online
43.Learn how to do something new
45.Oil wood furniture
46.Paint my nails
47.Listen to music
48.Do a creative drawing exercise
49.Splash on a cologne
50.Wash my face
51.Send out a card
52.Give myself a pedicure
53.Take my supplements
54.Put away my seasonal clothing
55.Start a "tickler file" ala 'Getting Things Done' by David Allen
56.Try to pull together money to put back into savings
57.Take a 30 minute nap
58.Build a motivational playlist of songs in iTunes
59.Build a healthy beat playlist of songs in iTunes
60.Listen to podcasts
61.Listen to TheSpark
62.Review a Diet Stage
63.Take an Action Step
64.Review Fast Break goals
65.Play Farmville
66.Play DII and DD
67.Play Typing Maniac
68.Make a special trip to buy groceries
69.Shave my legs and underarms
70.Sit down for 5 mins and drink a tall glass of water
71.Pour over the Stash Tea catalog
72.Take my blood pressure
73.Take my measurements
74.Make the Bed
75.Fold clothes and linens
76.Reorganize my dresser
77.Plan a night out with Roger
78.Call the folks
79.IM friends
80.Attend a support group
81.Create a budget for myself based on the previous month's spending
82.Pour over recipe books and decide which ones to try next
83.Eat 1/2 cup of ice cream..... slowly
84.Do crunches and sit ups
85.Work on flexibility
86.Stop buying pens, pencils, and erasers until I can't find any
87.Wake up early
88.Go to bed early
89.Have devotional time
90.Build an emergency fund
91.Buy something I really want
92.Practice making origami figures
93.Pass notes to Roger
94.Buy new makeup
95.Learn how to effectively use self tanners
96.Update my calendar (Lightening)
97.Create a schedule for the next few days
99.Try on clothing
100.Redecorate my part of the room

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ISTRALOUISE 4/20/2010 6:41AM

    Thank you! I borrowed an idea, with permission, from KRESKA's blog. I'm trying to learn.


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MARILYN1969 4/20/2010 6:17AM

    Great post!! you are a good blogger.

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XENA1956 4/20/2010 12:42AM

    So much to do, so littel time. It is nice to read this because it does give some of us some ideas to use for ourselves. Let us know when you accomplish all of this.

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KRESKA 4/19/2010 7:15PM

    Love it! emoticon I feel like I know you better after reading your list too!
Hugs, V.

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DIMISSY 4/19/2010 4:54PM

    WOW....your going to be busy!!! Great idea, have some fun and let us know how many things you accomplish.

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MEGANC1988 4/19/2010 12:57PM


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BOYRANDI 4/19/2010 12:46PM

    This is a great idea! Inspiring me to do that same for myself!

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