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It's time, My 2011 Goals

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

So I have been meaning to post these for about a week. I left my notes at home yesterday so without further ado...My 2011 Goals.

1. Sadly, I stepped on the scale this am. I was a bit surprised, but not too much. I have a little holiday weight gain, so I am getting back into my old routine and hitting the ST and cardio hard core. I know that extra holiday weight will slide right off! So my first goal of this new year is to tone, build muscle and lose inches, and not let the scale rule my life! It is important to check in with the scale, but it should be a moster in the closet, so I am not going to let it! I am going to control that pesky critter!
2. Last year I completed C25K. I completed a total of six 5ks. This year I am working on paying off debt so I am going to try and tone it down a bit. I will run at least 2 this year, and hopefully train for a 10k!
3. Cut out sugar. I am over 40, post menopausal and I am developing a middle age spread. I have heard a lot about belly fat being attributed to sugar, so out it goes! I don't eat a lot of it, but I wonder how I would do if I read labels and cut out the sugar. Have you heard of the Belly Fat Cure? That is what they talk about in that book. So anything that has more than 10g of sugar per serving is not on my list of approved foods, lol!
4. Continue to pay off debt. In 2010 one of my goals was to find financial peace. Well, I did! I found Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University, which I am currently attending. He lays it all out for you in an easy to follow method that just makes a whole lot of sense. So I have started down this road to being financially free, and I have a plan to have everything paid off except my mortgage and home equity loan by the end of the year? It is a loftly goal but I think it is doable with a lot of self-discipline and effort!
5. Continue working on getting my house in order. I am currently utlizing the Flybaby system. I need to start teaching it to my girls and have always wanted to make a control journal. This is the year!
6. Cut back on coffee and creamer use. This seems miniscule but believe me, I am a coffeemate aholic! No joking! I measured out my creamer and if I cut this out I can probably lose a lb without trying right away. I can't go cold turkey, but I am working on cutting back. Using an 8oz cup instead of the 16 oz cup, and limiting myself to 2-3 cups of coffee and 2-4 tablespoons of creamer, not the 1/4 to 1/8cup I currently consume.
Well, that's about it for my goals. I hope you all continue to do well on spark and to strive to reach your own goals this year. Together we can do it !


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LADYFOLDER 1/5/2011 11:12PM

    Hi, Paige!
Great goals.

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CARLA-216 1/5/2011 2:18PM

    I look forward to following you this year and watching you work toward and meet your goals!

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W8WHITTILER 1/4/2011 3:55PM

    These all sound like great goals, and I really like the Financial Freedom goal, that is what I need to add to mine as well!
You will reach these goals, emoticon

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THATGIRLSTEF 1/4/2011 3:54PM

    Good luck! I think we're all going to be able to have a successful year!

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2010 Goal ReCap

Thursday, December 30, 2010

At the beginning of 2010 I did a blog of my goals for the year. Here is the list of my goals and my recap.
Notice I titled my blog "Goals for the Coming year" and not New Years Resolutions? A resolution is something you resolve you will do. A goal is a little different. You strive to reach a goal but if you don't reach it you are still better off having tried. Resolving to do something has a sense of determination about it that sounds bleak and carries negative connotations to it. So, instead of resolving to accomplish my list, I am setting goals.
Here they are...
1. Now that I have reached my weight loss goal I am focusing on maintaining. I will maintain my weight over the coming year by continuing to attend my WW meetings and acheive the Lifetime Stick With It Award. Woot Woot! I NEVER DID GET GOING 100% BACK TO WW. I HATE COUNTING POINTS, I PREFER COUNTING CALS AND NOW THAT THEY HAVE CHANGED THE SYSTEM I AM NOT SURE I WANT TO GO BACK. I ALSO FEEL SO DEFEATED WHEN MY WEIGHT IS UP AND I THINK IT UNDERMINDS MY SELF-ESTEEM.
2. I want to be a little bit more comfortable in my clothes. I am at a size 8. I would like my size 8 pants to fit a little better. Sometimes a size 8 doesn't fit quite right. I would like to be able to go into any store and just know the size 8 will fit. I'm on the tall side so sometimes its a matter of inseam but just not having to worry that I may need a 10 would do wonders for my self esteem. STILL STRUGGLING WITH THIS ONE. I HAVE RESIGNED MYSELF THAT MY POST-MEONPAUSAL SELF HAS A DIFFERENT BODY AND ALTHOUGH 8'S STILL FIT THEY ARE A LITTLE SNUG, STILL MY 'SKINNY JEANS'. BUT NOW I AM OK WITH THAT AND I AM CONCENTRATING ON GETTING MORE TONED AND LEAN.
3. I would like to complete a 5k. I was walking about 4 miles a day before my surgery and I will continue to get back to my presurgery activity level and complete a 5k that I have actually signed up for by years end. I don't necessarily want to run one, just complete one! I ACTUALLY COMPLETED SEVERAL 5K'S AND AM THINKING OF DOING A 10K AS ONE OF MY GOALS FOR 2011. I COMPLETED SIX 5KS IN ALL.
4. Now that my weight is pretty stable and I will be maintaining I would like to start focusing on other areas of my life that I have been struggling with.
As you may have noticed, I am a Flybaby and I really embraced Marla's motto of Peace is Mine in 2009 and am trying hard to get my routines to be routines and more automatic. They are well established but need some tweaking and with my girls help we will be zoaring through the new year in no time. I STILL STRUGGLE WITH BEING A FLYBABY BUT IT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. I HAVE MADE PROGRESS THROUGH DAVE RAMSEY THOUGH!(YES, IN THIS AREA!) ONE OF THE PRINCIPLES IS PAYING YOUR KIDS ON COMMISSION AND THEY HAVE BEEN GREAT TO HELP OUT.
5. My new motto for 2010 is Financial Zen in 2010. I have some personal financial goals which I hope will come to fruition as I work toward a state of peace and tranquility in all of my personal and professional efforts.
Having a positive balance at the end of the month and having a positive cash flow in my savings and not having to use it. THIS HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST THING FOR ME! WE FOUND DAVE RAMSEY AND ARE IN THE PROCESS OF BECOMING DEBT FREE. IT'S AWESOME!
A mini goal to go along with this is that I would like to be able to go into a store and buy an article of clothing without feeling like if it is not on sale I can't buy it. Up until this past week I felt that if it was more than $10 I shouldn't buy it. I went into Macey's ( a store I never shop at ) and fell in love with a cute little sweater that looked great on me. Well, I had thought it was 75% off but it was actually only 50% off. so I didn't buy it. I am hoping it will still be there next time I go in and be marked down again, but it really wasn't that expensive and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since Thursday, lol. I would like to be able to have the peace of mind to know that buying that sweater wasn't going to break the bank. STILL STRUGGLING WITH THIS AND NOW WITH MY NEW SENSE OF FRUGALNESS I WILL PROBABLY REMAIN HERE UNTIL I AM DONE LIVING LIKE NO OTHER.
All in all I think 2010 will be a year of firsts. The first year of maintaining my weight, the first year I can have people over at a momments notice, and the first year I have extra money at the end of the month and a positive flow in my savings account! YES, THIS WAS A YEAR OF FIRSTS. FIRST 5K, FIRST YEAR I HAVE FELT GREAT ABOUT WHERE I AM GOING FINANCIALLY. THERE WERE SOME ROCKY ROADS ALONG THE WAY AND I CAN HONESTLY SAY I AM GLAD IT IS ALMOST OVER. NOW ON TO 2011.

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CHOESCH 1/3/2011 5:33PM

    I too only set goals - I refuse to make resolutions. I was ablet to attain some of my goals for 2010 and some I met and exceeded. There are always those that give us more than a little struggle but if we are on the right track and better today than we were yesterday we are moving in the right direction. I appreciate your great outlook and positive attitude - I am blessed to have you as a spark friend! Hope 2011 is a great year for you and your family!

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TEENY_BIKINI 1/2/2011 6:56PM

    I love the distinction you made between a goal and a resolution. It is very crucial and as you have demonstrated a goal will get you a lot farther. Go gorgeous!

Your goals this year sound reasonable and you sound determined. No doubt you will rock them like a true champion. Hugs.


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LADYFOLDER 12/30/2010 7:01PM

    Great job, Paige!
And, just remember on clothing sizes that each manufacturer makes a little bit different for each size. Unless you are purchasing only 1 designer's clothing line from only 1 manufacturer, there will be differences.
Happy New Year!

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CARLA-216 12/30/2010 3:51PM

    A very accomplished year overall! Great job, Paige! I look forward to reading your goals for 2011 blog.

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ONCEUPONADREAM 12/30/2010 2:22PM

Woohoo! Good for you for seeing through many of your goals! YAY!

I just wanted to add about the new WW system. The first week was a real adjustment, especially as many things have went up a few pointswise. But the biggest thing to remember is that all fruits are zero points, and so are most veggies. Which is part of the point, to get you to eat more fruits and vegetables. As things have also increased (where they are taking fiber, carbs and such into account), you also have more points to play with.

I think they said the least amount of points you will ever eat is somewhere around 30. Even during maintain.

I can only tell you the past three weeks on this plan so far have been amazing for loss. We'll see what the next one does.. but as much as we hate change, the new plan is worth giving a shot.

Hope you are going to have a happy new year!

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Dollar Store DVD review and Christmas gifts

Thursday, December 30, 2010

As I woke up to freezing cold temperatures and several inches of snow, I realized my outdoor running was going to have to be put on hold again for awhile. So I went for a workout dvd.

My daughter picked up a workout DVD for me for Christmas at the dollar store,lol! It was .88 Tuesday so she got quite a deal!!

Anyway, I decided to give it a try. For only .88 cents if I do it once and never again its really not a loss! Well, I was actually pleasantly surprised. The dvd is called 30 minute express Below the Belt. It was a good lower body workout incorporating squats, lunges, crunches, inner thighs and butt.
I found the presentation pretty good. It wasn't really polished. It was more like following along with an instructor in a gym class and the people who were participating in the dvd were not perfect. They were regular joes ( but I liked that). One thing I really liked about the dvd was that everyone worked out at their own level. She had lots of modifications to follow and I did work up a sweat.
The things I did not like in the workout were that for me, after doing P90X last week, this wasn't really very challenging, It was a great beginning to intermediate workout. After 30 mins I wanted a little more.
I didn't have a plan after the 30 mins so I left it at that and decided to give one of my Christmas presents a try. My Altus stability ball.
I had to inflate the ball and it took me 20 mins to get it all set up. The dvd that was included will not work in my dvd player so I will have to find a good stability ball workout. Maybe I will start with Coach Nicole.
One other nifty little thing I got was a Heart Rate Monitor. The New Balance HRT fit +. I am really liking it so far but I have to fiddle with it some more to figure out the calorie burning function and to get the heart rate monitor to work while I am working out. It has a lot of great features. It has a heart rate monitor, a pedometer, a chronology counter, time, date, age, pace setting function. I am sure there are more but I haven't had time to fully immerse myself in it yet. I am still trying to figure out the calorie counter and how to set the heart rate function while I workout. It doesn't help that I forgot to wear it the last two times I worked out. I am really looking forward to figuring it out and utilizing it in my fitness routines.
On another note I wanted to share that before I started P90X I took some measurements. I forgot to remeasure on Sunday but I did it last night and everything was the same except my arms. They measured .5 inches smaller to 11.5 inches. That may be wrong but I will remeasure again on Sunday.
This week wasn't the best workout week for me. I really killed it last week with the P90X and this week has been a little off with all the days off and the wacky schedule. I hope next week is better. It better be since we are off to a new year.
I plan on taking my measurements every week ( hopefully at the same time and date). I am not really looking at the scale so much as I am building muscle and toning and losing inches. That is one of my New Years resolutions.
I hope the New Year finds you all continuing to strive to reach your goals, no matter what they may be.
Keep Sparking, Paige

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KIRSTENRPH 12/31/2010 5:02PM

    Hey Paige!
Interesting blog !
I love finding a good fitness bargain!! (my favorite is a 30 min resistance band DVD workout with adjustable bands--for $15 at Walmart (or wasa it Target?) I also got some fairly cute "Zumba" shoes at Walmart (Look a little like the official ones, and VERY comfortable)--on sale for $5!!
Tell me, WHAT is P90X that everyone talks about?? Is it a DVD workout??
Also--do you have any good suggestions for a stability ball workout? I've had the ball for several years but don't really do anything with it (except roll around and play--hahahaha!!)

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CARLA-216 12/30/2010 2:49PM

    Awesome fitness goodies for Christmas!

How are you liking P90X?

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NANCYRUBIO 12/30/2010 12:01PM

    Great informative blog. Keep up doing what you are doing. Like the measurement better than the scale Glad you realize muscle weights more.
Slowest Loser Team

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This is the Best Winter Workout Ever!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow shoveling. I got a cardio workout in and I used every muscle in my body ( I can feel it). I did it for 45 mins this morning and am scheduling another workout this evening. Can't get better than that. And the best part? Totally Free! Wahoo! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KIRSTENRPH 12/31/2010 4:55PM

    Hahahaha!! Love your positive attitude!! emoticon

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TEENY_BIKINI 12/23/2010 7:22PM

    Yup. That is definitely hard core.

Personally, I like when the sun melts it for me.


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MAGA99 12/22/2010 6:52AM

    emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon

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CHOESCH 12/21/2010 5:51PM

    This is some heavy snow too! Way to go! I did the BL Power Sculpt this morning - but I have been tempted by the piles of snacks and goodies here are work. About every hour we get another treat from someone. I gave in and ate 3 chocolate covered cinnamon bears (YUM)! I can't even justify it! LOL! Maybe I'd better do some shoveling tonight! How many inches of snow did you guys get? We had about 6 when I left my house this morning. I will be glad when the holiday is finally here! Hope you are ready!

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LINDA! 12/21/2010 4:32PM

    Yes, shoveling is a tough workout!

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SARAHNICOLE__17 12/21/2010 3:06PM

    Way to go! I love shovelling snow for an extra workout.

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CARLA-216 12/21/2010 1:58PM

    Shoveling snow is a workout and a half! While I love to workout, I'm glad snow shoveling is not something we have to do a lot of here. emoticon

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THEATERCHICK18 12/21/2010 1:09PM

    fun! Wish I could shovel the snow but we live in a townhouse area but its not snowing here yet either... come on winter weather!! hehe.

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TDLEE9674 12/21/2010 12:34PM

    Shoveling is a great workout

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BRANDNEWBUFFY 12/21/2010 12:30PM

    That is hilarious because I now have to shovel my snow and my uncle told me it was a good cardio workout. So true. I totally forgot how much work it really is!

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K10BETH 12/21/2010 12:18PM

    Definitely a wonderful workout! I did it plenty when I lived up north. I'd rather run when it's still 68 today in December. Shovel sunshine emoticon

Comment edited on: 12/21/2010 12:20:56 PM

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KLONG8 12/21/2010 12:17PM

    Well, that's the best take on shoveling snow out there. It does burn those calories! Dress warm!

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Count Your Blessings and a Plea to see your doctor

Friday, December 17, 2010

Last night my daughter was in our church Christmas Pageant. It is always a rendition of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!" It warms the heart to see your kids really get the reason for the season.
After the pageant was over we enjoyed a Happy Birthday Jesus cake and some Christmas goodies. As we congregated, one of my friends came over and reminded me of a dear lady who was suffering.
We had found out on Sunday that a dear member of our congregation had brain cancer as a result of her breast cancer she had had several years ago. She had been unable to stand or walk and they finally found 20 lesions in her brain. This in itself is a sad and sorrowful outcome but that is not the worst of it. This dear, dear lady has a heart as big as all outdoors. You see, she is a foster mother. A few years ago she was awarded Foster Mother of the Year for our state. She has adopted 8 foster children, making her the mother of 10. Her two oldest children are hers by birth but the other 8 were children of her heart. The youngest is 2 or 3. She is a very special lady and now her prognosis is terminable. They gave her 4 months.
So as I sit here this morning grateful that I have good health I ask you to go see your doctor. I am also grateful that I have good health insurance. My dear friends diagnosis has been alarming to say the least. As woman we tend to put our own health on the back burner and say I'll get to it. Please, Please, please. If you have been having any kind of symptoms or if you haven't been in for your annual checkup, schedule one now. If you haven't taken the time to do your mammogram or pap test please call your local health department. If you don't have insurance they can give you vouchers for free screenings. I have been losing inches in height recently so I have made an appointment to see my doctor to determine if I have osteoporosis, which is hereditary.
Strength training I here is one of the best ways to battle this so I am grateful I have been doing this as well as the other exercises to keep me strong and vital.
I value my time on Spark with you all and hope you take the time to value yourselves.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

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DAWNO64 12/17/2010 5:04PM

    What a wonderful woman, to love so many children.

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CHOESCH 12/17/2010 3:36PM

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend - it sounds like she is an amazing woman who has touched many hearts and saved many lives. I will pray that she is comforted at this time and that her children will rally around each other and be there to take care of the little ones. We just never know what life is going to throw at us. Your advice is sage...we truly do need to take the time to take care of ourselves. I appreciate you and your willingness to share your heart with us. Thanks so much for being my spark friend!
I wish for you an amazing holiday!

emoticon emoticon

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LILY_SPARK 12/17/2010 1:20PM

    I'm sorry to hear that she is having to go through pain and treatments again.

As you said, it's a wonderful thing when people can be treated like humans and have the health coverage we all deserve.

I enjoyed that kind of care greatly when I lived in Europe in my early 20s. As my health care is whittled away more and more, I surely don't get to the doctor, dentist or eye doctor as often as I should. I don't have the $200 to see the dentist (it has now been over 2 years) for the full xrays, cleaning checkup. When I got to the eye doctor this year, it was just because I really couldn't see out my old prescription anymore! I used all my $2k emergency fund with my 2 injuries (for medical copays) and am living paycheck to paycheck. If anything else happens, I'll be at the mercy of welfare.

So, yes. Thankfulness for health and coverage for those who have it is something to remember.

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SCS9261 12/17/2010 12:19PM

    We often forget to take care of ourselves as women because we are so busy taking care of others.

I am keeping your friend, her family, and you in my prayers.


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