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Saturday, January 09, 2010

I love stretching, whether it's after a workout, before I get out of bed, at the end of a long day, or to relieve stress while I'm at work. In fact, as a teacher, I try to incorporate stretches and "Brain Gym" activities into the day to get my students up and moving around.

At home, I like to do stretching DVDs. My favorite has to be Tamilee Webb's "Beginner's Stretch for Flexibility." It has a tranquil setting, calming music, gentle instruction, and some wonderful stretches for the whole body. I tend to do this DVD as part of my bedtime routine, as I am very relaxed afterwards.


Goals for 2010

Sunday, January 03, 2010

This isn't 100% ready to go, but these are the biggies!

Overarching goal: Lose 70 lbs.

• Cardio at least 4 times a week (DVDs, recumbent bike, walking, etc.)
• Incorporate strength training by March (DVDs)
• Plan out week’s workout schedule each weekend
• Do stretching/yoga 3 times a week (DVDs)
• Track exercise in SparkPeople exercise tracker
• Wear pedometer daily, track steps on SparkPeople

• Eat breakfast at home
• Eat at the dining room table (meals, snacks)
• Eat away from my car
• Carry a water bottle with me to drink from
• Limit McAlister’s sweet tea to 1 time a week
• Make dinner to take to grad class on Mondays when there are 2 classes
~When there’s only 1 class, eat a snack and then eat at home
• Track food in SparkPeople nutrition counter
• Come straight home from work—no stopping for snacks
• Use smaller plates, bowls, glasses, silverware, etc.

• Listen to relaxing music
• Work on “zen book” (binder full of calming images and words)
• Use neck pillow
• Do stretching/yoga DVDs 3 times a week

• Eat dinner with Matt—at the table
• Check planner daily—keep in purse
• Make the bed 4 times a week


Hello, 2010!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Tomorrow (Sunday, 1/3/10) is my one-year Sparkiversary! In that year, my biggest accomplishment is that I stopped drinking pop. I actually gave it up on NYE 2008, so it has been over a year. I didn't set it as a "streak" goal to track until a while after that, so my "trophy" has significantly fewer than 367 days. :) I'm proud of myself because I gave up ALL pop, not just my beloved Dr. Pepper, and I did it all cold turkey. I don't crave it anymore, but I do occasionally have dreams about "falling off the wagon." emoticon

I'm reading "The Spark," and I'm really enjoying it. It's helping me rethink how I set my goals. My overall goal for this year is to take off the 70 lbs that I need to get rid of. I'm working on outlining the steps I'll be taking; as soon as I get them solidified, I'll post them to help hold me accountable. I've been actively accumulating SparkPoints from e-mails, reading articles, etc., but part of that overarching goal is to accrue more points from tracking my exercise and nutrition, since those are the two areas I need to get in line most of all. Luckily, I have my SP friends, team members, and community to help me out, along with my husband, family, and friends.

I'm honored to be a co-leader on the Nutrition and Fitness Readers Book Club, and I recently joined the Emotional Eaters team as well. I'm looking forward to getting more involved with each team this year and developing relationships with my fellow Sparkers. This is a terrific site with so much to offer people of all shapes and sizes!

Have a happy 2010, and let's work together to reach our goals!

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KATALINA16 1/4/2010 3:28PM

    Great Blog entry Stacy! Keep up the good work. I would like to be more involved in the fitness reader's book club too!

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CETURNER 1/3/2010 12:57AM

  I am attempting to stop drinking coke. For the past 40 days I have stopped buying it, which is a plus but at times I fall off the ladder when we eat out but I am working on it and your blog is giving me hope I can make it.

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MYBULLDOGS 1/3/2010 12:48AM

    happy one-year Sparkiversary

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Dr. Stacy and Ms. Hyde....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I lead a double life. One part of me, Dr. Stacy, is the well-educated side, who loves to read about nutrition and exercise, drinks green tea, buys organic foods, and is all about holistic, healthy, positive ways to improve my life. The other side, Ms. Hyde, loves fast food and sitting on the couch. Sometimes, the two intermingle in what must be a vision of hypocrisy to those on the outside---they see a woman sitting at a burger joint reading a book on nutrition.

Much like Dr. Jeckyll's struggle with Mr. Hyde in the classic book, the more Ms. Hyde appears, the harder it is for Dr. Stacy to take back over. Drive-thru runs become more and more frequent, there is an imprint on the couch where my big butt can typically be found, and the hubby is getting more and more impatient about my lack of efforts to change.

Unlike the classic tale, however, I want there to be a happy ending, one in which Dr. Stacy ultimately regains control, makes positive changes, and improves her mind, body and spirit. It's all about me--doing the right thing, resisting the temptations, doing the hard work it takes to become the person I want---NEED--to be.

So, to reference a couple of classic movies: Maverick's reengaging, sir. My assault on the world begins now.

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THEABSOLUTENORM 11/22/2009 10:27PM

    Change isn't easy and it is true that only you can make it happen, but neither is impossible. You can do this and have already taken the first step by verbalizing your problem/situation. All you need to do now is act on it. Make a rough plan and get at it, course correct on the way if you have to, but you have to overcome inertia and then get it to work to your favor.

As for the whole pleasure eating thing, it is natural, but needs to be controlled. Indulging yourself is neither a sin nor a crime, avoid it if you can and moderate if you can't.

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DC Trip...

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I'm nearing the end of a trip to Washington DC for NEA business. During this trip, I did what I think was a pretty good job of making good eating choices. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but in some cases, my meals had already been selected for me, so I didn't have too much choice. I stayed within my calorie range for every day but today.

I walked for about 90 minutes on Friday, from the NEA building to and around the White House, to the Washington Monument, and back. I would have walked further, but it had started raining, and I didn't want to get TOO far from NEA HQ for fear that I would be caught in a downpour. I wish I would have been able to walk more on the National Mall---maybe my next trip here.

Today, I walked around with some fellow NEA members, three kind women from Kentucky who befriended me (since I love Lexington, KY). We shopped for purses, clothes, and souvenirs--for them, of course, and I just went along for the walk. Then, after my meeting ended, I went to the fitness center at the hotel and did an hour on the treadmill.

My hotel has been very nice--I'm staying at a Westin, with ridiculously comfortable beds, double shower heads (WOW--my hair hasn't felt so clean in years!!!), and other relaxing accommodations. I spent each evening just chilling in my room--without my husband or other close friends, it wasn't appealing to go out in the city. However, it was really nice to relax in a calm, quiet place for a few nights. I adore my husband and dogs, but it was soothing to read without the sounds of power tools or barking in the background.

Another feature of this Westin is an in-house TV channel--BlueMarvel. It calls itself experiential TV, "nature's events at nature's pace." It is comprised of several short scenes, mostly of things in nature (butterflies in and around a tree, ocean waves, sunrise on the coast of Maine), but occasionally other interactions with the outside world (skiiers in New Zealand, a gondola trip in Italy). No narrations, no music, little editing---just the sounds of nature. It was blissful to just sit back and watch the wonder of nature. I'm not big on the outdoors, but I could be after more time watching this. I'm sad that I have to leave it tomorrow. :(


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