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Is procrastination curable

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I love it! LOL Yes I think it is! I can't stand the putting off until tomorrow excuse for not getting things done. I'm not innocent of procrastination myself but I try not to fall into that. This weekend has been a procrastination weekend on my nutrition tracking. No that isn't true...this has been a just don't do it weekend. I do feel kind of bad about it but I kind of don't. I didn't over do it this weekend and I know that. But anyway, procrastination is a big problem because it feeds itself and grows out of control, I'll do it tomorrow keeps getting said each day. I've checked every calendar I can find and there isn't a single space marked Tomorrow. There's a Monday, Tuesday and so on...but no Tomorrow, Someday, or Later on there. So procrastination if just a bad thing in my opinion. Cause in my experience when people procrastinate things simply don't get done.


Today's Healthy Reflection

Thursday, May 17, 2007

"Fall seven times. Stand up eight.- Japanese Proverb"

Well so far this month has been one fall after another. But I'm going to stand up each time. I have a plan in place. Last time I wrote I said that I think I was trying to change too much all at once. So the Fates stepped in!! I ended up getting kind of sick and not working out at all this week. I've gained a couple pounds too and I hate it. But what it HAS allowed me to do is get the sleeping part of my plan put into place. And guess what...IT'S WORKING!!! I'm getting to sleep around the same time and getting up around the same time each day. And I have to admit I'm feeling good for it! So I've decided that the Fates stepped in to show me that I was indeed doing to much all at once and that I needed to slow down and not try to change the world in a day. So my eating plan is in place. My sleep plan is in place and working nicely. On Monday I will add my work out plan and some self care. In my SP Other Goals tracker it has things like taking a bath with music and such once a week. I think that is going to start this coming Friday! I think part of the reason I've been 'falling' lately is because I'm not doing self care like I should. Self care is different than taking care of yourself. It's the Mind and Spirit parts of the Mind/Body/Spirit connection. And I have a professional that pretty much demands I do self care or burn out really fast. And I have been feeling that burn out starting...another fall! Another opportunity to stand up! Sooo...this 'Healthy Reflections" for today made lots of sense to me. And I like looking at it like that. I think I've identified the obstacles that have been causing me to fall. And now I have the chance to stand up and remove those obstacles.


After all..tomorrow IS another day....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"The present is what slips by us while we're pondering the past and worrying about the future.- Ziggy, cartoon foible" true this is. The article that went with this made so much sense too. The last couple of lines sum it up very well. It says, "Don't let a preoccupation with tomorrow or yesterday rob your ability to face that crazy world with a smile. For Ziggy, today is today. It's not a good day; it's not a bad day. It's a day. And he knows that it's important to give that day the value it deserves. "That makes sense. I'm noticing lately that I'm hyper-focusing on tomorrow. And I'm regretting or feeling guilty about what I didn't accomplish today or yesterday. I have to stop that. I haven't made it to the gym in about a week. I've been feeling like crap about it. But why? Can I change it? No. I can't. It's over and done and I can't change it. So I sit and freak out and worry and demand that I go the next day. But why? Isn't that just setting myself up for a bad day if something goes wrong? Yeah it is. I'm still adjusting to a new work schedule that is very much unfamiliar to me (working nights). I'm still trying to find out how to fit a workout program into that new schedule. As well as fit family time in. I think I have a plan laid out that I really think will work. I was going to start that plan today. But I ended up not being able to really do that today because I've been in pain. Saturday I noticed my right eye felt swollen and a little watery. Sunday it was a bit worse. A hard not felt like it was forming under my eye lid. It was also getting increasingly painful and selling badly. I could do nothing about this but wait until Monday when my doc was available. By the time I got off work, oh my gosh I thought I was gonna die! I don't know about anyone else but when I'm in pain I feel so drained and tired. But I tried to start my plan anyway. Went home, went to bed, set my alarm for 3 and went to sleep. Sleep soundly for the first time in over a month! As I was drifting off I thought I'd still try to it the gym when I got up. When I woke up my eye was completely swollen shut and I thought the pain would take my head off! So no work out. Went to the doc instead. I'm fine, there is just an impacted gland in my eyelid. JUST FINE???LOL oh well, at least I know it'll be better soon. I have to put hot compresses on every 15 minutes (canít do this at work however). He said the pain should pass in a day or two and it'll take 2 or so weeks to fully heal. So I'm going to take tomorrow off from the gym too so I can keep putting the hot compresses on and help it heal. But I've been worrying constantly about not getting to the gym. Being mad about myself for not going and constantly worrying about tomorrow. That's not good. I need to live in the moment. I can't control what happened with my eye. So why beat myself up about it! Well I won't. I also think I'm trying to change too many things at once. My job, my schedule, my eating, my workout routine, my school...everything in my life is in a state of change. So I am going to just teach myself to slow down and start doing some positive self talk. Focus on what I have accomplished and not dwell on what I can't control. Today is today..not good..not bad...just a day! And I deserve to live in that day and in that moment and give it the value it deserves!


Reflection on Today's Quote and the little article that went with it.

Monday, May 14, 2007

"A light supper, a good night's sleep and a fine morning have often made a hero of the same man, who, by indigestion, a restless night and a rainy morning would have proved a coward. - Lord Chesterfield, diplomat"

This talks about the connection between sleep and energy levels. I have to say this really hit home. I've been struggling so much the past couple of weeks with the sleep issue. April 1st I started working the night shifts. I thought it would be a breeze and the best scenario so that I could go to school, work out, and spend time with my kiddo and girlfriend. But I'm finding it a lot harder than I thought. Come to find out I'm a bit of a lark as opposed to a night owl. I figured that coming home and sleeping during the day wouldn't be a problem. After all I could do that in my 20s with no issues!! Well...I'm not in my 20s anymore! LOL I walk out of work and can literally feel my body waking up in the sunshine. I get home and I'm wide awake! Not good says I. I'm trying to get a schedule figured out that will get me between 6-8 hours of sleep a day. My aim is at the very least 6 hours. I've read many studies that say less than 6 is really bad and more than 8 is really bad but in between those numbers is great. So I'm aiming for that. I figure if I walk out of here at 7:15am, make it home by 8:00am, in bed no later than 9:00am, up at 3:00pm, hit the gym, come home and spend time with family then back to work at 10:45pm. That should take care of my sleep deprivation issue. Now if I can just get it dark enough in my room that I don't feel like I need to be awake being a day-walker...well that would be great! So that's the plan I have. SP suggests keeping a sleep log and starting when I get home in the morning I'm going to do that. So we shall see!


I am so tired (WARNING: Whining session below!)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I wish I could figure out what to do and how not to beat myself up. I'm exhausted. I don't feel good. My body aches and my throat hurts. I haven't felt good all week. I did make it to the gym yesterday morning but only lasted 35 minutes on the treadmill, going only 1.5 miles and burning 284 calories. I"m used to doing double that. So I've been just ragging on myself because I felt like a quitter. But I just couldn't take another step! All I want to do is lay down and rest. But I'm scared that if I don't make myself go to the gym that I'll fall back into that downward spiral of not exercising, getting depressed, eating, and then the weight I've work to get off will come back. And I'm not even on the down hill side of this fight yet! Is it normal to feel like this at the beginning of a weight loss journey? How long does this panicy feeling last? My girlfriend is so great! She was telling me how I have to let my body heal and I shouldn't be working out when I'm sick like this. That I made it 30 minutes and that was good enough. But I don't feel like it was good enough. I feel like a loser because I had to quit. And I'm feeling even worse this morning. I'm just scared is all. I want to lose this weight. And I'm scared that if I don't make myself workout even when I don't feel good that I'll never lose it. I'm probably being completely irrational. I know where this fear comes from. I can hear that voice scratching at the back of my brain saying "go ahead and quit. you're going to anyway..that's all your good for anyway..quitting and being a loser." And I know that those words are just old mean lies from a long time ago. But they sound so real to me right now. I don't want to quit. And I WON'T quit. I feel great when I work out. I feel like I can do anything and like I'm on top of the world! But I just don't feel good right now. I'm not sure if it's a cold or allergies or what, but I just don't feel good. That's doesn't make me a loser right? I am losing weight! I am eating healthy. I do work out. I'm doing really good. Taking a couple days to rest isn't a bad thing right? So long as I don't start eating unhealthy too. And honestly the thought of eating doesn't sound the slightest bit appealing. I just want to sleep. Not because I'm depressed but because I'm exhausted and feel like crap. (sigh)...ok ok..enough of this...

Ok...whine session over.....for anyone who was..thanks for listening!

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MARYLOUK 5/10/2007 4:05PM

    Listen to your body-You are probably sick. Hope you perk up soon!

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A_PRESENCE 5/10/2007 12:29PM

    Hope you feel better soon!

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