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One more day!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Another 10 hour shift tomorrow and then off for at least a day! Things actually work out pretty well when I have to work as I plan my meals for the day. I really need to work on getting my exercise in and my water though.

1) 20-30 minutes of exercise.
2) 25 plus spark people points
3) Pack lunch and snacks and track.
4) Start cleaning when I get home from work!
5) Drink my 8 glasses of water.

I can't believe how much work I need to do on Tuesday! One thing at a time and I will worry about that on Monday night after work.

Night all!


Good start for tomorrow

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I sprained my rotator cuff a couple of days ago and need to take it easy, but that doesn't mean stopping altogether. Sunday I will be working a 12 hour shift so I won't be doing alot, however I can do some - so.......
1) I want to do 20-30 minutes of cardio before work. Did 30 minutes on stationary bike!
2) I have already packed my lunch/supper for tomorrow.
3) Need to track my food. Everything tracked.
4) 25 plus spark points for Sunday.
5) Studies for 30 minutes.

I am so frustrated that I keep giving in to the temptations that arise and taking my focus off the prize. What does it take?

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ELLENIRENE 9/25/2011 6:17AM

    hope you can get that sprain healed quickly. At least you have a plan!
Best of luck

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CHRYSTALOATES83 9/24/2011 11:12PM

    Looks like you have a good plan! Have a great Sunday. Sorry about your injury.

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Just for Today

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am learning to live just for today. I can't do anything about the past but learn from it and it is just too overwhelming to think too much about the future right now, so today is good.

So today I will do my 30 minutes of exercise - did it this morning since I will be too busy this evening.

Drink my 8 glasses of water - getting pretty good at this.

Eat well just for today - which allowed me to turn down the donuts my co-worker brought in.

Take care of just a couple of items around the house because if I think of everything that needs to be done - I just won't do anything.

Take care of spiritual needs today - without this, does anything else really matter?

I am very happy with how this approach is working for me the last few days so I will see how much of a streak I can have!

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CHRISTYGIRL32 3/24/2010 3:55PM

    You are so right, its all about 'one day at a time'. I tend to look at the big picture and get so overwhelmed that I just shut down. Great reminder to us all, thanks for sharing.

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No insulin, yet....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In 2007 when I started this program I lost about 30 lbs rather quickly and as a result, I was taken off insulin. Three years later after falling off the wagon numerous times and gaining most of that weight back, I was nervous about being put back on insulin again. I have always had difficulty with my morning sugars (except for the few months that I followed SparkPeople faithfully) and my doctor discussed insulin as a way to control that. Fortunately the rest of my sugars are excellent and my A1C is also excellent, so I made a deal with the doc.

In addition to my regular morning exercise (30 min on treadmill), I will also do at least 15 minutes of any type of exercise to help bring my morning sugars back in line. It also means sticking with Sparkpeople and tracking every day. I have been pretty good over the last couple of months about tracking and brought my sugars down enough that my doctor is ok with trying this for the next 6 months.

So goal for the next 6 months: My regular AM treadmill, 15 minutes of exercise of my choice in PM and continue to track every day. And if I do fall off.... Get right back on!

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OHSOSVELTE 3/21/2010 9:23AM

    I believe in you. you can do this.

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ELLENIRENE 2/18/2010 2:37AM

    Best of luck. Sounds like a plan to me!!

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Back on the Wagon Babystep Challenge!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

OK so I was very successful with Spark People when I start 3/15/07 and then the holidays hit and it was hard to maintain that lifestyle, in other words - I burned out! I have attempted to come back several times but would give up because I felt so overwhelmed.

So what is different this time? Instead of jumping in gangbusters, I am taking one step at a time - hence the babystep challenge. I am tracking my food, but only to get in the habit and the tracking itself is making me more aware without making me feel deprived, which is one of my main hang-ups. My other challenge is to do 30 minutes of cardio a day. That is it, nothing else until I have made this a daily habit. Then I will add in a reasonable amount of strength training.

My main goal is to do enough to become healthy and fit while still living the rest of my life. Before I let my food intake and exercise consume my life and that is not balanced living, which is what I want.

So I started my challenge on 9/28/09 and have 4 days so far. Hopefully I will add a reasonable amount of strength training between 10/19 & 10/26. I love how they changed the tracking on strength training on SP. I can't wait to get started - but I will!

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LUCKYDUCK2 10/1/2009 9:17PM


My "gangbusters" got busted and now I am doing this the smart way for me too. something I can live with and not struggle so hard with.

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MISSDYLANS 10/1/2009 4:57PM

    Awesome goals. Chances for success are greater when you attempt to attain two small goals over a long period of time than trying to do several goals all at once. Burnout is high.
you can do this!

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MNNICE 10/1/2009 4:53PM

    Definitely you are on the right track in setting small goals. Even drinking ONE MORE glass of water is a step in the right direction. Each tiny goal makes us feel that much better about ourself and gives us motivation to continue our quest for a healthy lifestyle! Good look - you wont' "burn out" this time!!

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DEE0973 10/1/2009 4:40PM

    Those are great and attainable goals. It good thing is you know what works and incorporated that this time. Good luck!!

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