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What a day...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Today was a bit different along with yesterday.

After I finished working my 10 hour shift yesterday, I took a nap and well slept all night. I apparently was very tired. I worked 8 hours today and still needed a nap after work. I am hoping to accomplish some things this evening. I sure hope I am not getting sick! At least I have the opportunity to take care of myself!

I am planning on getting the Fitbit as motivation. Has anyone else used this?

Hopefully I will be back to normal tomorrow!

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SEAWILLOW 10/27/2012 8:15PM

    Get the rest you need!.

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LHLADY517 10/27/2012 7:49PM

    I've had my Fitbit since Oct 2009. I don't plan on being without one.

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Positive visualization...

Friday, October 26, 2012

I started my day with some positive visualization of how I wanted my day to go and what I wanted to accomplish today.

Because I have a 10 day today, I am hoping that goes well.

I want to put together a study plan as there are several books and workbooks I am working on for self improvement, unfortunately so much time in the day prevents me from doing much, so I hope a regular plan will help with this.

I plan on 30 minutes in my craft room today - this will eventually be finished. LOL

15 minutes cleaning/decorating my front bathroom.

Work on my financial goals plan.

It will be interesting how my day goes. So far, so good! emoticon

I will check in later with my bedtime check in:

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DIET_FRIEND 10/26/2012 9:58AM

    emoticon emoticon

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SEAWILLOW 10/26/2012 9:03AM

    Kinda funny..this morning I visualized myself thinner and swimming! This blog of yours now opens up another realm of possibilities!

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AZMOMXTWO 10/26/2012 7:57AM

  emoticon great job

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NJJ-EXERCISE30 10/26/2012 7:53AM

    Good for YOu!! emoticon

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JGRAY76 10/26/2012 7:50AM

    Visualization can be powerful. Hope your day lives up to your vision.

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It snowed this morning....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

It is so beautiful when it is the first snow of the season! I love the pureness of it. Of course ask me about snow if March and I will be cussing.

This does change my plan slightly. I need to go to my storage unit and get the shovels out. Don't want to be stranded with shovels so near yet so far away.

Also need to go the grocery store. I was going to go anyway but with work all weekend, think I will go today. I can drop more boxes off at recycling too!

I am so excited about my new Office Professional 2010 that I got for next to nothing because of work. It includes One Note which I really wasn't excited about at first, but it is like a filing system that lets you put all like items together regardless of Word, Excel etc. I am pretty pumped about that. I have a couple of projects that it will be pretty handy on.

If you checked back on my blog yesterday, I did post a photo of my office decorated for autumn/halloween. Still have most halloween stuff packed away, but found autumn stuff when I unpacked my craft room. That is still a work in progress, but I am very happy with my progress.

I will check back later with my update...

Bedtime check in:

Grocery store: check
Storage unit: check
Recycling: check

Didn't do a lot around the house. Have a sick husband and he took up so much of my time today. Hoping to sleep better tonight than last night and back to work tomorrow!

Last year it only snowed here twice. My brother in GA and sister in TX had more snow than we did last winter. Something tells me we won't be as lucky this year.

Seawillow: Great on the Me day. I never did get my massage, however did settle for a haircut.

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MSLZZY 10/26/2012 7:42AM


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COOP9002 10/25/2012 10:51AM

    Hopefully we can wait a month or two for our first snow in mid-Mo.

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MRE1956 10/25/2012 10:13AM

    SNOW? In OCTOBER? That's nuts! (Oh, wait - we had snow *last* October, and that was a doozie! To make things worse, Sandy may make an appearance of some sort by me next week - but at least that's NOT snow!)

Sheesh - go figure Mother Nature!


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DIET_FRIEND 10/25/2012 10:05AM

    We rarely get snow--the last significant snow for this area was 1989! I used to tell my students that it snows once in a lifetime. A few years we go some snow farther north at Christmas and we took our kids up to see/play in it. It was relatively light compared to what you are used to as it was gone in a few days. At least my kids can say that they have seen snow! Prior to this experience, they saw some on Mt. Ranier--very light and they weren't really allowed to romp in it due to the fragility of the plantlife. They saw some in the shade at Lake Tahoe too--these snow sightings were in the summer so you know it was scrappy. It seems early for snow to be falling, but probably not if you are farther north.

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SEAWILLOW 10/25/2012 9:56AM

    The picture of your office is autumn awesome! Texas it is not a common occurrence and everything that can shuts down...I am trying to take today and make it a ME day! (Wonder where I learned that from)

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Me day con't.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I put in my 4 hours of work (OT) and that went well. Now I am awake and can get back into my craft room!

I am also planning how to use my New ONE NOTE from Office 2010. I not sure exactly how it works, but something tells me it will really organize some projects for me.

I don't have to leave my house today, unless I want to - something I have been looking forward to for a while now.

Sparkpeople also on the agenda!

Bedtime check-in:

I am getting so excited about the possibilities. I did more work in my office and it is coming along very nicely. I also decorated for Autumn/Halloween

My craft room is getting cleaned out and more and more boxes are going out of the house. It is also where I have my donate boxes. I love seeing things going out of the house.

I am also very excited that I was able to get Microsoft prof office 2010 w/ so many fun programs to help me in my organization and growth!

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MSLZZY 10/26/2012 7:44AM

    Nice office space and decorated very nicely!

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DIET_FRIEND 10/24/2012 1:30PM

    Have a great day!

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SEAWILLOW 10/24/2012 1:08PM

    Love it when a plan comes together!

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Me Day...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I had a great start to my day. I woke up and worked for a couple of hours and now I can take care of some financial matters before going to a meeting at 10 am.

After my meeting, I will:

Spend time finishing my craft/exercise room (I know this has taken forever, but this is where all of the storage items went and it has been the worst). I will be so thrilled to have this as a functioning room again!

I will exercise today - not sure what I will be doing, but I will enjoy it!

Will prepare weekly menu using food already in the house!

Of course Sparkpeople!

That sounds like a good plan... It may not be a completely me day like some might think, but it will make ME feel good. Perhaps Thursday I can schedule my long overdue massage!

Bedtime Check-in: I had some struggles today and decided that the beach would be my place for some me time. I found a tree right by the water and sat on it and watched the water waiting for words of wisdom from my higher power. That was some great exercise was awesome!

Later I spent more time in my craft room and feel pretty good about I accomplished today. When it became overwhelming, it was time to take a break.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I today I feel good despite the hardships.

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MSLZZY 10/24/2012 6:30AM

    emoticon Me time! Great!

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DIET_FRIEND 10/23/2012 11:05AM

    I wish you took a picture of the "before" of that room, so we could all celebrate the new room with a shot of the "after". I know it will be great to get that room the way you want it.

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SEAWILLOW 10/23/2012 9:42AM

    Sounds like a great plan! You will succeed!

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    Every day should be a "Me" day. If you are not happy you cannot make other people happy.

Make Today a Great Day!

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PJ2222 10/23/2012 9:17AM

    emoticon emoticon

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