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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello my SP family!
It has been a long while since I have been on SP. I am very sorry that I havent been more faithfully about getting online and sharing with everyone.

Things are going GREAT!! There of course is daily stress and things that are always going on, but God has them all and I lay them at his feet daily. Sometimes I have to do it over and over again in one day. His faithfulness is what gets me through the "tough" days.

A lot is going on here! We are in military limbo ( the biggie I have to give to God over and over again!). Who knows were will end up!

My personal fitness is going great! I really took a hard look at my approach to my own training and changed it up. I was experiencing some foot pain a few months back and it was a result of over training. I was simply doing too much. I was doing my own fitness plan and getting extra in with my girls (clients). Since that time I have the policy to demonstrate the activity and then let them do it with me watching and not doing it along side of them. Them means I no longer run with them after they know the outdoor course. I have noticed that at first they thought they couldn't do it solo. Hmmmm...... Now was I actually making their feet move up and down against that pavement? No, it was solely them doing it. To overcome this I made a shorter course where I was visible the whole time and it really seemed to help.

I truly believe that health is a balance if healthy eating and exercise. You can work out like an animal, but if your eating is off...your result will not be what you are looking for. I encourage you to embrace a complete healthy lifestyle; one that is balanced.
I have encouraged several of my girls to use SP to track their food. With that, I am going to be one here more to help encourage them to succeed in the area of nutrition as well as their fitness.

Healthy blessing to everyone!!! emoticon emoticon

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AMC120 6/12/2012 11:14AM

    You always encourage me! Finding that balance is so hard sometimes, but when you find it, it's awesome! I'm hoping to grow more physically & spiritually with each new day God blesses me with! I do pretty good on the nutrition part- for the most part! emoticon

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SWAZY33 6/12/2012 9:42AM

    emoticonjob in finding the 'perfect' balance for you!

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Shhh...can you hear you body talking?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our bodies are simply amazing. If we listen, they will tell us what they need. My latest blog reflects on doing just that.

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    You are so right. I unfortunately had to learn this the hard way, but none the less was able to finally pick up on it. Being epileptic I have to listen to my body a lot to make sure it is responding properly to the pressures I put upon it. When I first started running I was sooo worried about my seizures that I listened and listened well. Unfortunately I got cocky and pushed too hard and actually had siezures while I was running ( two seperate times), but I have learned from that and always pay attention to my body as it is a relationship I never want to mess up again! So thank you for sharing that to help others think about it and be a gentle reminder to those like me!

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My story from the beginning....

Friday, January 13, 2012

Here is the link to my blog. It includes pictures from the very first day of my fitness journey.

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ITSTARTSHERE 1/14/2012 2:44PM

    Awesome job! You look wonderful..Ur before pics look so close to my body now..Thanks for the inspiration emoticon

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SEPPIESUSAN 1/14/2012 10:13AM

    Wow, what wonderful positive changes - thanks for sharing! You're an inspiration!

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CARLAH528 1/13/2012 8:03PM

    I agree! Very inspiring. YOU Look fantastic! And 10 years younger looking too. Thanks for posting the pics. I was ashamed to take before pics and am so sorry now.

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COCOA-JUMBO 1/13/2012 4:53PM

    Wow! Absolutely amazing and very inspiring!

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I ran into a client at the grocery store....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I have some really amazing clients and truly enjoying helping them reach their fitness goals. However, I often wonder exactly what goes in their shopping cart when I am not looking.

Yesterday I made dash to the store to get my grocery shopping done between appointments. ( Never takes me long because I have a list of what I need to prepare the meals I have planned.) I was very excited to see a client of mine standing by the fresh produce. It was the chance I was looking for! I get to see what is in her cart when she wasn't planning to see me! I wasn't expecting to see garbage in there, I just was curious how my clients feed themselves and their families on a normal week.

I was so very happy to see her cart was filled with a rainbow of fresh veggies and fruit, chicken, shrimp and all household items! I told her that I was so happy to see her choices were amazing and I give her cart an A+! She got excited and started telling all the recipes she was going to make the next four days. emoticon

We parted ways and I finished my shopping with a huge smile on my face. She made me so proud and I am hoping she went home proud of herself too! I cannot take credit for her choices, she 100% made the decision to select whole foods to nourish her family with.

So I have a question for you.....
What will you be putting in your cart this week?


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WAVEDANCER7 1/13/2012 1:56PM

    Everyone in the checkout lines give me funny looks because my typical cart looks like this: PLANTS!!!! 1 huge bush of Kale, 1 large stalk of brussels sprouts, 2 bags or 1 large box of fresh spinach, then some variation of broccoli, green peppers, apples, oranges, onions, ginger, asparagus, and mushrooms. Then I almost always have 2 things of ground turkey breast, 1 extra large package of chicken breasts, 1 thing of steak, 2 large containers of egg beaters and 2 cartons of eggs. Then there's the small container of ff cottage cheese, and the extra large one of plan greek yogurt. Then sometimes some ground espresso beans, and most of the times a bottle of wine. HAHA!

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JENNY448 1/12/2012 8:46AM

    Ah that is super awesome! Nothing better than seeing hard work paying off.

My cart....ummmm emoticon
I'll get back to you on that after the baby. LOL

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CAROLYN1213 1/11/2012 9:17AM

    What a boost to both you and to her!!! You made an impact and she is following through! Paying it forward to her family who will then be impacted by her choices!

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PINKNFITCARLA 1/11/2012 8:30AM

    That's great! Isn't it nice to see what you talk about does indeed get heard and acted on? emoticon

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I'm not going to tell you it will be easy....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

As a person who has lost over 80lbs, I know first hand the struggles of changing your lifestyle to a healthy one. As a trainer, I know what it takes to get the results.

I'm not going to tell you it is going to be easy, I am going to tell you it is worth it.
Those words are 100% the truth! You are going to have some hard days and even weeks. Raw veggies won't look as yummy as some greasy fries. However, this is just for a period of time and you body will start to get on boards and love all the whole and real foods you give it. You has to realize that it takes time to adjust to a new lifestyle, but it can be done.

Rome wasn't built in a day. So don't expect that lean muscle is going to be built the same. Be dedicated and don't stop trying. It is like placing the stone on top of each other and eventually you will have a strong wall built. That wall is you body.

Nope it isn't is totally worth it though. Love yourself along the way and praise yourself for sticking to you goals, even if the scale isn't moving.

Here is what you need to suceed......

A nutritional and fitness plan
Water is a must! Flush the ick out.
Time dedicated to you fitness goals. put it on the schedule.
No excuses. If you have time to watch tv or be on the have time to workout.
Tell someone. Find a cheerleader that can give you encouragement and praise.
Believe in yourself and don't give up! You don't have to be perfect. You just have to try. You can do that!
No rewarding success with unhealthy food. That is a huge no no and can set you off track.

I'm not going to tell you it is easy, but I am going to tell you it is worth it!
I am here to support you and cheer you along!


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JENNY448 1/12/2012 8:45AM

    Great blog!! This is a great motivator! Keep us rockin!!

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KAMAPERRY 1/10/2012 11:17PM

    Yeah!!!! You said it! emoticon

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LESLIES537 1/10/2012 8:08PM

    emoticon blog!!

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SEPPIESUSAN 1/10/2012 6:53PM

    So refreshing to read an inspiring, cheer-you-on kind of post from someone who isn't trying to make money off of you! :) Hehe. emoticon

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ITSTARTSHERE 1/10/2012 6:43PM

    WOW, its like this blog was meant for me (or an answer to a blog that I posted earlier today) Thanks for the motivation, I needed it :) emoticon

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CAROLYN1213 1/10/2012 3:36PM

    There needs to be a LOVE button here!!! Thank you for setting the example of how to make your health and fitness a priority!

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BARBIE176 1/10/2012 2:12PM

    Thank you. I really needed to read this right now! emoticon emoticon

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LUVYA04 1/10/2012 2:05PM


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TYKXBOY 1/10/2012 1:15PM

    "I'm not going to tell you it is going to be easy, I am going to tell you it is worth it." So true. So true. Thank you for saying out loud!

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BLASTINFAT 1/10/2012 12:32PM

    :) always know just what to say to rock us back in gear!!! (or to help one stay on track HAHA!!)


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SKILL133 1/10/2012 12:02PM


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CMEEHERNANDEZ 1/10/2012 12:01PM

    What I need to keep telling myself! Thanks for the great blog!

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JENN26POINT2 1/10/2012 11:25AM

    I love this! Very true.

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RUNTRILAUGH 1/10/2012 8:55AM

    SO SO SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the reminder!

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    So much truth in this. The roadblocks that come along on your journey can be harsh, you have to decide though if they are things you will let stop you. You have to decide if the walls built are ones you have to climb over, go around or go straight through. And only you can do the work that will eventually create the successful picture you are working towards. Thanks again Janelle for the words of wisdom.

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MARATHON_MOM 1/10/2012 7:33AM

    Just what I needed to read today! Thanks girl!

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