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rough night (aka me whining)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

So, i dunno I have just been a bit down today. Im so frustrated, i have been applying to jobs so much, and im not hearing things back from anyone and today I guess I just let it get to me. i woke up this way I suppose, i just dont want to have to worry about things like money but i cant help it. And all I can THINK about is going downstairs and just eating whatever I can find, cause thats what I do and I really want to. I'll try not to, but the out look isnt good, i wish we had popcorn thats what i really want haha. Annnnd I also didnt even work out today, partly cause my dad was home the whole day and i didnt want him to see me working out, and mostly cause im just being a lazy mess today....i mean i have an elliptical in my room no one would have seen. bleeeeeh, just a off day I suppose. Oh and my day didnt really improve much after my fiance told me we probably wouldnt see eachother for the next 3 weeks :( he knows im much too needy for that. oh well there is always tomorrow

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LADYRH 5/15/2011 5:08AM

    Today is a new day, start fresh set a small goal so you can have something to be positive about.

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crazy weird

Friday, May 13, 2011

So I was just imputing some fitness stuff, and im already at 2002 calories burned this week from p90x....thats like i didnt eat anything one whole day....thats kinda crazy talk. I felt a little bad yesterday cause i didnt do the workout, ya know cause i had work so if i was gonna do the workout i had to get up early, so offff course that had to be the one day this week i couldnt sleep and i woke up a million hundred times. but now i dont feel too bad cause thats still crazy good. I am however gonna try to get up tomorrow morning to work out, cause i know its super dorky but i got a new resistance band and i really want to try it out....i know lame haha ooooohhhh well. Now i really need to crack down on my eating habits, they are getting better......but i live on a slippery slope with my love of food, i really do love food i just cant help it, it is so exciting in every way to me. Other then that i did a TON of registry stuff today, that is such a strangely overwhelming process you have to make so many decisions all at once. anywho, im pooped and must go to bed. emoticon


im tiiiiiired!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

oh man, my body is kinda hating me right now. I did my p90x workout today, then my mom asked me if i wanted to go on a walk I figured it would be nice and refreshing, but golly im tiiiiiired. We walked probably around 2 miles down the beach, then you have to go back too. By the time i got home, all i could think about was getting some calories into my body.....i think i would have like injected my arm with gravy. haha. even though my body IS super tired, i know its all good. Thats the thing i love about p90x you are tired from the workouts, but doing the next workout the next day actually makes you feel better you do such great warm ups, stretching, and cool downs the hour flies by and you feel great. anywho thats all for now, i think its time to get my veg on i deserve it emoticon

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DSHRUBS3 5/11/2011 8:56AM

    Way to go!!

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flabs and abs

Monday, May 09, 2011

So I want to be hawt and all for my wedding, so i reaaaaally need to be on spark more. It really does help, ya know just being able to see your progress and all. I thought i was on a good enough track to not have to come onto spark everyday, but not everyday turned into only sometimes, and only sometimes turned into never. whoops, aw well. Good news though I have only gained back maybe 2 pounds which is NOT as bad as i thought it would be when i stepped onto the scale so thats good. Also Im doing P90x now which is more fun then i was expecting. I did a whole week, and then went too visit Martin soo i ended up only doing 2 days of week two sooooo i'll try again i suppose. Anyways its always good to be back i suppose.


My thought of the day.

Friday, February 25, 2011

So, here is my thought of the day. I have always (loved) hated looking at celebrities and loathed them for their bodies. I have always thought that it isnt fair that they can be so beautiful, because of course you would we be beautiful if you had a trainer and nutritionist and someone telling you what to do every minute of the day. Of COURSE they look good thats their job, they are suppose to be the people we want to be, and to look like. So yesterday I got to thinking....I....dont have the greatest job....i mean it airs on the side of crappy, and Im lucky to get 10 hours a week working. I have looked for another job and gone to interviews and have had no luck getting a second job or anything. So I have decided to become a part time celebrity.......and now you can all hate me emoticon

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OLIV0144 2/26/2011 7:39AM

    Ha ha, I think that is an excellent idea! emoticon

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