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Chair Exercise Team Tasmania Trek virtual postcard #5

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Dear Eve, Jack, Abby, Avery, Sammy, Katie, Autumn, Noah, Lily, Emma and Gabby,

We have been traveling so much and walking so much that I have almost worn a hole in the sole of my boot! LOL! No, not really, but this is wonderful country to walk through. We got to see a lot of animals up close in their own habitat Ė not like in a zoo. Here there are no fences. We even saw Tasmanian devils Ė they look cute, but have a bad temper and lots of teeth!

We saw some wombats too. Did you know that their poo is cube shaped? Really! The aboriginal tribesmen used to gather it and use it like dice for playing games, or so Iím told. Iíll try to send you some in the next souvenir box. What? Your mom wonít let you have it huh? Ok. That settles that.

Eve, I will send you some handmade paper, though. We stopped at Burnie where there is a really cool paper mill. The artists make handmade papers out of cool things like real Tasmanian apples and even roo poo (as in kangaroo). I bought a supply for my card making hobby and thought you might like some too.

This week we visited the Dismal Swamp Ė a large sinkhole in the Tarkine region of Tasmania. Think about the biggest water slide youíve ever been on. Well, there is a slide here , bigger than any water slide youíve ever seen! We slid down into the swamp area, then took one of four walking paths to explore this beautiful place. It isnít dismal at all, so full of birds and animals like ring-tailed possums, pademelons, spotted-tail quoll, Tasmanian devils and some unique burrowing crayfish. That was fun!

Yesterday we took a river cruise on the Arthur River. It was a nice change of pace. We stopped at one place along the river and took a short hike through the cool temperature rainforest to an open spot where we were served a barbecue lunch. Then back to the river boat again to finish our cruise We stayed in cabins that night instead of in a hotel which was fun too.

Oh and we had digeridoo lessons. Unfortunately, I couldnít make a sound with it! But this is what they sound like:

We arenít even halfway through our Trek yet so there will be lots more to come. I will write again soon my loves.

Loving and missing you,

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CYCLINGSANDY 2/9/2014 2:16PM

    What a fun story of your virtual trip for your grands. I really enjoyed it too.

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ALEXSGIRL1 2/6/2014 7:39PM

    lov this what great fun thank you I felt I was there

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IGNITEME101 2/6/2014 12:11PM

    Educational and fun!

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EMMABE1 2/5/2014 11:35PM

    Great fun - I know the grandies will be loving hearing the news and following it all on the maps!!
Great work!!

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Chair Exercise Team Tasmania Trek Virtual Postcard #4

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Monday, January 27.

Hello Eve, Jack, Abby, Avery, Sammy, Katie, Autumn, Noah, Lily, Emma and Gabby,

Welcome to the village of Lower Crackpot - a wonderful little fantasy village ruled over by the Laird and Lady of Crackpot in Tasmazia! This little village is built to 1/5 the scale and has all sorts of funny houses. You all would have really loved it here!

Surrounding Lower Crackpot are the mazes - 8 of them, similar to the corn mazes you like to visit each fall, but on a much bigger scale. You would have so much fun running around in the mazes all day. You could definitely hide from mommy and daddy there! Here is a video of Tazmazia so you will have a better idea of what it is like:

The women in my trekking group had so much fun playing in the mazes - I almost got lost! But after they found me, I went to the Pancake Parlor in Tasmazia and had some yummy triple berry pancakes - like the ones Jack likes to make but bigger and better!

After we got tired of playing in the mazes, we drove to nearby Sheffield where we walked around and looked at all the murals. They are painted right on the buildings! It was fun to see. I found a gallery where they make and sell marbles! I was so fascinated, I watched for a long time until it was time to get back on our tour bus and drive to our hotel for the night in Mole Creek.

But we weren't done for the day! Oh no! We took a relaxing walk to the Westmoreland Falls. What a beautiful way to end the day - listening to the music of such a beautiful waterfall.

I better stop writing for now - There are so many things to do on Tuesday and Wednesday, I really need my beauty sleep! Good night my lovelies!

Wish you were here!

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ALEXSGIRL1 1/30/2014 5:31AM

    love the fun in this postcard .

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IGNITEME101 1/30/2014 2:05AM

    I love maizes! That was fun to participate in.

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LACEYKYLE 1/30/2014 1:33AM

    What fun!! Thank you for sharing.

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EMMABE1 1/29/2014 9:38PM

    And yet another great postcard - the maizes were fun!! I think we got everyone on the bus again after!!

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Chair Exercise Team Tasmania Trek Virtual Postcard #3

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dear Eve, Jack, Abby Avery, Sammy, Katie, Autumn, Noah, Lily, Emma and Gabby,

I'm sorry that I'm getting a little behind in sending you these post cards! We have been so busy visiting interesting places since we got here to Tasmania this week that I can hardly keep up. My head is spinning!

Sunday we went to a wonderful Australia Day Celebration at Henley on Mersey near our hotel in Latrobe! I had on my Australia flip-flops and my Australian flag to wave. There were so many things to do! I watched a whip cracking demonstration that Jack would have really enjoyed. I tried to do it, but got all tangled up. emoticon

I rode on a hand-made merry go round that the scouts lashed together. Here's a photo. Boys, don't let mom catch you trying to build one in the back yard! I think they call it a hurdy gurdy.

There were all kinds of fun contests like a hay bale throwing contest and a hilarious cherry spitting contest. I tried the egg throwing contest but ended up with egg all over me. emoticon

But I think the most fun event of all was the ferret race. They put their ferrets in a tube and the little critters had to run to the other end. Their owners weren't allowed to touch the tubes or entice them with food. It was so much fun.

Well, I better go for now. I will send another postcard very soon my lovelies!
Love you,

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ALEXSGIRL1 1/30/2014 5:33AM

    another great postcard . ferret races sound fun. love the pica and story your grandkids are going to get a kick out of this

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IGNITEME101 1/30/2014 2:03AM

    I love it! Ferrets in tubes! lol Gotta be some kind of a race!

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EMMABE1 1/29/2014 9:37PM

    That's better - I had the comments from the 2nd postcard attached to this blog - Spark site was getting all tangled!! Maybe the trek has it confused!! LOL!!
Another great postcard - far better for the pictures I think!!

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Chair Exercise Team - Virtual Tassie Trek postcard #2

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hi Eve, Jack, Abby, Avery, Sammy, Katie, Autumn, Noah, Lily, Emma and Gabby in snowy PA!

Oh my! We have done so much since the last postcard! I was going to wait until next week to send one, but there wouldn't be enough room to write about all our adventures.

We saw penguins on parade back to their homes one evening on King Island. The next morning we saw real platypuses in their natural habitat. I even tried my hand at surfing - but I gave up when the board kept upsetting me into the water. You should have seen that!

Then we flew to Tasmania on Thursday. We landed in Launceston, where we picked up our tour bus with a pull along trailer for all our souvenirs and luggage. W have been going nonstop ever since.

We rode a chair lift across a huge gorge. My stomach was doing flip flops the whole time and I hung on tight, even though there was nothing to be afraid of. LOL! I especially liked visiting all the shops as we travelled to Deloraine where we spent the night.

Friday morning, we stopped at the Ashgrove Farm Cheese Shop where we watched the cheese being made. Yummy! At the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm, I bought you some chocolate covered raspberries, but I ate them
all before I could put some in your package of souvenirs. SORRY!

Speaking of Souvenirs, did you like the first package? Another package of souvenirs will be arriving for you shortly!

Today we visited a chocolate factory and I did manage to get
some chocolate in your package before I ate it all up. I found the cutest
chocolate kangaroos for you!

The ladies and I are having lots of fun here, but I do miss you all. I will write again soon.


To the gals on the Chair Exercise Team:
What I love best about this Virtual Tour is:
- I have no physical limitations! I can do anything I want in my imagination without worrying about triggering a nasty angina attack or hurting my arthritic knees.
- I can eat anything I want without worrying about calories or sodium content - and believe me, cheese has a lot of fat and salt - not good for the heart!
- I can "buy" anything I want to remember our trip and send all sorts of wonderful goodies to my grandkids because my virtual credit card will never get maxed out. LOL!

I love exercising my imagination as well as my body. Playing has been a wonderful stress reliever - I feel like a kid again!

Thank you Milly Mouse1 for all the great photos and especially Ann for all your hard work to put this trek together! Ann, you are a great tour guide.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FRANCIE-N-BELLA 1/29/2014 3:21AM

    Such a neat idea to write it as a letter back home.

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LACEYKYLE 1/26/2014 1:57AM

    What fun! Thank you for sharing!!

emoticon emoticon

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IGNITEME101 1/26/2014 12:17AM

    What a wonderfully fun write! emoticon

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ALEXSGIRL1 1/25/2014 7:26PM

    wow what a great fun blog and a an awesome team you have found . good for the mind body and soul.

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EMMABE1 1/25/2014 4:03PM

    Great blog again - this idea is great and the picture really sets it off!!
We are glad that you are enjoying the trek - I think you have encompassed a lot of the reasoning behind the hard work of putting it all together!!

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Tasmania Trek Virtual Postcard #1 to my grandkids

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

To Eve, Jack, Abby, Avery, Sammy, Katie, Autumn, Noah, Lily, Emma and Gabby,

Grammy's having a wonderful time; wish you were here with me on this fun, virtual holiday.

Some people go to Florida to get away from the winter chill, but I chose to go on a trip to Tasmania! It was a long flight in a big jet to get here from Pennsylvania, but it was pretty cool to look out of the window and see nothing but ocean below.

When we finally arrived in Australia, I checked into a beautiful hotel and then went exploring the city of Melbourne with my new friends. I went shopping for souvenirs (and yes I will bring something for you!) One of my favorite things is my new hat - a real Akubra - like the one Crocodile Dundee wears. We also visited the zoo where I saw many animals unique to Australia - koala bears, wombats and kangaroos.

Today we flew to King Island for a stop over before we go to Tasmania. There are several historic lighthouses and lots of things to do. I thought of you all back home in the cold as I strolled along the beach in the warm weather. Abby, I found some pretty sea glass for you. I know if you were here, we would have rented bicycles to pedal all over the island. The boys would have loved learning all about the many shipwrecks along the shore.

Well my sweethearts, I have to go soak in a warm bath - my muscles are sore from climbing all those steps at the lighthouse today. I will write more about my pretend vacation soon.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GRANDMABABA 1/31/2014 12:08AM

    Great idea! Great blog!

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SMILINGEYES2 1/26/2014 11:01AM

    What fun. Thanks for sharing.

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INDIANABON 1/26/2014 8:17AM

    My grandkids haven't gotten into the excitement of this trip yet, but since it lasts for 8 weeks, I think they will as I keep sending postcards and photo "souvenir packages" via e-mail. They do have wonderful imaginations!

Even if they don't share my enthusiasm, I am having a blast and logging my real time activity each day!

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IGNITEME101 1/26/2014 12:20AM

    I love Australia! I like this idea. hm my grand daughter is too young at the moment. But!!


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JAOTAO 1/21/2014 12:25PM

    What a wonderful idea! LIke Emma says - it is a shame it is virtual - my son would love for me to travel here! Thanks for the blog!

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LJCANNON 1/21/2014 11:49AM

    emoticon What a Great Idea and a wonderful fun way to get the Kids interested in a new Country.
emoticon I cant imagine why more Americans don't spend their Winters in Oz, this Weather is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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ALEXSGIRL1 1/21/2014 5:22AM

    what an awesome cute blog virtual vacations are almost as fun as the real thing

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    Yippee! Did you pretend to come to Australia? That is where I live! Great choice of holiday destination! I am going to Tasmania exploring with the family in January 2015! Yeehaa!

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EMMABE1 1/21/2014 2:58AM

    Bonnie - that is wonderful - I just love this angle!! Itsa shame its virtual - they ewould love a postcard like that!!
I wonder if you could maybe add a picture - like a real post card would have on the other side!!

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