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Saturday, September 20, 2008

One word...Hormones!! Need I say more? well probably not but I am going to... I hate them!! For the past year I have been getting pms and each month it is getting worse and worse.....I never really had any pms symptoms my whole it is really bothering me. I feel very stressed out, very anxious and feel as if I could either scream or cry. I am also breaking out like a teenager in puberty...UCK!! I went to the doctor this past week as I found a lump in one of my breasts....have a big family history risk so I went right away to have it checked out. Had a baseline mammogram in 2004 so at least I have that to go against. I had another mammogram and an ultrasound yesterday, and will see a surgeon on Monday morning. Not sure what the findings were on the mam and just have to wait and see what the surgeon says....hoping it is just hormonal and not the big C. But it has been an eye opening lightbulb sort of moment for me. I have to get in better health and shape.....I have read tons of articles, stories and testimonials of people who have had cancer and they truly believe the only way they got through it and healed was cause of early detection, and they led healthy lifestyles and were more fit and could heal better. Who knows if this is really true, but what can it hurt right? I am also kicking my hubbys butt into action too as he is so terribly overweight and out of shape, just walking 15 minutes to and from our kids school was alot for him to do. I don't want him to drop over with a heart attack or end up with diabetes or heart disease. We should be enjoying life more than we do...getting out and doing that is my get us moving more and get us healthier and avoid some nasty health issues and lower our risk of dying young.

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CHASSIDY2 9/20/2008 10:36AM

  I have had alot of problems with pms and read that around that time to avoid animal fats and drink soy products to raise your progesterone levels and lower you estrogen levels and that should help with mood swings. So far so good. I've been doing it for a month. Also eating green leafy vegetables for cramps. Hope this helps. Also best of luck with the surgeon. Hope everything works out for you! emoticon

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Monday, September 15, 2008's been 2 weeks. I must admit that I did great for a little over a week and then I started having foot pain and I couldn't do the jog part of the exercises....It hurt so much that I barely got through my nights at work without having lots of pain. So needless to say I stopped exercising. But I do have some good news...I did lose some inches here and there and that is a true testament to exercise. I think I might have tried to do too much too soon so.....with that I am going back to just the walking tapes. When I am stronger I will retry the walk/jog ones again.

So here are my starting measurements...
9/3/08 re-measure date 9/15/08
neck - 16.5 ......................16 (-.5 inch)
arm - 17 ....................16 (-1 inch)
bust - 48 .........................48
under bust - 44...................44
waist - 50............................48 (-2 inches)
hips - 56................................ 54.5 (-1.5 inches)
thigh - 27.5 ........................... 27 (-.5 inches)
calf - 17.25 ...........................16.25 (-1 inch)

Total loss of 6.5 inches lost in just 2 weeks....... emoticon
Positive results have made me a happy girl today. Despite all that is going on in my life right now......I will continue to keep moving and even though my eating is not perfect......I still lost I am going to keep it up and I am staying off the scale as I am tortured when I don't go down any lbs.....I think if I can focus on my inch loss more than pounds I can really accomplish alot.

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AMBER98 9/16/2008 1:43AM

    Congrats on the disappearing inches! That is wonderful. Keep working at it. You are doing great!!

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So far so good.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Yesterday was a weird day for me...I didn't do the DVD exercise but I did get in 45 minutes of walking outside at the high school football game last night. My oldest daughter is in Color Guard so we went to watch her first home game. It was alot of fun and the weather was perfect for it too. Today I will do a walking dvd and I plan on doing some cooking and canning today. We have so many tomatoes in our garden, and I have already made a ton of salsa so I thought I would cook up some homemade spaghetti sauce and can it today. Never done that before but it will be nice to know what exactly is in one of my favorite foods..LOL So that is my plan today. When I had started exercising just a few short days ago.....I weighed in at 244.5 (YIKES) I got on the scale and I am at 239.5. Not too shabby for not even changing how I eat...just exercising. So I must admit that Exercise is the first and foremost important aspect of losing weight. I feel good...more energy and much less stressed.


My personal 10 day challenge

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

So the past 3 days I have exercised....I have tried to get it done soon after I get up, no matter what time that is. I have found as I said in a previous entry that I can't do it on an empty the soonest I workout is about 30 minutes to an hour after I wake up. Today I thought I would browse through my collection of Exercise tapes and DVD's. I sure do have quite a collection of them...from Sweating to the oldies to pilates, yoga, WATP, and I even have the Carmen Electra strip exercise DVD. YIKES!! I think I watched it once but never have tried it........(and no that isn't the one I chose today..LOL)
I found a Leslie Sansone (the WATP creator), Walking DVD that is a fast 4 miles. It includes some jogging in place and interval training. I wasn't sure how much I could do but I thought..."hey try it out and stop when you feel it is too hard, but do your best"
Guess what? I completed the whole video and I even did the jogging parts!! I was so happy to know I could complete this workout. Sure I didn't push too hard doing the movements I kept them a bit lighter but my goal was to get through the whole thing and I reached that goal.
In the intro to this DVD she states that to really bump up weight loss and calorie burn to do a 10 day challenge.....which means if you do this DVD 10 days in a row you will see results. So I am challenging myself to do this for 10 days straight. I am going to measure myself today and post those here and then in 10 days I will compare the figures to see if it worked.
So here goes...1 day down 9 to go!! I can do this, perhaps if I take this 10 days at a time I will start a streak that can last a lifetime.

measurements.......start day 9/3/08 re-measure date 9/13/08
neck - 16.5
arm - 17
bust - 48
under bust - 44
waist - 50
hips - 56
thigh - 27.5
calf - 17.25

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DMJGMMJ 9/5/2008 8:59AM

    FANTASTIC!!!! I am so proud of you. It is wonderful to see how positive you have become about your exercise. Great job. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Yesterday I already blew it. I woke up and it was only 53 degrees outside and there was a wind. We had left windows open and the house was only 64 degrees and I just couldn't bring myself to go out for a walk. (I don't have exercise videos) I did today though ibn spite of the weather and funny thing, the walk warmed me up. You inspire me.

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Getting it done

Monday, September 01, 2008

Got up today and didn't exercise right away.....I can't seem to do it on an empty stomach I feel like I could since I got up later than usual...I waited till I finished cooking supper and ate supper...I waited about 20 minutes after that and I did my 30 minute workout tape...2 miles!! I set up some streak things and one of them is to do 30 min a that is one of my daily goals. I hope I get to see a spark streak soon on my page...weird the things that motivate me..LOL

Feeling good...had a good night at work, was busy and as I stated in my previous blog....I was going to focus on exercise first...and just keep my foods the same...well there was all kinds of junky stuff at work last night but I just didn't eat any of it....I wasn't in the mood. I made this Caprese salad to take with me, I have seen it on tv and heard people eating it..and I had never tried it. So I went and got some of the mozzarella that they use to make it...since I have a ton of tomatoes and basil I grew in my garden.....It was good. I didn't think something like this would fill me up but it did and I was truly satisfied. I felt so good eating it.
So actually my food was pretty darn good last night and for that I am very thankful. I am off tomorrow so I think I will try to get in more exercise on my days off....walk some more and stuff.
So far so good...I know it has only been 2 days but the old saying, "what a difference a day makes" sure can ring true.

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DMJGMMJ 9/5/2008 9:04AM

    The salad sounds good. Can you send me the recipie. I too have plenty of tomatoes in my garden.

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