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Scary news for a good friend

Friday, February 01, 2013

One of my best friends was diagnosed with breast cancer right at the start of the year. She is just 41 years old. She had a lumpectomy a couple weeks ago and will start chemo next week. Double masectomy is planned in the near future. Scary time for her family and us friends who love her dearly. She has a great support system with loving family, two great sons (one is a senior and the other is a sophomore, both in High School) and lots and lots of good friends. She is strong and has a positive attitude, so I know she will get through it...just going to be a long road ahead.

Her scare has made me think long and hard about my own health. I've said it before, but I really need to get into action on making my own health a priority. Life is just so precious and I've been taking it for granted for far too long. Enough is enough!

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MOMFAN 2/11/2013 1:00PM


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CORNERKICK 2/2/2013 1:14AM

  Hope your friend does well

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Another new start...

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Last winter I decided enough was enough and started seeing a trainer a couple of times a week. She kicked my butt and it was exhausting, but I actually started to see some real progress and felt great...until old habits and financial stresses caused me to drop the trainer. Instead I signed up for a local gym and thought I'd go all of the time on my own. I was wrong. Spring soccer kicked in, then summer madness with camping, BBQs with friends, etc. and it became easier and easier to push off going to the gym. Other personal and financial stress added to the mix so having an extra glass or two of wine or drinks with friends became the norm to help ease the tention...another excuse. I've gained back 20 of the 30 pounds I lost last winter simply by being lazy and not keeping my eye on the prize.

In an effort to stay motivated, I finally registered for the Warrior Dash. I've wanted to do this race for a couple of year, but kept putting it off until I was in better shape. Guess I'll now have to get in shape!...and time to get back into two sizes smaller jeans I only wore a few times before I gave up on my exercise and food plan

I took my measurements on New Year's day, weighed in and took some pictures for my "before" shots. I'm not proud of how I look, but sometimes you just need a slap in the face to really see what you've become. I'm really embarrassed to post them, but I did it anyways...maybe having photographic evidence along with all of the weight and measurements will help keep me motivated. I went to the gym last night, even though I really just wanted to stay home and do nothing, and have tracked my food for the last three days. Small steps, but feeling good about them!

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MOMFAN 1/6/2013 6:55PM

    You can do it!

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CORNERKICK 1/4/2013 1:22AM

  Training for an event always works for me...Good luck!

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KNIBARG 1/3/2013 8:11PM

    It sounds like you have a great plan. I wish you the best of look in meeting your goals. Sometimes it is hard to go exercise but just keep at it and it will eventually become routine again. emoticon emoticon

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Getting back into the saddle...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Two weeks ago I felt amazing and was so energized and happy about my progress, then things took a nose dive. Out of nowhere, my knees started acting up with tons of pain and swelling. I have chronic knee issues with my kneecaps not lining up properly, so moderate to high impact activities will cause extreme pain and swelling. I have wracked my brain trying to figure out what exercise I did in training that caused them to flare up, but can't think of anything new or unusual that we did. Just a freak flare up I guess. Unfortunately my great progress with working out 4-5 times a week turned into light work outs with my trainer with focusing on upper body and core and very little cardio last week. This past week I have been fighting a horrific migraine for several days which has also kept me from working out, except for today.

My migraine is finally gone and my knees are feeling better (still creaky, but not as painful and no swelling in days), so it's time to get back on the proverbial saddle and cowboy up! I weighed and measured today with my trainer - down 5 pounds from last weigh in (lost 7 lbs in fat and gained 2 lbs in muscle). Not the 10 pounds I had been shooting for this past month, but also better than anticipated given I only worked hard for 2 weeks and then totally fell off the wagon and allowed myself to not only give up on exercising consistentely, but also to cheat on my food/alcohol and chocolate consumption the last 2 weeks...damn those extremely delicious Cadbury mini eggs that melt in your mouth and are like a crack addiction to me!!!

My goal for the next 4 weeks is to stay focused, track my food and beverages, track my exercise and lose 8 pounds. 8 pounds will put me at a total loss of 35 pounds since 11/4/11 when I started working out with my trainer. If anything, I owe her a hard effort for all of the time, energy and support she's given me these past several months. I just need to remember that although I'm not getting to my goal at a sprint pace, the slow and steady pace is still getting me to the finish line.

My goal by the end of June (11 weeks) is to lose a total of 20 pounds. I'll then be 23 pounds from my final goal goal of 185! I'll no longer be "Imagine 185", but "I AM 185"!!!

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MOMFAN 4/14/2012 12:35PM

    I know I have to do most of my exercise in water at the therapy pool at the central Y.

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Feeling Great!

Friday, March 30, 2012

TGIF! So very happy it's finally Friday! The weather still sucks in Spokane - perpetual rain fall - but I'm in a great mood today. As of tomorrow, I will have worked out and/or done cardio 10 times total in the last 14 days. Woohoo for me! I honestly do not think I have had that much exercise in a 2 week period in well over 20 years...seriously, not exaggerating at all! Most days I've been in my calorie range exactly and the days I have been over, it's only been by 100-200 calories so I'm feeling good about that as well. My scale at home finally shows the work I've done the last 2 weeks and is a good 3-4 less than a couple days ago (partially attributed to not being so PMS bloated). Lastly, I'm wearing my new size 14 jeans and have gotten a few compliments from co-workers on looking good. It's a really good day!

I also realized that it's been at least 5-6 years since I've been under 230 pounds. So again, woohoo for me! Let's remember that I'm 6 feet tall and not a petitite framed woman by any means, so my healthy "normal" range is around 180 - 190 pounds. My scale at home is funky and reads around 4-5 pounds heavier than the gym and work, so I think I'm around 25 pounds away from being under 200 pounds. I haven't been under 200 pounds in probably 14 years.

My new goal is to lose 25 pounds by early July. I CAN do this! I also have an annual physical scheduled July 5th. I think I may have been to my doctor once right when I first started to be serious about losing weight and starting on my work out journey in November, but haven't been in since then. I am so looking forward to showing off my hard work and seeing some good results in my health numbers.

Happy Friday!!!

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ADDISONS-NANA 3/30/2012 7:44PM

    awesome job! You can do it and you WILL do it...hope you have an wonderful week end! emoticon

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Fighting the wet weather blues

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Spokane weather for the last 2 weeks has included rain, sleet, snow, high winds and frigid temps. The forecast for the next 2-3 weeks includes more of the same, although the temps should be going up slightly. UGH!!!! This weather and the perpetual gray skies is making it VERY difficult to be positive and energized. I just want to crawl into bed and nap! It's frustrating to know that we'll be stuck with this for another 2-3 weeks. I'm ready to get outside! I want to be in the sun and go on a hike or bike ride with my family!

On the up side, I did join Gold's Gym last week and added 3 days of cardio in addition to my 2 regular trainer workouts - which I worked really hard in my workouts and didn't whine as much either. The Biggest Loser weigh in this morning showed I maintained which was a bit of a bummer. I tend to show my progress a week after the fact, plus I am a bit bloated from PMS and not eating 100% according to "plan" and having drinks at 3 different parties over the weekend (we had one Friday night, Saturday night, and most of the day yesterday!!). I'm optomistic that next week's weigh in will be decent. It felt great last week texting my trainer that I had been to the gym 3 additional times! Despite having alcohol and pizza over the weekend, I did manage to stay pretty close to my calorie intake each day. The additional workouts helped to alleviate some of the guilt of indulging a little...although I realize the extra exercise can not be an excuse/reason to allow myself to eat/drink more! Although I'm really tired today and really just want to go home and snuggle up in my jammies, I'm going to hit the gym tonight and get my cardio in for the day. I really did feel much better after each workout!

I was also able to wear a size smaller (again!!!) jeans yesterday! Although they were quite snug and I had a bit of a muffin top going on (thankfully the lacey layered blouse I wore hid it really well), I was really excited to be able to get them zipped and not feel like I was going to explode all day. I think they'll fit much better in the next couple of weeks. Before I started the exercise trainer program and following a stricter meal plan in November, I was on the verge of needing to move up from a size 18 to a 20...the well worn-in size 18 jeans and pants still fit, however the couple pairs of size 20 pants really fit better. I probably just need to admit that I really wore a size 20. :( One of my ah-ha moments was when I realized I either needed to buy more clothes in a bigger size (20) or I needed to get off my butt and start doing something about my weight. The idea of buying SMALLER clothes was much more appealing than the alternative. The jeans I put on yesterday are a size 14!!! I think it's been 8-10 years since I've been able to wear a size 14. I'm very excited and very intriqued to find out what my final size will be when I'm down to my goal weight/body mass. :)

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LIMITEDGRACE 3/27/2012 3:17PM

    Duuuuude! Size 14 is AWESOME!!! :D I hear ya on the appeal of smaller clothes. I've been noticing some "snug-ness" in my clothes since the move. : / Time for me to get moving!

I love that you are a REAL person who still eats pizza and has a drink but realizes that moderation is key. I'm super proud of you and continually inspired by you!

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MOMFAN 3/27/2012 3:09AM

    emoticon emoticonJob!

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